But Can Your iPhone 11 Do THIS?!! - The NEW Galaxy Fold

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro might be great phones but I think the NEW Samsung Galaxy Fold is the innovation king this year.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  2 months ago +2707

    Would you ACTUALLY want a folding phone? even if it was an affordable option?

    • Montpbm Crawford
      Montpbm Crawford 2 months ago

      Yes without a doubt

    • Adi Ciputra
      Adi Ciputra 2 months ago

      honestly i would for the portability

    • Alan Valek
      Alan Valek 2 months ago +1


    • Haixu Chen
      Haixu Chen 2 months ago

      If it's more affordable, yeah why not. I'm always in for innovation or some will call 'disruption'. But hey, we have to improve and move on.

    • SilverScratch
      SilverScratch 2 months ago


  • EmilySays Meow
    EmilySays Meow Day ago

    You can scratch the screen with a fingernail

  • SkullCrusher Gaming
    SkullCrusher Gaming 10 days ago +1

    That thing can break easily.

  • 32poppa savage
    32poppa savage 15 days ago +1

    This dude is hating!! This phone is amazing! I highly recommend it if you're not a careless jerk with your stuff.

  • Mariano Perez
    Mariano Perez 16 days ago

    Drop the price and add the note stylus, and it would be my main phone. Until then my note 9 will continue to be my primary mobile computer.

  • Dariop12345
    Dariop12345 27 days ago

    Scratches at level 2 with deeper grooves at level 3... That's a 2005 flip phone, a big one.

  • Medy Mazlan
    Medy Mazlan 27 days ago

    Hurts me to see u stab that folding screen to close it. Cool tho.

  • A random Human being
    A random Human being 28 days ago

    TrUe InNoVaTiOn... At the cost of product quality.

  • Lon Denard
    Lon Denard Month ago +1

    I really like my Fold. I agree with a lot of what you say but I have to point out that I paid $1500 for my S10+ 1T with 12G of Ram , add galaxy Buds and a Samsung case, that's $1700 and a lot of people will pay approx $1900 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max with an Apple case and wireless charge Airpods. Don't get me started on Huawei Porsche Design phones or iPhone exclusive models. You gotta pay to play!

    The abject hatred of this phone is kinda amazing to me. I tend to file it under jealousy or sour grapes. The desire by some to see this device fail and to try and magnify any issue or perceived problem is astonishing and kinda reminds me of the base hatred of anyone that owned mobile phones, cell phones and later smart phones that permeated society in the past. "Look at that douche with a cell phone like he's so cool!" or "Who needs a screen that big, he must be compensating for something!" etc.

  • adischickl
    adischickl Month ago +1

    2:58 note 10 spotted 💙
    3:09 my favorite show ❤

  • Alysss L
    Alysss L Month ago

    Why didn't they get rid of the notch?

  • 》Switchin Lanes《
    》Switchin Lanes《 Month ago +1

    The crease is the phone... I fucking love it

  • Álvaro González
    Álvaro González Month ago

    Talking about innovation, what's with the intro? Hahaha

  • zerone55
    zerone55 Month ago

    you are such a nice speaker...

  • Darren Godbold
    Darren Godbold Month ago

    Not sure if they could ever make it a perfect media consumption aspect radio unless they make it ridiculously tall or narrow when folded. So if you're not into gaming - something like the Surface Duo would probably be better for the multitasking user.
    MS are embracing the hinge and keeping durable glass screens, I think that's the right move for the next few years until flexible screen tech improves.

  • Michael NYANYUIE
    Michael NYANYUIE Month ago

    The title though😂

  • Marko Dordevic
    Marko Dordevic Month ago

    That may be new form but nothing spectacular about it. When the tech is truly ready, you will see the device

  • DeathBook
    DeathBook Month ago +13

    But can your galaxy fold do this?
    *applies slight pressure to my iPhone screen*

    • DeathBook
      DeathBook Month ago +1

      zmanjon1 nah I’ve already fallen for that trick with my old iPhone 6

    • zmanjon1
      zmanjon1 Month ago +1

      Try folding it.

  • jansten jamil
    jansten jamil Month ago

    Dave what game u play on that gfold??look interesting

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed Month ago

    3:15 "what else you got?"

