Queen Victoria's Letters: A Monarch Unveiled (Victorian Documentary) | Timeline

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Biographer A.N. Wilson uncovers the intriguing personal life of Queen Victoria through her journals and letters in this psychological portrait of Britain's longest reigning monarch. With Queen Victoria's writings read by Anna Chancellor.
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  • Thor Asia Negasi Cook Rothschild

    Here is a link showing the true Monarchs as Victoria had a secret

  • Michael Gilbert
    Michael Gilbert 6 days ago

    I had to stop watching this video that was interesting because ever couple of minute they would go to another FU#King Commercial!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carrie Bizz
    Carrie Bizz 7 days ago

    I'm Australian and live in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

  • Amanda H
    Amanda H 9 days ago

    Anyone who is good with management, sales and marketing knows your strength is in interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence. The bedchamber stand off isn't just a "teenage tantrum" wouldn't you want to keep your ladies in waiting who you trust vs a demand by paliament? For her it was personal. For politics it's controlling her to their own advantage.

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams 10 days ago

    So ugly! And German! Ugh!

  • Kristy Burgess
    Kristy Burgess 15 days ago +1

    I find this presenter difficult to listen to. He seems lack empathy and 😒respect for the people who he's talking about.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 17 days ago

    Why did they put this woman face on the title page? She looks goofy or on drugs out of her mind.

  • Tyler Maugle
    Tyler Maugle 18 days ago +1

    Fascinating documentary... Goes to show no matter how much money you have, everyone is human and has issues... Big issues...

  • escolaura1984
    escolaura1984 19 days ago +1

    wow this narrator does NOT like Prince Albert...

  • Ben
    Ben 20 days ago +2

    "I don't know what to do with my hands"
    The Documentary.

  • Shmoo
    Shmoo 21 day ago

    Who's the lady reading from the book in a chair?

  • Salome Brunner
    Salome Brunner 22 days ago

    ADS are disgusting !

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 24 days ago +1

    Someone's got a crush on the Queen.

  • Rachel Bronke
    Rachel Bronke 27 days ago +1

    I write a lot like this monarch...lol

  • V
    V 28 days ago

    Too little, too late... heaping so much shame. It’s so wonderful that you don’t understand for you; please stop victim blaming others.

  • V
    V 28 days ago +1

    Sounds like the love bombing stage to me.

  • EG MY
    EG MY Month ago +2

    The presenter is throughly amusing though covers history amazingly !!! He is rather enjoyable to watch ....

  • Andrew Hunter
    Andrew Hunter Month ago +1

    Not really keen to the fact that he assumes what Queen Victoria’s childhood was like. She herself said that her childhood was unhappy; who is he to say otherwise?

  • Te St
    Te St Month ago

    It is like so mother, so daughter.

  • Leslie Anne Hill
    Leslie Anne Hill Month ago +1

    Great show. Quit the German accent--Ugh!

  • Pratheep Anumaty
    Pratheep Anumaty Month ago


  • Cardina Tarot Tribe

    Roughing it at Kensington palace? lol

  • the Patriot
    the Patriot Month ago +2

    if someone here from Britain would like the monarchy to have a totally power like before click like

  • Brains00007
    Brains00007 Month ago +1

    I hate how the presenter says “empire.”

  • Leah Garces
    Leah Garces Month ago +1

    What country is that?

  • Leah Garces
    Leah Garces Month ago +3

    *O H V I C T O R I A*

  • Louise Dumais
    Louise Dumais Month ago +2

    oh my god she wrote thousand of words, what else did she have to do? Money and toys, a dog does not make up for lack of parental love or human love

  • Valerie Griner
    Valerie Griner Month ago

    Poor Prince Albert!

  • Candis Gambino
    Candis Gambino Month ago

    I have Crohns disease.. Had no idea he had it as well.

