Binging with Babish: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
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  • JammyBoii_528
    JammyBoii_528 10 hours ago

    Babish can now say that he used the family meal as content! 👍
    Love your vids this is a joke so don’t take it too personally

  • Matthew O'Neill
    Matthew O'Neill 16 hours ago

    Platinum rolex ?

  • Vanessa Swayze
    Vanessa Swayze Day ago

    I thought you were adding some crown royal to the pumpkin, but I guess maple syrup works too

  • Xzabriel Stayner

    Were the freakin mashed potatos

  • scifinatic Tizz
    scifinatic Tizz Day ago

    I got excited when he said add sage, thyme, and rosemary, and chopped parsley. That stuffing is going to Scarborough Fair.

  • Victoria Light
    Victoria Light 3 days ago

    Or if you have any pie wights (edit) it's white and about the same size as a fishing line wight

  • Spencer Margolis
    Spencer Margolis 3 days ago

    Don’t forget about the oysters on the back of the bird

  • Miche.
    Miche. 4 days ago

    i dare say...

  • Alexander Worth
    Alexander Worth 4 days ago

    what if i hate pumpkin? 10:49

  • nexking
    nexking 4 days ago

    I'm allergic to pumpkins and watching you make pumpkin pies like 3 different times makes me the big sad

  • Dante Mello
    Dante Mello 4 days ago

    Why is your pie yellow

  • Akuma Kei
    Akuma Kei 4 days ago

    Who else eats ONLY the black licorice jellybeans

  • Stalin Sauce
    Stalin Sauce 5 days ago

    Both parties get their wish if it breaks evenly

  • Eleni Hadjicosta
    Eleni Hadjicosta 5 days ago

    it would be really cool if you did a b99 turkey day episode, specifically the one where charles orders a bunch of food from around the world!

  • Some British Guy
    Some British Guy 6 days ago

    Aluminum foil helped me get rid of my bills, got me a raise and made a great pumpkin pie I will never eat because I’m allergic to pumpkins.
    Aluminum foil does wonders

  • Rose Savage
    Rose Savage 6 days ago +1

    Ok I'm not allergic to pumpkins, but I'm allergic to ginger which is in a few things usually in pumpkin pie.. so..

  • Bastian Leib
    Bastian Leib 6 days ago

    i am gnot a gnelf

  • Precision Games
    Precision Games 9 days ago

    Didn't even get a minute in before KoShEr SaLt

  • Maya Fey
    Maya Fey 10 days ago

    I was eating grilled cheese sandwichs and i end doing this

  • Samuel Nichols
    Samuel Nichols 10 days ago

    The skin on ur elbow is called a weenus

  • Daniel Zimmer
    Daniel Zimmer 10 days ago

    Gratefully having black kid sitting with white kid. It be racist. Ppl

  • HPS-47
    HPS-47 11 days ago

    so... when is Dead Rising Orange Juice?

  • Redrk
    Redrk 11 days ago

    4:17 rip keith

  • DragonTurtle9999
    DragonTurtle9999 11 days ago

    being from Texas I prefer pecan pie at thanksgiving

  • saber icle
    saber icle 11 days ago

    god i wish i was that turkey

  • WeirdoFox
    WeirdoFox 12 days ago

    But while they’re still warm-
    *uncovers pumpkins*

    *smoke alarms go off*

  • J. S.
    J. S. 13 days ago

    Can I be the person that tries it at the end?

  • Madd Dr. Ew
    Madd Dr. Ew 13 days ago


  • browsingfloor62
    browsingfloor62 13 days ago

    It's time to cook

    XD SOLARSKY 13 days ago

    Buy it dinner first god

  • sad die
    sad die 13 days ago

    oh, anytime you use a whole turkey i know it’s gonna get gross

  • filoflin
    filoflin 13 days ago

    how the fuck do you eat something with a half a kilo of sugar in it .......

