How Not To Reboot A Movie

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
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    The Predator 2018 was a poor film, its writing was weak, and it failed to capture what made the original predator so great. In this video essay I ask why...
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    • katman911
      katman911 14 hours ago

      +Purefoldnz - it was actually "Aliens", not "Predator". Cameron has stated as much (in one of the interviews about the movie, if I'm correct).

    • Beep Beep Imma Dragon
      Beep Beep Imma Dragon 6 days ago

      I take it you've never had matcha ice cream? Because that's mixing tea with ice cream and matcha ice blendeds are close enough anyway

    • BLAIR M Schirmer
      BLAIR M Schirmer 27 days ago

      Your mistake at 11:05 should be obvious--how can you pretend in 2019 not to know what a Predator looks like?

    • BLAIR M Schirmer
      BLAIR M Schirmer 27 days ago

      It was a big mistake to think this needed to be "bigger." Predators (2010) was the second best Predator flick for good reason. It only went seriously wrong with the introduction of Fishburne's character.

    • Sinkliner
      Sinkliner Month ago

      The Closer Look Shaun of the Dead worked

  • Jakob Wülk
    Jakob Wülk Hour ago

    I think theon greyjoy should have had a bigger role in the movie

  • bunberrier
    bunberrier 4 hours ago

    This movie sucked so bad that I did not even know it existed until I saw this video.

  • T.J.
    T.J. 12 hours ago

    Man I want to see your version of the Predators so bad now. Somebody in Hollywood needs to hire you as a script fixer

  • james bond
    james bond 16 hours ago

    Shaun of the dead.......

  • Charles P.
    Charles P. 17 hours ago

    What’s happened to movies? Who are these directors and screen writers? How do they even make a living being such talentless hacks?

  • Lynchie
    Lynchie 20 hours ago

    horror and comedy can work very well, just look at junji itos work. horror that is so absurd you want to laugh but cant because youre too terrified is endlessly scary

  • Diego Pinheiro
    Diego Pinheiro 21 hour ago

    Pff, after 5 movies, good luck with the suspence and fear of the unknown... The problem with this one are Marvel and its comedys.

  • Cassandra Morrison
    Cassandra Morrison Day ago +1

    Hot Fudge Sundae comes on Tuesday this week.
    ---Lucifer's Hammer
    Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
    (Hot and cold can mix well, Baked Alaska is nice too. That's why you can watch volcanoes by the aurora borealis),

  • Dachops Sunder
    Dachops Sunder Day ago

    Just want to chime in on the hand (thumbs up) gag that the predator pulls in the 2018 film.
    The Predator is a master huntsman and understands his prey in and out, knowing nuances and different mannerisms got him into the back of that truck and stealthily escaped that military base. The very next scene is the truck leaving the compounds gates. I would argue the Predator knew he would have been in a bigger pile of shit if that driver caught on to what actually happened in the back of that truck, thus alerting everyone via radio. Doing that gag was probably a hail-Mary pass in the Predators eyes but actually worked for him to be able to escape and track down the other members of the group later in the movie. Just 2 cents :)

  • M. DeV.
    M. DeV. Day ago

    Generic movie monster 336 > generic movie monster 337

  • Love The Beast Within

    10:47 those effects right there was way before its time and today we get garbage

  • Smerg the Dargon
    Smerg the Dargon Day ago +1

    Boi, do you know how many people'd fuck a Predator?
    A lot - I know, 'cause I'm one of 'em.

  • Charlie Farson
    Charlie Farson Day ago

    The predator reboot was absolutely revolting

  • SparklE VideO
    SparklE VideO Day ago

    Im just gonna put this out here Arnold is a horrible actor

  • What if Gaming
    What if Gaming Day ago

    I love the videos you make. I really hope you never give up, even if Article 13 kills your channel i want you to find another way.

  • Peter Haywood
    Peter Haywood 2 days ago

    I love your analysis and your fresh ideas here. I keep coming back to this video.

  • AltoTrain
    AltoTrain 2 days ago

    The best thing this film did was present autism in a positive light.

  • Kelvin Casing
    Kelvin Casing 2 days ago +2

    Dog Soldiers, American Werewolf, Shaun of the Dead... plenty of movies manage it. Probably their writers weren't smoking huge amounts of crack.

  • Kai Couch
    Kai Couch 2 days ago

    I completely but respectfully disagree with the idea that the hardest genres to combine are horror and comedy. A number of storytellers posit that the two genres are 'in bed together,' and the tension/release dynamic is what makes this work so well.

