League of Legends Mobalytics Patch 9.1 Tier List: Welcome to Season 9


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  • Mobalytics
    Mobalytics  12 days ago +29

    Check out the Tier List Podcast and let us know what you think!
    Ranked season coming in 2 weeks. Be ready and practice up for patch 9.2!

    • yey !
      yey ! 4 days ago +1

      Next patch jg exp nerf tier list?

    • Onur Onat Sürmeli
      Onur Onat Sürmeli 7 days ago

      +Benjamin Bilde guardian if you are against an early game oppressive lane, glacial if you can just abuse them early and get away with it. Also if the enemy doesn't have any cc you can go alacrity instead of tenacity.

    • Welmorfian VM
      Welmorfian VM 9 days ago

      Upload the podcast on spotfy also

    • Dawid Boro
      Dawid Boro 11 days ago

      When Rengar's ult is bugged (do not shread armor and deal bonus dmg) but somehow he's in S tier xd
      Btw. This bug will last even to 9.2 because they don't give a fuk about champions that aren't Ahri or Lux.

    • Rafael Siqueira
      Rafael Siqueira 11 days ago

      What’s your opinion on Poppy? She has great matchups against Jax and Kled while scaling well into the mid game.

  • brendilladederp
    brendilladederp 11 hours ago

    Can you please explain the Zilean mid spot?

  • Noble Ape
    Noble Ape Day ago

    u guys don't mention renekton at all for top lane? what kind of scuffed shit is this

  • Hiendral
    Hiendral Day ago

    Mages are the weakest midlaners but np yeah, better nerf mages.

  • RedTigerOG j
    RedTigerOG j Day ago

    Urgot is s tier he's just that good

  • B VH
    B VH 2 days ago

    Where is caitlyn? Not on the list = Lower than B tier? :

  • Sumo Nok
    Sumo Nok 2 days ago

    Lissandra b tier wait what

  • Robert In der Weide
    Robert In der Weide 2 days ago

    Yasou harder than Rumble luuuul

  • Kamil Kosior
    Kamil Kosior 2 days ago

    Please change music in background, its getting people sleepy while watching it, honest advice

  • HollowInside
    HollowInside 2 days ago

    Azir isn't even on the mid lane tier list...Riot?

  • denver miami
    denver miami 2 days ago +1

    you guys are sleeping on talon hes still really good

  • Jorge Montenegro
    Jorge Montenegro 2 days ago

    What is the song you play in background?

    • Eren T
      Eren T Day ago

      yeah i would love to know it also

  • Samuel Sporich
    Samuel Sporich 3 days ago

    You should put the podcast on iTunes so it shows up in podcast apps.

  • BenShapiro Lover
    BenShapiro Lover 3 days ago

    Where is Nasus in S tier. Find it very hard to believe that he’s not found his way up there. I feel like it doesn’t matter who I pick into him there’s no way I can stop him from getting a mediocre to good lead in Lane, and by good lead I mean he just goes even. All he has to do is farm enough to get resist items so on his first back, for instant maybe he gets null magic mantle. He now has resists for say someone like teemo. Teemo will do little to no damage, nasus will most likely have second wind, Doran’s shield, and lifesteal from passive. If he takes grasp(which he most likely will) he can also out trade you. I feel like there is no way to really punish him past levels 4 and 6 and with the buffs to stacks it incentivizes you to stay with him, even though the longer you stay the highEr his lead grows.What do you guys think?

  • jeff stevenson
    jeff stevenson 3 days ago

    Like the concept of the soundcloud, wanna see how it works

  • Jake Runyan
    Jake Runyan 4 days ago +3

    I'm the zoe high elo player :)

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy 4 days ago

    I wonder what champion is fit for every single role? Aside from teemo

  • Amaury Sutre
    Amaury Sutre 4 days ago

    THERE IS NOT EVEN SHEN IN THE TOP LANE LIST!!!!! Rito pls do something bc u nerfed his spells, the items he used but also the runes. Even if he's still a good champ for duo, he's not what he was in solo Q anymore

  • Stefano Nicolosi
    Stefano Nicolosi 4 days ago

    Mordekaiser bottom is busted, but you need to put the right support near to him (pyke, leona, nautilus, thresh, blitz)

  • Anders
    Anders 4 days ago

    Video starts 1:15

  • Ethan Hurlbut
    Ethan Hurlbut 4 days ago

    How is cait not a good adc? She's not even on the list

  • Cody Tran
    Cody Tran 4 days ago

    Can we not have Arden meta? It’s so boring when the game is decided by bot lane.