  • Derek N. Ortiz
    Derek N. Ortiz 15 days ago

    Perfectly pfilp *p* astry

  • Tylar Osborne
    Tylar Osborne 16 days ago

    I wish babish would shove his begloved digits between my skin

  • Alexeis delas Alas
    Alexeis delas Alas 19 days ago

    Regular Show's Turkducken, please!😍😍😍😍😍

  • Shmitty Clerihue
    Shmitty Clerihue 20 days ago +8

    You can tell by the way he narrates that he sometimes doesn’t remember why he did weird stuff like dropping the webs into the pan

  • Unknown Ceilings
    Unknown Ceilings 20 days ago

    How big is your heckin fridge

  • Meep
    Meep 20 days ago

    Imagine sticking a hand up a turkey's butt? Oh wait

  • lachlan Bastin
    lachlan Bastin 21 day ago

    Binging with Spanish

  • Don't Blink 869
    Don't Blink 869 22 days ago

    Is butterscotch cinnamon pie an acceptable substitute?

  • Lester Walit
    Lester Walit 23 days ago

    Nick Solares, dat yu?

  • Mac10 Raps
    Mac10 Raps 23 days ago

    Please do an episode with Townsends, two great chefs in one episode would be epic.

  • TheSadFish
    TheSadFish 24 days ago

    why do I make myself watch these videos knowing I'm only going to come out of it craving shit I'm incapable I'm making?

  • SexyBabyBoi
    SexyBabyBoi 25 days ago

    *which, i dare say*

  • Andrei Membrere
    Andrei Membrere 25 days ago

    *cough* moist maker *cough*

  • TrapGodBart
    TrapGodBart 25 days ago

    Dare I say...

    Cavity stuffing

  • SulphuricSeaTurtle
    SulphuricSeaTurtle 26 days ago +6

    4:43 please tell me someone else got that reference

  • T
    T 26 days ago

    But what was the bacon for?

  • NoName Face
    NoName Face 27 days ago +1

    You should join master chef

  • big chungus
    big chungus 27 days ago

    I believe you mean *the weines*

  • Jojo’s fan Foever
    Jojo’s fan Foever 28 days ago +1

    Most definitely will

  • CloudTooWavy
    CloudTooWavy Month ago

    This is literally my favorite holiday movie broooo. I LOVE THIS

  • B McB
    B McB Month ago

    that plate of candy, toast and pretzel sticks looked so delicious when I was a kid

  • Woodenrex84 1084
    Woodenrex84 1084 Month ago

    The mashed potatoes😢

  • Alanomaly
    Alanomaly Month ago



  • kiddy fiddler
    kiddy fiddler Month ago

    I can't tell if your bald or a skin head

  • Baby Beluga 23
    Baby Beluga 23 Month ago

    What about pecon pie

  • Brennon Wells
    Brennon Wells Month ago

    I'm afraid of pumpkins. Apple it is!

  • Saitama, One Punch Man

    The perfect dinner doesn't exi... oh my god

  • Last art 2030
    Last art 2030 Month ago

    I wish you were in my family I would LOVE your food and it looks sooo good - I love pumpkin pie

  • Bananarama Pickle
    Bananarama Pickle Month ago

    You have to let the wish bone dry

  • C T
    C T Month ago

    Cook: which I dare say is enough time to make this phrase overused

  • Kai
    Kai Month ago

    Sweet potato pie is a good alternative too xD

  • Clayton Straub
    Clayton Straub Month ago

    10:48 Babish- "if you are allergic or afraid of pumpkins apple is an acceptable substitute" Me "who the heck is afraid of pumpkins!?!?"

  • Evan Page
    Evan Page Month ago

    9:53 the exact moment where you could smell the food

  • Belle Not Bella
    Belle Not Bella Month ago

    Youre so silly, babish! You have to let the wishbone dry for about a day before you break it!

  • PotPlant7
    PotPlant7 Month ago

    Yeah skin around your "elbows"

  • Louie
    Louie Month ago

    Bingando con el Babish! Come te lo ya!

  • Pyro
    Pyro Month ago

    1:29 I know what you're trying to do there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Vince Marie Inguito

    Make the shuwarna from men in black! Please! Do it for the rotisserie!

