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Most Powerful People Who Run The World


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  26 days ago +10

    If you find this list inaccurate please comment below why some other person should be on the list...

    • Nathan Bonetti
      Nathan Bonetti 9 days ago

      Jeff Bezos is pronounced " Jeff Bay-zos" not "Jeff Beh-zos"

    • Shafeeq Ahamed
      Shafeeq Ahamed 10 days ago +1

      Narendra Modi shouldn't be even on this List...

      ELECTRO MEG 10 days ago

      How bout Elon Musk.Tesla?,Solar City?,AI?

    • Xbox Boy
      Xbox Boy 15 days ago

      What about Kim Jong Un

    • Anonymous Facts
      Anonymous Facts 16 days ago

      A Video On The Lives of Bonnie & Clyde ?

  • My dream is to get 1k subs without any Videos

    I laughed so hard when narendra modi got 9th position in this list but elon musk did not😂😂

  • Mbathroom1
    Mbathroom1 2 days ago


  • Mbathroom1
    Mbathroom1 2 days ago

    1800th comment

  • C J Love
    C J Love 2 days ago

    Looking at the current riots in France and the policies that Macron pushed and the warning he received, it's clear that the people at the bottom aren't too pleased with his decisions. When he was elected, I could see that was the direction France was going to head given his background.

  • Jean Pepe McCray
    Jean Pepe McCray 3 days ago

    (((Who))) indeed

  • iirossii2005
    iirossii2005 3 days ago

    Trump is NOT going to be happy about this video

    PHANI LOKA 3 days ago

    I would like to know top10 countries with more number of billion dollar worth companies

  • annapolismike
    annapolismike 3 days ago

    WHERE are the Rothschilds?

  • Collin Branscum
    Collin Branscum 4 days ago

    Girls rule the world

  • life is not fair
    life is not fair 8 days ago

    Where is PewDiePie.....

  • DzaMiQ
    DzaMiQ 9 days ago

    How many of them are jews i wonder.

  • Gaming Wizard!!
    Gaming Wizard!! 10 days ago

    What about Elon Musk?

  • my pc
    my pc 10 days ago

    What a joke! Where is musk? And many more...

  • Science Attack
    Science Attack 10 days ago +1

    who is watching in 2021

  • iRadix100
    iRadix100 11 days ago

    you didnt mention Rothschild´s they are the most powerful

    THE ANONYMOUS TRAIL. 11 days ago

    Lol... So fucking lie about modi... I mean this guy didn't researched effectively on modi.. 😂 😂 and i was expecting Bush, rothschild and rockfeller on the list.

  • Seth Gusdal
    Seth Gusdal 11 days ago

    Just think if all those people on the list were committed to world peace and prosperity

  • MIGUEL_-303 MIGUEL_-303

    Your forgetting carlos slim.

  • Smitty Manjensen
    Smitty Manjensen 12 days ago

    No rothschilds?

  • BalkBit99 TV
    BalkBit99 TV 12 days ago

    #1. Shrek

  • black Samurai
    black Samurai 13 days ago

    Bruce Wayne?

  • gnomiovi
    gnomiovi 13 days ago

    you didn't mention Gigi Becali :D

  • thestopmotion stop
    thestopmotion stop 13 days ago

    Funny how they only use white people moddles

  • he lly
    he lly 13 days ago

    if indians have 5th most powerful military and such big gdp why they so poor???

    • Satan see
      Satan see 9 days ago

      india military is weaker then japan, france, uk, germany, china, russia, usa

  • Xyber Cipher
    Xyber Cipher 13 days ago +1

    India has 4 th largest army

  • 13svetlost
    13svetlost 13 days ago

    This vid is for kids...Rothchilds are menagers of some families like Piz...

  • Gabriel Costrut
    Gabriel Costrut 13 days ago

    Queen elisabeth the 2nd ..?

  • Mansha Ehsan
    Mansha Ehsan 14 days ago

    Unity !!

  • gnerv ykcin
    gnerv ykcin 15 days ago


  • Ryan Tarburn
    Ryan Tarburn 16 days ago

    Queen Elizabeth come on she still has the commonwealth

  • simone foster
    simone foster 17 days ago

    Bill Gates stole windows not found it.

