Gordon is Served Last Week's Food | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Apr 26, 2017
    Gordon is horrified at the food kept in the fridge.
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  • Harry Callahan
    Harry Callahan 2 hours ago

    They are being filmed, and they know that, and yet they *still* cannot make it right. Come on, just work your butts off and please this one guy, you can go back and keep screwing all your other customers later. How hard can it be? :)

  • Christian Monroe

    so, the camera was already in the restaurant?

  • Purple Orchid
    Purple Orchid Day ago

    Why is it....when the fridge is discovered...THE OWNER THROWS THE KITCHEN STAFF UNDER A.....SPEEDING B-U-S!!!!
    OWN IT!! YOU F*Kin DONUT!!!

  • Sarang Choudhari

    Thats why I Prefer Home Made Food.Always Fresh and Tasty 😋 which you can believe.

  • Kromzey
    Kromzey Day ago

    If I had a resturant and we served food from days ago, and Gordon Ramsey entered the restaurant, you bet I’m getting the best chef in the kitchen to cook up the best fresh dish we got.
    Edit : not fucking last week’s food.

  • Dev Borah
    Dev Borah Day ago

    Ramsay looks like he is a 1000 years old

  • I Am Karma
    I Am Karma 2 days ago

    Is always funny when they wanna act all cocky & swear their food is great BUT... IF IT WAS ACTUALLY GREAT FOOD CHEF RAMSEY WOULDN'T BE THERE HELPING YOU DUMB FUCKS OUT & HELPING YA SAVE YA RESTAURANTS🙄🤷

  • beautyfool
    beautyfool 3 days ago

    A chef that can’t cook 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Xenomaster Alien
    Xenomaster Alien 3 days ago

    I feel like people reached out to Ramsay just for them to be in TV

  • zainads
    zainads 3 days ago +2

    Restaurant owner: Our food is great
    Me: Aw shit here we go again

  • TerminalCarrion
    TerminalCarrion 3 days ago

    Well, well above excellence? How ballsy do you have to be to say that while serving an acclaimed chef?

  • Anthony James Santos

    What part of episode is this? Thanks.

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 4 days ago

    That's nuts, you can whip up crepes in minutes.

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins 4 days ago

    "How can my staff do this" - Guy who is in charge of the staff
    Well maybe they're lacking a bit of leadership

  • conservative personnel

    Owners seem like well respectful nice people, just need some tips

  • kkelsey8811
    kkelsey8811 5 days ago

    Sadly, many restaurants hire a dickhead executive/head chef that really acts the part but is a fake. Many skilled cooks and chefs end up having to work in awful conditions under idiots like this guy "pinto". Who normally gets fired or quits? Not the head chef. And that's usually a result of the owner believing the head chefs word without actually checking it out for themselves. Welcome to the restaurant industry, where they shovel shit down your throat and tell you it's filet mignon.

  • kkelsey8811
    kkelsey8811 5 days ago

    Lunch should take 7-9 minutes
    Dinner: 9-15 minutes. I worked at a place in San Antonio that can't get their dinner entrees out in 45 minutes. It's ridiculous that some restaurants get away with this crap.

  • Internalized oppression

    people say gordon ramsey has anger issues but he always seems to deal with the dumbest people alive

  • RedstonerProductions

    How do you not make crepes fresh to order, what the absolute fuck

  • Salabh S.G
    Salabh S.G 5 days ago

    Atleast he wasn't in denial like many other chefs in HK.

  • Alvar C
    Alvar C 5 days ago

    The only people in the gastronomic industry that don’t seem to get how Indians work are the owners. Anyone who has worked in a kitchen for a day with people from India, Nepal, Pakistan knows this is an every day thing. It’s very hard for them to adapt to certain standards. I don’t blame them. It’s cultural

  • Bulasturu Bula
    Bulasturu Bula 6 days ago

    Above excellence Lololol

  • intldawn
    intldawn 7 days ago +8

    That server was savage. He couldn’t wait to tell Chef Ramsay EVERYTHING

  • Matias Laurila
    Matias Laurila 7 days ago

    Man that "italian" chef is a retard.