  • yin-leh tabuzo
    yin-leh tabuzo 4 days ago +1

    0:10 I need that on my "Stuck on an Elevator Remix

  • jukrima
    jukrima 4 days ago

    Im surprised lulu is not on the list in support high elo

  • apple147659
    apple147659 4 days ago

    I really like the podcast.

  • defoehammer
    defoehammer 5 days ago

    is syndra not a mid laner lmao

  • Stalin Cen
    Stalin Cen 5 days ago

    hecarim is not even on the list :(

  • Marteen Alias
    Marteen Alias 5 days ago

    as a morde main , i hope no one bans or picks him lol.

  • Justin K.
    Justin K. 5 days ago +4

    Me: *Sees karthus in every role* well shit dark harvest is actually doing well

  • Leroni
    Leroni 5 days ago

    Why tf u sound like Exile?

    • Cobine
      Cobine 5 days ago

      Leroni because it is him

  • Berk
    Berk 5 days ago

    i tried wukong so op thx for freelo

  • Konnrad
    Konnrad 5 days ago


  • Steve Collins
    Steve Collins 5 days ago

    Really excited about the podcast, I love stuff like that so you can bet I'm going to give it a listen.

  • Hue Hue
    Hue Hue 5 days ago

    support mages are absolutely cancer, gg rito.

  • Chris Haugh
    Chris Haugh 5 days ago

    Take a drink every time this chap says "hey guys."

  • SoloAdvocate
    SoloAdvocate 6 days ago

    Galio is getting a nerf that I would think knocks him down a couple notches; lower damage and higher costs on his Q which is pretty much what his laning relies on.

  • David Cintron
    David Cintron 6 days ago

    What role exactly does Taliyah belong to now after the recent changes?

  • João Rodrigues
    João Rodrigues 6 days ago

    Remember when Zoe was S tier? Me neither, was a long time ago lol

  • christopher wolf
    christopher wolf 6 days ago

    This tier list works for LAS?

  • sam mattsson
    sam mattsson 6 days ago

    I sorta like and sorta agree with this tier list although some things bothers me abit. Champions you place into S tier are very situational picks such as take Mordkaiser for example is basicly only good into melee matchups ( where he is hilariously oppressive ) but i still wouldnt advice picking him into anything etc. another thing is your champion difficulty rating where the list overall seems extremely biased around "what champions do i personally play?"
    Assuming you´re measuring both how hard a champion is to PLAY and how hard a champion is to MASTER its just awkward seeing for example Lissandra and Malphite on the same difficulty level aswell as Karthus being equally difficult to play as Jax, Urgot etc. I can virtually garantee you that a first time Jax will do considerably better than a first time Karthus.
    Rumble also being considered easier to play than fiora is quite insulting. Fiora has a quite high skill ceiling but her basic level of play is infact quite simple. My question is simply what are you actually using to measure a champions difficulty? Because your ratings seems both very biased to the point where i feel most of the champions on the "intense" list are played by people doing the ratings and some champions placed into average or easy tier are champions neither of you has even touched.

  • Iwano Morgan
    Iwano Morgan 6 days ago +1

    I might be the only one who doesn't care about the personal picks the Mobalytics team put.

  • StabbedYa
    StabbedYa 6 days ago

    Shut THAT CAT UP!

  • Tristan Johnson
    Tristan Johnson 6 days ago

    Keep an eye out for AP jarvan support

  • Ultimate Bunny
    Ultimate Bunny 6 days ago

    spotify podcast someday? would love to hear more info that way.

  • Jamie Legends
    Jamie Legends 6 days ago

    What about Kalista?

  • Ian Keyser
    Ian Keyser 6 days ago

    Is there a reason u nvr include orianna in ur mid lane tier list?

  • David Jocas
    David Jocas 6 days ago

    Why does olaf get 0 love?

  • Payton Sottung
    Payton Sottung 6 days ago

    how is fiora harder than vayne top

  • lord emco
    lord emco 6 days ago

    The Background music is pretty loud

  • Stoffer1DK
    Stoffer1DK 6 days ago

    Mobalytics try to look at Gunblade, stormrazor build on kaisa mid. Just sayin had 91.7% winrate in 120 games with kaisa mid with that build. Plat and Dia elo

  • Santriez Taylor
    Santriez Taylor 6 days ago

    Where's Aurelion Sol at?

