Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous Plus 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

  • Published on Feb 4, 2017
  • The Tesla Model S emphatically proves that electric cars can be exciting to drive. I try the top spec P100D model - complete with Ludicrous Mode - a car which in terms of both price and performance competes against the Porsche Panamera Turbo. So is it worth switching on to electric power, or is this Tesla a turn-off? Find out what I think in my detailed review.
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Comments • 2 885

  • James Saunders
    James Saunders 2 days ago

    It just looks so sh** 😏

  • Jake Lewson
    Jake Lewson 3 days ago

    I went to Tesla store in my town yesterday. I have to say, the interior of their cars are laughable for the price tags. They might look ok on videos, but the touch and feel is really cheap in respective price range.

  • Muhammad Dar
    Muhammad Dar 4 days ago

    I like that car a lot !

  • mattdedasc
    mattdedasc 5 days ago

    Fuck it. I'm buying one.

  • NotAidonLauffer YT
    NotAidonLauffer YT 6 days ago

    This is my second favorite car review channel. Great review man!

  • Zaki Jalal
    Zaki Jalal 9 days ago

    If someone can afford to buy £130k
    He would instead buys a brand new Mercedes S-Class and an Audi Q7 or any latest SUV instead of paying £130k just for a large iPad
    That’s stupid

    • Alexz
      Alexz 2 days ago

      Wrong, it's £92k : www.tesla.com/en_GB/models/design?redirect=no#battery

  • Mario -_-Rodrigues
    Mario -_-Rodrigues 16 days ago +12

    Favorite cars
    5 years old: Ferrrai
    10 years old: Lamborghini
    13 years old: Audi r8
    17years old : Honda Civic.
    21 years old: Tesla model S .

    • WildePaw The Fox
      WildePaw The Fox 14 hours ago

      @Geno Geno No one:
      Absolutely no one:
      Not a single soul in the universe:

    • Nice Max
      Nice Max 3 days ago +4

      @Geno Geno Dude you are the toxic one here😂😂 lmao

    • Geno Geno
      Geno Geno 11 days ago +2

      I'll take the Ferrari/lambo/audir8 you take your shitty Tesla and let others have their opinions/preferences you piece of shit. Tesla toxic fucks are everywhere.

    • Иосиф Сталин
      Иосиф Сталин 14 days ago +1

      Mario -_-Rodrigues swich Audi r8 snd Tesla and I agree

  • Ruben Magyar
    Ruben Magyar 24 days ago

    When you buy the P100D your extra cash gives you more performance and not interior quality, so pretty much all of ya can just shut up lol

  • WanderLust
    WanderLust 29 days ago

    Tesla in the Frunk 😍😍😍

  • Good vs Evil
    Good vs Evil 29 days ago

    It looks ugly

  • Andres Michael
    Andres Michael Month ago

    How can you compare this car with an AMG E63S Merc? Other than its speed this car is boring!

  • Chachish Chacho
    Chachish Chacho Month ago

    8:35 it’s funny how he blames the thick pillar design by calling it a blind spot, when in reality it’s a safety feature to reinforce the roof and make the car very safe in a turnover event.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    I would love the rear drive version which still does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds has a bigger front boot and will handle better

  • Alex Simpson - Clancy

    5:59 SMH Windows all misty

  • Alejandro Rubio
    Alejandro Rubio Month ago

    What a boring device!!!!

  • meh Gusta
    meh Gusta Month ago +1

    Lol are people that scared of an electric car? Bunch of conservative Fucks.

  • jerrymyahzcat
    jerrymyahzcat Month ago

    And you should check your mirrors and indicate your intention to pass another car before mashing the pedal. Come on - you need to be a good role model for the viewers. That’s bad and dangerous driving (if not on a closed road, in which case there should be disclaimers).

  • Alasia Humber
    Alasia Humber Month ago

    The S and 3 model are amazing I want this one too

  • k pl
    k pl Month ago +1

    130K and that's what you get, it might be fast but that interior is no were near an interior you would expect from a 130K car.

  • Firebird Don
    Firebird Don Month ago

    Erm, the seat at the back for kids doesn't look safe. Kids need to be in a car seat until they're 12.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      No they don't it depends on their height I stopped using a seat when I was 9

  • Marco Mark Productions

    In other news... some say the BMW M5 actually is a supercar

    • joseph hardwicke
      joseph hardwicke Month ago +1

      the m5 competition goes around a track faster than an aston martin v8 vantage. It definitely is a supercar.

