Black Mirror - Season 4 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • It’s hard to imagine a bright future, but we must. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is now streaming on Netflix.
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    Black Mirror - Season 4 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 2 353

  • The L33 Channel
    The L33 Channel 19 hours ago

    This is one of the best TV shows I've seen in a long time. It's The Twilight Zone but its modern.

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 Day ago

    I've never even seen this show, but any trailer that uses What A Wonderful World is ok by me.

  • NERD Incorporated
    NERD Incorporated 2 days ago +1

    This truly is a modern Twilight Zone. Brilliant, thought-provoking and dark. 10/10

  • Kroschel Holmes
    Kroschel Holmes 2 days ago

    Mark my words.

  • Kroschel Holmes
    Kroschel Holmes 2 days ago

    Netflix will never make a masterpiece.

  • Skyscraper Man
    Skyscraper Man 2 days ago

    Never gets enough with Blackmirror! Great show!

  • SoulBlox
    SoulBlox 2 days ago

    0:31 is dat azzyland

  • Тетяна Малоголовчук

    for all BM fans) chek it out -

  • Prince Gaming
    Prince Gaming 4 days ago

    I may have to get Netflix again

  • Daniel Kollár
    Daniel Kollár 5 days ago

    what a wonderful wohohohoaoahgagahahoajhahaadaksljd jwld aôwd kaôwjd awd sa d das d wf gd g

  • SpyengoEen
    SpyengoEen 6 days ago +1

    There has to be something seriously wrong with Charlie Brooker's mind judging by the cruelest episodes.

  • Lazymob
    Lazymob 6 days ago

    I saw this series on Netflix and started watching.. But i just realised i started watching Episode 1 Season 4 instead of season 1... But every episode is a diffrend story right?

  • Tyler Adamcik
    Tyler Adamcik 7 days ago

    This looks depression

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky Ugsod 7 days ago

    Seriously, what is this show about?

  • Greg Letter
    Greg Letter 11 days ago

    Like a twilight zone

  • Jawunleashed
    Jawunleashed 12 days ago


  • Tawny Owl
    Tawny Owl 12 days ago

    *M O A R*

  • Benilia YT
    Benilia YT 12 days ago +1

    I love black mirror

  • MrPabgon
    MrPabgon 12 days ago

    Yees Louis Armstroong

  • Lastoneleft Productions

    is that Cristin Milioti? 1:17

  • Arabic songs
    Arabic songs 13 days ago

    Season one is 3 episodes only?!!!

  • Jacques Coulardeau
    Jacques Coulardeau 14 days ago

    Increasingly frightening and traumatizing
    This series systematically takes one technical invention that is already developed or that is going to be developed in the near future and transpose it in a not so far future when these inventions have become predominant. […]

  • Amory Berkenveld
    Amory Berkenveld 14 days ago

    Just started now with season 4. Love Black Mirror! And of course the song!!! So had to do a cover

  • DeviouS
    DeviouS 14 days ago

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen ! I have no idea how it even made it past the first episode! You're fucked in the head if you watch it! Even more fucked in the head to endorse it or to have created this shithole excuse for entertainment! The first episode is about fucking a pig???????wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline Pinc
    Caroline Pinc 16 days ago

    Can someone please explain to me what this is about ??? I am confusion

  • Something something Something Sam

    Mind fucking blown.

  • Nae Gushiken
    Nae Gushiken 17 days ago


  • pooja kumari
    pooja kumari 17 days ago

    From where I can watch the whole series...?? Anybody please suggest.

  • Pikachu 850
    Pikachu 850 17 days ago

    Can I watch directly season 4 or should I have to watch all the 3 seasons first, is there any link between the seasons?

    • Pikachu 850
      Pikachu 850 15 days ago

      Ad Zamree Thanks man appreciate for the reply 👍

    • Ad Zamree
      Ad Zamree 15 days ago

      yes, theyre entirely different story each episodes so you can watch season 4 first..but just to remind you, imo season 4 is the best season overall but season 2 & 3 has the best episodes

  • Andrew McGee
    Andrew McGee 17 days ago

    I love black mirror too the point it can’t be possibly healthy

  • Marc Sorensen
    Marc Sorensen 18 days ago

    This is such a well made trailer. So many goose bumps

  • MeSuperSam
    MeSuperSam 19 days ago

    John is fuckin alive boys

  • Wille Visser
    Wille Visser 21 day ago

    I haven't seen the show before but I will give it a chance. Would you guys recommend it? Is Black Mirror like The Twilight Zone?

  • Marfor (Son Of Lucifer)

    KIDS KENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saigon Videos
    Saigon Videos 21 day ago

    I really loved Hang the DJ, best episode of the series.

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster 22 days ago

    So, basically, this show is a rip-off of "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits".....which is fine with me, we've ripped off plenty of English shows, turn about is fair play!!

  • Conta Nv
    Conta Nv 22 days ago

    qual o nome dessa musica que toca no comercial ?

  • quent296
    quent296 23 days ago

    am i mad to get so excited and fascinated by seeing some very horrible possible futur? are we already all into the loop?

  • Chicken Of the Cave
    Chicken Of the Cave 24 days ago

    I hate and love the creators of black mirror. Everything is so perfect and true and you think you expect what’s going to happen and then it turns completely.
    But it has also messed up my mind so much. I try to hide my phone camera from me as much as possible because I feel like someone is constantly watching me. Technology in general just frightens me now. I don’t throw cups away at work anymore, I take them home to throw them out. This show messes with you. The worst part is, all of the things can/probably will happen

  • Epiphany
    Epiphany 24 days ago

    last season was really good, hope this doesnt disappoint

  • AlphaDeltaXray
    AlphaDeltaXray 24 days ago +1

    Out of every single Black Mirror episode, almost every one at the end I'm seriously saying *"Damn, that would SUCK!"*

  • Raul Jaimes
    Raul Jaimes 24 days ago

    I would like to write a episode in this show.