  • BlasterZ
    BlasterZ 7 days ago +3

    When Singed goes from S-Rank to not even listed anymore. FeelsBad

  • DkS_ Monster
    DkS_ Monster 7 days ago

    Orn in b tier!? Are you high?

  • Metronoid
    Metronoid 7 days ago

    I would have loved Shyvana top making it to B tier atleast

  • Mild Soul
    Mild Soul 7 days ago

    Man the way I hear it they’re gonna nerf Lucian again lol
    If they do I hope it’s not as bad as it was in season 5

  • george romanov
    george romanov 7 days ago

    Lulu, how can you not mention her, insane poke and defensive on lane. After couple items really good on keeping whole team alive and giving them speed, shields and heal etc. Can literally make an assasin in a tanky one for a couple seconds. Or if you have squshy target in your team for enemy, make him safe. I tryed her out for a little and i have like 80% winrate, try her out guys, you can go agressive or defensive just ask your adc what he wants.

  • MRtwister64
    MRtwister64 7 days ago

    Who put wukong A tier lol

  • Onur Onat Sürmeli
    Onur Onat Sürmeli 7 days ago

    Finally someone noticed how important presence of mind on taric is, I'm about to cry. That shit got me to diamond by OTP ing taric with 65% winrate.

  • Alekzander M-N
    Alekzander M-N 7 days ago

    Didn’t think I would see my main amumu here. Seeing how a competent team is kinda necessary.

  • Aldos
    Aldos 7 days ago

    So irelia is not even c or d tier on top? Lmao

  • Ji Jeon
    Ji Jeon 7 days ago

    Where’s Caitlyn....?

  • spotifly
    spotifly 7 days ago

    whats "high elo"

  • Zenit 134 Rus
    Zenit 134 Rus 8 days ago

    Сколько раз смотрел переводы - ни разу не видел Поппи. Это просто смешно, чамп который стабильно стоит против ВСЕХ, кроме дариуса не входит в топ. Мда...

  • Seb16120
    Seb16120 8 days ago

    Kled is a lie. He get rekt by a Akali and Humiliate by a Nunu. A F*king Nunu Top !!!

  • LocoMarcos998
    LocoMarcos998 8 days ago


  • 2BrosOneGame
    2BrosOneGame 8 days ago

    So irelia, the champ only seen in high elo tier lists which makes up like under 1% of lol population , a champ with 45% wr will receive a nerf next patch again, thank god right guys?? ...

  • Frag what frag
    Frag what frag 8 days ago

    Xayah not being at least B tier is really odd, I feel like she’s a good counter to many divers in meta rn

  • my name das
    my name das 8 days ago

    riven "INTENSE" yea sure :]

  • Christian Miranda
    Christian Miranda 8 days ago

    How is Kayn b tier?

  • Cirstescu Alexandru
    Cirstescu Alexandru 8 days ago

    I really don't understand why you claim that nunu is a champion with intense mechanics when he is one of the easiest jungler to use rn.He has good and healthy clear,nice gank pottential due to his W, utility with his root from his E and team fighting damage with his R. He is pretty simple to use,unlike other junglers,such as Elise or Kindred.

  • Rumble Main
    Rumble Main 8 days ago

    Watch Riot Games nerf rumble cause he is A Tier after months/years...

  • hsaniba
    hsaniba 8 days ago

    Mid: LeBlanc?

  • Rocco Potter
    Rocco Potter 8 days ago

    maokai over braum is on here ?????

  • sithlordkarl
    sithlordkarl 8 days ago

    I think Sivir is really good right now. She has a pretty good laning phase whit the poke of you Q and good wave clear whit the W. Her spellshield provides her whit safety to both ganks and champions like blitz, threash and morg since they need to hit their CC. At 3 items she has insane dmg and wave clear. The wave clear makes it hard to siege vs her. I have played alot of Sivir even before the buffs and i think shes really good

  • Lulu 4 Presidente
    Lulu 4 Presidente 8 days ago


  • Darryl Davis
    Darryl Davis 8 days ago

    Where is neekonee?