  • karl williams
    karl williams 2 days ago

    i know what your saying but the 2018 preditor is not the same species as the first one and i like your idea of a new script for a film i thought of a species, alien ,preditor modern tek ones with a very older tribe very less tek preditors but much more faster and battle hardened as they first incounted the aliens long ago without the tek

  • James Monty-Carbonari

    This was very compelling. Thank you for this video essay. I think I'll go watch the first Predator film now.

  • Luis Espinal
    Luis Espinal 3 days ago

    LOL.... what happened at the end of this video essay..... dude.... you're awesome and wish you the best.... you got talent. The last 3 minutes when you went off talking about your life, reminded me of One Punch Man when Saitama tells Genos to shorten his back story. Still, I really like your essays, and I always watch them until the end.

  • Andy Steffan
    Andy Steffan 3 days ago

    I pity-subscribed

  • Justin Westwood
    Justin Westwood 3 days ago

    damn video became a damn charity for a sad sad man who wants to make yt videos. good analysis, but do it on the merits of the video, people will come, but not if you beg.

  • Torusaurus Rex
    Torusaurus Rex 3 days ago +16

    Wait, you're telling me the 2018 Predator isn't a parody?

  • Skull kid 637
    Skull kid 637 3 days ago +2

    What if a hero looks at the explosion that would be intresting

  • cabalse
    cabalse 4 days ago

    Very good breakdown of the Predator 2018 movie. Love your alternative storyline. It seems that a lot of us, fans/nerds (or whatever we are) have great plotlines and ideas for movies. You are the ones that should write for the film industry.

  • Cribin
    Cribin 4 days ago

    Scary movie, anyone?

  • Demogorgon47
    Demogorgon47 4 days ago

    I swear the new Predator movie was pathetic. It seemed to me that there was just a point in the movie where you could tell the directors thought to themselves "Oh shit! We haven't killed off enough of the good guys! Let's systematically do that." and one by one side characters that you could easily tell weren't going to make it, die off in perfect sequence. It was just so garbage and easily predictable rubbish, I didn't start the film knowing how it was going to turn out but by the end of it my response was "Yeah that's what I expected.". Just not a good movie. It was pathetic. I mean ffs there's a scene where they shoot a predator dog in the head, it only lobotomizes it, so the dog becomes a good "guy.". 4 of the characters are insane, there's an autistic kid in it for god knows what reason and the plot twist was that autism is the future of mankind. Therefore predators really want some rainmain genes. What the actual fuck were they thinking?

  • movieexpert18
    movieexpert18 4 days ago

    Oh and when it comes to a horror alien story, you need isolation and claustrophobia, the characters being hunted have to have a sense of impending doom and dwindling chance of survival. So instead of an entire town like AVP Requiem, or The Predator, I would have made it to where my group of soldiers were taken to a secret military base out in the woods or desert, maybe even underground and when the party starts a group of predators each out for themselves massacre the few hundred soldiers before they even begin the hunt of the survivors.

  • movieexpert18
    movieexpert18 4 days ago

    A script storyline I would have wrote would have been a somber toned metaphor for post traumatic stress. I remember how the first trailer made you think the whole bus was one unit who made contact, my idea would have four to five guys all sullen except for the tourettes guy, each scarred up like they had the fight of their lives. And the last guy who was most recent is the worst, and some point one of them breaks the silence and ask "You fought one of them too?" Then the whole group look to each other and begin telling the story of how each of them are the sole survivors of an attack. And then it would be revealed that everyone in each movie who was let go by The predators so one day they could have the ultimate game. And for the ultimate hunt they would fight each other for the kill.

  • Marshall Chinzah
    Marshall Chinzah 4 days ago +1

    There was a 2018 predator movie?

  • Last West
    Last West 4 days ago

    Love youre videos!!

  • Jeremy Coleman
    Jeremy Coleman 5 days ago

    That movie was so bad.

  • bthebest
    bthebest 5 days ago

    Predator, as a franchise, is RUINED!!! Long gone is one of the greatest action movie of all time, Predator.

  • Ariana Vega
    Ariana Vega 5 days ago

    Well said!

  • MrThystleblum1
    MrThystleblum1 5 days ago

    Royce head canon accepted.

  • Thunder unit00
    Thunder unit00 5 days ago

    He can stab him and penetrate the skin of the OP predator ... I seen enough of videos that shows what an assault rifle can do to heads at point blank range = thats MAJOR MOVIE SCIENCE BULLSHIT!!!!!

