Game of Thrones: S08E04: An Unbridled Rage

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Ghost is a good boi.
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  • MauLer
    MauLer  Month ago +2992

    "Wait, are you going to cover the episodes individually now?"
    "Are you still doing a video for the season as a whole?"
    I think so yes.
    "What took this video so long?"
    Well, I didn't intend on making this until much more recently when thinking about Episode 5, I also bumped the editing and some life stuff happened. But I plan on making a video for 5 and 6.
    "You covering episode 6 live?"
    Yes, live, with Jeremy and Anna on this channel. Wolf is busy ;__;
    But yeah, I will be talking about the episode and the series as a whole soon after the episode has finished airing. Catch the stream on this channel and an archive of the stream will be on Mooler -

    • Bilal Khalid
      Bilal Khalid 4 days ago

      Can we all just take a minute to talk about Jon Snow not petting Ghost?
      I don't feel Mauler really addressed it enough times 😁

    • RTT 84Q554ASSD
      RTT 84Q554ASSD 4 days ago

      MauLer, you are a good man. Thank you.

    • T. Scott
      T. Scott 8 days ago +2

      @evileyez504 he needs to get his shit together . I need closure lol

    • evileyez504
      evileyez504 8 days ago +3

      i guess he kinda forgot he said he'd do 5 and 6

    • T. Scott
      T. Scott 9 days ago +4

      Where is the last 2 episode reviews!?!.!.!.!..!!.!. I NEEED IT

  • Jewish Llama
    Jewish Llama 7 hours ago

    also Tywin lannister's wife ,Joanna Lannister, was his Cousin and no one bats an eye,some houses think young boys trying out butt stuff with there Cousins is Natural if not a bit hush hush. Marrying Siblings are only thought of as weird for non Targaryens do to there sodo Divine aspects.

  • Jonathan Rhodes
    Jonathan Rhodes 20 hours ago

    I'm starting to think he's upset about Ghost.

  • I am no one neither R you

    Drogon watches rhaegal get hit 3 times LoL

  • I am no one neither R you

    Ghost was a good boi because of all the trauma he suffered he now heavily drinks and beats his wife

  • Kayderim Gameplays

    I think Brienne was "ashamed" of being a virgin because she is ugly and thinks no one wants her

  • Ivan Bnv
    Ivan Bnv Day ago

    By "climbing a dragon and riding it" I believe they mean taking control of man-eating moster!.. tormund was just a cargo...
    Could you not analize every interesting scene completely and move to the next one in order of appearance, not going back and fort like a madman?!?..

  • Vladyslav Danilov
    Vladyslav Danilov Day ago +4

    What about 5-6 episodes? :) I think many people waiting for that ;)

  • Aaron Ogdee
    Aaron Ogdee Day ago +3

    Please make a video for episode 5 & 6 the series ended so awfully that it can’t go unroasted by you

  • Emma
    Emma Day ago +2

    Still waiting for you to rekindle my rage

  • jimmydotzel
    jimmydotzel Day ago +1

    You should do an "Exhausted Rage" for the GoT finale.

    Because it was definitely worth the rage but no man can sustain it for this whole season.

  • jimmydotzel
    jimmydotzel Day ago

    I died because you pointed our jorah died because Dany couldn't park a dragon properly.

  • MeSoyCapitan
    MeSoyCapitan 2 days ago

    *Show makes reference to important part of plot from the books that was ignored* "hahah, how stupid, amiright?"

  • strykerx24
    strykerx24 2 days ago +1

    Will you cover avengers endgame?
    "Yes tommorrow!"

  • vitalhomicide
    vitalhomicide 2 days ago

    I might be the only person to see this HUGE mistake in filming....cant believe no one else noticed this....

