Someone Actually Raided Area 51

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • Links To Sources:
    Area 51:
    Homeless Dog: watch/?v=800884160330839
    Cow: pBxsRAwVDITS/
    Fast Food: pBhWqPiqjfiE/
    Cuttlefish: pB2eG_W8AzZm/
    Derp Dog:
    Dog Pig: pB2ciqQTAuC9/
    Songs: Dub Spirit - Jingle Punks

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Comments • 10 757

  • CallMeGhost
    CallMeGhost 3 months ago +75272

    she wanted to speak to the manager of area 51

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator 11 hours ago

    I think the base was moved once the general population heard of it. I heard there's a Chuck E Cheese there now.

  • Legenda
    Legenda 11 hours ago

    Me: *raiding area 51*
    Guard: Stop right there and don't move
    Me: My mom works here
    Guard: You can go

  • thomas engevik
    thomas engevik 11 hours ago

    1:53 vamo argentina ajjaj

  • YouTube Motitas
    YouTube Motitas 11 hours ago +1

    Still wonder what happened to her

  • Tyronnosaurus
    Tyronnosaurus 11 hours ago

    “You will be shot if you trespass”
    Woman: I live life on the edge

  • Dingo
    Dingo 11 hours ago

    when the dog said "AEURUEERUEURUE" I felt that in my SOUL 😭😭😭

  • Tacos W
    Tacos W 23 hours ago

    0:08 _do_ _it_ _!_

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 23 hours ago

    Nobody cared about the homeless man until he was reunited with his dog.

  • jazzalcubo x
    jazzalcubo x Day ago

    argentina my country

  • My pp Is tiny
    My pp Is tiny Day ago

    That’s not a raid.?

  • f b
    f b Day ago

    Build trucks with walls dumbass people.

  • f b
    f b Day ago

    Nobody raided anything this videos stupid, oh and the woman is probably a missing person now.

  • Ye Aadmi
    Ye Aadmi Day ago +1

    1st scene:Women actually raiding area 51
    Next scene:Dog screaming really weirdly
    Me:she probably found dat dog there

  • IconSpal538
    IconSpal538 Day ago

    I’m going to tell my kids this is their grandma

  • The answer is YES! Jesus STILL loves you!

    He man and is dog seriously made my heart fel good.

  • Alex Goodman
    Alex Goodman 2 days ago

    Did you know cuttlefish don’t like to cuddle?!

    • Dingo
      Dingo 11 hours ago

      how do you know

  • Echo
    Echo 2 days ago

    Why didn’t anyone actually raid it

  • YT Stelass
    YT Stelass 2 days ago

    The legend says the lady never came back

  • Oceania Azarine
    Oceania Azarine 2 days ago +1

    Karen went too far

  • Invincible Focus
    Invincible Focus 2 days ago

    What did she want to do in area 51

  • Why has god forsaken us

    *I didnt know Boomers went to the raid.*

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 2 days ago

    Anyone else hear the guy behind the camera doing Palpatine's "Do it!"?

  • handy manny
    handy manny 3 days ago

    Actually that woman is a soldier to maybe?

  • Bogda David
    Bogda David 3 days ago +15

    *lady walking into area 51*
    Random guy: says “do it” in a palpatine voice

  • Kaden Johns
    Kaden Johns 3 days ago

    She didn't raid it. She Walk through the main gain

  • Brad MacArthur
    Brad MacArthur 4 days ago

    Her son works in Area 51 and he forgot his lunch.

  • Bernard chezmond dinglechalk

    2:31 whats gonna work teeeaaam work

  • Michael Del Castillo

    0:36: When I talk with a sore throat

  • Tessa Woodyard
    Tessa Woodyard 5 days ago +2

    Warning I am not Tessa woodyard I’m her daughter)
    Comments) me and my dad think that my grandpa used to work at Area 51. Must be true....

  • Geum Ji-min
    Geum Ji-min 5 days ago +1

    Actually, area 51 is home for the aged.

  • Hoàng Quốc Hưng
    Hoàng Quốc Hưng 5 days ago

    2:00 welcome to Argentina

  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma 5 days ago +1

    Plot twist- she wasn't a human she was alien

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 6 days ago

    What if she was working for area 51 and they sent her out looking like a normal citizen so that people would stop

  • Strixyy
    Strixyy 6 days ago


  • ola kede
    ola kede 6 days ago

    0:36 When you eat too much salt

  • Zentopia GROWTOPIA
    Zentopia GROWTOPIA 6 days ago +1

    imagine after walking past the gate pass she got shot in the head. ;-;

  • Daniel
    Daniel 7 days ago +5

    All you hear in the back ground “Do it,Do it”

  • jloppie thomas
    jloppie thomas 7 days ago

    she just walks into the sunset down the long road like rambo

  • jloppie thomas
    jloppie thomas 7 days ago

    she dident prove anything then if theres 10 miles to the next gate before shes even really on the base

  • Random Productions
    Random Productions 7 days ago +6

    What an alien sounds like talking to that woman the raided

  • Loyd Daez
    Loyd Daez 8 days ago

    Cops just stand outside? I guess cops are not allowed to go in also because they will get shot too.

  • Gab The crazy derp dude

    Some guy: DONT DO IT!
    palpatine: *Do it* .

  • Ordinarylucas77
    Ordinarylucas77 9 days ago

    That woman had the balls to raid

  • KINGDEFT 098
    KINGDEFT 098 9 days ago


  • Clock
    Clock 9 days ago

    And never came back

  • JohndayVids
    JohndayVids 9 days ago


  • JohndayVids
    JohndayVids 9 days ago

    The dog is beatboxing

  • Holy RedEye
    Holy RedEye 10 days ago

    Can’t believe people forgot what the word Raid actually means🙄

  • Erick Johnson
    Erick Johnson 10 days ago

    Pit bull Mon from chowder
    “Rada Rada”

  • GamingWithHang Rai
    GamingWithHang Rai 10 days ago +2

    Plot twist: It was actually an alien

  • private
    private 10 days ago


  • Mr. Bombastic
    Mr. Bombastic 10 days ago +1

    I heard a small whisper saying *_do it, do it_*

  • Dave
    Dave 10 days ago

    Why they so many haters!?

  • Air
    Air 11 days ago

    Thank you for this video Leafy

  • Scrum Didly
    Scrum Didly 11 days ago

    Big up jake

  • Davy Kyun
    Davy Kyun 11 days ago +1

    That guy isn't holding on to balloons....he's holding on to his job

  • wes dryden
    wes dryden 11 days ago

    So did she get there ? What Happened to her ?

  • Lance Uppercut
    Lance Uppercut 11 days ago +4

    10 miles
    one bottle of water
    her hand bag
    comfy shoes
    Tarmaced road
    And a pissed off reason to go there .
    Trust me she made it 😂.

  • GD Scoptic
    GD Scoptic 11 days ago