Describing Colors As A Blind Person

  • Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, talks about describing colors to blind people.
    Twitter: blindfilmcritic
    Facebook: tommyedison
    Instagram: blindfilmcritic
    Captions provided by Bill Creswell
    Directed & Edited by Ben Churchill

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  • DrewPicklesTheDark
    DrewPicklesTheDark 3 hours ago

    "How do you sighted people keep them all straight?" We don't, people still argue over what purple is.

  • Sen Em
    Sen Em Day ago

    Try to explain what color looke to blind people is exactly the same with questions what god look like or does god exits. No matter how hard you think, science, logic, evidence, relegion, you never get right answer. Because, you are using wrong tool.

  • Henrik Stidsen
    Henrik Stidsen 5 days ago

    Wouldn't it make sense to describe color as texture? Different things, of the same material, can have different textures and two things made of different material can have the same texture. I would say that color, to a sighted person, is like texture to a blind person.

  • ALL - WAYZ
    ALL - WAYZ 9 days ago

    Black is the absent of color. White is all colors.. And the ocean is blue because the sunlight reflects the sky off it.

  • aquamarine
    aquamarine 10 days ago

    Imagine someone has a black-and-white TV
    And the news is like: scientists have discovered a new color and it's on TV for the first time

  • Bill Graper
    Bill Graper 17 days ago

    On what planet is ice blue? Certainly not Earth.

  • Enrique Polanco
    Enrique Polanco 18 days ago

    I mean.....I have synesthesia, so I can SMELL musical notes. So it is possible to describe color by your nose.

  • Zielu
    Zielu 19 days ago

    I thought how is don't know how looks human or u need to believe other peoples i imagine only a void and your raw mind.U exist but in your perception u can think this world can be a lie u live but don't feel how it works.I hope u will be able to see when one of sciencist will creat special machine for blind peoples.

  • Target 06
    Target 06 21 day ago

    Fact: A blind person doesn’t know he’s blind until he meets a sighted person. We have 5 senses but maybe there is other creatures that have more than 5 which call us blind. Who knows? Ants have antennas they have a 6th sense, so we are blind according to an ant

  • Target 06
    Target 06 21 day ago

    Sporange - Range

  • OneLoveBubba
    OneLoveBubba 25 days ago

    Up at 3 am listening to this with my eyes closed couldn’t imagine the curiosity you must have

  • EsNumber1
    EsNumber1 25 days ago

    in the most objective way i could put it, color is just a differentiation beween the things we see, in practice it helps distinguish different objects from each other specialy when they are not moving

  • Josh Done
    Josh Done 26 days ago

    He is my new hero.

  • Phong Tran
    Phong Tran 28 days ago

    This guy sees black his whole life

  • Breezy TRR
    Breezy TRR Month ago

    Dude omg just open your eyes to see!

  • Corey Chambers
    Corey Chambers Month ago

    Musical notes are a better analogy for colors. They are all various wave frequencies. Our brains interpret light wave frequencies as colors. Some people can actually hear or smell in color.

  • Nekoaa
    Nekoaa Month ago

    I like to describe colour with feelings. Not blind, but I'd say red is hot, orange warm, blue as cold and white as freezing. Those are a few :)
    Edit : I heard butterflies can see 14 more colours than us 😲

  • H2wow
    H2wow Month ago


  • Laufield
    Laufield Month ago

    What if he thought white skin is black? 🤔

  • Its Cris
    Its Cris Month ago

    Somebody should explain to him that black and white are just the concept of brightnsss, idk if they still have a sense for that, but its a concept which is always there, in every color

  • AliveStick Man
    AliveStick Man Month ago

    How does he post the video...

  • Trump Trumpovich
    Trump Trumpovich Month ago

    Что я тут делаю

  • Stephanie Marson
    Stephanie Marson 2 months ago

    In my experience, if someone tries to explain "what colors smell like" they are most likely high.

  • Joshua Yoon
    Joshua Yoon 2 months ago

    I have all my senses and this guy seems to be happier in life than me

  • MayTheGamer 12
    MayTheGamer 12 2 months ago

    Then only way I can describe color is by how it makes you feel, like blue often makes you feel calm and how red makes you feel energetic or hungry for some reason, though idk how helpful that description would be, it’s just the best I can come up with.
    I would probably also explain the science of how color works, like how it travels through light and stuff. Again, idk how helpful that would be though.

  • Stuff Some
    Stuff Some 2 months ago +1

    This is the coolest guy ever.