  • vitalhomicide
    vitalhomicide 2 days ago

    First youtuber to respond gets the newest fuck up I saw in the final ep

  • Jaroslav B. Kořínek
    Jaroslav B. Kořínek 2 days ago +1

    I'm eagerly expecting your review of E05 :D

  • MrScottie301
    MrScottie301 2 days ago +1

    When we getting a new video

  • Andrew Ko
    Andrew Ko 2 days ago

    I was thinking of the exact same thing, why didnt missande push push/pull cerse with her

  • Lindsay Gillard
    Lindsay Gillard 2 days ago

    BTW the character name is MY SON DAY not MI SUNDAY

  • Lindsay Gillard
    Lindsay Gillard 2 days ago

    Remember Uron was not the only one to have a scorpion. So he didn’t shoot the dragon 3 times. He got a shot and two other ships got a shot which is why the points the arrows enter at different angles. Don’t get me wrong it’s still stupid but he doesn’t get the only shot

  • Aaron Seet
    Aaron Seet 2 days ago +2

    21:21 first time seeing that I was thinking, those anti-aircraft gunners must have had _plenty of target practice_ on.... I don't know... large kites zipping through the wind? To be able to _direct hit_ the first three shots? That or the first salvo were heat-seeker missiles that were in short supply; because thereafter all the Greyjoy/Lannister skeet shooting skills all but evaporated.

  • Aaron Seet
    Aaron Seet 2 days ago +1

    Charles Dance must be _so glad_ he didn't have to participate with the rest of the story that was falling apart from all sides into sewage.

  • Akva X
    Akva X 2 days ago

    Its weird how fast they started to love each other🤔the whole thing just felt very forced and🤢🤢🤢

  • Arron Lee
    Arron Lee 2 days ago

    Love ya and fucked

  • Zaine Bamfo
    Zaine Bamfo 3 days ago +1

    MauLer if you read this comment will you make an unbridled rage on Dark Phoenix

  • Sr. Sacaninha
    Sr. Sacaninha 3 days ago +4


  • Wendy Black
    Wendy Black 3 days ago +3

    Please do individual videos for episode 5 and 6!

  • HolyknightVader999
    HolyknightVader999 3 days ago

    The whole legitimizing Gendry thing could have worked for Dany IF SHE MARRIED THE BRAT. If she doesn't want Jon on the throne, then legitimizing Gendry as a Baratheon, marrying him and making him king, and then parading him down south as Robert's heir and a man of the common people would win her the support of the people who would want a legit king after years of warfare and inbred Lannisters sitting on the Iron Throne.

  • Azazel Spirit
    Azazel Spirit 3 days ago

    Please make episodes that cover all the seasons, it will be nice to remind ourselves how brilliant the first seasons were and how everything slowly descended into the hell of writing.

  • Nick Molnar
    Nick Molnar 3 days ago

    Bran the evil mastermind yo just be there to nudge some of the pieces into place for the desired outcome. If Jon didn't reveal his identity no one would have ever known but Danarys never contributing to her maniacal downfall the burning of King's Landing doesn't happen Bran doesn't become king. "It's your choice... mwahahahahaha!"

    When it comes to criticism of cutting away when Jon does tell them, I dunno I was fine with it. We'd already had two scenes this season of someone reacting with shock and awe at the reveal, it's more important what Sansa does with the information and we see that in the following scene with her. Again I don't really care how Tyrion reacts what was important about it is that he knows now, its spread.

    Great video bro!

  • Christopher Roers
    Christopher Roers 3 days ago

    I think Jon saying that the south is no place for a direwolf doesn't mean the south from Tormund's perspective (i.e. Winterfell), but rather the south from his own (i.e. King's Landing - where he's going). I don't mean that as a defense: it doesn't explain why he'd ask Tormund to look after Ghost, rather than someone else at Winterfell... It just made it clear to me that (oh, sh*t) the leaks were true ... Jon's going to end up at the Wall - reunited with Ghost, to give us the "sweet" of the "bittersweet" ending...

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 4 days ago

    Anybody else notice or think that it looked an awful lot like Daenarys pretty much threw Mormont in front of her to take the sword from the walkers?