  • suraj phalke
    suraj phalke Month ago

    What was up with the screen..laggy as hell...

  • Abdulla Alsabti
    Abdulla Alsabti 2 months ago

    *floors the throttle twice, kills the battery*

  • Akash Kunte
    Akash Kunte 2 months ago +2

    The only thing I didn't like is the Rear seats.

  • Niki Shadow9
    Niki Shadow9 2 months ago

    Nikola Tesla 😁❤️🇷🇸

  • David Jones
    David Jones 2 months ago

    Why are you so negative, I positively love it.
    Can you use the screen as a calculator? “Like”, how many things have you broken by throwing them?
    And, should I have started the sentence with a “So”, or perhaps a Bob Pest-on every day...Wellllll? And, finally, was this a ‘Hands on’, video?
    Where were you going when I saw you coming back, when I caught you up, you had gone. Like me.
    Isn’t it windy? No it’s Thursday, now put the kettle on and make me brew!

  • Michael J
    Michael J 2 months ago

    8:00 the tires wouldn’t make less or more noise if they were mounted on any other sedan. You hear the noise because the car itself is operating at near silence! You know that, you Asshole!
    This whole clip is a Tesla bash disguised as an innocent and merely objective review.
    F*** you too

  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 2 months ago

    £130000 🤪 just for really fast acceleration , no luxury interiors , no quick refueling , no sporty handling or sound , just space of a normal SUV and fast acceleration

    • Alexz
      Alexz Month ago +1

      The new P100D Ludicrous Raven costs £95000, and is even faster.

    • Thibault Libat
      Thibault Libat 2 months ago +1

      That's a sedan, not a suv

  • LegendaryVegeta
    LegendaryVegeta 2 months ago +1

    id rather have a bently

    • joseph hardwicke
      joseph hardwicke Month ago

      @The Gaming Norwegian yes but you could get a v8 and an interior that matches the price.

    • The Gaming Norwegian
      The Gaming Norwegian 2 months ago

      Nice, paying a premium from an overpriced brand that rapes ur pocket when it comes to options that also cheats on emmisions daily, great choice.

  • faraz_ 224
    faraz_ 224 2 months ago

    What's the dougscore

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar 2 months ago

    Is 70 mph is speed?
    In AMEO car i will go in 100 mph

    • AceDrakon
      AceDrakon 2 months ago

      lmao you idiot, this thing can easily go above 150 mph (250kmph) what he was talking about is its acceleration. The model s accelerates faster than most supercars lmao a Volkswagen ameo is nothing compared to it

  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch 2 months ago

    its just 1080p throughout the video

  • 10 subs without vids yeeyee

    I’m talking about the Tesla model s has no engine

  • 10 subs without vids yeeyee

    The Tesla has no engine

  • RedlineShadow29
    RedlineShadow29 3 months ago


  • Alita Kicksa**!
    Alita Kicksa**! 3 months ago +6

    You are not paying for luxury. You are buying technology that no one else has.

  • Gas Pedal Subscribe
    Gas Pedal Subscribe 3 months ago +4

    Tesla fanboys if they win traffic light Grand Prix :
    And it’s a family sedan!!!!

    If they lose:
    Well it’s a family sedan what do u expect?

  • John Mooney
    John Mooney 3 months ago

    I'd hate to have try and push it if it broke down

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 3 months ago

    Can you watch porn in that car and bust a fat one in that car if you can atleast the car has white seats

  • Jumping.kangaroo Yeet
    Jumping.kangaroo Yeet 3 months ago

    Is the scene on a bit of a slant .??

  • David Richter
    David Richter 3 months ago

    Can you actually buy a Tesla super charge off the Tesla website?