  • Stefan Maxim
    Stefan Maxim 8 days ago

    Why is katarina so week now

  • Michał Urbaniak
    Michał Urbaniak 8 days ago +2

    on many other sites Jinx is S tier in bottom in almost every elo with highest win ratio among all bot laners include yasuo casio heim etc...

  • mod peace
    mod peace 8 days ago

    Exil, Wtf happened to your discord server?

  • Death Mwauthzyx
    Death Mwauthzyx 8 days ago

    Soraka is not currently the better Janna, they are not even that similar. I would not take them interchangeably in match-ups. I believe their strengths and weaknesses are vastly different. I find their core gameplay fundamentally different. Some highlights of this are Janna's two pushbacks and a knockup while Raka has none. Janna's speed and ability to counter the enemy vs Soraka's immobility and reliance on healing of which Janna actually has very little in comparison to Raka. Janna is not a healer, but Soraka is. Soraka is not a counter mage and her form of prevention of the enemy is fundamentally different than Janna's approach of pushing/knocking them back/up or slowing them with W makes her far less of a healer and more of a control mage with strong counter abilities, perhaps in the whole game for support. I love both supports though, I'm M7 in gold 1 on both.

  • pizzaman
    pizzaman 8 days ago

    I saw darius no where for top, am I mistaken for believing he was one of the best?

  • tim wienecke
    tim wienecke 8 days ago

    What do people think of Poppy? I picked her up preseason and have had a good time with her, but am having trouble finding guides and advice on what to do with her.

  • James Denver
    James Denver 8 days ago

    Is le blanc not that good anymore😞?

  • Caio  Do Vallis
    Caio Do Vallis 9 days ago

    Renekton shit's on everyone's head on top lane lul

  • Gesù Da nazeret
    Gesù Da nazeret 9 days ago

    Guys i am swain one trick i play it top and mid and il climbed a lot since patch 8.24 before i was s3 now i am g1 and i never saw him in the highest tiers or even in the list how is it possible?

    RAMBAW 9 days ago

    Darius missing in toplane tierlist?

  • Benshout Shouter
    Benshout Shouter 9 days ago

    I don't really understand why vel'koz is s tier in mid. I mean he is strong but vs a lot of match'up in midlane, farm is the only thibg he can do.

  • Weaboo from Netherlands

    In the past TF has always been high above S or A tier in your tier list but recents videos i didn't see him more often even in this tier he got kicked out from the tier list for low elo and only B tier for high elo. As a TF main i think he is and has always been one of the best midlaner for soloq , can you tell me why you move him down to the bottom tier so much ?

  • Zyro Berk
    Zyro Berk 9 days ago

    I think Kayn deserves a couple buffs. His early game is bad, but you can carry easily with Rhaast.

  • sdasd aasdasda
    sdasd aasdasda 9 days ago

    aatrox not even B tier top but teemo and yorick is A tier? alright buddy

    • sdasd aasdasda
      sdasd aasdasda 9 days ago

      oh i just realized hes S tier in high elo, ma bad X)

  • Zak Beever
    Zak Beever 9 days ago

    Wheres poppy at she wasnt in there anywhere she that bad at moment?

  • Alberto Tonon
    Alberto Tonon 9 days ago

    Where has asol gone?

  • NooBEST - Gamer
    NooBEST - Gamer 9 days ago

    Where is cho gath top!? But okay. Good list.

  • Sam Kunde
    Sam Kunde 9 days ago

    How the hell is heimerdinger as difficult as vayne😯

  • Marco Maroni
    Marco Maroni 9 days ago

    Mordekaiser midlane is at his best played on midlane hands down
    An rename "high elo" to diamond elo pls, bcs thats what the tier list actually is

  • Master Yaya
    Master Yaya 9 days ago

    Wow xayah didn’t even make the tier list ...

  • Sinon
    Sinon 9 days ago

    I see ADC Tier list is completly made by a bronze

  • ACE
    ACE 9 days ago

    Sexy snake lady is S tier in every lane...

  • GarmatX
    GarmatX 9 days ago

    From where does the high elo start?

  • Bby Panda
    Bby Panda 9 days ago

    this is probably the shittiest tier list ive seen in a long time, literally zilean in S tier, diana in B TIER AS A GOOD CHAMP LIKE OK CALM DOWN ON THE RETARD JUICE, and then yasuo nowhere. jesus christ delete ur channel and bring ur microwave in ur shower