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 4 days ago

    "Ghost is a good boi."
    Yes he is.

  • Bev Shoemaker
    Bev Shoemaker 4 days ago +1

    Must you drop the f-bomb in every other sentence? There are ladies present. Surely your vocabulary is large enough to choose other adjectives. Perhaps not...

  • quietrioter
    quietrioter 4 days ago +1

    Looks like ygritte was right

  • danny gonzalez
    danny gonzalez 4 days ago

    Thank you . finally someone gave ghost the proper respect he deserved. Jon snow is more like Mick Vick .

  • username2669
    username2669 4 days ago

    34:49 YES i was raging at missandei yelling fucking pull cersei off the side with you. Not stand perfectly still waiting for your head to get chopped off

  • blackoutnowx
    blackoutnowx 4 days ago

    The movie 'Us' needs a Rage too

  • Glutenberg Buchstabensuppe

    Hey Mauler, pls do a Review on the show chernobyl!

  • Franky Lee
    Franky Lee 4 days ago +1

    90% of the series was watched illegally, They say this was the producers way to pay back the audience,..
    Auch,..:( I think it worked.

  • ThatDarnKitteh
    ThatDarnKitteh 4 days ago

    I think the worst thing to ever happen in this show's downfall is the Ghost thing. Fuck man.

  • ThatDarnKitteh
    ThatDarnKitteh 4 days ago


  • ThatDarnKitteh
    ThatDarnKitteh 4 days ago

    Omg I was upset about Ghost but now I've relived it and it's worse 😭

  • JF
    JF 4 days ago


  • Isaac Zelinski
    Isaac Zelinski 4 days ago

    Why the fuck are they burning their dead if they cant be reanimated anymore?

  • AJ Ward-Thompson
    AJ Ward-Thompson 5 days ago +2

    you absolute ham sandwich.. brilliant. just brilliant.

  • S.A.
    S.A. 5 days ago

    Who the hell is the person speaking at 40:15 ? I don't recognize his voice. It was a helluva speech either way.

  • Dog House
    Dog House 5 days ago +18

    Please finish episode 5 and 6 rage. The world needs them.
    Or just me.

  • A P
    A P 5 days ago +3

    Will we have your coverage on eps 05 and 06?

  • Valeryan B Suto
    Valeryan B Suto 5 days ago +4

    Sad, but I enjoyed your ranting more than the last season :/

  • Arbiter of Justice
    Arbiter of Justice 5 days ago +4

    The wait for ep05 is giving me real George. R. R Mauler vibes.

  • Skyan Augustus
    Skyan Augustus 5 days ago +2

    Please give us another video. Please!

  • Miz Rouge
    Miz Rouge 6 days ago +2

    Watching this again.
    ‘Vision quest wheelie bro’.

    • Dog House
      Dog House 5 days ago +1

      "You forgot how to park a dragon"

  • miinty fresj
    miinty fresj 6 days ago +3

    Lol, this rant made me feel all warm and tingly inside.

  • ScrapironRyann
    ScrapironRyann 6 days ago +1

    I hope g r r martin watches this, I’m at exactly the same level as this, even though we’re taking it way to seriously, I can find fault in literally every single scene of the last 3 episodes, some people say ‘I didn’t mind it “ and I can only stare at them. The show was just too good only the author could of made the ending it deserves

  • Jason Deveraux
    Jason Deveraux 6 days ago +3

    Highly looking forward to the future Unbridled Rage videos for episodes 5 and 6...whenever they come out

  • Ana Carolina Vallarino
    Ana Carolina Vallarino 6 days ago +1

    Im fucking screeching at how you always cut to Ghost and Jon

  • Catzilla
    Catzilla 6 days ago +2

    26:00 _"My-Sundae"_


  • Cerebral Cortex CEH
    Cerebral Cortex CEH 6 days ago +1

    I can't imagine why they wouldn't of had Ghost inside the castle walls? Maybe it's because they couldn't afford a real pack of wolves in the battle, so they had to give fans something. It was such a confusing episode...