  • CanisoGaming
    CanisoGaming 3 months ago

    2:50 dat car sound in background, beautiful but i still prefer tesla XD

  • sebastian spalding
    sebastian spalding 3 months ago

    i raced one these today in my built not bought gsi16v around 200bhp and 245nw and as soon as i got over 100mph and some corners came up i was gone lol

    • Alexz
      Alexz 3 months ago +1

      Lol... a GSI 16v Kissling has 204hp / 295 Nm and needs 18,6 seconds from 100 to 125 mph !!!
      The Tesla does it in less than 5 seconds 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • _AnanD_ ML_
    _AnanD_ ML_ 3 months ago

    Entire attempt to showcase your Tesla got spoiled at 2:52... listen to that orchestra fellas

  • Purav Parekh
    Purav Parekh 3 months ago

    The stirring wheel is the n the wrong place

  • Adam Alexander
    Adam Alexander 3 months ago

    Hey look! Hitler hanging out in the front trunk

  • necrosbowen
    necrosbowen 3 months ago

    just out of curiosity i love your video's but you are always saying if you click up there and pointing to top right yet you never actually add any links in the top right am i missing something ?

  • Ng Xiang Yu
    Ng Xiang Yu 4 months ago

    Edison-GE 90

  • Evan Bertrand
    Evan Bertrand 4 months ago

    If you are thinking about getting a new model s, use my referral code and get 1500 km of free supercharging! Here is my referral link that will take you to tesla's website where you can place an order for a model s, 3, or X. ts.la/evan4403

  • and i oop-
    and i oop- 4 months ago

    The next model Tesla Xnxxx

  • Yusuf BORA
    Yusuf BORA 4 months ago +3

    2:50 Listen that symphony forget about electric car

  • Zaylas Pelt
    Zaylas Pelt 4 months ago

    Tesla is the Future!!!!! They're so nice!!!!!

  • Laurentiu Trifan
    Laurentiu Trifan 4 months ago

    Now, a good idea would be ... to buy an EMR measurement device ... and measure the level of electromagnetical radiations in that Tesla 3 ... and compare it with the level in your "fossil" car. After that ... buy some foils of lead (stomathological clinics know where to buy such a product) ... and cover all the car floor ... and the motor compartment. And continue this covering until the level of EMR is safe. It will save your wife ... from some nasty cancers. Maybe the rest of the family, also, will benefit from that. Good luck :-) www.saferemr.com/2014/07/shouldnt-hybrid-and-electric-cars-be-re.html

  • Ivo Ivanov
    Ivo Ivanov 4 months ago

    Someone still your money mate 95.500 with all extras inc VAT is brand new.. so I don't know what are u talking about 130K...

  • Ethan keenan
    Ethan keenan 4 months ago

    2090 £3000 option for fake engien niose cost more for better engien noise

  • Ethan keenan
    Ethan keenan 4 months ago

    Im not gonna drive an electric car unless oil runs out or petrol and desil car are band

  • Kophie Dogbey
    Kophie Dogbey 4 months ago

    Who would be playing Games on their infotainment system while driving? Dumb!!

  • craig dunn
    craig dunn 4 months ago

    It looks so lovely car

  • Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers 4 months ago +1

    Every tesla is rubish

  • nesh o
    nesh o 4 months ago

    04:28 the lag.... It hurts

  • WithoutLogic: Andrew
    WithoutLogic: Andrew 4 months ago

    My dream car 😍

  • Rick Hustwick
    Rick Hustwick 4 months ago

    Let me withdraw the cash and walk down to the ... wait. No door bins? Back to Nissan Leaf.

  • Sheriff's office
    Sheriff's office 4 months ago

    I like the car but nothing like the mercedes v8 rumble so i rather pay 90k and drive E63s 4matic than this one

  • j benz
    j benz 4 months ago

    Ironically, Tesla models:
    S E X

  • Cameron Milligan
    Cameron Milligan 4 months ago

    Was anyone else wanting him to turn the windscreen Air on? How bloody foggy was his windows lol

  • Supreeth NS
    Supreeth NS 4 months ago

    Let's be honest, this car is better and practical than any petrol high end sedan and sports cars.

  • Giovanni Contreraz
    Giovanni Contreraz 4 months ago

    My dream would be hotboxing a telsa

  • Poendasie
    Poendasie 5 months ago +3

    Absolutely beautiful car. Definately getting one once I can

  • Pistol Pete
    Pistol Pete 5 months ago

    Still don’t see how that control screen can be legal? Being able to do sudoku puzzles whilst the car is in motion?