  • wherethetatosat
    wherethetatosat 25 days ago

    A sunnier future...
    Hahaha, NOPE! Ain't falling for that one again, Black Mirror!

  • Catota
    Catota 25 days ago +1

    can someone tell me wtf is this series about? it looks interesting but each trailer i see it gets more confusing.

  • Jordans Life
    Jordans Life 26 days ago

    Who’s watching this from the end of the f***ing world

  • Preston Curley
    Preston Curley 27 days ago


  • Jay
    Jay 27 days ago

    It felt like the entire premise of this season was "uploading your consciousness."

  • Yasmina Tahan
    Yasmina Tahan 27 days ago

    is this a good show should i watch it?

  • Marie Mari
    Marie Mari 27 days ago

    I dont get it
    I want to watch it i just dont ge it

  • TheDjShinx
    TheDjShinx 28 days ago

    where tf is this shit bout?

  • Jujhar Bling
    Jujhar Bling 28 days ago

    s1e1 still the best one

  • Thamires Cavalcante
    Thamires Cavalcante 29 days ago

    Essa série é boa ?

  • person8203
    person8203 Month ago

    Got a bit bored of so many episodes going down the 'brain interface' route

  • louidzi
    louidzi Month ago

    Awesome Series

  • Damiano Nardi
    Damiano Nardi Month ago

  • Avarie H.
    Avarie H. Month ago

    this gave me feels

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Month ago

    Did any of you notice that Pizza was an underlying theme with some of the new Episodes?

  • HaM BraBo
    HaM BraBo Month ago

    song please?

  • Hakim Ishak
    Hakim Ishak Month ago

    0:50 Love it!

  • MCPinoyBrother
    MCPinoyBrother Month ago

    *I'm just here for the song.*

  • VictorKING!
    VictorKING! Month ago

    0:47 whats the song? :'v

  • Chef Lambo
    Chef Lambo Month ago

    This as a magnificent season

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago

    The editing and feel are interesting but it lacks star power to really bring in a sizable audience. Too bad.

  • The Legendary Minecrafters - and more

    Whos that celeb at 0:30? Im living under a a house so dont ask

  • Daddy Power
    Daddy Power Month ago +2

    Who else came from Sophia robot lol

  • RainyDayGaming
    RainyDayGaming Month ago

    Have faith in the system, because it REALLY does work!!

  • Nopparat Ritbamrung

    what to song ?

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago

    How to become a technophobe:
    Watch Black Mirror.

  • Darcy D'artagnan
    Darcy D'artagnan Month ago

    Black Mirror made me feel that the end is nigh and the tech will cause it.

  • JbbJerrall
    JbbJerrall Month ago

    The truth is right in front of you guys!

  • Ad Zamree
    Ad Zamree Month ago

    best season so far, even the mediocre like arkangel was actually good if you look at most tv shows that got thrown at us all year

  • Giovanna Thaina
    Giovanna Thaina Month ago

    Best series ❤❤

  • Gurin
    Gurin Month ago

    fucking love this series

  • Chris Bryan
    Chris Bryan Month ago +1

    Episode I like the most to least:
    1. Hang the Dj
    2. USS Callister
    3. Black Museum
    4. Metalhead
    5. Arkangel
    6. Crocodile

  • Иван Богданов

    what is the name of the music in the beginning?

  • Alfred Butler
    Alfred Butler Month ago +1

    Season 4 dissapoints a lot, although all other seasons were really awseome. Really sad!

  • Beatriz castro
    Beatriz castro Month ago +2

    0:52 what this music?
    qual é esta música?
    que música que eres¿

    • alice s.b
      alice s.b Month ago

      Beatriz castro what a wonderful world

  • Pedro Paes
    Pedro Paes Month ago

    What is music?

  • Terry
    Terry Month ago

    Why is one world such an obvious copy of star trek??

  • MalakFP
    MalakFP Month ago

    This show has not only gave me anxiety.. But fucked me up mentally.

    CLASH PALOMA Month ago


  • christoffer Gustavsson

    Black mirror coming in a future near you be aware!
    is not bright what will become is darkness.
    It be going on for a while people stop caring about each other etc
    isn't become more obviously before now.

    ABORRECENTE Month ago

    Qual música é essa

  • LadyArcadia98
    LadyArcadia98 Month ago

    Utopia vibes! :3

  • SOS Sama
    SOS Sama Month ago

    Beginning music?

  • Angelica 안젤리카

    What is this about?

  • andrew bautista
    andrew bautista Month ago

    That her faith in the system

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u Month ago


  • Emiliano Natanael Vai

    00:01 Which is the song?

  • XeoUXeoU
    XeoUXeoU Month ago

    This series makes me hate myself.

  • jitender kumar
    jitender kumar Month ago

    last episode is mind blowing !!!

  • MissäLiirumLaarumPewkele ?

    OMG one of My favorite songs

  • MissäLiirumLaarumPewkele ?

    I need mind condom because the last episode mindfucked me

  • Pink Omega
    Pink Omega Month ago

    first episode was dope till I realised all 6 episodes have fuckin female leads. why? could have had at least 1 episode with a male protagonist. fuck you.

  • Chawanvit Meow
    Chawanvit Meow Month ago

    0:44 song name?

  • I C U P
    I C U P Month ago

    Fuck this Americanised bullshit

  • marcio bustos
    marcio bustos Month ago

    song? 0:45

    • Hiago Lacerda
      Hiago Lacerda Month ago

      Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world

  • Mia Sykes
    Mia Sykes Month ago +1

    I need season 5 asap