How to Make Candy Sushi Rolls | Où se trouve: CandyLabs

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • Candylabs makes sushi out of candy! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 🍣🍣
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    Candylabs invited Stereokroma back to shoot another video. We thought we would do something a little different this time... We shot this video in 60 fps! It's extra buttery smooth and we hope it heightens the mesmerizing experience of candy making. Also, have you tried sushi candy?
    If you're not familiar with sushi, this style of sushi is called a maki roll. A maki roll is the type of sushi which is filled in the center with finely chopped ingredients, then layered with rice, then wrapped in seaweed. Sushi comes in different shapes, and another type is sashimi, which is simply the fish on top of a ball of rice. So does it taste like fish? Actually, the flavour is strawberry-kiwi, which is mainly fruity and sweet. Lin and Mei simply mimic the appearance as accurately as possible for fun. Why not try their workshop and make a whole bento box yourself?
    Candylabs uses an old-fashion, old world process of making candy. They use no machines (beyond a stove to boil sugars) and make the candy by hand. Their candy is made with simple ingredients and comes in a huge variety of flavours --- we recently tried Matcha, for example. It is #vegan and gluten-free. It takes Justin and Karolina the entire day to film the process, patiently watching each step.
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  • Jake Buddhdev
    Jake Buddhdev 9 days ago +1

    Who else only watches these videos for when he stretches the candy and cuts it 😂.

  • Maddie O`Kefefe
    Maddie O`Kefefe 10 days ago

    I can’t be the only one here who doesn’t understand how they can do this in T-shirt’s
    Like I would need a full set of armor to even get close to hot sugar

  • PIJ free
    PIJ free 11 days ago

    is that a korean food?

  • 빛나
    빛나 12 days ago

    Hello, I am watching the video well. But that is not the shape of sushi. It is gimbap in Korea. Sorry, plaese revise the title of the video.

  • It’s yo boy Vince
    It’s yo boy Vince 13 days ago

    Who else watched this at 2 am

  • Sinthekillerkitty
    Sinthekillerkitty 15 days ago

    Sorry For ask but Why does She have a scar on her arm? ( 7:42 ) ;-; What Happen? and great Video

  • Kiya Watters
    Kiya Watters 16 days ago

    Do you ever feel like you don't actually know what you're doing?

  • Bonnie The Bunny
    Bonnie The Bunny 17 days ago

    Can you make a wolf candy like the akita dog at last ?

  • 귀여운건 다 내꺼

    한국인들아 다 모여 씳밟 쟤네가 김밥에 연어넣고 스시롤이라고 한다.
    It's not sushi rall.
    It's korean tradirional food "gimbap".

  • Carmine. B.
    Carmine. B. 20 days ago

    Pourquoi vous n' utilisez pas un rouleau à pâtisseries pour bien aplanir vôtre pâte à sucre ?

  • Husky Grrl
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    This satisfies me more than those “SATIFYING ASMR THIS WILL CALM YOU!”

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    Timothy Pirnat 20 days ago

    I bet their hands get tired.

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    Serenity Tate 21 day ago

    I wonder why there are no new videos lately :(

  • Raf 'Guard' Leblanc
    Raf 'Guard' Leblanc 22 days ago +2

    Could we take a moment to appreciate how RIPPED they must be from stretching and folding all that taffy?!

  • Carrot theFerret
    Carrot theFerret 23 days ago +2

    It's 1 in the morning. Why am I here, why I can't I stop watching this dude's videos?

  • Kim Hughes
    Kim Hughes 24 days ago +1

    I really want to try I when it's warm

  • GGR Makes
    GGR Makes 27 days ago

    If we ever go to Canada, I'd love to try one! Also, the audio is unbelievably relaxing.