  • Infonickman
    Infonickman Month ago

    Even cheaper I probably wouldn't due to durability. I'd feel like I'd have to handle it with kid gloves and once something happened I'd be frustrated. I notice many Tech TVcliprs are all about no case/screen protector which is easier to do when you go to a new phone every week, but I like not having to work about my phone getting damaged easily. Also, the soft screen and no screen protector is a no go for me. It also doesn't really solve any problem. Is it cool? Yes. Is it necessary? No.

  • Omar' Commin
    Omar' Commin Month ago

    No, fat and ugly

  • MrDidaxi
    MrDidaxi Month ago

    If it were out there for €800 I would buy it, hands down.

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar Month ago

    Who wants a foldable phone? Doesn't that idea sounds dumb? And the title incredibly pissed me off.

  • Sendtohell
    Sendtohell Month ago

    Who cares, they are both expensive toys not worth buying

  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 Month ago

    Agreed. I would pay more for this

  • Story Time
    Story Time Month ago

    "Can your iphone do THIS?"

    lol my iphone also doesn't cost 2,000 dollars, there's no comparison

    • Mateo A
      Mateo A Month ago

      @Story Time haha have you heard about Vertu? The $5000 feature phones? People bought it you know? In case you didn't know, there are rich people in the world, if they don't like a phone they just buy another, or they might just buy a phone just for the looks...so simpleton, if you have to work extra time to buy a decent phone out of your budget, then poor you, there are people out there that don't care about price or specs, they're not stupid, they're just rich that doesn't have to care about price/performance

    • Story Time
      Story Time Month ago

      Mateo A
      I’m not complaining about money, you simpleton. I’m complaining about price/performance. Those who spend their money frivolously just because something is new are imbeciles and are destined to end up on the street.

    • Mateo A
      Mateo A Month ago

      @Story Time not a fanboy, i don't even own a samsung, but this kind of phone is for people that have the money to try new things...that's why it is $2000...it's clearly not for people complaining about money, just like iphones, see the similarity??

    • Story Time
      Story Time Month ago

      Mateo A

      Lmao typical fanboy response “lol u can’t afford one”
      Android is trash, that’s why I don’t and won’t have one. I just bought a phone.

    • Mateo A
      Mateo A Month ago

      @Story Time yeah, like you had the money to buy one but pass on it haha

  • anurag dhiman
    anurag dhiman Month ago

    In india apple phones were around 1500-2000 dollars and so many people bought it

  • BetaDBS
    BetaDBS Month ago

    I’ve got to use it. It’s cool not for me

  • JTR
    JTR Month ago +1

    Folding phones could very well replace tablets if they perfect the technology. I'm a big Samsung guy, so I'm excited for this. I was using my Galaxy Tab 2 until I got a Note 9 last year or so.
    When they have the Galaxy Fold 3 out, it'll be worth it.

  • James Baker
    James Baker Month ago

    It's a cool concept that will hopefully lead to better things. But as a consumer product right now, the Fold is junk. In a few years, it could be great!

  • Filthy Ogre
    Filthy Ogre Month ago

    That phone is trash

  • Nurse Ximeña Hates Greedy Microtransactions

    No thanks but still cool

  • iJ2B
    iJ2B Month ago

    so its only good for gaming... riiight. so i am still going with my first impression, USELESS. Having a combo smartphone and tablet seems better to me. I want a full screen smartphone, that im all in for.

  • Jérémy Jourdan
    Jérémy Jourdan Month ago

    not a word to mention the fact that tablets offer just what this phone offers ?? Bigger display and multitasking etc... The presentation is done as if tablets don't exist. Folding is the only innovation, and you pay it the price of an iPad pro lol Zero hype for me for this phone.

  • Chuckstrong GTX
    Chuckstrong GTX Month ago

    What games is he playing?
    And i really like the galaxy fold, however i think the design of the Mate X is way better.
    Now about the price tag, nope i would not buy any phone over 600 USD.

    • Properso :D
      Properso :D Month ago

      The mate X imo might look better but definitely isnt more practical for use everyday. The plastic screen wraps around the outside, so its gonna get a lot of scratches FAST, and also unfolding that phone seems really clumsy. I mean you have to press some little eject button on the back, then pry the screen away with your hands

  • techie101
    techie101 Month ago

    Well for $500 sure, but for twice that much nope. Screen is too fragile.