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic Month ago +2

    The queen was trying to get some sexy time with some of her lords. Hahaha hilarious #hilarious I can't stop laughing right

  • Bella Improviso
    Bella Improviso Month ago +1

    Having been born with the name Victoria, the shock of Victor/ia's identity WOKE ME UP MORE!!!!

  • Sirius Metta
    Sirius Metta Month ago

    So many ads, unwatchable 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • MexiQan AmeriQan 4 Trump

    i dont know to believe this. media has been trying to rewrite history.

  • Rukia BlackBlazer
    Rukia BlackBlazer 2 months ago +3

    Between Victoria lies and her sister Beatrice lies, clearly 65% is out right lies. 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄😳🙄🤦🏿‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Call it what it is The Madness of the Windsor genetics. That kind of hatred comes from deep hurt, what could Conroy have done to make a teen girl hate him forever and not forgive her mother until after her mother dies but sexual trauma that she felt her mother didn't stop Conway from committing.
    What would it have been for the next Queen to be known as an impure woman...? That would explain her unexplained hatred of both Conroy and her mother. Doesn't mean her genetic Madness never, kicked in.

  • Etheric
    Etheric 2 months ago

    "Eggo" maniac? You prenounced it "eggo", just because you have a clearly self taught stiff ridgid accent doesn't mean you can change the English language. It's "Ego not Eggo. 🙄 I could not watch anymore after that sentence.

    • diane shelton
      diane shelton Month ago

      It’s his accent. It’s how he speaks , you are no more right than he.

  • Michiel Korte
    Michiel Korte 2 months ago +2

    Victoria DID love her children an awful lot. She had a difficult time to coope with post-natal depression and despised pregnancy, true, and it's also true she didn't like babies. But it's not true that she was jealous of her children in the way that she hated them. Victoria wasn't a true mother-bird baby-cuddler but she always wanted what was best for her children. If you read her diaries, you'll see how she prays for them and notices their individual personalities.

  • for real
    for real 2 months ago +7

    17:44...."She became "iller"?" Not "sicker"? I realize "iller" is a proper word but sounds strange to my American, barbaric ear.

  • Colleen
    Colleen 2 months ago

    This presenter rocks!

  • Týn S.
    Týn S. 2 months ago +1

    Picking Anna Chancellor as a reader was the best thing ever. I love this woman.

  • Am Em
    Am Em 2 months ago +1

    Love the crazy eyes as your pic on the thumbnail. Perfect

  • Karen K
    Karen K 2 months ago +3

    Am I the only one who really can't stand Kate Williams (the historian speaking at 11:05)? I've seen her in quite few history documentaries, and there's something about her that annoys me no end.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Sad that you have to translate basic German for the boars watching this video.

    • Amanda H
      Amanda H 9 days ago

      English, Spanish and French in that order are more well known world wide. Get over it.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago +2

    Two or three times a year?! Who is he kidding, I've haven't been in twenty five years. for them, they had nothing else to do, there was no internet or tv of cinema.

  • sah bear
    sah bear 2 months ago

    This is great

  • julie egan
    julie egan 2 months ago +2

    Thoroughly enjoyed the presenter A N Wilson of this video ❤ great video thanku ❤

  • julie egan
    julie egan 2 months ago +3

    It's sad & a shame that Queen Victoria was not very good looking at all...neither was her father, but her mother looked lovely didn't she 😃

    • Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots
      Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots Month ago +1

      Boy, she sure did create good looking boys!!! Genetics are very interesting. ... I inherited the features....I never liked my nose, but my husband has always been fond of it.

    • J Byrnes
      J Byrnes 2 months ago +1

      Victoria was a beautiful girl and young woman

  • Pure Alchemy369
    Pure Alchemy369 2 months ago +55

    Strange that he doesn't seem willing to consider that her childhood was both "happy" and "unhappy" at the same time. Why the need to define it as one or the other? Calling someone's memory unreliable just because their childhood is complicated and they have mixed feelings about it is a bit rude, really.

