The Final Night at Haunted Queen Mary Ship (w/ KianAndJc)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Kian and Jc video:
    Sam and Colby return to do an overnight at the haunted Queen Mary ghost ship with Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen. This will be the final night...
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 65 011

  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  3 months ago +17399

    300,000 LIKES for another Collab with Kian and Jc! but we are never coming back to the Queen Mary. For real this time haha

    • Elektrik
      Elektrik 21 day ago

      We love you so muchhhhh

    • Royal King JoeyDaniel
      Royal King JoeyDaniel 3 months ago

      in the part with the night vision cam where they were all sitting down and talking trying to reach someone i herd a semi long low kina high howl at 38:11 but it was quiet so i turned my sound all the way up

    • Nicol Zunno
      Nicol Zunno 3 months ago

      Love you Guys, Please dont put your Lives In danger Just for Us. We love you for who you are not for you trying to give up your souls for us 💙💙💜👻

    • Gabby Grosvenor
      Gabby Grosvenor 3 months ago


    • Gaming with giraffie Not active
      Gaming with giraffie Not active 3 months ago

      Ly you guys and I’m able to tell you that cause I got here just before 500❤️ oh and I have a suggestion, your guys should re name your Chanel “Solby”

  • Renata limantara
    Renata limantara 27 minutes ago

    I believe in colby. I heard that sound and it was definitely not his hand. If its his hand the sound should be loud coa its quite close to the camera. Logically,

  • Vivian Rinaldi
    Vivian Rinaldi 2 hours ago

    27:17 either colby was so scared that his eyes are watering or he is high as fuck

  • Crissi Wright
    Crissi Wright 3 hours ago

    Who else noticed the amount of friken orbs flying in front on the iPhone lens after the camera fell or just me?? 🤔

  • Karrotz
    Karrotz 5 hours ago

    little vlogger looks like little sam xD

  • Joy Carato
    Joy Carato 6 hours ago

    I screamed

  • Abby Bradbery
    Abby Bradbery 7 hours ago

    At 16:12 you can see e light flickering in the other room though the crack and you can't really hear anyone there anymore

  • Aya_Jackson
    Aya_Jackson 10 hours ago


  • Natalie Hernandez
    Natalie Hernandez 11 hours ago +1

    Who saw that pwrsons hed at 25:03 wtf

  • Sophia Rickman
    Sophia Rickman 12 hours ago

    i saw a head pop out when the went to the haunted room!!!!

  • Cameron Wilder
    Cameron Wilder 12 hours ago

    Who saw the orb

  • Cameron Wilder
    Cameron Wilder 12 hours ago

    All of the boys: pls show signs ugh. Its not working again plz show signs

    Ghost: ok dont get SCARED
    (Ghost knocks and knocks over camera)

    Boy: freaks out wants to go home

    Ghost: I said dont get scared 👀👿

    Them lisen

  • carmen serena ortiz
    carmen serena ortiz 13 hours ago

    There’s a orb that looks like a cross in 35:35

  • Catherine Sobus
    Catherine Sobus 13 hours ago

    aren’t those all orbs after the camera drops and they start using the phone?

  • Catherine Sobus
    Catherine Sobus 14 hours ago

    “We should ask them to knock one more time for the age of the viewers.”

  • Hey Its애비
    Hey Its애비 16 hours ago

    As soon as they turned the phone on there was orbs going around everywhere and it’s weird because that didn’t happen with the actual camera even on the night vision camera ???

  • Ruth Reid
    Ruth Reid 16 hours ago

    If they didn't realize the crack was there

  • Ruth Reid
    Ruth Reid 16 hours ago

    10:02 😂😂😂😂 Kian's face 😂😂😂

  • Ruth Reid
    Ruth Reid 16 hours ago +1

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    😁😂😂 A swear

  • Ruth Reid
    Ruth Reid 16 hours ago

    Sam: *looks behind him* Ghosts Ghosts
    All 4 of them: *walks away*

  • pink princess Germain
    pink princess Germain 17 hours ago

    Don't fight😟pls

    BLUE BLOOD.02 18 hours ago

    I believe Colby I freaked out when he’s was next to the wall

  • Sophia Hamilton
    Sophia Hamilton 19 hours ago +1

    So there was an orb next to Colby at 30:23

  • Jessie D
    Jessie D 19 hours ago

    tbvh I have never liked kian and jc.. ik sam and Colby are prbly friends with them but i kinda don't want to see them in another video thank you very much

  • Haven Valentine
    Haven Valentine 19 hours ago

    Guys, they’re named after British queens. Queen Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII was nicknamed “Bloody Mary” for how insanely cruel she was. She burned 300 people at the stake for religious differences. She was beheaded for planning to assassinate her sister, Elizabeth.
    Queen Elizabeth was her half sister that took over the throne after Mary’s death.

