The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Is a $175,000 Super Sedan

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
    The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door is a super sedan -- and a very impressive one. Today I'm reviewing the new AMG GT63S 4-door to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door, and I'm driving the AMG GT 4-door as well.
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  • aftli
    aftli Day ago

    Doug! I thought I'd let you know about a quirk of Mercedes cars you might not know about - I've watched just about all of your videos, and I've never seen you mention it. I just bought a 2017 C300. Digging around in the infotainment system, as we do, I found that the car will tell me where Mecca is. I've never seen that in any other car. It's on the screen that shows just the compass in the navigation system.

  • Mad Ras Team wii don't play

    Me: can it fly
    Answer: no
    Me: I am still back to stuck in traffic. Let me know when they get wings. Back to my Honda Clarity. Nice looking car tho

  • v1nc-alpha
    v1nc-alpha 2 days ago

    These buttons are bettet than your buttons

    *Owns a Rolls Royce with golden buttons*
    _am i a joke to you_

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 2 days ago

    I think it looks like a scaled-up Chrysler Crossfire. As in, it looks like a dog taking a shit.

  • Maksim Domanskiy
    Maksim Domanskiy 2 days ago

    Last month watching your videos and like them a lot! I `m a big fan of Top Gear and Grand Tour shows, so your format with microscopical atteition to details and kind a english humor is perfect for me. More this, i tryin better my english, and your speach is incredible clear and understandable. Thank you for your job! But i have one wish. Many cars have some hi-end SuperMegaLuxuary sound equipment. It will be nice touch, if you give us your personal opinion about how it sound. I know you not an maniac audiofile, but you have a big experience of car sound and can tell us "yep, it`s really Bang&Olufsen sound". Thanks a lot for you doing, again:)

  • Harvey Jennings
    Harvey Jennings 4 days ago're all welcome

  • Benjamin Froussos
    Benjamin Froussos 5 days ago +1

    Crazy how small the rims look. Even 21s.

  • 谢昊天
    谢昊天 5 days ago

    Glad to see doug liked this car so much and gave it a really good Doug score. Just got the car last week, and beside the confusing af display icons on the buttons, I’m loving it.

  • Jay Rajesh Arya JRA Music Maniac

    whatever you speak looks like you making fun of this incredible beauty

  • J-Lee Official
    J-Lee Official 6 days ago +1

    Could you make a video comparing this car with the Panamera please.

    • Timothy Marland
      Timothy Marland 5 days ago

      J-Lee Official bro wtf is the video on your channel

  • Yashvin Tackoory
    Yashvin Tackoory 6 days ago +1

    Wow speaking of exercising, i am looking forward to looking like scott steinerafter buyinh this car.

  • koy pond
    koy pond 7 days ago

    The market for this $175,000 car can't be here in the USA. I consider myself upper middle class and sadly, I'm officially out of the means to afford luxury car. My last luxury car was a 2001 BMW X5 which I paid cash for. 19 years later, I'm officially no longer a statistic for buyers of luxury cars. Bye BMW, AUDI, MB. Hello, TOYOTA and HONDA.

  • KH4444444444N
    KH4444444444N 8 days ago +3

    Come to Montreal and drive/review my 1986 560SEC Mercedes. @dougdemuro

  • jamel Williams
    jamel Williams 8 days ago

    It’s so annoying to see the “Doug is the type of guy” comments.... every fucking video.

  • Mihir 2009
    Mihir 2009 9 days ago +4

    Mercedes: We made the AMG GT 4-door which costs $175,000.
    Me: No thanks, I’ll take the BMW M5 for $105,000.

  • TokenFanatic
    TokenFanatic 9 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to invite vroom and carvana to the same prom...

  • Meme Person
    Meme Person 9 days ago +2

    Mercedes the king of blank switches

  • Vlad Bratila
    Vlad Bratila 10 days ago

    Could you compare this car to the s63amg 2019? The one with the same engine, how big of a difference is there between the two, wich one would you choose taking in consideration that u have one child?

  • Sanghoon Lee
    Sanghoon Lee 11 days ago

    4 door coupes just look wrong from the side view.

  • Night Beard
    Night Beard 11 days ago

    The front grill Mercedes emblem looks terrible. ITS TOO BIG! The rest of the car is gorgeous.

  • anonymous
    anonymous 12 days ago

    Why are car dealers calling 4 door saloons "coupes"

  • Kenneth Lenore
    Kenneth Lenore 12 days ago

    Did he talk about the self driving part ?

  • DannyDanko
    DannyDanko 12 days ago

    The CLS looks better

  • ItzNot Josh
    ItzNot Josh 12 days ago

    From the back of the car It doesn’t look like a Mercedes anymore

  • J Grn
    J Grn 12 days ago

    Wow im a Mercedes guy awesome.but the price too high.but the bang for the buck it's there.but super duper Gt.peace

  • Top 10 entertainment
    Top 10 entertainment 12 days ago

    Doug stop acting like u can't buy these high end cars we all know how much u make monthly from youtube.... you're rich af !! U bought a
    400,000 ford GT stop actin broke

  • Emre Polat
    Emre Polat 13 days ago

    Doug the type of guy who forgets answers because of other questions

  • A Plate of 13 Emails
    A Plate of 13 Emails 13 days ago


  • Lach P
    Lach P 13 days ago

    Why is the hazard light smack bang in the middle of the touch screen? You're not going to be using it often, so why not place it higher on the dashboard away from buttons you're going to press frequently?

