Why 2019 Will Be a Horrible Year

  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
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    2019 looks set to be an interesting year for all of us here on planet Earth. But what can we predict will and won’t happen? Well, nobody here at the Infographics Show has a crystal ball, but there are a few events that make the collective mind shudder. From civilian destroying robots to new superbugs and potential asteroid collisions, today we take a look into the future at events that look set to take place between now and the end of 2019. Get ready, as we glance at the dark New Year that awaits us, in this episode of the Infographics Show- Horrible Things that will happen in 2019.
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  • FutureTech
    FutureTech 8 hours ago

    Every year seems like our end because either bright side or infographics posts a video every year with a title like: OMG WE ARE GOING TO DIE IN 2017 but then like nothing even happens XD

  • Jose Javier
    Jose Javier 9 hours ago

    No worrys the astroid is just gonna get close so we can see it have a nice view 2019 👁☄️

  • Jose Javier
    Jose Javier 9 hours ago +1

    If the astroid doesnt breake in space the only way for the earth to survive is for humans to throw a big tocket or we can make a collony under ground

    • Jose Javier
      Jose Javier 9 hours ago

      I mean rocket not tocket sorry

  • super gamer kevin quintero

    My birthday is on February 19th COMMON FRICK IM GONNA DIE BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY

  • Tim Tom
    Tim Tom 10 hours ago


  • MeyaSf _Gaming
    MeyaSf _Gaming 10 hours ago


  • Great Hacker
    Great Hacker 10 hours ago

    I thought world war 3 would begin....... .. it will be fun for me I am alive till then..... I am. From Nepal 🇳🇵

  • Ethan Fritz
    Ethan Fritz 10 hours ago

    Dang it, I’ll miss my birthday by five days! Ugh RIP me

  • pie lover 2752
    pie lover 2752 10 hours ago +1

    2012: WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!
    People with common sense: 🙄😒

  • rye rye
    rye rye 10 hours ago

    if there's nothing you can do about it why care

  • Shut TheFakkup
    Shut TheFakkup 11 hours ago

    2019 will be the worst year because

    My math will get harder

  • Daniel Crisostomo
    Daniel Crisostomo 11 hours ago

    T series will surpass pewdiepie

  • DumbFriesNub Nub
    DumbFriesNub Nub 11 hours ago

    This title should be renamed, Why 2019 Will Not Be A Horrible Year.

  • Bhawp
    Bhawp 12 hours ago

    what a good start

  • isaac radford
    isaac radford 12 hours ago

    now i'm scared i'm going to dye

  • nhvt504
    nhvt504 12 hours ago

    Hi I just want you to know that asteroid 2002 nt7 has been removed from NASA’s potential impact list and the “this thing might destroy earth list” so we will all be around in a year!

  • Void ジオ
    Void ジオ 12 hours ago

    Good news from 2019.

    Fortnite will die.

  • Void ジオ
    Void ジオ 12 hours ago

    I died in 2012

    And I'm still alive.

  • HD Keemii
    HD Keemii 13 hours ago

    don't worry shrek 5 will be released so we safe

  • L3M0NS
    L3M0NS 13 hours ago

    Isn't every year a horrible year?

  • Eljohn lapuz
    Eljohn lapuz 13 hours ago

    I hate edited comment.

  • Ronan Mac Craith
    Ronan Mac Craith 13 hours ago

    Should've started with the asteroid first

  • XgoldenlionX
    XgoldenlionX 14 hours ago

    Me: I know why 2018 was
    13 y/o: _Triggered_

    Im 14 so i get a pass lmao

  • Reyes Tree Service
    Reyes Tree Service 14 hours ago

    I'm scared of the end of the world ;-;

  • Lolxdboi Lolxd
    Lolxdboi Lolxd 15 hours ago

    I dont care i live in Portugal i will be allways safe

  • DzyO 45
    DzyO 45 16 hours ago

    As a bug 🐛👞

  • Cries Havoc
    Cries Havoc 16 hours ago

    Well, about the Gonorrea I think it'll be defeated with the new substitute: Bacteriophage.