  • Abigail Lawalin
    Abigail Lawalin 19 hours ago

    Right after he set the phone down at 47:50 it looked like so many orbs flew over the camera

  • Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe 20 hours ago +1

    Kian is a cunt

  • Claudia Treston
    Claudia Treston 21 hour ago

    slow the video down and watch the end of the hall at 25:04
    it’s small and quick but i swear there’s something there

  • The MtDew Leprechaun
    The MtDew Leprechaun 22 hours ago

    Did anyone else see as soon as they walk in u see 2 mirrors facing each other

  • Jack Ancell
    Jack Ancell 22 hours ago

    When they are arguing, see the orb between kian and colby 😳

  • Lps_ Reese
    Lps_ Reese 23 hours ago

    Jc:go explore

  • Lps_ Reese
    Lps_ Reese 23 hours ago

    The iceollaciton room is haunted because one guy was murdered and torn limb from limb

  • Yegen Reddy
    Yegen Reddy Day ago

    At 40:14 there is a humming as he starts to talk then stops. The sound also starts again and again after 40:14 but lasts for like 3 seconds each. There is also random flickers when you guys try to contact the spirit with the night version camera above you guys.

  • Alexis Williams
    Alexis Williams Day ago +1

    I love how Sam stuck with colby when they were arguing.

  • mccormick
    mccormick Day ago

    bruh i got chills

  • Jason Thao
    Jason Thao Day ago

    What if that laughing girl next to their room that they were messing with is the same girl that peeked at 25:04?

  • Kathya Govea
    Kathya Govea Day ago

    Am I the only one who notice the crazy ligth trails that appears rigth after the camera fall at 46:26

  • Annabel Salazer
    Annabel Salazer Day ago

    46:26 around that time you clearly see a grip of orbs swarming around the camera.

  • Mal Buenaventura

    Who else sees orbs when it was the second camera that was recording it was floating around sam.....
    And also around 50:28...

  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya Day ago

    Btw for both ur info spirits travel along water so yes the shower and facet going means there around

  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya Day ago

    I trust Colby and sam. U 2 should believe ur buds. Colby wouldn't ever do that

  • cLaSsY cAsSy
    cLaSsY cAsSy Day ago

    Debunked. The girl who was in the corner of the swimming pool wasn’t a ghost it was just a girl walking you can see her a few seconds after that clip it’s just a girl in a big white coat !

  • Grayham Kookie
    Grayham Kookie Day ago +1

    No...Please...No...Please...Please...No...No...We "VIEWERS" don't want more knocks anymore...We "VIEWERS" want all of you to be SAFE!!!

  • Grayham Kookie
    Grayham Kookie Day ago +1

    Bro...The bigger the room...More mirror...The creepier it is..I mean like...By it looks...It's kinda scarier than room B340...

  • Lilx Lady
    Lilx Lady Day ago

    full screen boys, i’m going in

  • Liliac almars
    Liliac almars Day ago

    they mightknow what happened to your camera and i think the energy was sucked out

  • Liliac almars
    Liliac almars Day ago

    if you wanna know more about this Haily Reese or Loey Lane know a lot more info both youtube channels check if you wanna know more

  • Liliac almars
    Liliac almars Day ago

    thats a lot of spirits

  • Liliac almars
    Liliac almars Day ago

    you know those weird bubbles that are transparent are the spirits right

  • Liliac almars
    Liliac almars Day ago

    Sams crazy. Colby was at the brink of tears

  • hope Constant
    hope Constant Day ago


  • hope Constant
    hope Constant Day ago

    Sam Colby jc Kian please stay save

  • Sharon Villa
    Sharon Villa Day ago

    I don’t feel bad for Sam nor Colby they were being annoying asf to kian and jc , especially Sam busting out the board for no reason that was too much , even when we was literally pressuring Colby to knock on the room . Annoying asf

  • The Crazy Vlogg SQUAD

    I had my volume all the way up on my headphones and at 27:49 I legit almost pissed myself again even tho I watched it when it can out

  • Sari Spiegelhoff

    ORB AT 48:20!!! WATCH IN .25XSPEED!!