  • cdreid9999
    cdreid9999 5 days ago

    you must be awesome at epically shitty fanfiction

  • Our World
    Our World 5 days ago +2

    It's not a reboot. This film refers to the first and second film.

  • Henrique Baldin
    Henrique Baldin 6 days ago

    That thumbs up killed me (of shame)

  • H250V
    H250V 6 days ago

    The only thing I probably don't like about what they added to the lore is that they made the Predators into Gene Stealers/Zerg-like organisms rather than leave them as apex hunters that adapt to their surroundings and prey and have an honorable culture of hunters, even if you do have young bloods of the tribes going rogue or using dishonorable tactics to fight against their prey (granted, you could say that they already hunting with cloaks on means they probably aren't honorable, they still are willing to fight 1-on-1 should their prey decide to engage them in melee at least), and yet I do like the idea of the Predators turning a human into one of them because they thought "he's an apex survivor, might as well make him into one of us". That would probably the only way I could accept the retcon given to the lore since I'm more a fan of them as a warrior culture rather than gene splices that add the DNA of other races into themselves.

  • Some kind of Entity
    Some kind of Entity 6 days ago

    The original was 80s cheese at it's finest!

  • Billy Hill
    Billy Hill 6 days ago

    Predators was x10 better than this tripe. Stupid ass characters, with a joke for Yautja.


    I gotta be honest as someone who loved the original predator but did not like the other efforts, I liked the recent reboot.
    I don’t think it’s even possible these days to do a successful reboot because they’re a poisoned chalice. If you make it to appeal to the original fans then your criticised for not being creative and just copying the original if you do it different then your criticised for not being true to the original or throwing nostalgia out the window.
    Don’t get me wrong compared to the original, the 2018 version is not in its league but I think it’s better than all the other efforts including predator 2.
    Like you said about the original that these bad asses were shit scared of it. It took out an entire special forces unit except arnie who got lucky and discovered how to mask himself.
    It still beat the shit out of him.
    Then in 2 , a cop, Danny Glover kicked the shit out of the predator in a fair dig??
    I think if you accept the 2018 can’t compare to the original and just take it on its own merits, I genuinely like it. It’s fun and I think that’s ok. Like you say the original was more horror than sci fi like alien where as I never got the impression the 2018 was ever trying to be anything other than action sci fi ??
    Plus I agree with you that part of the mystery not knowing what he looked like helped the scare factor. But you can never recreate that because once we see him in the original movie the cats out of the bag. We know what he looks like so no matter how long you leave between reboots you can’t recreate that mystery. We all know what he looks like.
    But again I definitely never got the sense the new one was trying to be anything other than an action sci fi 🤷🏻‍♂️😝

  • Vault 111
    Vault 111 6 days ago

    They wouldn't need to turn you if they welcomed you into their ranks. They'd recognize your skill and honor and would mark you with their Clans emblem.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 6 days ago

    You make a great point about horror and comedy. Zombieland might have been such a combination, but it came across as more of a comedy, because as you say, the two genres are mutually exclusive.

  • Tommy Guns
    Tommy Guns 6 days ago

    It was epically amazing enjoyed every second and how simple it was

  • khartog01
    khartog01 6 days ago

    Not that it matters but this movie is not a reboot. It acknowledges the previous movies.

  • Zonex123
    Zonex123 7 days ago +1

    i couldn't watch more than 5-6 minutes, it was BAD right out the gate.

    • Billy Hill
      Billy Hill 6 days ago

      Yep, the continuity errors were abound, right from the start i.e. Predator ship crashing in daylight, and all of a sudden he's nearly hit by the escape pod in darkness. wtf? The annoying autistic 10 year old kid, as a super soldier notwithstanding, the Marvel- esque jokey joke humour did me in halfway.

  • mia solala
    mia solala 7 days ago

    best ignore current movie-reboots...just watch the originals. maybe some don't age well but at least they are...original.

  • Free For All
    Free For All 7 days ago

    This video makes me want to go watch the original predator now.

  • Taylor Revis
    Taylor Revis 8 days ago

    Some people take these movies way to seriously holy shit...

  • Marco not on facebook

    I disagree with the 'if you see the monster, it won't be scary' - Look at "Aliens"; we know the monster, we see the monster(s). It's an action-horror-thriller. But I do agree with the hulk-like nature of the large predator, being a let-down.

  • And Mou
    And Mou 8 days ago

    The new predator was cheesy and sometimes tactless as well had some awful plot tracking...But I actually enjoyed this one, it was different. I am looking forward to the next one with the predator killer suit! I say a 7/10!

