Dumbledore's Dark Twin: Aurelius Explained | Fantastic Beasts Theory

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
  • Today Ben dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to discuss the biggest question on all of our minds after seeing Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald - What is Credence's true identity! Does Dumbledore have a dark twin!?
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Comments • 6 131

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  9 months ago +1803

    So what do you think??? Dark Twin?!

    • Alex Hadzima
      Alex Hadzima Month ago

      Probably Credence will be actually Voldemort's father. Both were born in the same year and he looks like Voldemort. It has been done with Cor-Vex being renamed Jor-El in recent episode of Krypton.

    • M B
      M B Month ago


    • Mary hope
      Mary hope 2 months ago +1

      But wait.. if a Phoenix only comes to a Dumbledore in need.. then why is it saving harry in the chamber of secrets??? He isn't a Dumbledore..

    • TTV_ OpticPat
      TTV_ OpticPat 2 months ago

      Their No Dark Twin, would Ron Weasly have a Dark Twin

  • Tejas Iyengar
    Tejas Iyengar 23 minutes ago

    I think Aurelius Dumbledore's father is Albus Dumbledore

  • Molly
    Molly Day ago

    I think Albus and aberforths sisters obscurias was somehow extracted from her by grindlewald and dumbledore and the obscurial forms it's own body (thus creating credence). Ariana did die but after she had her obscurus extracted. And the aunt takes the obscurus. That also explains when you said he isn't the host with a parasite and he is the parasite.

  • priya raman
    priya raman 4 days ago

    There's another theory that Credence is Percival Dumbledore's sister's child.

  • Alastair S
    Alastair S 4 days ago

    My theory is that Credence is Albus' Aunt's child (Albus' cousin). Honoria Dumbledore (or Canard) was believed to be either Kendra Canard's(Dumbledore) sister or Percival Dumbledore's Sister, most likely Percival's sister since Honoria was born in England whereas Kendra was born in America, it is unknown when Honoria was born, but it was probably around the same time as Kendra's birth. I think that after everything about Percival's crimes against the muggles and then the death of her most likely sister-in-law and niece, it was taking a toll on her and a few years after the deaths of Kendra and Ariana, she decided to start a new life in America, Credence was born in 1901 and the ship carrying both Corvus and Credence sunk in 1901, it can be assumed that they were both babies at the time which would make the switch possible. Corvus was swapped for Credence and Corvus and Honoria died after their safety boat sunk. It was also confirmed that the Dumbledore family member who was on the boat was Albus' Aunt. So My theory is that Credence is Dumbledore's cousin, that could explain a wonky connection to a Phoenix or that Grindelwald falsified the Phoenix which would explain another possibility that he is not a true Dumbledore or it could be a real Phoenix which makes him a true Dumbledore. A crazy theory I thought of while writing this comment is that Honoria is Kendra's sister instead of Percivals and Kendra is infertile so Honoria is a surrogate for all of Percival's children and then has Credence with another man after the death of Kendra, Ariana and Percival making him Albus's Half Brother.

  • Johnny Guillotine
    Johnny Guillotine 5 days ago

    Credence means to give credibility to rumor or belief with facts known so far.
    It gives Credence to this Rumor.
    So, This "Credence" a powerful obscurious could conjure a Phoenix because of the Belief of Grenwald says.
    This is how Dumbledore learns to Emotional Manipulate Harry...

  • Jynx
    Jynx 5 days ago

    No one ever states that Phoenix ONLY come to Dumbledores. People just know they do go to them but it's never said that they only go to them.

  • Andrew Hubbard
    Andrew Hubbard 6 days ago

    This theory is awesome and I hope it turns out to be correct.

  • Don Smith
    Don Smith 7 days ago +1

    Guess Credence wasn’t in need before in the first 📖 ??? Wait... 😂😂😂

  • Sports Galore and Vlogs

    Maybe its going to Grindalwald the phenix

  • Jessica Ingram
    Jessica Ingram 7 days ago

    so wait doesnt fox come to harry in the chamber of secrets?

  • Mark van Es
    Mark van Es 8 days ago

    But did the Phoenix come to Creedence or Creedence to the Phoenix

  • Mark van Es
    Mark van Es 8 days ago

    Poem could also mean Albus Dumbledore. Albus is cruelly banished from his childhood home and away from his last living relative. Despair of the daughter could mean Arianne who despaired over what she was. Albus again the avenger seeking revenge for grindles crimes. The bird I am not sure yet

  • Moon Scamander
    Moon Scamander 8 days ago +1

    You know what, I think the Dumbledore’s like the letter “A”.
    Albus, Aberforth, Ariana and now Aurelius?!
    *I THINK NOT!!!*

  • Cubemaster
    Cubemaster 8 days ago

    OR Dumbledore was lying

  • Tiffany Greene
    Tiffany Greene 9 days ago

    Could the obsucrel (excuse my spelling ) in Newt's case be Arianna ? Or maybe her dark twin ?