  • Judd_da_Dragon Oof

    When they used the phone to film because the camera fell, LOOK AT ALL THOSE ORBS!!!!! MASSIVE CHILLS

  • Anica Isabella
    Anica Isabella Day ago

    bro i’m like 100% sure i stayed in this room for like my 10th birthday it was so fuckin scary i had all my friends and we still woke up at like 3am so scared

  • JJ's games
    JJ's games Day ago +1

    that little girls laugh sounds EXACTLY like mine WTFFFFF! i hope to god some ghost didn't clone themselves as me!

  • Amy Knock
    Amy Knock Day ago +1

    Thuds:person running
    Clicks:suitcase clicks

  • JJ's games
    JJ's games Day ago

    Colby: *was about to do the intro
    Sam: wait, should we have them come in?
    Colby: its already flimming..

  • Elizabeth Lauren

    * Shower drips in old boat hotel *

  • wendy spurlock
    wendy spurlock Day ago

    "Why did you say demon it could have been a angel "

  • Collin Fields
    Collin Fields Day ago +1

    at 36:15 there is an orb above sam with a plus inside it. idk what it is

  • bailey willard
    bailey willard Day ago

    29:14 when sam is talking about B340 you can see an orb fly into the top right corner I saw orbs all through out the video

  • Summer Hohman
    Summer Hohman Day ago +2

    I was born at 3:00Am and I can like see stuff people can't so I would love to be there.

  • Ailyn Zermeno
    Ailyn Zermeno Day ago

    It’s an old ship so why wouldn’t there be creaks

  • Ur mom Gay
    Ur mom Gay Day ago

    One thing you do not want to ever do is contact a spirit,sometimes when you try to talk to a spirit is it can latch on to your belongings and follow you home,after you play with that board it makes a portal from the underworld so they can enter,you already know that there are many portals already in the queen marry so by playing that game you are making it worse by inviting more spirits,I suggest after you visit the queen Mary you should go to a church an ask for prayers,or you can do what my mom used to do every year,witch is a ritual called smuggling you can buy this at religious stores or you can go to a witch store,it kinda looks like weed but more thicker and you light it on fire and let the smoke touch the room this is for protection and good vibes or you can ask a preach to come to your house and pray,all I’m saying is to be careful and aware of what you are doing.

  • Bodil Graansma
    Bodil Graansma 2 days ago

    Love your video’s😍

  • beatricee
    beatricee 2 days ago +2

    if i were to do a seance i’d probably burst out laughing in the middle of it istg

  • Katelyn Klym
    Katelyn Klym 2 days ago

    Is it just me or is Sam positive through everything in this video!!

  • Katy Hubek
    Katy Hubek 2 days ago

    It's fucking pouring and it adding suspense to the video and also it's pitch black out side and in my room

  • Rie Bug
    Rie Bug 2 days ago

    Ok guys u know how u were sitting on the couch at the begging and heard the laughing. Look through the two doors when u r talking 💀😳

  • Grace Franklin
    Grace Franklin 2 days ago +1

    17:56 - Sam and Colby being dead serious
    Also 17:56 - Kian and Jc tripping each other over

  • S3 QMS
    S3 QMS 2 days ago

    nobody else notice there's a shadow moving behind them throughout the crack in the door at 15:31

  • Dayana Martinez
    Dayana Martinez 2 days ago

    So I’m currently staying in room b340 and nothing is happening 🙄 not one thing and it’s 3am.

  • 1Camoz1
    1Camoz1 2 days ago

    U guys made me piss my pants!!!

