Birdman - Movie Review

  • Published on Oct 30, 2014
    Chris Stuckmann reviews Birdman, starring Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Amy Ryan, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.
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  • master boss
    master boss 3 days ago

    bullshit experience

  • HuskyDJ2015
    HuskyDJ2015 3 days ago

    Is it me or has Chris changed alot in these past years? He just doesnt seem to have the passion that I saw in his older reviews. I get that styles change over time, but you know what I mean?

  • micah owenaby
    micah owenaby Month ago

    Everytime I try to like this video it keeps unliking it some how

  • Nihaal Sandim
    Nihaal Sandim Month ago

    I dont onow y tv channels dont show such films and show mindless fuckall films y do they do that ..... Every drama and thriller movie i had to see on the internet after listening to your reviews and i live in India so most of these movies don't even release here

  • MrMaskedMan
    MrMaskedMan 2 months ago

    I rate Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) a 10/10


    I watched an hour

  • cheitner
    cheitner 3 months ago

    Can't tell if he's been sarcastic, this movie is complete trash.

  • anuvind sarreay
    anuvind sarreay 3 months ago

    Hey can you do a gully boy . Movie review. It's a Indian movie. Please watch and review if you can

  • RECTO Recto
    RECTO Recto 3 months ago +2

    Only has a 7.7 score on IMDb. One of the most UNDERRATED films EVER MADE!

  • Mark Parkinson
    Mark Parkinson 3 months ago +1

    2:10 I'm sorry, Chris. What you're talking about is telekinesis, not telepathy. Telepathy mainly involves powers that influence the mind. Telekinesis is the ability to move things with them.

  • Harsh Thanvi
    Harsh Thanvi 3 months ago

    U need to watch "Paan Singh Tomar" a Bollywood movie and review the same

  • Matt Allison
    Matt Allison 3 months ago

    I really liked how they did it in one shot

  • Ric MelCast
    Ric MelCast 4 months ago

    Seriously? You don't mention the direction once. You always start your reviews with the name of the Director. But not this time. It seems like all the credit goes to the actors. I wonder if it is because the director is Mexican. Hhmmm !!!!!

    BADDAZZ GARAGE 4 months ago

    If you dont like this movie you are a sucker for Hollywood ! You have lost all understanding of life to a point that you live in a fantasy! This movie is about life! If all you are interested in is exploding buildings and car chases and all that crap in most movies dont watch birdman but if you are a person who is a deep thinker and deep feelings watch BIRDMAN! Its a classic film!!!!!

  • PlexyPanda
    PlexyPanda 4 months ago

    I remember seeing this movie what must have been about 4-5 years ago (I'm 22 now) and not getting it at all. I felt completely underwhelmed. Will definitely rewatch it sometime soon cuz I have a feeling I'm gonna feel pretty different about it now.

  • yasman2008
    yasman2008 4 months ago

    Wow... what an awesome movie review. I havent seen birdman... but can't wait to check it out now. You have so much energy in your film reviews. Great stuff

  • Callum Doherty
    Callum Doherty 4 months ago

    I think he liked it.

  • sheldon siegar
    sheldon siegar 5 months ago

    Now we know how Michael Keaton became the villain for Spiderman: Homecoming...... B-)


    For me, I will give Birdman B +. Because although I really enjoyed it and gave me lots of memories and experiences, I really tried to appreciate this film as you did, but I realized the film was so mature and maybe 11-17 years old me, didn't like it as much as i did now.

  • Lucas Gill
    Lucas Gill 5 months ago

    Awesome movie. I loved it.
    About that telekinesis thing...notice that every scene in wich he uses it, he is alone. Nobody else is seeing

  • Splez
    Splez 6 months ago

    their so much in this film that it would take years to go though it all xD

  • anonvegeta
    anonvegeta 6 months ago

    This film did not click with me at all.

  • SeriousNonsense
    SeriousNonsense 7 months ago

    I just watched this movie, it might be one of the best movies over ever seen. It’s extremely good, definitely recommend a watch.

  • Hamdi Ali hassan
    Hamdi Ali hassan 7 months ago

    I feel like a child for not understanding this movie.