  • borna asi
    borna asi 5 months ago

    Cute how the electric car guys commenting don’t even have the money to afford one of these. Gas powered cars are more fun, WAY more fun. You want practicality and value, buy a base Tesla, you want to shit your pants and wow everyone around you, buy a Lamborghini

  • lucious brun
    lucious brun 5 months ago

    I've never seen so much jealousy as the comments here. Sad af.

  • jzilla1234
    jzilla1234 5 months ago

    It's like driving a hospital ward.

  • Tihami Tahmid
    Tihami Tahmid 5 months ago

    I was never into cars, the obsession started a year ago when I started watching your videos.

  • shane Mason
    shane Mason 5 months ago

    nice sea master 300m

  • Deepak Nama
    Deepak Nama 5 months ago

    Your Amazing

  • veksone77
    veksone77 5 months ago

    So that's around 165k US? Umm... I'm good...

  • Julian Irvine
    Julian Irvine 5 months ago

    Launching the car probably felt like you were in a full size slot car! Lol

  • David Fregoli
    David Fregoli 5 months ago

    Tesla was in the Tesla

  • dejan Mikovic
    dejan Mikovic 5 months ago

    I really don't know what's the catch with this
    seat's , it's very

  • xiam19
    xiam19 5 months ago

    What about autopilot?

  • Nicolas Bocchino
    Nicolas Bocchino 5 months ago +1

    The interior is worse than an e class, but costs 130k. Sounds great

  • Cranberry
    Cranberry 5 months ago

    My music teacher bought this car 😂😂😂

  • Mohit Aggarwal
    Mohit Aggarwal 5 months ago +1

    In 2 years this car will be just $20k and I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Quest ForThe13thNote
    Quest ForThe13thNote 6 months ago

    He really does kind of ‘trash’ the car when he reviews it, slamming everything and throwing shelves off. I wouldn’t be doing that if it was my car, especially something so expensive.

  • Aaron Hart
    Aaron Hart 6 months ago +5

    Why aren't other car manufactures making cars this cool?
    Oh..... Oil lobbyists. :(

  • 99Zombies
    99Zombies 6 months ago


  • Phill Ingham
    Phill Ingham 6 months ago

    This car is far far far too wide, fat don't cover it... You think a range rover wide nope

  • Charlie K
    Charlie K 6 months ago

    A sliding roof? A leaking roof? One more reason not to get a Tesla.

  • R Han
    R Han 6 months ago +1

    I would say the tesla model s is better because it goes fastest speed then the tesla model x suv

  • Thamsanqa Biyela
    Thamsanqa Biyela 6 months ago

    Looks to me like an Aston Martin

  • Sheriff's office
    Sheriff's office 6 months ago

    A car with no sound lol interior sucks exterior looks like a kia or hyundai you are paying for fuel economy and 0 to 60 those 2 you are paying 130k? Really ? I rather drive bentley continental GT

  • Jawad Ahmed
    Jawad Ahmed 6 months ago

    This is doug demuro.

  • Mike C
    Mike C 6 months ago

    I love this car. Ive been lucky enough to own a few performance sedans and SUVs and this is exceedingly good. I love AMG, Mpower & SVR engines bit this thing rips.

  • Bilal Piano
    Bilal Piano 6 months ago

    "Better than ipad " ?!! Dont get too excited

    • The Gaming Norwegian
      The Gaming Norwegian 2 months ago

      U have obviously never tried one, and ipad`s sucks, ever since Cook take over, apple has been shit..

  • The Suave
    The Suave 6 months ago

    I got Tesla and Infiniti Q60 red sport and I love the the simplicity of the Tesla but I also love nodding my q60

  • moby gamer
    moby gamer 6 months ago

    Luckily for me I’m a petrol head and I also really like Tesla’s, so I can have the fun of arguing with both Tesla fanatics and people who hate them

  • Ku Playford Valls
    Ku Playford Valls 6 months ago

    Daaaamn that screen is laggier that a Windows 98 computer... WTF!

  • Deni Defaux
    Deni Defaux 6 months ago

    Interior looks cheap

  • David Mays
    David Mays 6 months ago

    ICE are dead dead dead

  • Comfort Adejare
    Comfort Adejare 6 months ago

    I prefer to buy a range rover for 130 000 pounds