  • Michael Tayon
    Michael Tayon 7 days ago

    Watt?!?!?! LOLOLOLOL

  • Hey Its_Judy
    Hey Its_Judy 7 days ago +2

    I kinda want all of the owners Gordon Ramsay had shouted at go to his restaurant.

  • Crystal Blue
    Crystal Blue 9 days ago

    Doesnt that chef feel embarrassed serving gordon Ramsay week old rice via risotto? Thats just idiocy.

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 10 days ago

    owners are dressed like they're gonna audit the fucking guy

  • Alex 2019
    Alex 2019 10 days ago +2

    Never hire an Illegal Alien to cook in your Restaurant

    • Avi LeQueen
      Avi LeQueen 5 days ago

      Alex 2019 inflated assholes are in every culture. Illegal alien has nothing to do with such. He’s just an overconfident asshole. Actually fits American culture pretty well😂😂😂

    • Dealer Man
      Dealer Man 9 days ago

      Alex 2019 gamer moment

  • Skystar of SproutClan
    Skystar of SproutClan 10 days ago

    im just here thinking, "why is the head chefs name 'door'?"

  • MrTJMishRat
    MrTJMishRat 10 days ago

    mushy {pronounced "mooshy"} literally means pussy in german, in all the same ways

  • Elijah Boursiquot
    Elijah Boursiquot 11 days ago +1

    Serving Gordon Ramsay risotto is like giving an armed robber more bullets

  • Varun Rao
    Varun Rao 12 days ago

    People actually pay for this crap food 😂

  • maia king
    maia king 12 days ago

    why do the owners and chefs always think gordon is going to have positive things to say about their shitty restaurant

  • ben mou
    ben mou 12 days ago

    "The food here is well..well above excellent "

  • kevin stj
    kevin stj 12 days ago

    OWNER chick- "I believe our food is above excellence"... thats why you called Chef Ramsey to save your business? lmao,

  • Flower GemsGirl
    Flower GemsGirl 13 days ago

    Pinto looks like a mushy pinto bean. He doesn’t care and doesn’t have any brains. Just like refried beans!

  • EliTheGleason
    EliTheGleason 13 days ago

    I fucking love every waiter, especially the ones that he can get on the same page on

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 13 days ago

    Executive dumbshit

  • chris corny
    chris corny 13 days ago

    My dick tastes better than this crap

  • Andrew Farkas PRESENTS The Dreamscape Theory

    What episode was this from

  • Romantic Outlaw
    Romantic Outlaw 13 days ago +3

    apparently, fresh means not rotten to that man

  • Wolvz CD
    Wolvz CD 14 days ago

    Barney smiling the whole time

  • cassius
    cassius 14 days ago

    WHY is everyone in this restaurant so old, i already don't want to go in regardless of the food. can we get some young attractive servers pls?

  • Michael Tkaczevski
    Michael Tkaczevski 14 days ago

    3:38 Why is she just... watching... like that? Creepy

  • Mars
    Mars 15 days ago

    The owner was really nice

  • joel Prochnicki
    joel Prochnicki 16 days ago

    Ate their recently foods still shoot

  • Samuel Pietrasinski
    Samuel Pietrasinski 16 days ago +1

    6:15 class r week old. So congratulations, ignorant chef for nearly murdered everyone

  • asem hawari
    asem hawari 16 days ago

    Pinto can't cook for beans!

  • SpandexMarker 97
    SpandexMarker 97 16 days ago

    Why wouldn't duck and strawberry go well together?

  • Quality Queen
    Quality Queen 16 days ago

    the blonde chef kinda looks like a slim version of Bob from takken.

  • Izalith
    Izalith 17 days ago +1

    Im surprised I've never experienced restaurants like this, that's probably because I live in Southern California around a lot of chain restaurants and fast food xD lol

  • Dariusz C
    Dariusz C 17 days ago

    Fuck aaaaaall

  • Cliff Reeser
    Cliff Reeser 19 days ago

    rissoto thats a week old? god I'd hate to see Gordon looking in my fridge

  • Guardian Killer
    Guardian Killer 20 days ago

    I feel like mussels or whatever the fuck those were can last 2-3 days tops in ur personal fridge not the restaurant fridge

  • Shraavan Rai
    Shraavan Rai 20 days ago +1

    Why does it only happen with Gordan?