  • Jason McIntosh
    Jason McIntosh 7 months ago

    This movie sucked.

  • Alejandro del Arco
    Alejandro del Arco 8 months ago

    I think it was HIGHLY overrated.

  • mariogamefreak1
    mariogamefreak1 8 months ago +1

    Bojack Horseman does this story much better.

  • Rodrigo Terrazas
    Rodrigo Terrazas 8 months ago

    You actually didn't even mention the Director's name, smh =/

  • Vinsu Karma
    Vinsu Karma 9 months ago

    basically is a very good movie from the beggining to the end

  • Pratik Chiku
    Pratik Chiku 9 months ago

    birdman is the best picture of this century.

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas 10 months ago

    The score reminded me heavily of the score for Three Kings. Both are fuckin great.

  • Apato no Rentaru ルーマニアへようこそ Takemi

    Birdman was shit, hated it, worst movie I saw.

  • Murdock
    Murdock 11 months ago +1

    I need to watch this

  • MrPabgon
    MrPabgon 11 months ago

    I just saw the movie and I don't know why is it so good for everybody. I mean, it's not that I hate it, I liked it, it's completely enjoyable and has its own soul, but for me (maybe it's a bit weird what I'm going to say, but I understand myself okay xD) it's missing something, it's like it's missing something to be what people say it is...

  • Eli 138 Productions


  • Indian Movie Buff

    Cowboy Bebop shirt though

  • Circa Aeon
    Circa Aeon Year ago

    Didn't realise you were married. So hot yet taken - alas! Good luck to you both!!

  • Aram Isaac
    Aram Isaac Year ago

    I have one issue with the film. Some of the characters, or at least it looks like it, just dissappear, only to come back later.

  • kimmyfreak200
    kimmyfreak200 Year ago

    its also called UNEXPECTED VIRTUE OF IGNORANCE.. which is sooo on point in the film..

  • kimmyfreak200
    kimmyfreak200 Year ago

    keaton was in american assasin

  • k.v.Narasimha Murthy

    you're lying.

  • Martin Kronström
    Martin Kronström Year ago +1

    I used to work in a local movie Theatre and were often having screenings for the press. And a surprisingly high percentage of them take the press document leave without seeing the movie at all.

  • bleach4711
    bleach4711 Year ago

    Man, fuck Jeremy Jahns. He IS the bitchy critic in the film. Chris's rant in this vid made me think of his review of the same movie straight away! Him and his fans are trash. Stuckmann actually knows his shit when it comes to films!

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller Year ago

    You are lame riggan

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller Year ago

    You are lame Riggan

  • Moon Emoji
    Moon Emoji Year ago

    Who is this Capone Jones? If you actually paid attention to what was going on in this movie you’ll get that reference

  • Armin X
    Armin X Year ago

    I found it kinda confusing and boring, like some pseudo-artistic thing.
    What am I missing here? Critics, help me out.

  • Nick k
    Nick k Year ago

    my favorite film !

  • JAGORZ51 65
    JAGORZ51 65 Year ago

    My dad is a HUGE Michael Keaton fan as am I, mabye a bigger fan than him. So I ain't misses out on this film.

  • PopBangBoom 13
    PopBangBoom 13 Year ago

    Smells like balls

  • sochuiwon priscilla

    I fucking loved this movie.. 2018 is a joke

  • Kyle Emergency Epic McCrory

    My favourite film of all time.

  • The Good Comment
    The Good Comment Year ago

    Couldn’t make it past the play. It’s a movie for Hollywood like lala land which sucked

  • frozendilemma
    frozendilemma Year ago

    Acting is terrific but the movie is overhyped and I didn't really like it at all,

  • Aristotle Galaventi

    I think I might be in love with you

  • Brynley Jones
    Brynley Jones Year ago

    Chris, just be the fucking president of rotten tomatoes. Please!

  • Birdland 1
    Birdland 1 Year ago

    Just watched it, best movie i've seen since a long time, cinema as it should be; an art. No freaking diversity quota and shit, just great actors, performances and artistic direction.