  • Jaqen H'Ghar
    Jaqen H'Ghar 6 days ago +4

    You will upload episode 5and 6? Will you?

    • Dog House
      Dog House 5 days ago

      A man does what he will in his own time.....I guess.

  • Brian Hutcherson
    Brian Hutcherson 7 days ago

    D And D smh......

  • Diana Gero
    Diana Gero 7 days ago +1

    Guess I'm dreaming but I DID see crypts open. Then again, I went to the trouble of watching it with the brightness turned up....

  • John Hammenjr
    John Hammenjr 7 days ago dont mind me spamming the hate for new star wars

  • John Hammenjr
    John Hammenjr 7 days ago spamming

  • xxDrain
    xxDrain 7 days ago +1

    9:15 all these "who the fuck told you..." arguments are one of the reasons I hated Skyrim too. It was to the earlier TES games what s7 and s8 is to GoT. Every fucking lowlife guard knows everything you've ever done, despite that knowledge being secret because it would lead to serious consequences if anyone knew. But no, fuck it, every guard knows you killed a fucking emperor, and nobody cares. I dare you to try that shit in Morrowind, you'll be hunted to the end of the earth.

  • xxDrain
    xxDrain 7 days ago

    The final 2 seasons just feel like a Marvel movie, with all the cultural 4th wall breaks that implies.

  • Melonpaj
    Melonpaj 7 days ago

    i am thinking, is it like the doctor strange thing that if bran tells them how to win they dont win? it is a shitty explantion i know but i wonder if that is what they went for

  • thebunnieskiller
    thebunnieskiller 7 days ago

    OMG, I know it's been a while but seeing Jon, the person who betrayed the woman he loved for the watch acts like a moron in heat, ignoring any sense of duty, justice and whatever!

  • Cza Tron
    Cza Tron 7 days ago

    Soo should we all forget about aegons conquest? And the last 300 years targeryans ruled?!

  • Leotheleprachaun
    Leotheleprachaun 7 days ago +1

    *You absolute ham sandwich*
    I snorted tea out my nose....all over my weed....thanx for that.

  • Lukai Ma
    Lukai Ma 7 days ago +2

    Is there anyone noticing that in S08E03, Arrys Karstark (she could be the only girl in the group) joins the Ironborns to guard Bran, and in the end of S08E03 Theon was the last of his team, which means Arrys must have fallen.... But in S08E04 Arrys came back like she was never there, and went to flirt and sleep with the boys. WTF. 2DB: I KIND OF FORGOT ARRYS WAS WITH THE IRON BORN??????

  • GoBuckeyes554
    GoBuckeyes554 8 days ago

    Dany lost her last friend who's been with her since the beginning Jorah was her oldest and most loyal companion who said he would die for her multiple times and did what ever it took to win her back she should be completely broken by his death and instead, she looks completely fine at the feast and the first line she speaks about him is how she didnt get wet for him like she gets wet for her nephew.. awful.

    • GoBuckeyes554
      GoBuckeyes554 5 days ago

      ​@Sheogorath it's a shame D&D shouldnt be allowed anywhere near a script I feel bad for people who are die hard star wars fans

    • Sheogorath
      Sheogorath 6 days ago

      Don't forget that D&D made her act like that. You really can't take that show serious anymore ( since at least season 7 but some before too ).

  • Bruno Vidal
    Bruno Vidal 8 days ago +3

    Daenerys: Jon, don't tell anyone you're a Targaryen!
    Jon: Yes, my queen *tells Arya and Sansa*
    Daenerys: Am I a joke to you?

  • Kendrick Experience
    Kendrick Experience 8 days ago +4

    "So that's why we have videos like the one's you are listening to now. To have a moment to think. To collect information and lay out what happened, because....what the fffuucck." - MauLer 2019

  • Yuuup
    Yuuup 8 days ago

    Gilly the Chonkler! Hahaha

  • Agent-X17
    Agent-X17 8 days ago +3

    Hey where is episode 5 and 6 videos?