  • Liliana
    Liliana 17 hours ago +1

    February 1st...my birthday is on the 31st of January...SHIT

  • Leet Skeet
    Leet Skeet 17 hours ago

    Worst event of 2019: Infographics will post another video

  • jacob .b
    jacob .b 18 hours ago

    So ur saying an asteroid is gonna kill us all in 4 months? Idts

  • Ruslan Kazimov
    Ruslan Kazimov 18 hours ago

    USA military in 2019 : we have advanced combat robots,we can beat every country easily.
    Trump : Now we can get our revenge. I decleare war on Vietnam.
    Viet : Kapitalist pigs,u will never invade us
    *2 million robots sent to Vietnam*
    (next day)
    USA military in 2019 : Sir, we have bad news. It seems that whole robot thing didn't work.
    Trump : Don't tell me that rice farmers desroyed all of them within one day.
    USA military in 2019 : they..... just...just got caught in the rain.....
    *Vietnamese National Anthem intensifies*
    me : -2019 will be a bad year-

  • Minna G.
    Minna G. 18 hours ago

    Well... Stranger Things 3 is coming out in 2019, so...

  • skyler the luna
    skyler the luna 19 hours ago

    I am from 2019 the astroid will pass us OK guys it's gonna be fine

  • R.D 030305
    R.D 030305 19 hours ago +1

    Talks about how war could happen
    *gets sponsored by a war like game*

  • asifjunior
    asifjunior 20 hours ago

    People saying 2019 will be a bad year......

    Give me a break! They cant even predict the next day weather accurately...

    COW MILKY 21 hour ago

    You mean we will die?


  • Sam Toews
    Sam Toews 21 hour ago +1

    Who watching in 2019? Oh wait... Y’all might be dead.

  • A Very Long Straw
    A Very Long Straw 21 hour ago


  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 21 hour ago

    we died in 2012 and 2016 and 2017 lets die again yaya

  • zeyad abuzied
    zeyad abuzied 22 hours ago +1

    Why is he foreshadowing

  • Seahawks Fan
    Seahawks Fan 23 hours ago

    Watches as all of this is fake

  • DrSmallarms
    DrSmallarms Day ago

    What you call a bad year I call just fine. Going by the stories I’ve heard from my great grandparents before they died. Nothing you guys ever say tops living in Europe in the 1940s. And because of that I fail to understand your logic

  • anuj pal
    anuj pal Day ago

    Dude where you get all these ideas awesome job team infographics cheers

  • unicorns in the darkness

    So basically, the government hasn't got money to feed and clothe the poor but has enough money to make robots which will cause the end of humanity. I'm impressed 😑😑

  • Sam J
    Sam J Day ago +1

    Oh no

  • deathknightxv 123

    My sister died of a heart disease at the right old age of 35.

    Mission failed don't worry well get em next time.

  • Gio
    Gio Day ago

    This has me shook i never heard about no asteroid wtf 😂😂💯💯💯

  • Batgirl Batgirl24

    Dude.... I was excited for 2019

  • Acid Clorox
    Acid Clorox Day ago


  • 0Jmpc 6
    0Jmpc 6 Day ago +1

    This whole Decade Sucks

  • Dovyeon
    Dovyeon Day ago +1

    God said he was going to destroy the Earth with fire so knowing that an asteroid might hit Earth scares me

  • GraceWidow
    GraceWidow Day ago

    My day TOTALLY just got better....

  • Lillian Sullivan

    This is why, we must recycle and respect the enviroment. I'm sure that meteor will not crash into earth but rather miss us. It's only my hope so....NOBODY FREACK OUT

  • fadingshark
    fadingshark Day ago

    Shrek 5 2019👍👌

  • ThatOneBiscuitTriangle 4

    Bad year?? Httyd 3 is coming out.

    GOT NO JAMS Day ago

    2019 is not a bad year guys he just want us to be scared

  • Quiet Child
    Quiet Child Day ago

    Isn’t every year horrible? Lol

  • FPwonderful DOOMgang

    i want my first 45 seconds of life back .

  • Mr_Guest000 YT
    Mr_Guest000 YT Day ago

    i don't wanna die

  • Alexandre Moreira

    so all years are catastrophic resuming...and afterwards nothing happens.

  • Vilma Janauskiene

    I have a idea. If someone have birthday december 31 and their wish that at 2019 is not a bad year

  • avi harel
    avi harel Day ago

    This video is kinda depressing

  • Lewis Powell
    Lewis Powell Day ago

    Feb 1st🙁 2 days later is my birthday

  • Kerhut Csaba
    Kerhut Csaba Day ago

    Well. I don't care. When bad things happen, something need to happen too.