  • Medusa
    Medusa 20 days ago

    whats the date today ? "looks at watch"

  • Matilda Uebel
    Matilda Uebel 20 days ago

    I was very shocked and angry.

    Said with a totally blank face and tone of voice.

  • AnglerSharkYT
    AnglerSharkYT 21 day ago

    Why does Barney kinda look like Guy Fieri

  • Batlover Sings
    Batlover Sings 22 days ago

    “I believe the food is well, well above excellence”
    Gordon: THE FOOD IS SHIT!!!

  • Tomas
    Tomas 23 days ago

    It's absolutely hilarious they always say the food is great... if it were so good I don't think the restaurant would be empty.

    • Living Myth
      Living Myth 23 days ago

      2:55 Not just great, but "well, well above excellence."


      We've reached Donald Trump levels of hyperbole, where words cease to have any meaning.

  • Lewis E.
    Lewis E. 23 days ago

    The manager looks like Review Brah

  • corn Sauce
    corn Sauce 23 days ago

    The server at the start seemed so nervous to talk to Gordon, and I don’t blame hime

  • Nadim Ashkar
    Nadim Ashkar 25 days ago

    The food looked pretty good

  • Agostino Cotesta
    Agostino Cotesta 25 days ago

    Actually I believe in Pinto when he says that he was trained in Italy. We are plenty, in Rome, of so-called "restaurants" for tourists where they are served with frozen pizza. Probably he was trained there. As a waiter.
    I think that the most genuine place near St. Peter is the McDonald's. No kidding; if you want to eat the real Roman cooking in Rome, you need to go outside the usual tourists' route. In places such as Testaccio or the Hebrew's ghetto, or Trastevere (all places down on the Tevere river).

  • Fan of your Trip Report

    That Barney guy the sous chef really looks like Barney the purple dinosaur haha

  • Korean Cowboy42
    Korean Cowboy42 26 days ago

    Same god damn lies "Oh fresh, fresh, the best, the best."
    Mother fuckers lying and hiding shits like that is the worst you can fucking do.
    "Oh it's good, it's good".
    At least fucking taste it and see for yourself when it's given back to you. You have some senses on you so fucking be smart. Not a fucking poptart.

  • Nyesha Harris
    Nyesha Harris 26 days ago

    These people have no common sense if you eat bad food would you return no so what do they think about the restaurant they have

  • Dante King Only
    Dante King Only 26 days ago

    Pinto 🙄 is Pinned down 😂

  • meme redeem
    meme redeem 27 days ago

    1:35 ... Pinto

  • :3 たわやさわ Gacha まやかいき Edits :3

    *Where’s my Nino in this Restaurant*

  • 123 987
    123 987 28 days ago

    Most restaurants say he is stupid for thinking their food is bad. He is a 16 Michelin chef

  • Barghav Vissa
    Barghav Vissa Month ago

    Let’s face the fact that this guys name is pinto

  • nelliejames
    nelliejames Month ago

    ramsey, what a fucking wanker

  • some dude
    some dude Month ago

    When fast food places have higher standards than these people

  • Vebjørn Ravlo
    Vebjørn Ravlo Month ago +2

    Sous Chef is a smoker all right ;) Keen eye on 420#

  • Five More Minutes
    Five More Minutes Month ago

    I like this Barney chef

  • Psyrecx
    Psyrecx Month ago

    When you're from a country that smells like a burnt turd, it's hard to tell what is and isn't fresh.

  • Hollywood Sanchez
    Hollywood Sanchez Month ago

    They don't even fwy the eggplants anymo they're muddas and faddas wind up fwying it......

  • CoalCrackerCummins
    CoalCrackerCummins Month ago

    I can't believe these people KNOW he's going to be there and still serve him complete shit lol

  • Dominic Vega
    Dominic Vega Month ago

    That sou chef was so happy

  • rian.drawss
    rian.drawss Month ago +1

    Im surprised Gordon is still alive eating all this crap.