  • noctor
    noctor 2 months ago

    *Door hinge* rhymes with orange

  • light kira
    light kira 2 months ago

    It's like understanding what nothingness is

  • Asma Alhajri
    Asma Alhajri 2 months ago

    I wish he could see

  • Star Anna
    Star Anna 2 months ago +1

    I DSP for a blind man. (Direct Support Professional)He was totally awesome & would tell me all the time "how good the sun looked today"

  • Natalie Harshman
    Natalie Harshman 2 months ago

    Actually, water itself doesn't have a color; it's clear. But big bodies of water like lakes, oceans, etc. look blue because they're reflecting the color of the sky. :)
    Also, I think you heard the opposite about black and white. Actually, scientifically speaking white is the presence of all colors, and black is the absence of color. But to us because black looks so dark it seems like that's the one that has all the colors combined in one, and white just looks blank and plain, so that's why we think it looks like it has no color.
    This might not help at all, but if I was to guess, what you "see", or what you perceive from your perspective when you open your eyes might be similar to black. And then if you can see any light at all, that light might seem like white or yellow, (because those are the colors that light usually looks like) or gray because that's what black looks like when it gets a little bit lighter. (But of course I really don't have any idea what your perception is like because I don't have your eyes!) But anyway, then what colors basically are is different types of light that look...different. :)

  • Runbo He
    Runbo He 2 months ago

    The ocean reflects the sky.

  • Collin Pearson
    Collin Pearson 2 months ago +1

    Close one eye that’s what a blind person sees literally nothing

  • Jaden Mehler
    Jaden Mehler 2 months ago

    The thing that I am most curious about is you are not blind and just closing your eyes

  • Violet
    Violet 2 months ago

    So if they can see the light
    Why not just showing them red light or any color light

  • The Little Death
    The Little Death 3 months ago

    Different colors are like different textures. Only that they are for the sighted.
    Damn. I just explained the whole concept of color.

  • Reyna
    Reyna 3 months ago

    This guy is so cool.

  • The Heretic
    The Heretic 3 months ago

    White is all colors and black is the absence of color.

  • Keith Segovia
    Keith Segovia 3 months ago

    Color is defined as the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

  • Jennifer Serenity
    Jennifer Serenity 3 months ago

    Ice is the solid color of water. This means there is no color to it all. It is clear meaning all the colors you described such as orange, black and blue cannot be mixed together to be a clear color. However if you use the term reflection and the clear color term ( remember that the clear color is what water and ice are) then that color reflects or bounces off of the clear color. For example you have probably heard about the sky being blue or the water being blue. The water reflects the color that comes from the sky. The water is clear meaning it is colorless. I hope that helps some. I am in the process right now speaking to my friend who is blind about colors! Thanks for sharing this!

  • clark lanuza
    clark lanuza 3 months ago

    I say “what you’re seeing right now is black” because when you close your eyes, you’re like blind

  • Chad Walker
    Chad Walker 3 months ago

    White contains all colors. Black is the absence of color. You got it backwards.

  • ROForeverMan
    ROForeverMan 4 months ago

    Have you ever took ayahuasca ? Maybe you can try and see if it gives you colors. That would be a very interesting experiment.

  • TheRealPizzas
    TheRealPizzas 4 months ago +1

    What if we shine like an orange light in his eye and maybe he might see something, I know he’s blind but if he opens his eyes and sees light it’s white, cause light is white, so what if we use like orange or red

  • raacer
    raacer 4 months ago

    Hi Tommy! I think the best way to describe the concept of color to you is to compare it to sound pitch. Light is like a kind of sound that you can feel with very high precision, so you can feel the location points where every sound is going from at the same time. Any object produces sound by every small piece, and this allows you to feel the shape, like you touch every piece at the same time. So eyes are kind of ears that also used as hands to feel the shape of objects. Two eyes gives you ability to feel the object from slightly different sides at the same time like you use two hands. Red is a very low pitch, green is a middle pitch, blue is a very high pitch, black is silence, and white is loud noise. That's all. What do you think about this, is this simple enough? Of course you still can't feel colors, but you can imagine this like another kind of sound that you distinguish from normal sound. I think this explanation is very close to the light and color nature.

  • muddledmass
    muddledmass 4 months ago

    My dad's colorblind and he had no idea that colors have shades. He thought all plants that are green all have the same hue.

  • LouMah
    LouMah 4 months ago

    You got white and black the wrong way round. Black is the absence of colour/light. Whilst white is all spectrums of light together

  • Captain Virtu
    Captain Virtu 4 months ago

    Wouldn’t he know what black looks like because that’s what he sees all the time

    TITAN VEGAS 4 months ago

    I feel terrible about myself, this guys doesnt complain about not able to see the world since he was child and I'm complaining about not geting things that I want.

  • Peter De Angelo
    Peter De Angelo 4 months ago

    Because he can see light, sorta, I wonder if we got a colored lightbulb in his face maybe he would get a sense of it?

