30 SIMPLE DRAWING TIPS AND TRICKS FOR BEGINNERS || Drawing And Painting Life Hacks And Tutorials

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
    Do you have a favorite hobby? I have a couple of hobbies that help me to relax after a stressful day. Drawing is my favorite hobby and I can spend hours creating different pictures. Moreover, drawing has a lot of physical and mental benefits and it’s the best way to express your creativity. Drawing stimulates the brain activity responsible for imagination. You will be surprised that drawing has health benefits as it normalizes heart rate, makes us happy and improve blood pressure. Some people think that drawing could be very difficult but you don’t need to go to art school to learn how to draw. It seems impossible, but you can achieve great results after watching our tutorials. All you need to practice a bit and the result is guaranteed.
    Watch this video and you will find easy tutorials on how to draw various animals like horses, lions, frogs, butterflies, and birds. Besides, you don’t need to buy an expensive tool, all you need is a pencil and ink pen to create cute pictures.
    We share one more creative idea! Check out how to make a bleach pen that is a perfect tool to create cute pictures and posters. Follow these steps: take a bowl and pour bleach into it. Next, remove the tip out of a highlighter and soak it until the original color is gone. It will take a couple of hours. After that make a colorful background, take a bleach marker and start creating.
    As a bonus, you will find out how to draw parts of the human body. Watch the video till the end to learn how to draw a hand, eyes, lips, and hair.
    00:09 How to draw a lion
    00:36 A quick way to draw a cat
    03:01 How to draw different birds
    04:54 DIY Bleach pen
    11:11 How to draw lips
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