  • Sonam Nechen
    Sonam Nechen 8 days ago +1

    In simple words First predator movie deals with the fear of the unknown whereas 2018 one is an action movie disguised as horror movie.

  • Rob Greive
    Rob Greive 9 days ago +13

    Thanks for convincing me to NEVER watch Predator 2018 and thanks for inspiring me to re-watch Predator 1987 soon.. 👍

  • Booiyoudied yt
    Booiyoudied yt 9 days ago


  • henchmen999
    henchmen999 9 days ago +3

    Don't forget that they somehow found a reason for Olivia Munn to take off her clothes.

  • Dankenstein
    Dankenstein 9 days ago

    i dont give a fuck what pewdiefag has to say, do not ever put him in one of your videos again

  • vagizz
    vagizz 9 days ago

    There's only one predator movie. No need for a video to explain that :)

  • Ninja Zubat
    Ninja Zubat 9 days ago +1

    Um ever heard of Evil Dead or Scream?

    • Mad Max
      Mad Max 8 days ago

      There's always an exception to the rule

  • Tim idontthinkso
    Tim idontthinkso 10 days ago

    u talk too much....ugh

  • Javier Campos
    Javier Campos 10 days ago

    Idk, I felt the plot itself also played a role on why it failed as a reboot 🤷‍♂️

  • Wolf-ChildYTBR
    Wolf-ChildYTBR 10 days ago

    It worked so well because not everything was given to you on a silver fucking platter.

  • Michael Diekmann
    Michael Diekmann 10 days ago

    This reboot was worse than TLJ by making the same mistakes.

  • Dave Mire
    Dave Mire 10 days ago

    I don't believe for a minute that the predator armor suit was made for humans, and that it was brought here to help humans at all. The fugitive predator stole it so he could help his smaller race of predators against the super clan leader predators. That's why he's killing all these stupid humans to keep them away from it.

  • The Non-Believer
    The Non-Believer 10 days ago

    You can put horror with comedy but one will always outweigh the other

  • MCMortus
    MCMortus 11 days ago

    The original Predator was more or less a vietnam critic. You have the extrem good armed soldier which fight against an invisible enemy.

    • Billy Hill
      Billy Hill 6 days ago

      Good analogy. The Predator also used the same hit and run tactics, as the NVC. Two of the actors were actual Vietnam vets(Chavez/Ventura).

  • Sydney Parker
    Sydney Parker 11 days ago

    But hasn't both of Jordan Peale's movies mixed tension and comedy? I know they aren't exactly horror, maybe suspense but yea.

  • Zinc Chameleon
    Zinc Chameleon 11 days ago

    Your fresh twist is basically the Dark Horse 'Aliens Vs. Predator' approach of the Yautja.

  • Zinc Chameleon
    Zinc Chameleon 11 days ago

    A Climax scene must have: (1) All is lost for our heroes; (2) they overcome; (3) all is again lost for our heroes; (4) they overcome with greater struggle; (5) all is really truly about to be lost for our heroes; (6) something utterly unexpected allows our heroes to triumph, and when we go back over the whole movie, we slap our foreheads and say to ourselves, 'I should have seen that coming all along.'

  • Bill Lumbergh
    Bill Lumbergh 11 days ago +1

    Evil dead 2, comedy and horror put together, masterfully done

  • AquaJetEmpoleon
    AquaJetEmpoleon 11 days ago

    Cabin in the woods

  • Koenshakuable
    Koenshakuable 11 days ago

    The macguffin at the end would had been more interesting if it was just an arsenal.

  • Koenshakuable
    Koenshakuable 11 days ago

    Your idea, silly though you may think it, is waaaay more robust than this snore fest.

  • HappyRadio
    HappyRadio 11 days ago

    what about the 2017 It? It certainly was a horror but also a really good comedy with well-written, funny dialogs

  • Max Otto
    Max Otto 11 days ago

    Predator movie set in 17wheneverthatflintlockpistolwasfrom would be a good place to start

  • ADuBToR
    ADuBToR 11 days ago

    its so strange how movie directors wich do sequels fuck up in a way in wich you think '' have they ever seen or read the original ? '' .... or are they just so stupid that they watch the original material and dont get the point ? .. but how are the in the position to be a movie director then :/ ?

  • Michael Van Sise
    Michael Van Sise 11 days ago +1

    I kinda wish the AVP movies had been better, that they had actually you know, delved into the source material? There are tons of stories in the comics. One of the things that tends to frustrate me about those movies is their insistence on shoehorning AVP into the present day, the comics and games take place within the future Aliens timeframe. It is much more of a sci-fi setting.