  • Phil Tyler
    Phil Tyler 9 days ago

    Credence is dumbledore nephew! Ariana's son from when the trouble happened with the muggles and when dumbledore father killed the muggles and set to azakaban and Ariana asked Grindelwald for help

  • Wazed Ali
    Wazed Ali 9 days ago

    I thing credence is an individual.. N has an obscure of the sister of albus Dumbledore.. As u know an obscure can even survive without an host.. Just before the death of albus Dumbledore's sister the obscure left her.. N got attached to credence... N that's how the phenix came to credence...

  • Tia Friesen
    Tia Friesen 9 days ago

    So if a Phoenix comes to a Dumbledore's aide, is Harry somehow a Dumbledore?

  • Anna Rushlau
    Anna Rushlau 10 days ago

    Oh. My. God. 🤯🤯🤯

  • Natasha Hanks
    Natasha Hanks 11 days ago

    Just one question, how would the obscurus take the form of credence? The one newt had didn’t have a human form, did dumbledore force his obscurial onto an innocent child?

  • Sony Gill
    Sony Gill 11 days ago

    but I always thought that Credence is Aurelius....

  • Abra Bolling
    Abra Bolling 11 days ago

    It’s his son. Dumbledore isn’t really gay.

  • Forrest Dorion
    Forrest Dorion 11 days ago

    obscurials dont live that long...what if it was arianna and she died causing the shipwreck?

  • Owen Jones
    Owen Jones 11 days ago

    I definitely think its possible but I'm not gonna decide that's what it is, whatever they have planned I'm sure it will make sense, but they could have something completely different.

  • kaine hance
    kaine hance 12 days ago

    Oh gawd what kind of dark magic would make Dumbledore birth his own dark twin baby obscurous?!?!

  • kaine hance
    kaine hance 12 days ago

    Ariana probably doesn't have an obscurous they are made from neglect. I really think grindlewald who's good w magical creatures so he gives this phoenix to this person. We see how newt and grindlewald are parallel to some extent

  • Candace N
    Candace N 12 days ago

    Not a bad theory, however I question the timing of the Phoenix. If the Phoenix comes at a time of need, why would it appear to Credence in that specific moment? He wasn't in any more need at that time than he was in FBAWTFT. Quite the opposite. He was in greater need when his mother was beating and denigrating him back in NY. He was definitely in greater need when Graves/Grindelwald lied and rejected him and he turned full obscurial. So why would the Phoenix appear right at that moment when he's talking with Grindelwald and the others and appears to be in a non-threatening state?

    That's why I think it's a manipulation by Grindelwald. Gellert knows the Dumbledore family incredibly well thanks to his relationship to Albus. He knows about the Phoenix and his magic is a match for Albus perfectly (confirmed in the scene where the Ministry puts the monitors on Albus' wrists). So Gellert conjures up the Phoenix to deliberately mislead Credence to get him to destroy Albus for him. That's my theory.

  • Skulls&Brains
    Skulls&Brains 12 days ago +1

    I love this theory! I really hope this is the actual situation as it will make a kind of a good movie, to a brilliant set up.

  • ethan Parry
    ethan Parry 12 days ago

    I think distant cousin

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 12 days ago

    I think that Credence was born from the blood pact. It says out of the absence of love, Dumbledore loved Grindelwald and he didnt. This is how Dumbledore might break the blood-pact. Maybeee???? lol

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Makes no sense that Leta killed her real brother. He must be alive. Otherwise Yusuf Kama would not still have an unbreakable vow. If the kid died that pact should've been fulfilled.

  • Varazdat Stepanyan
    Varazdat Stepanyan 12 days ago

    What about Credence being Oriana's Obscurus? Same your theory but switch Albus with Oriana

  • dizzi _26
    dizzi _26 13 days ago

    Credence= Aberfourth

  • astalmasp
    astalmasp 13 days ago

    But didn't the lady, or if this is accurate Dumbledore's aunt, die in the ship accident? Because then it isn't her because then it wouldn't say in Tales of Beedle the Bard that she is still alive? Or am I missing something?

  • tiny17701
    tiny17701 13 days ago

    Credence isn't a Dumbledore, he's a Grindlewald (maybe). My theory is that Grindlewald had a relationship with a full blood witch, a half-blood or muggle (which would be better). After she became pregnant, she discovered Grindlewald's true self. Then she ran. Her son was born and she booked transport onto the same ship Leta and Corvus was on. The ship sinking was a result of Grindlewald trying to eliminate his son and the boy's mother. As a seer, Grindlewald cannot see his own future. He definitely wouldn't want some usurper to arrive on his doorstep one day. Grindlewald only told Credence that he was a Dumbledore to manipulate the boy. I can see that the revelation of Credence's true father (Grindlewald) assisting Dumbledore to defeat Grindlewald by distracting the maniac, allowing Dumbledore to disarm him.