  • Signe Salomonsson
    Signe Salomonsson Month ago +2

    So you added.. parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme? **cue every simon and garfunkel fan having an aneurism**

  • Reuben Smith
    Reuben Smith Month ago

    “which I dare say”

  • Cirque Du Opinion
    Cirque Du Opinion Month ago

    Muchas gracias señor Babish!

  • Broockle
    Broockle Month ago

    What was the point of cooking the stuffing inside the turkey?
    It doesn't look like they interacted all that much

  • Lucas the Dragon
    Lucas the Dragon Month ago +1

    Different families and people go by different superstitions, but the household I grew up in (Greco-Asian-American) holds to the superstition that if the wishbone breaks in a such a way that neither participant gets the longer portion, that means that you both wished too big and thus neither of you get the wish.

  • Jordan Vasquez
    Jordan Vasquez Month ago

    Does it have to be a Spanish onion or can it be a Latin onion, or maybe even a French onion?

  • Lorelei Lavender
    Lorelei Lavender Month ago +2

    Do you ever stop to breathe as you’re voicing the recipe instructions 😂❤️

    • Lorelei Lavender
      Lorelei Lavender Month ago

      XRN well yes I know it was a joke lol

    • XRN
      XRN Month ago

      Im pretty sure he doesn’t say all of this in one take

  • guynemer53
    guynemer53 Month ago

    Question: who else chuckled when he said 'soggy bottoms'?

  • BusyPlayer147
    BusyPlayer147 Month ago +2

    It's so weird watching people use pumpkins as actual food

  • Oh Hi
    Oh Hi Month ago

    A Wenis is what the lil elbow skin thing is called

  • Flamingo - Kun and Itarks !

    Please, do the Cinnamon Butterscotch Pie from Undertale ! Or any kind of Undertale foods ! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE

  • Barrett Scott
    Barrett Scott Month ago

    “Now refrigerate, and *dare I say, this leaves us perfect time to let me sleep* ”

  • Dominick Justave
    Dominick Justave Month ago

    Co-worker at open bar Christmas party 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • marvelous LIE
    marvelous LIE Month ago

    This entire channel is legit making me want to start cooking more, and spend less money on vidya.

  • fgfletcher
    fgfletcher Month ago

    Imma be the first to point out that Woodstock is basically a cannibal.

  • Ominous_Shark
    Ominous_Shark Month ago

    When he said ass, I laughed so hard I bit my tongue.

  • Peet tims
    Peet tims Month ago

    Hey flavour, how you doing?

  • Yarn Kirby
    Yarn Kirby Month ago +1

    You're supposed to give the wishbone a few days to dry, then make the wish

  • Magnolia Wallflower

    What’s the difference between kosher salt and regular salt? Does it taste more salty or something?

  • 《B》 BLITZ
    《B》 BLITZ Month ago

    If apple pie taste like a apple, and pumpkin pie taste like pumpkin. Then what does creampie taste like?

  • Jimmy McGowan
    Jimmy McGowan Month ago

    The Ole Tappa Tappa.

  • Martin
    Martin Month ago

    The background music is beyond annoying

  • mellow Russian spectator

    Anyone else notice the bird was eating a bird in the intro?

  • rafix _
    rafix _ 2 months ago +1

    heyy did you hear if Shanes cat

  • Melody Sweets-Gacha
    Melody Sweets-Gacha 2 months ago

    *Noooo You did not just walk in with the pumpkins near your chest xD*

  • meme expert
    meme expert 2 months ago

    fill the birds ass

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez 2 months ago

    Turkey that i eat....😶😐😐😶.....

  • Jay's Brick Co.
    Jay's Brick Co. 2 months ago

    No mistakes, just delicious accidents.

  • Jay's Brick Co.
    Jay's Brick Co. 2 months ago

    Im phobic and allergic to both pumpkin and apple... However, that being said. It's gotta be with a cup of hot chocolate but god damn i love me some pecan pie

  • Jay's Brick Co.
    Jay's Brick Co. 2 months ago

    Crappy Hollandaise to verybuddy!