Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing A Ford Escape

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing! I took the challenge of finding the dirtiest car Facebook Marketplace and I paid $600 for this 2002 Ford Escape. This is by far the dirtiest and nastiest complete disaster interior detail I have ever done. I share my car cleaning process and all of the tools and products used to clean this car interior and bring it back to life. #carcleaning #cardetailing #cleaning
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Comments • 10 953

  • Alfred Santos
    Alfred Santos 25 days ago +5537

    Stauffer!😵 Blown away! That was amazing work. Keep up the great work and I’ll be honest, I don’t think your gonna find a dirty car than #roachmotel!

    • Little Ray
      Little Ray Day ago

      I Wonder Do he clean 🧼 the Air Vintes

    • Samwise Gardiner
      Samwise Gardiner Day ago

      I've seen things on par with this. Young children are hella messy. I've had to dig melted caramel out from the folds of leather e-brakes and more. Detailing can be nasty, but it's so satisfying.

    • Super Savings with Jennifer
      Super Savings with Jennifer 2 days ago

      I would love to see you split in in half with painters tape for a side by side! They would be crazy!

    • Sandra Namauleg
      Sandra Namauleg 5 days ago

      How bad did the car smell

    • Natania Topete
      Natania Topete 7 days ago

      This is how my car looks like

  • Miguel Lara
    Miguel Lara 7 minutes ago

    Ok I’m a slob but this is a whole new level

  • Abby H.
    Abby H. 19 minutes ago

    Beautiful job! Yikes what a mess to start with 😵
    I tried the magic eraser, starting with some kind of VLR or armor all sort of product, saturating the surface and wiping off with the dry magic eraser worked beautifully.

  • Gearmaster 3D
    Gearmaster 3D 25 minutes ago +1

    Am I the only one that uses a vacuum as a extractor

  • Linda Pedigo
    Linda Pedigo 26 minutes ago

    How can a car get this nasty? Glad you did the carpet twice. GRRRRROSS! I would want $1000 to do this car. You need a decontamination room for your body. Thanks for showing us. I need to run Clorox my steering wheel. Haha

  • A·M·Y is complicated
    A·M·Y is complicated 27 minutes ago

    So. Many. French. Fries.

  • Vicky d
    Vicky d 35 minutes ago

    If I cleaned cars, this is how I imagine myself doing it

  • Triple AAAz
    Triple AAAz 58 minutes ago +1

    Who else watches these because it’s satisfying XD

  • Titan's RC and Gaming

    Man. Why u leave those nugs on the floor i undistans the burrito u had exsplosis dierea

  • Alan Valschi
    Alan Valschi Hour ago

    Honestly my sister's car is worse

  • Penguin_ Orange
    Penguin_ Orange Hour ago


  • emma manuel
    emma manuel Hour ago

    WTFFFFFF this is fucking nasty hoe can people be this nasty

  • Anthony Cole
    Anthony Cole Hour ago


  • GeniusClout
    GeniusClout Hour ago

    imagine dis guy and that other guy that gets rid of rust do a collab jeeeeeeee

  • Taeliciouse
    Taeliciouse Hour ago

    Sometimes I ask myself

    *how did this happen*
    My sanity was never ok

  • dawnie
    dawnie Hour ago

    tbh i’m a first time viewer and i think he should get like 900 - 1000 dollars to clean this car because if you look at the before it’s so dirty and it’s a #roachmotel

  • Lyniah Baldwin
    Lyniah Baldwin 2 hours ago

    Is any one else just going in the comment section reading comments while watching

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis 2 hours ago

    How can people live like this? If I have a couple empty water bottles and some pebbles in my car I feel like an animal.

  • xxlady_wolf28xx
    xxlady_wolf28xx 2 hours ago

    Man I thought my car was dirty 😂😂😂😂

  • Josh
    Josh 2 hours ago


  • Danielle Ortega
    Danielle Ortega 2 hours ago

    How’s your back doing?

  • Lyniah Baldwin
    Lyniah Baldwin 2 hours ago

    My mom be thinking her car is dirty you should see this car before you call ur car dirtu

  • Shea’s Vlogs!!
    Shea’s Vlogs!! 2 hours ago

    i think this video cured my ocd

  • Faze Reproduction
    Faze Reproduction 2 hours ago


  • Anthony Visiko
    Anthony Visiko 3 hours ago


  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 3 hours ago


    YO_ITZ_TINA _ 3 hours ago +1

    Hey if you want to do another 02 escape I’ll sell you an easier one for 600

  • Maritza Rodriguez
    Maritza Rodriguez 3 hours ago


  • Rachel Ick
    Rachel Ick 3 hours ago

    how bad did you back hurt after all of this lol

  • blue rose
    blue rose 3 hours ago


  • Maria Moreno
    Maria Moreno 3 hours ago


  • Ginny Smith
    Ginny Smith 3 hours ago


  • Save the Ducks
    Save the Ducks 3 hours ago

    I don’t understand why ppl don’t clean their cars. I can understand not having your house in perfect order but cars aren’t that big. Obviously this was a family car, but still. How hard is it to take the vacuum outside and clean up the crumbs? Or maybe not let your kids eat in the car (besides road trips or whatever). Smh ppl this is disgusting