  • simone foster
    simone foster 17 days ago

    Zuck stole Facebook.

  • SuperSaiyanDJ1
    SuperSaiyanDJ1 19 days ago

    No one is powerful than the other

  • Gautam Shah
    Gautam Shah 19 days ago

    India is fourth in military power

  • Top10In TheWorld
    Top10In TheWorld 19 days ago

    Question: why do rich people think they are intelligent because they have lots of money?
    And so they are powerful because of the money, that's it? 🤔

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 19 days ago

    FALSO INFORMATION! I am the most powerful person, Donald Trump.

  • Shark Attack
    Shark Attack 19 days ago

    You've never seen or heard of the people who run the world and you never will. Zuckerberg pfffff. Please.

  • Ferdie Batuyong
    Ferdie Batuyong 20 days ago

    I'm sad. No Tony Stark.

  • AmazingDuck
    AmazingDuck 21 day ago

    Soooooooo you're saying boys run the world 👀

  • DJ23
    DJ23 21 day ago

    Just searched it and Jeff Bezos somehow lost 15 billion dollars

  • Zibin Z Random Ones
    Zibin Z Random Ones 22 days ago +1

    The answer is God

  • The black manther
    The black manther 22 days ago


  • Anas Omar
    Anas Omar 23 days ago

    how about jack ma?

  • AhMd95
    AhMd95 24 days ago

    yeah...the list got a whole new level of disappointment when you mentioned Trump! even though he is the president of America, he is a racist, misogynistic moron who should not be counted as powerful or intelligent! its an insult to scientists, intellectuals and great world leaders!
    Trump is not powerful because he is the president, he is only powerful because he has a racist following in America! which is a shame and an embarrassment! A larger number of the population in America despise Trump than the number of uneducated backward racists who support him!
    Government institutions in Russia, UK, France and Germany are in full solidarity and harmony with their leaders, which makes there leaders powerful and ready to carry out policies of the leaders! even if they are not democratic countries! but Trump? makes a new enemy every other day! including senators, his own AG among other staff, FBI, Media or anyone else who stands up to him! that is not power, that is called being a child with even a lower brain functionality of a child! heck he has been called a moron by his own staff! and you say that is power?
    Would have thought someone like Trudeau, Theresa May or Queen Elizabeth, Jean Claude Juncker, Ayatollah Khomeini or Elon Musk, would be on the list rather than the hateful Donald Trump! hope he sees this comment and starts a spat with me :D so that i can show him what he truly is! power is not all about money! its about the amount of people who support you throughout the world! and the people that have the chance to use it for better with or without money!

  • Noah Jung
    Noah Jung 24 days ago +1

    What abour Lary Fink? The CEO of BlackRock who has a portfolio worth 4 Trillion

    • Tletna
      Tletna 4 days ago

      There were a lot of people and organizations that they left off this list. Although, I have to admit most of the people they listed are powerful.

  • Alan Cruz
    Alan Cruz 24 days ago

    When you said planet I saw a guy in a white shirt on the top it was funny

  • Noob Plays
    Noob Plays 24 days ago


  • Mute
    Mute 25 days ago

    1word Illuminati

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 25 days ago +1


  • Defod Vaan Ddjit
    Defod Vaan Ddjit 25 days ago


  • ᅚᅚ
    ᅚᅚ 25 days ago

    Actually, Bill Gates formerly reached $100 billion before greedy investors whittled it down to around $63 billion

  • alemecid nomos
    alemecid nomos 26 days ago

    There are few people who run the world. Im gonna be one of them.

  • MrJoelMan
    MrJoelMan 27 days ago

    Mark is a person. He's a lizard

  • MeiXIng Michael
    MeiXIng Michael 27 days ago

    yep Thats my man My Chinese President

  • Azi Rahman
    Azi Rahman 27 days ago

    I thought Disney was gonna make the list

  • Growther Lust
    Growther Lust 27 days ago

    I thought in the list was the leader of
    -New World Order

  • Grgz
    Grgz 29 days ago

    Mhhh. Nothing about Rothschilds?

  • Maximillian Smith
    Maximillian Smith 29 days ago

    You’d have to be a moron to think these are the worlds most powerful people.