  • Galuh Khalila
    Galuh Khalila 14 days ago

    I love the way he said *buttons*

  • Myoui Messi
    Myoui Messi 14 days ago

    Nice..but alrdy buy regera..

  • Cristobal Clunes
    Cristobal Clunes 14 days ago

    4:15 when doug presses the butto it says off both times wtf

  • Shred Spectrum
    Shred Spectrum 14 days ago

    Now I just need a spare 150,000 just laying around

  • Andy Mishig
    Andy Mishig 15 days ago

    Looks like a hatchback or a station wagon

  • Spy See Sauce
    Spy See Sauce 15 days ago

    ........then with a center cap that try hard and imitate the single bolt. Very classy.
    Dear MB, Who are you trying to fool?

  • T Wills
    T Wills 15 days ago

    Four door coupe 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Afacto Cars
    Afacto Cars 16 days ago

    The title should be:
    The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Is a $175,000 Super Coupe

  • Bishalia Bowman
    Bishalia Bowman 16 days ago +1

    This got the Porsche Panamera beat. I’m in Love

  • Antonio Lira
    Antonio Lira 16 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to bare knee some pavement when reviewing the rear of a amg coupe

  • R2COM
    R2COM 16 days ago

    Also, if some owner rewards this comment: I have Honda CrV with previous and next track control buttons, if you want I can’t easily trade in with zero $ difference

  • R2COM
    R2COM 16 days ago

    When you review such cars pleas drive them on a racing track

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 17 days ago

    I really really enjoyed this video

  • Juandalato
    Juandalato 17 days ago

    I think it’s kinda cheap, having in mind that $500,000 super cars have less details and useful things.

  • Rebekah Mullins
    Rebekah Mullins 18 days ago

    Hey Doug did you see that little AMG logo above the exhaust.

  • martin hanssson
    martin hanssson 19 days ago

    Panameras sister

  • Francois Nelson-Viljoen

    THIS car connects to the internet and i dont know how that works? TSK TSK TSK

  • Boat Man
    Boat Man 19 days ago

    This is obscene, lots of stuff that you will never use, the Microsoft Word of cars.
    If you think you need this you should re-evaluate your life.

  • Moritz W
    Moritz W 19 days ago

    This is my dream car. But when I am able to afford it, there will be only E-engines left lol.

  • T McT
    T McT 20 days ago

    LOVE the no touch screen! I hate looking at dirty screens!

  • Hgzh Hghj
    Hgzh Hghj 20 days ago

    Doug, the kind of guy to get paid for saying the word "button" as many as times as possible..

  • alhamza make
    alhamza make 22 days ago

    The Panamera is actually nicer in my opinion

  • arber rustani
    arber rustani 22 days ago +1

    2:46 nice GLA

  • joey g
    joey g 22 days ago

    Doug’s the kinda guy that makes more money than all the guys that make fun of him.You know the kinda guy that smiles on his way to the bank .

  • Abay Amangali
    Abay Amangali 24 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to say a sedan, saying a COUPE, then a hatchback.

  • Baker Dow
    Baker Dow 24 days ago

    It looks like a Dodge Charger made love with a 2011 CLS. This is coming from a Londoner 😂😂

  • András Pajor dr.
    András Pajor dr. 25 days ago

    Acceleration 0-60 3 sec! Doug score 9 out of 10! So what is exactly 10 out of 10 then?!?😂

  • choozu
    choozu 25 days ago

    Interior UI is straight from the Samsung TouchWiz interface circa 2013... An icon, a shortcut, a widget and a lockscreen button to operate the same freaking function! 🙄

  • L. S.
    L. S. 25 days ago

    The only guy who thinks he looks cool talking to himself in a car.

  • Tjk 92
    Tjk 92 25 days ago

    Doug took another shot at the AMG GLE Coupe/SUV. He really hates that car but if i had the money i would buy it, i think it's great looking and it will beat most SUV's on the road.

  • Jonas Welldone
    Jonas Welldone 25 days ago

    What can I say about this car...

  • Tilman Matthies
    Tilman Matthies 26 days ago

    Immer die gleiche scheisse du autost

  • jimmy page
    jimmy page 26 days ago +5

    friend just got one.. it's a fun driving car and very fast.. :)

  • 4our 20wenty
    4our 20wenty 27 days ago

    the stripes look so bad

  • Tk Hut
    Tk Hut 27 days ago

    $170,000 car and I can’t even press a button for last track ?? 😑🤔

  • Dan Tarakanov
    Dan Tarakanov 27 days ago

    One of my extremely wealthy friends' dad owns one of these and I took a ride in one of em recently.... when he floored it I felt the blood rushing from my feet to my head! The acceleration is absolutely insane.

  • Noble Vigilance
    Noble Vigilance 28 days ago

    The fragrance cartridges are like $70 each lmao

  • Noble Vigilance
    Noble Vigilance 28 days ago

    The blank button is where the exhaust button goes on an active spoiler GT63. The exhaust button with the spoiler is the spoiler button and it actually shows an animation of the spoiler going up and down

  • Christopher Vega
    Christopher Vega 28 days ago

    Saw one on the road had to look it up, looks dirty on the road

  • TommySotomayor's Momma

    mmmmmmm and she squirts 19:08

  • Lord Boiguette
    Lord Boiguette 29 days ago

    rather buy the m5