  • mrbenz19
    mrbenz19 Year ago

    I watched Birdman for the first time a couple days ago and man it was great. It touched me greatly and reminded me about my own ego and also my place in the world. It's been a very long time since I watched a movie that made me thinking about myself.

  • Jack Clare
    Jack Clare Year ago

    there's no difference between art movies and entertainment movies. if a movie is good, it's good.

    • Jack Clare
      Jack Clare Year ago

      i liked it at the time of release also, a lot, but i watched it again this year, and it's already starting to date badly.

    • Jack Clare
      Jack Clare Year ago

      personally, and i think this review bares it out, i think birdman is an above average movie. the response was inflated by the fact that the movie landscape is so impoverished, that anything even slightly above the norm seems like the best thing of all time.

  • VinceLovesToast
    VinceLovesToast Year ago

    Chris' voice is so different!

  • Chris Rush
    Chris Rush Year ago

    This movie was garbage the end was cool but terrible and boring .

    • Kingy88
      Kingy88 Year ago

      I understand it's a divisive movie but it's far from garbage. Surely you can understand why some people love this movie, including myself.

  • nice guy
    nice guy Year ago

    am i the only one who was really bored by this movie i mean i understood it all but it was just fuckin boring man 😂

  • Omar Karim
    Omar Karim Year ago

    *Somehow no reference to how this may slightly be spawned from Keaton once playing a winged character (batman) and coming back... as another winged character.. (bird man)*

  • music cliche
    music cliche Year ago

    well maybe Im the only one whos got the balls to admit I m so stupid that i even thought this was another super hero movie when i saw the trailer and completely insanely angrily disappointed when I watched it. i couldn't relate ro it. it's written specifically to certain audiences not for stupid mutant superhero fan?

  • austin lamonge
    austin lamonge Year ago

    i can tell you after seeing it back in the day and rewatching it he committed sucide at the end all the stuff with him levitating and moving stuff flying etc was all in his imagination the point of the movie though was he proved his daughter wrong she thought he was nothing but in reality his insanity kept boosting ratings on the play even the critic hated him and his other lead but it was actually enhanced by his weirdness but he also succumbed to insanity but embraced it

  • ARISTADOE The Rebel God

    The movie was good, but it wasn't a masterpiece.

  • Vibhu Kumar
    Vibhu Kumar Year ago

    so true

  • N L
    N L Year ago

    I absolutely hated this movie lol it was so terrible to me! I’m sorry man I just am opposite on this one lol

  • Duane Stovall
    Duane Stovall Year ago

    Birdman...two wings up!

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez Year ago

    Two seconds to say "Alejandro González Iñárritu." Two seconds to talk about a Mexican genius in your video, you chose to talk everything but the director. I'm glad you gave A+, and a shame you chose not to mention him.

  • RogueReplicant
    RogueReplicant Year ago +1

    Good thing Birdman was filmed before the Trump era, otherwise Mexican director Iñárritu and Mexican cinematographer Ubekis might have been turned back at the border lol 😂

  • Elmeromerobarbero

    Review amores perros, same director as this

  • Shifu RC
    Shifu RC Year ago

    A serious masterpiece of film.

  • Aerociviz Nicholas

    The thing with this movie is that people expect the movie to be presented in the same way that most movies are shot; everything important is shown directly, and it doesn't require thought into what's being shown or what exactly is being talked about and in what context of the scenes. That and etc.

  • rishabh pandey
    rishabh pandey Year ago

    Hey Chris why don't you try bahubali: the beginning and the conclusion ( ps it's an movie cutted in two parts and trust me it's fucking awesome and pretty much everything thing you can ask from a movie, though it is Indian u can watch with subtitles... Pls do a review of this movie...)

  • TheSkizz89
    TheSkizz89 Year ago

    Great movie though.