  • Florence Summers
    Florence Summers 29 days ago

    Where's Rupert Murdoch?

  • Imtooslow !!
    Imtooslow !! Month ago

    With exception of the pope, every person listed is involved in blockchain and digital assets

  • Mary Hildreth
    Mary Hildreth Month ago +1

    Priests don't forgive, they give absolution. God forgives. Priests have always had the power to give absolution for any sin.

  • Super Asian;Sayian
    Super Asian;Sayian Month ago +1

    That’s almost a billion people per year since 2007.. people just believe anything they’re told

  • marvelv212
    marvelv212 Month ago

    Donald Trump. lol.. He should be bottom.

  • Phillip Johnston
    Phillip Johnston Month ago +1

    As of April 2017 the Rothschild family's net worth was estimated at $400 billion by Celebrity Net Worth.

  • fllamber
    fllamber Month ago

    There is no durable influentional in the list.

  • Hadi Hamdan
    Hadi Hamdan Month ago


  • Leedsrulz
    Leedsrulz Month ago +2

    erm?? Queen Elizabeth II?? Largest owner 1/6th of the entire earth landmasses!! rents the entire country land of Denmark to the Danish. Inherited many spoils of war and priceless unique one of a kind artifacts, gemstones, jewellery, artwork, collections and solid gold carriages amongst many other items from the rule of the British Empire. The Queen is the ruler of Great Britain, The Commonwealth of many countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand to name a few. It was not even that long ago that Britain gave back control of India in 1947 & Hong Kong in 1997. All those under her rule, swear allegiance to the Queen before country. Branches such as all the Military, Parliament, Police, Intelligence Services, MI5, MI6, HMS Prisons, HMS Crown Courts, HMS Treasury, Inland Revenue Service and many many more. The Queen operates a privy council which government puppet leaders must answer to her authority or implement her requests with very strict confidentiality laws. The Queen has the ability to sack an entire government and has done so before to Australia when the elected leader was openly against the monarchy rule. Any successful candidate of a general election, must first go receive her permission to form a legally recognised government and must be in favour of serving the Royals interests ahead of any of the electorate or fellow politicians desired policy. Her face is on the majority of paper bank notes and coins around the world leaving her with absolutely no requirement for paper money itself or a large bank account, her wealth is in land and real estate, taxation, company shares and holdings, commercial enterprises, multiple resources such as gold, silver, oil, gas and other assets actually worth something unlike fake fiat currency notes which are not fixed value or backed by anything. She bows to no man unless you buy into the fake bankers at city of london thing outrank her. There is a court order that hides her true personal wealth and assets. This video says powerful people who run the world, not who has a bigger publicly declared bank balance on paper?
    You are either shilling hard to misinform or very ill researched to present this bogus list of people such as Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates having more power or wealth than the current British royal monarch! Are you being serious??? LOL

    • Tletna
      Tletna 4 days ago

      Yes, but this is all old money and old power and old information. The Queen and her rule is essentially dead. Look at who will take over when she dies. Great people but are they as savvy? I think not. She is 92. The monarchy has zero power over the Americas now and lessening influence. The monarchy's rule over the United Kingdoms is in name only. The Queen *does* own a ton of lands and other items of significant worth, but again, where does that control, money and power go when she dies? The Queen is definitely influential and rich but I think you're living in the past there Leedsrulz.

  • Michael Scheske
    Michael Scheske Month ago

    As a Catholic myself, I've always been baffled by people putting the pope among the most powerful people in the world. Truth be told, many Catholics don't listen to the pope. Also, the pope can't just declare that the Church believes something and that makes it so. He does have a lot of influence on the Church though. Your description of Pope Francis in particular was pretty exaggerated. He's far from popular among Catholics relative to previous popes. He's popular in the media, but he has no power over them. Also, priests just used to have to go to a bishop in order to forgive an abortion, but many bishops allowed priests to forgive them at their own discretion due to the high amounts of abortions. Francis simply extended that to all priests.

  • Thoni Visaya
    Thoni Visaya Month ago

    Steve Jobs ?

    • Tletna
      Tletna 4 days ago

      Is dead, sadly.