  • Esmeralda Vigil
    Esmeralda Vigil 13 days ago +1

    “Seriously, as soon as the very next sentence.”
    “You have been warned”
    😱 He gave the biggest spoiler right there I can’t believe he did that. 😂😂

  • Kenneth Nash
    Kenneth Nash 13 days ago

    Didn't newt have a phoenix.

  • Jeanette Lloyd
    Jeanette Lloyd 14 days ago

    What if the pheonix is a patronus or a metamorphagus?

  • Justin Clayton
    Justin Clayton 14 days ago

    Bro. Dumbledore explicitly says after the duel, Ariana lay "dead on the floor". Meaning a body. Not a piece of the obscurus.

  • Wade Sessions
    Wade Sessions 14 days ago

    But how would the obscurus form an infant?

  • Will Hickman
    Will Hickman 14 days ago +1

    Then why doesn't the Phoenix come to Creedance before that time (like when he was in the US)?

  • Lol Gamer
    Lol Gamer 15 days ago

    Dude of course Grindewald is lying cause in the movie he conjured a Phoenix, (Which proves that Grindelwald is lying )since the Phoenix should have come on it's own.

  • Federico Dassi
    Federico Dassi 15 days ago

    How grindelwald know this relationship with the Dumbledore?

  • Brian Cupp
    Brian Cupp 15 days ago

    What if him believing he is a Dumbledore let's the Phoenix to come to him as if he were a Dumbledore

  • diario de um troxa
    diario de um troxa 15 days ago

    Hey, what if credence is actually ariana's obscurus

  • Gage Crooks
    Gage Crooks 15 days ago

    No. Just no to the entire twin thing

  • Joshua Micheal
    Joshua Micheal 17 days ago

    The other thing we know is Dumbledore sends Newt to find Frank the Thunderbird. Who’s to say he didn’t send him to find the Obscurus he carries in the case? We actually don’t know what happened to that Obscurus after Tina and Newt escape the death potion. But as a master manipulator himself, maybe Dumbledore knows Grindelwald’s weapon of mass destruction and sends Newt to learn more about Obscurials so that he can take down an Obscurus with another Obscurus; take down Grindelwald and the blood pact (unaware of Creedences’ abilities at the time); or find out how/if obscurials can control their power (Dumbledore to a young Tom Riddle) so that he can send Creedence his Hogwarts letters.

  • E play_859
    E play_859 18 days ago

    Fawks could of been Grindelwald's which happen to reincarnate right then Dumbledore defeats Grindelwald an gets fawks

  • Thalia Perales
    Thalia Perales 18 days ago

    It's highly likely, but how does Dumbledore aunt knows credence? If all her nephews were grown?

  • Novacaine I
    Novacaine I 18 days ago

    so good but so wrong, credence is the sisters twin. :)

  • Guilherme Lima
    Guilherme Lima 18 days ago


  • Guilherme Lima
    Guilherme Lima 18 days ago +1

    SCB: let’s submit to Rowling
    Rowling: I think I’ll put this in the next movie. Thank god someone filled in my plothole.

  • Adam Charlesworth
    Adam Charlesworth 19 days ago

    But what if when dumbledore killed his sister, an obscuris that was in her was separated from her body and became credence

  • Naveen Renny
    Naveen Renny 19 days ago

    What if Credence is a obscurial horcrux of Dumbledore?

  • Josie Clarke
    Josie Clarke 20 days ago +1

    What if Credence and Dumbledore aren’t actually brothers? Percival (Dumbledore’s father) had a sister in law named Honoria, so also had a brother, who would also have Dumbledore as a surname. So maybe they are cousins?

  • ArcticGamers
    ArcticGamers 20 days ago +1

    grindelwald could be dumbledores forgotten brother, thats why he couldnt fight against him, thats why grindelwald was in godrics hallow, etc etc. so much evidence!!!!

    • Angel Rocha
      Angel Rocha 2 days ago

      ArcticGamers he couldn’t fight because of the blood pact

  • nicetaszaq12wsx
    nicetaszaq12wsx 21 day ago +1

    Maybe Grindelwald is Albus "brother" via blood pact and that gives him recognition from feniks. Rest is misdirections and lies.

  • jr jr
    jr jr 21 day ago

    could that 8.15. could that mean Ariana is his aunt? she found him

  • Alex Benz
    Alex Benz 21 day ago

    The same Phoenix line was in one of the Harry Potter books