Full Frontal’s Second Annual Brett Kavanaugh Remembrance Act | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • As is the custom when an alleged sexual assaulter is confirmed to the Supreme Court, once a year we are all forced to relive the trauma of his confirmation and learn of even more incriminating information against him! Fun!
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Comments • 821

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 9 days ago

    I luv you sam.👍👍

  • Kitten Diotima
    Kitten Diotima 10 days ago

    Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached.

  • HashTag Mastermind
    HashTag Mastermind Month ago

    03:21 He better not be talking about 09-11-01 b/c that would be the end of him.

  • DrMossydog
    DrMossydog Month ago

    Kreepy Rapey Kavanaugh.

  • Cyndi Simpson
    Cyndi Simpson Month ago

    We KNEW the FBI didn't do a complete investigation at the time, as ordered by the White House. Why is everyone looking so shocked and surprised?

  • Linda PS
    Linda PS Month ago

    I hope you will L et the Anger go TED, I hear Houston from a Friend is Turning PURPLE and you are NOT a favorite. I'll get back with her in 20/20 for a Follow Up.

  • TrixM
    TrixM Month ago

    "A rat king of penises" - I hope the writer who came up with that line is being well-rewarded!

  • BundesRepublic Murica

    Doesn’t surprise me at all that the FBI wouldn’t call or visit some one who makes or is willing to make a witness statement about a government official who did something wrong. It appears that their (the FBI’s) job is to scrutinize we the people you know the ones of us who are not in federal employ or holding an elected or appointed federal office. They just investigate the little people

  • Sandi Billingsley
    Sandi Billingsley Month ago

    Amen sister😙

  • dandelan
    dandelan Month ago

    Sam's reaction to Ted Cruz from 3:32 till 3:40 will NEVER get old!

  • Canuck867
    Canuck867 Month ago

    Why does the rest of the world know more about whats happening in the USA than americans do?

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival Month ago

    Really hating that I can't tell what order these are in.

  • Jennie Verrando
    Jennie Verrando Month ago

    Dear Samantha Bee - please, please come back to canada...we need you!

  • Marnie Friedman
    Marnie Friedman Month ago

    Impeach Kavanaugh and Trump (and Clarence Thomas)! They are pure garbage and white privileged POS!!!!!

  • Danny Swiss
    Danny Swiss Month ago

    3:30 BEST RESPONSE!!!!

  • Barjas Al Barjas
    Barjas Al Barjas Month ago

    Noam Chomsky and many top-notch intellectuals have warned us over and over again that the greatest existential threat to mankind is the Republican Party.

  • 7DK
    7DK Month ago +1

    too bad not a single person named by ford or anyone else corroborated anything and that the dates and locations changed multiple times and that fords lawyer was spotted saying a driving factor behind the allegations was that Kavanaugh would overturn Roe V. Wade. Really seems credible

  • R Wilson
    R Wilson Month ago +1

    Loved the Kavanaugh hearing and might have to watch it again . My fav two judges are the notorious one and Brett good people both . Thank goodness we still have law in this society .

  • Gerald Sutton
    Gerald Sutton Month ago +1

    HEY PEOPLE.....let's have a double impeachment......
    Get two for the price of one.....????
    I'll be a new record....... ;-) a new first.......
    History going on in front of our eyes....!!!!
    (GO CONGRESS...)

  • Ricky Disco
    Ricky Disco Month ago +1

    The 'American People ' did not decide a government agency did Ted, you dreadful little man.

  • Karen Jenkins
    Karen Jenkins Month ago +1

    The American people, were yelling their lungs out, and were ignored

  • Erin Thesystem
    Erin Thesystem Month ago +1

    That Tucker Carlson clip at the end was Classic!! 😅

  • M C Smith
    M C Smith Month ago +1

    Bless you Samantha for bringing out the full absurdity of our modern times.

  • Honest Opinion
    Honest Opinion Month ago +2

    I just love the silent of the Disgusting Christians.
    Burn the Bible and End Hypocrisy.

    • Young God
      Young God Month ago

      The ones that say babies shouldn't be killed?

  • Mandalyn Echols
    Mandalyn Echols Month ago

    We knew the FBI was stymied at the time. Why is everyone pretending we just found out?

  • JLA John Shea 1966
    JLA John Shea 1966 Month ago +1

    Samantha 🐝 Bee IS the Buzz! Get over it CONservatives! 💘 U Ms. Bee 🤗💋❤🖖

  • Thomas Lloyd
    Thomas Lloyd Month ago +1

    Integrity?? Ok, let's pretend like the GOPhers hove any.

  • Hayes Dabney
    Hayes Dabney Month ago +1

    He did it....a lot!