  • kla jess
    kla jess Month ago

    its to thick..i dont like it,,btw i dont like samsung either,,i dont buy samsung or apple,,phones anymore,,i have an one plus 7 and a honor with 48mp..cam...so im all set,,

  • Versace Lettuce
    Versace Lettuce Month ago

    imagine if companies stopped making damn phones every year lol

  • Augustus Odunze
    Augustus Odunze Month ago +2

    If this device eventually come to a $500 price point i will probably buy it, but not because of its usefulness just because it's cool

  • VN baitae
    VN baitae Month ago

    Can your iphone do this?
    We: no but we can make memes out of it

  • Youn Tune
    Youn Tune Month ago +8

    $1k for new phone, $1.5k for tablet. One device to replace both? What a bargain!
    I remember when touch screens first came out. I kept telling people it's the future and most would argue, yeah but I don't like to put finger prints on the screen. They wanted to see that fail too. I have no time for people rooted in the past.

  • Hui Leng Liu
    Hui Leng Liu Month ago

    Tell me why I need fold????

  • Kevil Harris
    Kevil Harris Month ago

    I definitely would love a folding phone like this. I think the big benefit for me is that I could do really quick things like reply to a text or swipe away an email or something from the tiny front screen and if I wanted to get in depth on something like pull up Twitter or read alot of email - something that I kind of automatically do when I'm checking my phone I'd be thinking about it way more because I have to open up to this other screen

  • kalj
    kalj Month ago

    loving the new intro lmao

  • Beau P
    Beau P Month ago +3

    Don’t compare a decent $699 phone to a $2000 foldy thingy that had problems before it even came out.

    • Crystal2Latina
      Crystal2Latina Month ago

      Nororlol 4life : Okay?

    • Nororlol 4life
      Nororlol 4life Month ago

      @Crystal2Latina you just fell for a joke
      sorry :D

    • Crystal2Latina
      Crystal2Latina Month ago

      Nororlol 4life : Did you buy the $2,000+ Galaxy Fail Fold?

    • Nororlol 4life
      Nororlol 4life Month ago

      @Crystal2Latina did you buy the apple stand?

    • Crystal2Latina
      Crystal2Latina Month ago

      DeepteshLovesTECH : That “next big thing” is the “next big thing” of a horrible piece of shit tech that nobody is going to want or buy. Lol and you fandroids gave Apple hate for selling their flagship phone for $1,000 look at Samsung trying to come out with their bull crap for $2,000 even worse to start a flagship 😂

  • Taha Ali
    Taha Ali Month ago

    Such a nasty intro animation 🤢

  • Potato King
    Potato King Month ago +3

    Some guy: Check out my iPhone 11 Pro!
    Me: Fold my phone.

    • Filthy Ogre
      Filthy Ogre Month ago +1

      Potato King then he scratches it with his fingernail

  • Jensar Joey Sayson
    Jensar Joey Sayson Month ago

    Huawei mate x is so much better on design, no redundant 2nd screen (on a foldable phone..!!!) one main camera, etc.

    The idea of foldable phones is for the phone to be efficient not redundant like Samsung's

  • Taco Pup
    Taco Pup Month ago

    Think I would rather have a folding tablet that fits in ur pocket

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo Month ago

    some tech youtubers be like: "I don't care about Iphones"
    still they talk about it almost every single video

  • Saura Sai
    Saura Sai Month ago +1

    Guys the price is so high of the galaxy fold due to the fact that it,s a new innovation Samsung must have paid large amount of money on their R n d labs to come with something like this only they know how much failed design, and experiment they went through to get to this point so ...You cannot stop innovation because you are comfortable with today,s technology and are afraid to try something new....

  • Affuan Gazi
    Affuan Gazi Month ago

    Ok. I'll get myself a third macbook.

  • Excellent Era
    Excellent Era Month ago

    I don't know why but the intro is gross

  • Rajdeep Kundu
    Rajdeep Kundu Month ago +1

    Can you iPhone 11 be a 2000$ pepper grinder?

  • Toby Pohan
    Toby Pohan Month ago

    The thing that makes me skeptical about folding phones are the aspect ratio

  • Lil FIJI Productions

    Who wants to hold a square tho?

  • Bradley Dias
    Bradley Dias Month ago +2

    "Cool notch display"
    Haven't laughed so hard in my life

  • Sierra Williams
    Sierra Williams Month ago

    I wouldn’t want my iPhone to do that.

  • Avedis Manoukian
    Avedis Manoukian Month ago

    Damn people are still speaking about the new Nintendo ds