How to Make Risotto Without A Recipe | Epicurious


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  • juan granados
    juan granados 2 months ago

    those eyes!

  • Veena Vasudevan
    Veena Vasudevan 2 months ago

    Host looks like Miranda Kerr except for the hair

    BREW DUDE! 2 months ago

    Great host

  • Fantastic S
    Fantastic S 3 months ago

    This recipe is like extreme flavored congee or rice porridge...??

  • Livid
    Livid 4 months ago +1

    She's so sweet.

  • Myshtah
    Myshtah 4 months ago +2

    I like her, she is so charismatic!

  • Nicola Caruso
    Nicola Caruso 4 months ago

    how to spit on culinary art

  • Crap Core
    Crap Core 4 months ago

    omg the way she talks and tilt her head to the side every 5 seconds makes me want to slap her in the face, somebody kick her out.

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen 5 months ago

    she's so charming

  • marah -b.adrian
    marah -b.adrian 6 months ago +1

    Ginger in risotto???

    • IceGummi
      IceGummi 2 months ago

      It sketched me out too but now I kind of want to try it.

  • Silhoouet
    Silhoouet 6 months ago


  • 杨童童
    杨童童 6 months ago

    really love this series!

  • G Elerson
    G Elerson 6 months ago +20

    Lovely video. Lovely host. Great way to present the basics and let viewers figure out the best way for their tastes on their own.
    Christ, foodies can be so moody half the time. I think this series is better than browned butter. Keep it up!

  • Stop Bugging Me Google I Hate You

    The video is wrong about broth temperature. The broth should be boiling. If the broth isn't boiling, when you pour it into the pan, it stops the rice from cooking. Do this repeatedly and it destroys the surface of the rice grains. On the other hand, if do you use boiling broth, it comes out magically creamy. I used to use room-temperature broth until I tried boiling broth and now I'll never go back. (Or actually, I switched to making it in the pressure cooker since it's much more time-efficient.)

    • Robin Betts
      Robin Betts 5 months ago

      Agree. I always did it the way I was taught... (simmering stock) and when I skipped it, it didn't turn out right. I'd be looking for a more lava-like thickness than this one, though, with no excess liquid.

  • naseerahvj
    naseerahvj 7 months ago +3

    Not realistic with multiple small children

    • L P
      L P 4 months ago +5

      Let them help you! It´s fun for them and maybe, in 5 years, they´re cooking the risotto for you :)

  • Larry Hoover
    Larry Hoover 7 months ago

    you can't even pronounce risotto properly....

  • rockofrefuge foundation inc

    Excellent! A whole package of ingenious presentation opened before your info hungry eyes. The host is so great great at presenting things. Great job Epicurious Team.

  • Heurheurheur
    Heurheurheur 7 months ago +21

    She's so pretty & makes me smile because she's got such a great personality! Good job. :)

  • ParadiseLost
    ParadiseLost Year ago +6

    Great video, and that is such a fun way to pronounce risotto! Never heard it in an American accent before haha, very cute!

  • Terrence Nicholson
    Terrence Nicholson Year ago +60

    Fun hostess. Bring her back regularly!