  • Alex Daniel
    Alex Daniel Month ago

    When is Sam gonna talk about climate change and Greta?

  • Terry Kane
    Terry Kane Month ago +2

    Why does Kavanaugh cry every time he's on a date? Mace.

  • Reading is Magic! TV
    Reading is Magic! TV Month ago +1

    Why should the “victim” remember? Look what happened to Blasi-Ford! She bravely testified and was totally humiliated.

  • zanechaos
    zanechaos Month ago

    @3:23 i’m gagging 🤮

  • Roger Aronson
    Roger Aronson Month ago +1

    Love you Samantha Bee

  • Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer

    They don't teach ethics in high school. The American public is not qualified to make a judgement on this because the average person has no critical thinking skills.

  • Kingmax9999
    Kingmax9999 Month ago

    Samantha bee = comes from Canada , does nothing but talk poorly of America and Americans . www.cnn.com/2019/09/21/opinions/trudeau-blackface-canada-no-racial-haven-khan/index.html

  • Jason Faulkner
    Jason Faulkner Month ago +1

    But wouldn't the FBI prefer more Republican Supreme Court Judges? For the law and order mentality of course, but also to further weaken the 4th amendment in favor of The State.

  • Orphan Annie
    Orphan Annie Month ago


  • Suraj Raghupathy
    Suraj Raghupathy Month ago

    I LOVE YOU, SAMMY BEE!!! This video made my day!!

  • Suraj Raghupathy
    Suraj Raghupathy Month ago

    I LOVE YOU, SAMMY BEE!!! This video made my day!!

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson Month ago

    This guy is stuck in frat boy mode & perjured himself multiple times. He was obnoxious and buffoonish.

  • Ryan Bianchi
    Ryan Bianchi Month ago

    Because the accusations were SO credible...

  • A.I. Anondo
    A.I. Anondo Month ago

    Terribly sad. This isssue is one of a long list of issues that shows that american politics has lost its moral highground and no longer shares universal values.

  • Sambo Escondido
    Sambo Escondido Month ago

    Sweet Captain Kangaroo coat!

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips Month ago +2

    Hey Sam, now that this has been exposed to be a bunch of nonsense, are you going to apologize to Kavanaugh?

  • Courtney Lynn
    Courtney Lynn Month ago

    His head is weird.

  • Bob Reynolds
    Bob Reynolds Month ago

    Holy cow, has it been a year already since he was confirmed to the Supreme Court?

  • Tim Hunt
    Tim Hunt Month ago

    Never has the USA been so cheap

  • George B
    George B Month ago

    Sam MoveOn.org

  • Chris Spencer
    Chris Spencer Month ago

    progressives let accept it.

  • Jerome Pizinger
    Jerome Pizinger Month ago

    Another Epstein, now a supreme court jester!!

  • FMAiscool
    FMAiscool Month ago

    My cousin is an FBI agent and he is a giant Trump supporter.

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips Month ago +1

    Keep going Sam, you will get Donald re-elected in 2020!

    • Jonny Sevent
      Jonny Sevent Month ago

      @Andrew Phillips - Well so you say. So even if you're correct, what would you suggest? Ignore his wrongdoings? Ban comedy? If Trump gets re-elected then it could hardly be said that America didn't deserve their misfortune, and the loss of their position in the world. All the information is available for people to make a decision, but apparently most American people just don't care that much to educate themselves.

    • Andrew Phillips
      Andrew Phillips Month ago +1

      Sure she is. Just like she and the rest of the late night crew helped him get elected in 2016. They will never learn

    • Jonny Sevent
      Jonny Sevent Month ago +1

      Huh? That makes no sense. She's doing nothing to help that lying criminal in any way.

  • first last
    first last Month ago +1

    SCROTUS, not SCOTUS. Entitled rich boys.

  • Dave C
    Dave C Month ago

    so glad Sam pointed out to Cruz and everyone that "the American people DID not get to vote" on BK.....I haven't heard anyone else say this except myself until now

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango Month ago +1

    Every time I look at Kavenaugh’s face 🤢I feel like 🤮

  • Liza Tanzawa
    Liza Tanzawa Month ago

    Skippable ad or I WON'T BUY IT!

  • curls under construction

    Ted Cruz with facial hair is 2019's Dr. Arliss Loveless...

  • Bill Philippou
    Bill Philippou Month ago

    Terrible rant

  • NaturalNikkiSmile
    NaturalNikkiSmile Month ago

    I'm a Dem and a female, but this one is a little ridiculous. Drunken college party, don't think this is a valid argument to prevent appointment unless he did this as a hobby in his adult life.

    GOLDEN BUDDHA Month ago +2