    • Memento Machina
      Memento Machina 5 days ago

      Ugh yeah, and his mention that she was throwing a tantrum because she wouldn't stand for injustice -_-

    • Voracious Reader
      Voracious Reader 9 days ago

      Pure Alchemy369 What I heard the narrator say is that Victoria’s childhood relationship with her mother WAS happy, but that her adolescence turned everything sour bc her mother allowed John Conroy to control their lives. It wasn’t necessarily intolerable until after her serious illness while she was being “shown” to the British public and Conroy physically tried to force her to sign a document essentially giving him the right to rule for her, through her mother. From that time onward, Victoria despised them both, and this colored her relationship to her mother from then on. It was when her mother was dying, or soon after her death, that Victoria found notes and mementoes from her mother that reminded her that she and her mother had a much better relationship than she’d given her mother credit for.
      I think ok what made Victoria’s childhood and adolescence incredibly difficult,is that she never saw other children, except the few boy cousins who were considered as possible husbands, she was always with adults who were quietly but very aggressively trying to get control over her, including Baroness Lehzen, her governess, companion, and protector against Conroy.

    • Amanda H
      Amanda H 9 days ago

      I had happy moments of my childhood but horrible times at the hand of depressed /non depressed mother and a narcissist father.

    • Mirna Čudić
      Mirna Čudić 10 days ago +1

      @V Agreed. My mum used to be tender as well, but she was manipulative.

    • V
      V 28 days ago +2

      Sounds like narcissistic abuse.

  • J Med
    J Med 3 months ago +12

    might be the greatest thing I've ever seen

  • bellagaara1
    bellagaara1 3 months ago +7

    I would be so embarrassed if someone read my journals after i died. It would be funny to read the journals now adays however, imagine if a journalist in the 3000 read a journal filled with the F-words and lol.

  • Amplify
    Amplify 3 months ago +1

    the narrator walks like a puppet on strings or yet met an accident in his pants. Why does he walk so?????

    • rob jones
      rob jones 2 months ago

      Amplify bc he's British

  • Joanna Lisa Todd
    Joanna Lisa Todd 3 months ago +1

    Frickin adverts! >:(

  • Dave Beecher
    Dave Beecher 3 months ago +3

    thanks for video, bunch of whiny snobs.

  • Stillo Chillzino
    Stillo Chillzino 3 months ago +2

    I had a past life as a Victorian.

  • Catherine Positano
    Catherine Positano 3 months ago +5

    CAMP narrators are so suited to these Regal pomp n glomp stories.

  • PereMersenne
    PereMersenne 3 months ago +10

    TL:DW: Anything about how the Irish were starving?

    • Scarlett skyriderize
      Scarlett skyriderize 2 months ago +2

      Looting, beef lamb pork chicken fish eggs milk vegetables grain etc.
      All of the above mentioned will feature N an award-winning
      movie relating to the starvation of millions of Ireland's population.
      The barbaric & shameful + greed filth mentality of such a tribal
      character is beyond all acts of genocide.

    • Kathryn Beattie
      Kathryn Beattie 2 months ago +1

      At that time most of the people in the lower class where starving..

  • Ubisoft likcotton
    Ubisoft likcotton 3 months ago +1

    Theirs a ? About the gender of "queen" Vic . Androgyne comes to mind. Royals are so freaky!

  • Cynthia Baker
    Cynthia Baker 3 months ago

    Queen Victoria looked like James Spader from "The Blacklist". Or I guess I should say he looked like her.

  • Monty Parata
    Monty Parata 3 months ago +24

    "...her husband is extending his finger into wifey's moist little palm." This presenter is a legend. 47:00

  • Zoe Wilson
    Zoe Wilson 3 months ago

    Alexandrina vickria may 1819 1901

  • michaelwinder1
    michaelwinder1 3 months ago +2

    could you not get any more poncey gits to narrate this journey ?