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop 8 days ago

    Y'know what - as fucking retarded as it sounds, I would've preferred Gendry ending up king in the end. At least that has an edifice of 'full-circle' to it.

    • Fuzzy Dunlop
      Fuzzy Dunlop 5 days ago

      @Sheogorath Hell no they wouldn't have expected that, they'd have assassinated his ass all the same though once they got over the shock. lol

    • Sheogorath
      Sheogorath 6 days ago

      Grey Worm could have made it - he at least had the military power to do whatever he wanted. And nobody would have expected that one - I'm sure!

  • Justin Watkins
    Justin Watkins 8 days ago +2

    Are you still alive????

  • Kokonautus
    Kokonautus 8 days ago

    You forgot to mention how Jon didn't say goodbye to Ghost.

  • Melonpaj
    Melonpaj 8 days ago

    to be fair no one ruled dragon stone after stannis left also. i am reffering to the whole storms end thing.

  • Aval
    Aval 8 days ago +3

    Did he die or something? Its been 4 weeks now

  • misscatalina711
    misscatalina711 8 days ago

    Move on.

  • Michael Bolen
    Michael Bolen 8 days ago

    Your moment with the dragon death was perfect. The stoic reflection coming from a realm made of pure flabbergast was exactly how I felt.
    So many things wrong......
    The night king couldve killed the 2nd dragon too, give him at least that if you gotta get that 2nd one. Dont give it to fucking euron.

  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel Bailey 8 days ago

    I think a lot of the problems stem from the fact that at the end of season 6, Dany was so ungodly, broken overpowered in comparison to Cersei that they had to somehow find a way for the war not to be over in 1 episode

    • Sheogorath
      Sheogorath 6 days ago

      That is true - but digging a plot hole so deep that it swallows 100000 Dothraki in 1.5 minutes was not an impressive solution.

  • Mother Fucker
    Mother Fucker 8 days ago

    Congratulations for 200k !!

  • Shady Shadpus
    Shady Shadpus 8 days ago +1

    IMHO the only reason for sitting through season 8 is to OGGLE those metal bathroom fittings that Cersei 's decided to attach to her shoulders, after some kidder told her they'd make her "dragon proof" ! LMFAO !!!!!!
    ( Pooooor Ghosty .....)

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks 8 days ago +3

    I hope we’ll get the unbridled rage for episodes 5 and 6.


    28:34 lip synced

  • Orla Kenny
    Orla Kenny 8 days ago

    I reckon the other half of the Dothraki and Unsullied were hanging round the back

  • Amirah Mohamadou
    Amirah Mohamadou 8 days ago

    I love your herrrrrkkk herrkkk eyes roll

  • Haakonson
    Haakonson 8 days ago +2


  • Dude McFurgusson
    Dude McFurgusson 8 days ago

    43:00 fucking love the ghost rants.

  • Dude McFurgusson
    Dude McFurgusson 8 days ago

    43:00 fucking love the ghost rants

  • Catholic pheonix
    Catholic pheonix 8 days ago +2

    Jon kinda forgot about his doggo but his doggo definitely didn't forget about him

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds 9 days ago +1

    The Bran-9000

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds 9 days ago +2

    Can't wait for the next one. I loved the part where you tell dipshit and dumbass to not say a word because it makes the dumpster fire of a show self apply gasoline. I laughed for about five minutes on that one.

  • Matthew Mesmer
    Matthew Mesmer 9 days ago +6

    Gonna need that episode 5 and 6 MauLer review

  • liontuitt
    liontuitt 9 days ago +60

    Release episodes 5 and 6 before I piss me self.

  • Sean Moonshine
    Sean Moonshine 9 days ago

    HBO have submitted their entries for the Emmys, with one entry standing out above " the others ". Weiss & Benioff were entered for the best writing in a TV show category, somehow lol