  • KarMar Ham
    KarMar Ham 2 days ago

    To everyone who is asking about the "Orbs" when he turned on his phone and flashlight on his phone it is not orbs they are just dust particles. I'm not saying all of them were but mostly of them are just dust floating in the air. You can see it so well because the flashlight is also on, the reason I know is because years of watching ghosts adventures and I've been to a couple haunted places and you can clearly tell when it's an orb because they are more transparent and create their own light they don't get it from the light thats provided as well as they don't flow they have more quick motions! Hope this helps some people!!

  • Isela Montero
    Isela Montero 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who gets scared during these videos ???

  • Lucy Mills
    Lucy Mills 2 days ago

    I love them both but I think it was a bit shit that Sam defended Colby when he was getting accused but when kian and Jc started going against Sam
    Colby didn't defend him but instead went against him

  • Spokendeaths32 Gamer/arabic

    Last time u met demons and yet u r back there is stupidty and then there is this

  • Stephanie Neuburger
    Stephanie Neuburger 2 days ago +1

    Colby I really like u as more then friends and I know that's weird but I'm 20 and I'm paralized because my brother killed my parents and your the only person to help me also your hot but I like death so if u don't fuck off

    • Sanae Gat
      Sanae Gat Day ago

      wtaf what where you thinking while writing this seriously

  • JSweetz Tv
    JSweetz Tv 2 days ago

    iPhone caught a lot of orbs

  • Kenzie Goettsch
    Kenzie Goettsch 2 days ago

    Kian and jc were rlly getting on my nerves‼️ they need to stick to their own roots not ghost stuff

  • Ashleyxluv
    Ashleyxluv 2 days ago

    New fan of Sam and Colby but been a long fan w kianandJc i love my bois🤪

  • Ashleyxluv
    Ashleyxluv 2 days ago

    Nobody :
    Kian: “And the Knockinnnnggggggg”!!!!!!!😂

  • Gacha_ Shadows
    Gacha_ Shadows 2 days ago +3

    Was I the only one who was very protective when Kian was blaming Colby for knocking on the door?

    No? Just me? Okay...

  • 101 Bunnys
    101 Bunnys 2 days ago

    This vid creep me out so much

  • AGreyFox Woodruff
    AGreyFox Woodruff 2 days ago

    i cant stop coming back to this, just the stop then the voice is killing ME XD

  • Ashleyxluv
    Ashleyxluv 2 days ago

    I love my boiii Kian and Jc 💥

  • Caroline Burkett
    Caroline Burkett 2 days ago

    48:15 an orb flies across the screen
    and at 48:19 another orb

  • Lindsey Meyers Morse

    Does anyone else see the two mirrors facing each other in the beginning ??

    JADA XOXO 2 days ago

    when they walked in the room there was the two mirror facing each other?
    is that bad?

  • Grace Fulmer
    Grace Fulmer 2 days ago

    I used to like kian but fuck him i've actually lost respect for him. After they saw that the shower was trickling water and related it back to the faucet and they asked kian and jc if they believe them now and kian just says its annoying as shit like he is such a pussy and doesn't want to believe it so calls it annoying and blames colby.

  • Soarsky Productions
    Soarsky Productions 2 days ago +1

    30:22 and I oop

  • Grace Fulmer
    Grace Fulmer 2 days ago

    colby is so fucking ADORABLE when he is scared

  • Joseph Law
    Joseph Law 2 days ago

    Don’t ever do a video with them again 😒

  • Vlad T
    Vlad T 2 days ago

    25:04 there is some weird looking lady with long black hair poping her head out at the end of the hallway and quickly going back, and after that they find they find that the room they went in last time has the key to the door? Coincidence I think not the demon was trying to bring them back in!

  • Esmeralda Morales
    Esmeralda Morales 2 days ago

    Who else got scared at 50:58 when Jc grabbed the phone

  • Lavender Clorox Bleach
    Lavender Clorox Bleach 2 days ago +1

    Those 2 people really got me mad . How are they going to accuse Colby on something that wouldn't make sense ? Plus , they didn't see anything when they accused him of "knocking" because the knock came from inside the room . It was very low and muffled . If Colby did it , you would've heard the knock more better .

  • Esmeralda Morales
    Esmeralda Morales 2 days ago +2

    Jc: if theres someone in the room with us make a sound
    Demon: big bang
    The guys: omg!
    Demon: I said no cameras