  • Calum Felstead
    Calum Felstead Month ago

    That's wrong, Bill Gates passed the 100billion dollar mark in 1999.

  • Всеволод Алипов

    Sorry, Putin is always No 1. Forever.

  • Joshua Go
    Joshua Go Month ago


    • Tletna
      Tletna 4 days ago

      Really? Not only a bad ruler in many eyes, but of the Philippines no less. While the Philippines does have a significantly large population, it is still not nearly one of the largest economies or military forces, not by far. The Philippines is being encroached upon by China as we speak. You cannot be serious even mentioning Duterte in this list.

  • Nide Crispo
    Nide Crispo Month ago

    so you guys didnt gave the real people controlling the worl wew too afraid? hahah

  • Nide Crispo
    Nide Crispo Month ago

    17%? zuck? them how rich is the rest wew

  • BlazeTheDoja
    BlazeTheDoja Month ago


  • Os H
    Os H Month ago


  • SteveShao24-7
    SteveShao24-7 Month ago

    Im slightly disappointed Elon Musk isnt in here

  • Tang Sun
    Tang Sun Month ago

    7:13 the most things mentioned about Angela Merkel are totally wrong. except of the economical stimulus packages. Workers don't work less and earnings don't get toped up by the government.

  • laxman spy-d
    laxman spy-d Month ago

    Where is Elon Musk

  • Hoomenbean
    Hoomenbean Month ago

    Power is not measured by the sword you wield. Power is measured by the influence you posses. When it comes to influence, nobody comes close to an American President. God Bless America. The most powerful country in history.

  • Mark Norville
    Mark Norville Month ago +1

    What utter rubbish. You picked all of the well known people, and ran with it, yet you do not mention the people in the shadows, that really control the World. Unsubscribing as you keep getting facts wrong, and making things up in your own minds.

  • PEG400 Grenier
    PEG400 Grenier Month ago

    Your list sucks... Soros must have funded this episode

  • toogud4dis
    toogud4dis Month ago +1

    Why do I feel like there are more powerful people than this list?

    • Tletna
      Tletna 4 days ago

      Because there are. Not a ton, but they do exist.

  • Jared Coleman
    Jared Coleman Month ago


  • Jay Reed
    Jay Reed Month ago

    How does mark only has 17% of facebook

  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar Month ago

    Narendra Modi - Diluted the video!

  • MasterOogway
    MasterOogway Month ago

    Why am I not surprised the most powerful person is Chinese.

  • P0ison AppLE
    P0ison AppLE Month ago +1

    ouch not even a single female in this list

  • Master Damien
    Master Damien Month ago

    you forgot donald duck

  • ContraZombie4
    ContraZombie4 Month ago

    It's ALWAYS China, ain't it? Most spoken language? Chinese. Most populous country? China. Richest Country? China.
    Seriously, if there were a chart of every country in the world by any metric, China would always be the drastic outlier.

    • Tletna
      Tletna 4 days ago

      I thought more people spoke English than Mandarin. In fact, I thought a lot of English speakers were from China. Now, if we're talking native or near native speaking level, then it would be Mandarin followed by English.

  • ProfessorPottsyTV
    ProfessorPottsyTV Month ago

    You should do a video on the Rothschild family.
    Also maybe do another one on the Rockefeller’s

  • Caleb Joshua
    Caleb Joshua Month ago


  • Avriel Gregorio
    Avriel Gregorio Month ago +1

    Or else the tittle of the vid should be just the top 5 richest person not the person who run the world cause no one owns the world

  • Rendallor gun
    Rendallor gun Month ago

    Top #1


  • simicool
    simicool Month ago

    Jens Stoltenberg

  • Derek Klouwer
    Derek Klouwer Month ago +1

    I think queen Elizabeth needs to be included in this list, because she rules over: UK, Australia and Canada.

    • Tletna
      Tletna 4 days ago

      All those nations rule themselves now. The Queen is just given great respect by them.

  • Andrei Vlad
    Andrei Vlad Month ago

    this is an unexpected list. I don't really agree to this

  • H A C H I K O
    H A C H I K O Month ago

    I wonder where elon musk is

  • fork
    fork Month ago

    where's Jeffree Star??