  • javeona hyulre
    javeona hyulre 3 hours ago

    #roachmotel that sucks

  • Candylyn Parker
    Candylyn Parker 3 hours ago


  • Hailey shawd
    Hailey shawd 3 hours ago

    Alot of orange

  • Kermit Is smexy
    Kermit Is smexy 3 hours ago +1

    And I say my room is bad I just take everything back about what I say about my room
    Random question: anyone’s favorite color black? 🔳⬛️👁‍🗨◾️▪️◼️🏴🏁

  • Aubrey Wilson
    Aubrey Wilson 4 hours ago

    I don’t know how you drove home in that when there are ROACHES! If I saw roaches on the way home I would have screamed and cried! 😂

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis 4 hours ago

    Love magic erasers when I get black boot scuffs on my dirt bike nothing else I have tried takes it off like they do

  • Joyce Farley
    Joyce Farley 4 hours ago

    I can only imagine the client’s home if their car is this dirty with roaches roaming free. DISGUSTING! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Jay S
    Jay S 4 hours ago


    RATS TYRANTS 4 hours ago +1

    The white house in Washington can really use your cleaning skills after they get the Orange Demonic creature occupying it Impeached and Imprisoned.

  • Mylifeas_Ally R
    Mylifeas_Ally R 4 hours ago


  • Elisha Conley
    Elisha Conley 4 hours ago

    # Roach Motel

  • Bonnie Howell
    Bonnie Howell 4 hours ago


  • Itz Brii
    Itz Brii 4 hours ago +1

    Me: Drops my crossiant on the floor
    Mom: how she views it: 0:37

  • Andrea Jones
    Andrea Jones 4 hours ago

    Did anyone else stomach hurt a little after looking at the photos in the beginning? 🤮

  • The Turtael Man
    The Turtael Man 4 hours ago +1

    If you thought the car smelled bad, you should go to a biogas factory. OMG those places smells bad!

  • Trinity Campbell
    Trinity Campbell 4 hours ago

    Lol here dream come true

  • Erica
    Erica 4 hours ago


  • watermelon grapejuice
    watermelon grapejuice 4 hours ago +1

    How long did this take from start to finish?

  • Tawni Lamb
    Tawni Lamb 4 hours ago

    You need to wear a mask!

  • Lincoln mike
    Lincoln mike 4 hours ago +1

    So you now own a 600.00 turd with a clean interior. No one that mechanically takes care of there car let's it get in this shape

  • _Rainy Days_
    _Rainy Days_ 5 hours ago


  • Paige Dunn
    Paige Dunn 5 hours ago


  • be a gay
    be a gay 5 hours ago +1

    *plot twist : it was the roach's car*

  • danieldanix1
    danieldanix1 5 hours ago

    You paid $500 for this car, you can sell it for $5000 now. You did an awesome detail.

  • MrBibertiger
    MrBibertiger 5 hours ago

    Awesome work, your passion is a dream.
    Just 2 things from my side... first you may warn your viewers about microfiber towels on Leder steeringwheels and Second you have a bit to much adds in this video

  • tammygurl64
    tammygurl64 5 hours ago +1

    #ROACHMOTEL Ewww, gross! 😝
    The transformation is mind blowingly amazing! This is a very good ad for a car detailing service! How much would a thorough detail job like that cost on a somewhat dirty car? In other words a car that isn't filled with rotten food. Lol

  • makn.ae_
    makn.ae_ 5 hours ago +1

    i can imagine their house too

  • dkedwards99 YT
    dkedwards99 YT 5 hours ago +1

    I subbed just because I love clean

  • Fatima Alwedaie
    Fatima Alwedaie 5 hours ago

    Amazing work😍😍

  • tammygurl64
    tammygurl64 5 hours ago

    When I read the title I was thinking "you should see my car that needs detailing because it's been inoperable a very long time and accumulating mildew inside and out" but then I saw this car had roaches for residents and almost gagged. LOL! It made me feel like mine wasn't so bad at all. LOL!

  • Hypersweatz 107
    Hypersweatz 107 5 hours ago


  • Carl Stewart
    Carl Stewart 6 hours ago +1

    I don't know if you have a video out of this but do you do anything to clean your equipment after? just to make sure nothing transfers to the next job.

    • tammygurl64
      tammygurl64 5 hours ago

      Bleach, bleach, and more bleach! LOL! 😆

  • Deamos33
    Deamos33 6 hours ago

    Can you imagine what the former owner of this things house looks like......

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 6 hours ago


  • Katie Ebert
    Katie Ebert 6 hours ago

    so you buy cars clean them then sell them again

  • Natalie Norvell
    Natalie Norvell 6 hours ago

    Can’t even imagine what the people looked like who owned this before #roachmotel

  • Sicko Chungus
    Sicko Chungus 6 hours ago +1

    When u recognized the chicken nuggets

    Wendy’s 😋