  • Garrett A
    Garrett A Month ago +2

    "WELL WELL ABOVE EXCELLENCE" how can people be so delusional? Not just excellence, but way above excellence. lol

    • Shaded Zaleph
      Shaded Zaleph 19 days ago

      "When Gordon started tasting the food I got nervous..."
      Yeah, that's the appropriate reaction lmao

  • Garrett A
    Garrett A Month ago

    It's funny how he acts like he's always excited to taste the food. Cmon lol, you know it's going to be shit, or you wouldn't be there.

  • Jj Wang
    Jj Wang Month ago +3

    “I don’t think there was anything he even said was ok”
    I don’t think Gordon Ramsay is physically able to say a dish is ok, he only uses awesome or disgusting

  • *MojoPenguin*
    *MojoPenguin* Month ago

    Duck 🦆 strawberry 🍓 ?? Dafuq 😂

  • Nutty McSquirrel
    Nutty McSquirrel Month ago

    I wish they had the episode number in the description or something

  • Stacy Camacho
    Stacy Camacho Month ago

    An elderly lady my mom used to care for had food and canned goods from 1970s-80s this was in 2011, and she still was eating it. Mom n I threw the crap away and purchased everything fresh and when separated to freeze: dates on everything.

  • Alex Blood
    Alex Blood Month ago

    The owners and head chef are like everything good that's called being naive

  • Aaron David
    Aaron David Month ago

    thats fresh in india

  • Tōrisugari
    Tōrisugari Month ago

    Every restaurant owner: Gordon is gonna love my food and his gonna flip his lid when he tastes it, he is gonna love it and he will come back here again and again
    Gordon: the fuck is this shit? You call this food? I call it shit on a fucking plate
    Every restaurant owner: your tastebuds are shit Gordon my food is amazing
    Gordon: *stands there with an amazing tastebud*

    • Living Myth
      Living Myth 23 days ago

      It's like, what do they even want? Their restaurant is failing, they serve shitty food and everybody knows it. Do they think Gordon Ramsay is going to walk in, taste their food and say: "Wow, this is all so excellent! I can't believe your business is failing when you serve top-tier cuisine like this! Your customers are bonkers if they don't come eat here every day. Sorry, but there's just no advice I can give you. You're clearly doing all the right things, it's the public who are wrong. Just keep up the good work, and best of luck to you. I'm gonna fuck off now, yeah? Bye!"

  • miguel gandarilla
    miguel gandarilla Month ago

    Why didn't you make fresh risotto Eric Estrada? Do you want to go back to chips?

  • A Person With a Name
    A Person With a Name Month ago +4

    > owner agrees to be on Kitchen Nightmares
    > owner is surprised Gordon didn't like the food

  • Cuckmaster3000
    Cuckmaster3000 Month ago

    At my high school we get served food sometimes a month old

    • Cuckmaster3000
      Cuckmaster3000 19 days ago

      Living Myth yeah that’s basically our high school, that’s why i stopped eating lunch there lol

    • Living Myth
      Living Myth 23 days ago +1

      Student: "Are you sure this is food?"
      School: "It's non-toxic. You can eat it without immediately dying of anything that can be definitively traced back to ingestion of this material. So legally, yes, we can call this food."

  • seukijeu hwaiting proudjypstan

    the food is shit but I'd love the owner to do some asmr

  • Sky Wolf
    Sky Wolf Month ago

    I dont even cook and im upset

  • One sad boi
    One sad boi Month ago

    I love it when the staff agree with Gordon

  • Synch9
    Synch9 Month ago +19

    I wonder how many times Gordan had a unpleasant stomach.

    • Maple
      Maple 7 days ago

      I wonder how many times he gets food poisoning or any stomach illness.

  • NOLA GospelTracts
    NOLA GospelTracts Month ago

    The sous chef throwing his boss under the bus like that.

  • Amy Clements
    Amy Clements Month ago

    Frozen... Crepes?