  • Fran Creeps
    Fran Creeps 12 days ago

    If you want good horror-comedy movies, watch Filipino horror-comedy movies. The people of this country are amazing at combining funny jokes and good scares.

  • Joseph Vijay
    Joseph Vijay 12 days ago

    In Predator 1987 all the elite special force members are initially cocky including Shane Black & then they swiftly wipe out the Latin American guerilla base with little ease, but once the stalking & eliminating starts they all get nervous & intimidated & even stick together after the first 2 slayings by an invisible foe. But in this 2018 film everybody are wisecracking & barely could contain their excitement realizing that they are in a Predator movie just like the the protagonist from Predators 2010 & that's why both films were lacklustre.

  • Random WhittyName
    Random WhittyName 12 days ago +4

    Shaun Of The Dead + ZombieLand. Comedy Horrors that work, least imo.
    Also, was he watching with thermo vision but /without/ his helmet? I haven't seen the 2018 one.

  • kmanc
    kmanc 12 days ago

    I appreciate watching youtubers criticize movies but tbh you'd be a total shit scrip writer lol

  • 12bfost
    12bfost 12 days ago

    don't know if you'd call it HORROR-COMEDY or SATIRE but, i'd like to see your review of MAN BITES DOG a little independent belgian film made in 1993.

  • OmegaWafflesHax
    OmegaWafflesHax 13 days ago +1

    should'a taken Alien approach and make it a scifi action movie

  • scifino1
    scifino1 13 days ago +6

    19:38 FYI: that sounds one hell of a lot like psychological depression(s). If you ever have that extreme feeling of senselessness again, it might be a good idea to talk to a psychologist about it. You seem to be doing very well though.
    This video was great. Keep it up!

    • Romano Coombs
      Romano Coombs Hour ago

      You merely embraced the darkness, film critics are _born into it._

  • Daniel Lockaby
    Daniel Lockaby 13 days ago

    Still haven't seen this.

  • gunjac86
    gunjac86 13 days ago

    Sadly the mom jokes and stuff like that are EXACTLY what military guys do. Hardly funny, immature and mostly obscene. Dead baby jokes were all the rage when I was in.

  • Randolph Carter
    Randolph Carter 13 days ago

    Your plot is 1.000.000 times better than this shitty movie

  • Adam Swahn
    Adam Swahn 14 days ago

    Your ‘fanfic’ ideas and creative suggestions are some of the best I’ve ever heard, re: this franchise. If I were 20th Century Fox/Disney I’d get you on a call. Watch the skies

  • 87Oscar87
    87Oscar87 14 days ago +2

    Another difficult combo: Historic Sci-Fi

    • onikin
      onikin 5 days ago

      That's basically most time travel movies and TV shows, and they are extremely popular.
      Other sci-fi in the past are rare, but movies like outlander was pretty awesome and unique to me, although not a favorite.

    • RoadPsycho
      RoadPsycho 11 days ago

      darkest of days type of film?

  • mechwarrior13
    mechwarrior13 14 days ago

    You know the movie is a piece of shit when the "electrified" fence is made by hooking up a jumper cable to a chain link fence.... Wtf?

  • Georgi Chalakov
    Georgi Chalakov 14 days ago

    That is a really intriguing plot. They should have made it like that.

  • Johnie Phillips
    Johnie Phillips 14 days ago

    I will not watch the 2018 predator film it sucks and I knew it would suck anyway great video

  • Griever
    Griever 15 days ago

    the first movie had this mystery going on about the predator. until the mask is removed that thing could have been just a very large human. The entire film we thought about it like the soldiers. About what are they even up against. Nothing of that in the new movies. "Oh hey it's a predator. ofc it is. What could it else be, silly. "

  • Ace Möwick
    Ace Möwick 15 days ago

    When you said horror comedy rarely works, can i assume the evil dead trilogy is one of the rare times it did work? Whether or not it did, could you doma video on the trilogy?

  • Writing Advice with A.S. Howell

    See, I really liked the movie. I see your points but the film entertained me and made me laugh by breaking a lot of the mold on censorship we are dealing with. It was like Gordon's comedy to "V for Vendetta." Nobody seems to be willing to make these jokes, so it blew me away that someone did even though they weren't that great.

    That said, I did feel the story was lackluster in many ways. The female scientist knew how to use a gun without any explanation. The struggles felt two dimensional. But mostly, there was very little in the way of character arch that I saw. Fun film, meh story.

  • Стефан Добрев

    4:13 ahem ahem *Thor in Endgame* ahem