Is vodka Russian?

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • When Russia came up with its own vodka
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    There is no clear understanding about vodka’s origins because it’s difficult for historians to define what was vodka and what wasn’t according to recipes and alcohol percentage.
    However, among the disputes, it seems that POLAND holds the lead as vodka’s birthplace.
    The world's first written mention using the word "vodka" to describe the drink comes from 1405 Poland. Russia came up with its own “bread wine” 25 years later, in 1430, when the legendary monk Isidore concocted a decent Vodka recipe.
    That came straight from the Kremlin by the way. Isidore was from the Chudov Monastery in the Moscow Kremlin.
    Vodka was always a great source of income for Russia’s ruling elite - Monarchs or Socialists, the governing body made sure THEY had State Monopoly on producing the country’s favorite beverage.
    That was abolished in 1990. That said, modern Russia cut on its (still impressive) drinking habits almost two-fold: the numbers went down from 18 liters of strong alcohol per adult a year in 2011 to 10 in 2017.
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Comments • 33

  • KjK
    KjK 4 days ago

    All hard liquor starts out as really strong Vodka. So whom ever first distilled Alcohol is the true inventor of Vodka. Poland was the first to properly name it as we know it today.

  • WilliamParadise
    WilliamParadise Month ago

    Well... it’s Slavic that’s all I know 😅😅

  • Dmitry Trefilov
    Dmitry Trefilov 2 months ago

    учите матчасть! водка - исконно русский продукт!

  • Ae
    Ae 3 months ago +1

    Vodka is not Russian but drinking vodka certainly is Russian as Russian as has eating Siberian pelmeni. It’s Polish origin is definitely less known than it should be.

  • lanvin1982
    lanvin1982 5 months ago +3

    In Poland Russian vodka is very popular. It cleans ovens very well.

  • David
    David 7 months ago +1

    I knew vodka was Polish, but didn't know Russians invented it too (just but after) , so yes, is Russian too 🤔

  • Svarga Warlords
    Svarga Warlords Year ago

    Originally vodka was just woter. In fact its name means exactly that. It was switched with alcohol when the Romanovs took the power. And yes they have strong ties with Poland.

  • леонид валерьевич

    задолбали своей алкопропагандой((хватит про водку.она делает людей тупыми и больными...

  • dont reply
    dont reply Year ago

    Omg I thought vodka was Russian I'm not drinking that or Jack Daniels the host is so gorgeous neway I won't get her

  • просто Ира

    i like your dress.

  • Bacek 108
    Bacek 108 Year ago +4

    Учите мат часть, Водка исконно Русский продукт. поляки даже рядом не стояли.

  • kotryzhyk
    kotryzhyk Year ago +5

    Не надо придумывать, в 80-х Польша подала иск в международный суд, чтобы отобрать у России право на бренд Водка. Суд был проигран, за Россией закреплён бренд Водка и слоган "Только водка из России ориганальная водка". Причины проигрыша материальны, у Польши не было в те годы земледелия для излишков зерна, им не из чего было делать водку, они всё съедали. А СССР предоставила в суд документы, тогда водку делали в монастырях, сохранилась бухгалтерия, приход, расход, отгрузка продукции.
    It isn't necessary to think out. In the 80th year Poland has filed a lawsuit the claim for recognition of vodka Polish. The suit has been lost, the brand "only the Russian vodka original/genium)" has been assigned to Russia

  • 懷疑人生
    懷疑人生 Year ago +2

    Your Panda friend say Hi

  • Fantastic
    Fantastic Year ago +7

    Dont listen to her, this is what popoland always says, claiming all kind of Russian culture as their own. They are like Koreans to Chinese and Japanese, irrelevant and fake copycat country

    • Eduard Savostyanov
      Eduard Savostyanov Month ago

      @Not Applicable If you listen to your pseudo-historians, the USSR did not fight against Hitler, did not liberate Europe, including Poland, and Poland, meanwhile, did not attack and was white and fluffy, and in General the USSR according to them fought chut not with Hitler himself , and won the war only the United States, live with it and you will be cursed by descendants ...

    • Not Applicable
      Not Applicable Month ago

      @Eduard Savostyanov Please see Professor Norman Davies on Poland's righteous past as a power, always your superior: (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth): were NEVER liberators but opportunistic THUGS teaming up with the Nazis to invade Poland at once.

    • Not Applicable
      Not Applicable Month ago

      @Eduard Savostyanov
      Murder, intrigue, and the mysterious origins of vodka

    • Not Applicable
      Not Applicable Month ago

      @Eduard Savostyanov “If you read this book,” wrote alcohol historian David Christian, “keep a bottle of strong vodka by your side to stun the more thoughtful parts of your brain.” His scathing 1994 review of Pokhlebkin in the flagship academic journal Slavic Review certainly pulled no punches. “The parts that are left should enjoy this eccentric collection of curious facts, crackpot hypotheses, phony statistics, anticapitalist polemics and stalinist snobberies without worrying if it all fits together.”

    • Not Applicable
      Not Applicable Month ago

      @Eduard Savostyanov In burying this myth, the final nails in the coffin comes from Yuri Zhizhin, the director of Soyuzplodoimport from 1974 to 1987, and Boris Seglin, the head of the firm’s legal department, who both confirmed that no one ever commissioned Pokhlebkin to undertake such research as he had claimed. What’s more, in subsequent interviews, they claimed that the Poles had never taken the Soviet Union to any international court over vodka’s origins . . . ever.”



  • Varulv
    Varulv Year ago

    i know now why hitler laughted so hard at them in his final nazi congress speech

  • Greetings Друзья!

    Polish may have made vodka first, but Russian Vodka is the most renowned .

  • Varulv
    Varulv Year ago +9

    что ??! POLAND 😂😂😂😂😂😂