    JZBEATS 28 days ago

    Who else looked at the sushi roll and just remembered fishing in club penguin

  • Kitty m3ow m3ow
    Kitty m3ow m3ow 28 days ago +2

    Them: the candy is so soft!
    Also the candy: *breaks table*

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    Me:(a Daganronpa fan) , Video : says Maki Roll , Me: xbehjejejdjgjrjndhcjdkwnenijdneifujehdhrhr

  • Beth Cialek
    Beth Cialek Month ago

    How about Eggnog flavoured bacon and egg breakfast Tacos?

  • Yuza na Myat
    Yuza na Myat Month ago

    i wish im living in your country😓

  • Noble Simpson
    Noble Simpson Month ago

    I love candy

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  • Skylar Draws
    Skylar Draws Month ago +3

    Suggestion: you should make a giant candy cane! :D
    Like if you agree! (Or comment this like i dont mind if you dont like). Edit: and yes i liked my own comment cause I’m lonely ;-;

  • Acecident
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    looks like slime

  • { qvtey }
    { qvtey } Month ago +2

    Ants crawling in be like

    *its free real estate*

  • Lacey Pappas
    Lacey Pappas Month ago

    Is there a home made recipe for this type of hard candy? Obviously you can’t make it this professionally at home but I think it would still be fun to make a little triangle or something then stretch it out to make a really tiny one. Idk just thought it would be cute.

  • Aiden Huynh
    Aiden Huynh Month ago

    i really wanna make this and just eat it while its still big

  • Xx_gatcha Marj_xX
    Xx_gatcha Marj_xX Month ago

    I don’t know why but this makes me wanna sleep OwO

  • Саша Антоненко

    Хто з України

  • Wodowisko Karakanow

    That makes me hungry

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  • Nicole Payne
    Nicole Payne Month ago

    But is it sushi flavoured?

  • asp hoseok
    asp hoseok Month ago

    anyone else see the hair on the pink at 6:13

  • ραинαвσтн
    ραинαвσтн Month ago

    I had a question! How can u make them flavour? Because i only saw u use that sugar that boil but i dont know the secret of ingrediant but the flavour come from where?

  • Gewoonborg Yt
    Gewoonborg Yt Month ago

    Nice video I’m gonna make it my self soon! Thanks 🙌🏽 🙏🏻

  • Tricia Price
    Tricia Price Month ago +1

    what do they do with extras????

  • alejandro gonzalez
    alejandro gonzalez Month ago

    estos tipos de dulces se podría hacer en casa

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    Quel beau travail! Félicitations et très bon!

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    looks good

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    Ok Boomer Month ago

    I really hope someday I can visit montréal to see these wonderful creations in person!

  • haley kafel
    haley kafel Month ago

    Why do they wipe down the candy with a sponge?

  • OTTO Rocket HD
    OTTO Rocket HD Month ago

    It’s not taffy

  • ako haverd uwu
    ako haverd uwu 2 months ago

    I showed this to my lil sister and she said "oh they're making slime :o" lol :v

  • Gentle
    Gentle 2 months ago

    Deception 100

  • Gianna Rodriguez
    Gianna Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Can you do pugs

  • Sweep Mop
    Sweep Mop 2 months ago

    Are each color a different flavor? I really wanna try them they look really cool

  • RaeTheGaeTM
    RaeTheGaeTM 2 months ago

    Anyone know what style of candy this is? I feel like looking up "candy cane making" is just gonna bring up the typical christmas type

  • Sergio Checks Guzmán
    Sergio Checks Guzmán 2 months ago

    WOOW! I just found this channel and I love it! I'm a Candy Fan since I was a kid! Every Candy of yours is a Masterpiece! Big hug from Mexico!😀👍

  • Clover Godfrey
    Clover Godfrey 2 months ago

    I thought he cut his hand off 10:38

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  • Iman Malts
    Iman Malts 2 months ago

    they look like sushi great work id love these candies

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    Do they melt in your mouth?

  • Grace Tu
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    Questions: do you ever eat the candy for yourself?
    Do you get tempted to eat it?
    Where can I buy this in San Jose,California?
    What happenes if the candy is too cold?

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    Original Waffle 2 months ago

    Kindergartens be like: there’s acid in candy