  • lu
    lu Day ago

    i've made up my mind 2019 is gonna be the year i take care of myself and actually get some confidence so dont u DARE tell me its gonna be bad

  • Random User
    Random User Day ago

    EU civil war‘casued by immigrants.

  • Synyster Grapes
    Synyster Grapes Day ago

    After 2019 there's gonna be people defending robot rights... "You can't deactivate them if they don't get a choice".

  • Little No Name
    Little No Name Day ago

    Well shit miraculous ladybug season 3 will coming in 2019

  • Alexander Doney
    Alexander Doney Day ago

    No need to go in detail, we all know that we’re fucked

  • Short Shots
    Short Shots Day ago

    Dammit... I really really really really really hope the asteroid doesn't hit Earth.

  • Angel wick city
    Angel wick city Day ago +1

    So is this another false prediction like when it turned to the year 2000 and 2012? And the title say horrible year, you made it seem like the end of the world

  • fifteen 4
    fifteen 4 Day ago

    The title was interesting, but the clickbait, really?

  • Godzillafan 2009

    Why i hate this video (no offense)
    This is causing fear
    You don’t know what will happen

  • Lachlan Currey
    Lachlan Currey 2 days ago

    Starts at 1:20 everyone

  • Ma Nina H. Maaba
    Ma Nina H. Maaba 2 days ago

    2019 is not that bad your scarin us

  • Savage Dude
    Savage Dude 2 days ago

    hey guys..im from 2020..nothing will happen in 2019.. just some ekonomi problem .. don't worry

  • TiringHail
    TiringHail 2 days ago

    Just a tip don't be afraid of death treat life and death equal for they are both a gift and cannot live or die without them

  • john smith
    john smith 2 days ago

    Great year for gaming though especially for Nintendo

  • ZeskiPlayz
    ZeskiPlayz 2 days ago

    who remembers the fake end of the universe at 2012, there was so much people commiting suicide, i think it will be same with the meteor in 2019

  • Sam Jenkins
    Sam Jenkins 2 days ago

    wow. this really just depresses me

  • Hugo Angulo
    Hugo Angulo 2 days ago

    London in 2019 is going to be Oceania, Big Brother is watching you.

    Ayush GURUSWAMY 2 days ago

    Goneria might be Plague inc. God, please dont let 2019 be the downfall of humans.

    Ayush GURUSWAMY 2 days ago

    Oh no. Terminator might come true.

  • Yuuki Pulse
    Yuuki Pulse 2 days ago

    Thats it??

  • Krrishk26 1
    Krrishk26 1 2 days ago

    I want to see Shrek 5 before I die

  • Battle Droid
    Battle Droid 2 days ago

    Fake News

  • Phantom Boi
    Phantom Boi 2 days ago

    Oh boy I can't wait for February 1st

  • Atrixs
    Atrixs 2 days ago +1

    Worst of all *Tik-Tok will still be a thing...*

  • err0r
    err0r 2 days ago +1

    Taking the DeLorean already?

  • Epiloy Plays
    Epiloy Plays 2 days ago

    Start killing every wasp you see if you want to keep your privacy.

  • M O T H
    M O T H 2 days ago

    Hey,are you a Time Traveler?

  • Boruto Uzumaki
    Boruto Uzumaki 2 days ago

    2019 i will rasengan the world

  • Marcos Pagan
    Marcos Pagan 2 days ago +1

    2017 was the worst year

  • Duximus
    Duximus 2 days ago

    Can I see Aliens in 2019?

    THE RAT 2 days ago

    Im still waiting for Mother 3 to be localized

  • Marco Gonçalves
    Marco Gonçalves 2 days ago

    (The infographi...)
    In 2019 we will all die from a rock in the sky ,todays!!!!!! sponcer is this random game !!!!!!!!

  • Flippy the PUG
    Flippy the PUG 2 days ago +1

    I just wish to not be a virgin any more ... *HELP*

  • austin hunt
    austin hunt 2 days ago

    I am very scared now I don’t want to die and barely have seen the world do they know where the asteroid is going to hit or well if it does

  • TonyDatPony
    TonyDatPony 2 days ago


  • 重新做
    重新做 2 days ago

    *Dat **2:42** AE sound:D*