  • Terrain
    Terrain 4 months ago

    the ocean is blue because it reflects the blue from the sky, i don’t know why cold and sky is the same though

  • Bipatavatsiz
    Bipatavatsiz 4 months ago

    Is there any chance to a blindborned person see anything? I am talking about robotic eyes or something like that. Isn't that possible? Or it is but that's very expensive? Sorry for my bad EnGLaNd.

  • sports player 426
    sports player 426 4 months ago

    Ice is clear

    TTROCKET 4 months ago

    Well the reason that the ocean is blue and water isn’t is because the sky is blue. The sky is the color blue because blue has the shortest wave length and so blue appears. Then simply reflects the color on to the water and that’s what you see.

  • fennaxbands
    fennaxbands 4 months ago

    I'd say:
    Imagine a way of knowing the difference between two object that have exactly the same shape and texture. There is no way of knowing the difference for a blind person. Well, it's colours that's shows the difference between these objects. Because it's something that we can see from a distance without having to touch the object. Also if you know the difference between light and dark. Those two are colours as well. Just imagine that there's like endless amount of shades of those (just like you can see whether there is only a little bit of light or whether there's a very bright light right in front of your eyes. I understand that probably doesn't make much sense but it's the best way I'd know to describe it.

  • Griffon Gonsalves
    Griffon Gonsalves 4 months ago

    Orange, syringe rhyme

  • a hero whos a guy for fun

    also how do blind people know what things look like.

  • a hero whos a guy for fun

    how does he know that fire is red even thou he doesnt know what fire looks like

  • Agha Noor Vlogs
    Agha Noor Vlogs 4 months ago +1

    1:42 doorhinge

  • [Site-19] CooL
    [Site-19] CooL 4 months ago

    But ice doesn't really have colour?

  • Somberin Gaming
    Somberin Gaming 4 months ago

    Man, I really wish I could just let home see. Even just for a minute. It would seriously blow his mind. Guaranteed.

  • NANI Blacku Knighto
    NANI Blacku Knighto 4 months ago

    Well a blind person will never know what a color looks like. Everybody human who can see will also never know what infrared, ultraviolet or how x-rays look like. Colors are illusions. I think if a physicist or anybody who understands how radiation works would explain it to a blind person, the concept of color could become a bit less confusing to them.

  • NANI Blacku Knighto
    NANI Blacku Knighto 4 months ago

    1:54 it's the other way around

  • enas jbara
    enas jbara 5 months ago

    But the water and the ice are clear, not blue

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 5 months ago

    Then there is us, on the opposite end. Us regular sighted people, who are just wondering... *What* is it like to be blind? What is it like to not see anything? Not even black? They see nothing. But what is nothing? Nothing cannot be represented. Only the absence of something can.

  • AndrewThibb
    AndrewThibb 5 months ago

    door hinge.

  • dayum son
    dayum son 5 months ago

    wow he cant understand metaphors either because theyre visual. like the phrase “raining cats and dogs” wouldnt make sense the way it does to us

  • Vasilian Sotirov
    Vasilian Sotirov 5 months ago

    Black is the abscence of light and white is all together, not the other way around. Besides black everything is a different kind of light. Black is just like the sound being silent. Like sound has frequency and light has frequency too. But we can label some frequencies in sound as notes(tones) and in light we label them as colors. Some things can have the same or similar color the same way many things have the same or similar sound.

  • CZyShi
    CZyShi 5 months ago

    Stop commenting...he can't see you're comments

  • Harry Stubbs
    Harry Stubbs 5 months ago

    You can never explain to a blind person what colour is and get them to understand but I would say its this thing that fills everything you can see. Some things share this filling. Obviously they are stuck because they dont have a concept of seeing but its the closest I can get.

  • Sami Sami
    Sami Sami 5 months ago

    “Water has no color but the ocean is does” very true

  • zammmerjammer
    zammmerjammer 5 months ago

    How do you even explain the sky to a blind person? Sometimes you can see through it (at night) and other times you can't (daytime). Like... wut?

  • James Graham
    James Graham 5 months ago

    So this object is clear, you can see through it but it's a solid. It's called glass

  • Ryan X
    Ryan X 5 months ago

    I wonder if a blind person can have synesthesia and hear color?

  • Charlie Hendricks
    Charlie Hendricks 5 months ago

    As a red-greeen protan colorblind and a commissioned artist I love trying to figure out color theory. His description of white kinda saddens me, id love to tell him I think of it not as nothing, more of the feeling of clean, new sometimes holyness and or purity.

  • Stefan Tincescu
    Stefan Tincescu 5 months ago

    You know black at least

  • The Night Watcher
    The Night Watcher 5 months ago

    Think of color and brightness as being similar to pitch and volume. While I can’t describe specific colors, I think it would help to think of them like different sounds. And the brightness of a color is similar to the volume of a sound.

  • OSAMA أسامة
    OSAMA أسامة 5 months ago