  • Nicolaj Vangsgaard

    i think this movie gets at least 50th place in the greatest movies list. some people see it as being on top ten. i have heard some people put it on the number one spot. which means its better than The Shawshank Redemption, Godfather, Godfather 2, Citizen Kane, Schinlders List, Pulp Fiction. the list goes on. and it not at all. its great but it doesn't come close to any of these movies. especially not The Shawshank Redemption which is considered the greatest movie of all time. and it truly is

  • Charles Q. Banks
    Charles Q. Banks Year ago

    Didn't like this movie. It's technically well done, great performances, acting, editing, cinematography and all, I just don't like it's tone, it's style, or the way in which it deals with it's themes; in other words, I am disturbed by it's irreverence. That's all I have to say about Birdman.

  • Gio Trujillo
    Gio Trujillo Year ago

    This film is for film lovers

  • Isaac Campos
    Isaac Campos Year ago

    Telepathy does not allow you to move things, it allows you to communicate with someone else with your mind. Telekinesis is the word you're looking for.

  • Anthony Knechtel
    Anthony Knechtel Year ago

    Ive never watch a trailer and it was on hbo one day. I truned to it. I ended up watching the rest and restarting it. Amazing film..

  • ivan mora
    ivan mora Year ago

    Honestly hate this movie 😂😂

  • kenza abdi
    kenza abdi Year ago

    You speak from the heart and you are so passionate about your profession. It is really fascinating to see someone so in love with what they do. I'm positively inspired. And you really sold me birdman. I'm gonna go check it out. Thanx

  • Ankush Wanjari
    Ankush Wanjari Year ago

    Looking forward for your explain & analysed video for the movie

  • Alexis Joyner
    Alexis Joyner Year ago

    I'm sorry...I liked the movie, but does no one see the parallels between the character Keaton's playing and himself. His character was Birdman, He was Batman...kinda faded out of the public eye, psychological issues on both fronts, ETC....

  • Waffe
    Waffe Year ago

    As a 16 year old kid. I expected to understand most of the movie. I understood the plot, but not the hidden meanings. Still enjoyed it, got some messages, great movie.

  • Daniel Kindh
    Daniel Kindh Year ago

    When hes walking on the road the drums that play through out the movie is played by a "street musician" for a few frames. Omg

  • bucket full of remixes

    its crap its like the witch and rosemary's baby its crap

  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear Year ago

    BRAVO! I whole heartedly agree! One point that I may be wrong on because no other reviewer has picked up on it, this was about the aftermath of Batman on Keaton's career. He kinda disappeared. There was Beetlejuice and Batman, and that one creepy thriller where he's trying to break into a vault. other than that there wasn't anything memorable. So the Batman dogged him, became this other personality. I felt like this movie was a window into Keaton's life, no one else could play in this movie!

  • Osvaldo Gil
    Osvaldo Gil Year ago

    Totally agree!

  • Cody Power
    Cody Power Year ago

  • Yamell Jimenez
    Yamell Jimenez Year ago


  • TwisT
    TwisT Year ago

    god; I know this was a well made artful movie but, shit I hated watching it..

  • Eli Nassau
    Eli Nassau Year ago

    I would've loved hearing you say the Director's name like you usually do at the beginning of your videos. :D
    Big fan of your work from Mexico City!

  • Reed Anuar
    Reed Anuar Year ago

    How well you've explained this movie deserves a subscription!
    Looking forward to more of your reviews.
    You highlighted the values that people tend to miss in this reviewer.
    Some people will get it right away, some people don't. Doesn't mean it is not true.
    Those who hate it goes into the categories of people that the movie itself criticises.
    People who tries to understand it and then still hate it is fine.
    But people who straight up hates it is just.... well, ...

  • Ro500501502
    Ro500501502 Year ago

    I'm starting to this the people writing these crazy praising comments aren't people at all and doing it for an agenda

  • Dalboni Willian
    Dalboni Willian Year ago

    Yeah yeah, boring shit.

  • waseet naser
    waseet naser Year ago

    Couldn't agree with you more Chris

  • BenRiley83
    BenRiley83 Year ago

    Incredible movie! What an experience!

  • The Marvel/DC Fan

    Vulture: I'm Birdman!
    Birdman: Hello?
    Vulture: Oh...awkward.
    Birdman: Mm-hmm.