• Published on May 19, 2019
  • SWAT Officer Jose Medina is back to break down John Wick One Checkout his Website and Social Media!
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  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina Month ago +14704

    Just taking a moment to thank the crew of Generation Films for the opportunity to work on this with you guys and reaching out to me as well as to all your followers whether positive feedback or negative feedback about these segments, it shows the beauty of this world where we can all give our own feelings and opinions on any of this stuff and learn from each other. Great stuff guys and continued success in all your other projects. Stay safe all!

    • SomeHazyCaveman
      SomeHazyCaveman 18 days ago

      Good review! And well done knowing his martial art background as well. He is pretty well trained around most things.

    • Siward Beorn
      Siward Beorn 21 day ago


    • Siward Beorn
      Siward Beorn 21 day ago


    • The Warden
      The Warden 25 days ago

      Thanks for the video! The Wick films are amazing, and knowing how accurate the combat is makes them that much better for me!

  • Chalamantra
    Chalamantra Minute ago

    legenda portuguêsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • sandra Ferrington
    sandra Ferrington 41 minute ago

    100 %

  • andychanny
    andychanny 3 hours ago

    It's better than most LE get trained on Lol

  • Turco949
    Turco949 5 hours ago

    The only and main BS I noticed with JW which other movies had too was, the bad guys with guns running towards the protagonist without firing even though they were close enough to see and hit.
    Case in point 5:17 where those two numb nuts could have easily shot him way before they even appeared on camera. What did they do, they run towards JW close enough to tap him on the shoulder without firing. That sh.t would not happen in real life. I notice at least a dozen scenes like this where JW would have been very easily shot and killed if not, at least wounded badly.
    In the church scene, two bad guys fired at him at relatively close range and both missed? C'mon!

  • sbuffduff123
    sbuffduff123 5 hours ago

    Awesome, definitely interesting

  • David Dalton
    David Dalton 7 hours ago

    It’s a movie.

  • charles incharge
    charles incharge 14 hours ago

    Is this guy trying to get famous? I bet Keanu Reeves can outshoot him on the range, these are choreographed scenes by special forces, they are probably laughing right now...how many times have you struck someone in the throat with your barrel before you shoot him in the face in your police career...another know-it-all tool...no other swat trainers would do this video...thank you for your service though

  • dwane nielsen
    dwane nielsen 14 hours ago

    John Wick gets me every time in Fortnite..he's too good

  • asdf
    asdf 14 hours ago

    your daughter she kicked his dog

  • Slinkerpenguin
    Slinkerpenguin 15 hours ago


  • GregJoshuaW
    GregJoshuaW 18 hours ago

    Do you enjoy being soft military deployed illegally against the untrained civilian population licensed to execute whomever you claim causes you to fear for your life, including innocent men, women, children and pets?

  • Dave Mire
    Dave Mire 19 hours ago

    Who knew Ted Theodore Logan was a merc.

  • RedNasty7
    RedNasty7 19 hours ago

    John wick.. the only movie where the bad and good guys don’t have infinite ammo.

  • Davion Elliott
    Davion Elliott 21 hour ago

    At least the boogeyman does his job RIGHT. unlike you FILTHY PIGS.

  • Cody Todd
    Cody Todd Day ago

    The only other movie to get actual weapon tactics right is Heat. Both have something in common: the actors trained hard with combat instructors and fired thousands of live rounds before stepping on set.

  • Mark Greenberg
    Mark Greenberg Day ago +1

    john wick is my favorite

  • GizmoThePieFaceMan

    So basically John Wick is a god in everything he does. I

  • Bojan Babic
    Bojan Babic Day ago

    "He didnt kill any innocent people so this is not correct"

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    How long were you in the military?

  • Pandaiskey
    Pandaiskey 2 days ago +1


    THE GAMER 2 days ago

    Clearly, Mr Wick as your marker.

  • Curt March
    Curt March 2 days ago

    Shits amazing he played it out so well obviously well trained

  • Rain Zinedine
    Rain Zinedine 2 days ago

    Both John Wick and the Joker have one similarity; pencil technique.

  • Nathanjacob04
    Nathanjacob04 2 days ago

    I’ve seen vids of Keanu Reeves training with guns at a range, I don’t doubt he knows what he’s doing when he’s acting it.

  • I R
    I R 2 days ago

    Lol this guy just said P30 has 13+1 capacity...

  • emancoy
    emancoy 3 days ago

    I learned a lot here

  • American Militaria 4

    The GEICO guy is in the as Vigos guy

  • American Militaria 4

    Great video 👍 Great Commentary

  • Sheuwush
    Sheuwush 4 days ago

    If any movie producer is watching this, make sure the actor actually reloads his/her weapon, it makes the movie way more believable.

  • knine1833
    knine1833 4 days ago +1

    Both Keanu and Halle did do firearms training at Taran Tactical, alot of vids here on YT

  • merryweatherflowers
    merryweatherflowers 4 days ago

    That’s because keanu is just amazing and to good for this world

  • Alexander Sandoval
    Alexander Sandoval 4 days ago

    Thank officer for givibg advice to the ndxt school shooters that are watching this video. Wtf are you thinkin???

  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith 4 days ago


  • SpiderFighter
    SpiderFighter 5 days ago

    This video is cool, and sweet to hear a professional break these aspects down. And I'm very pleased he mentioned how Keanu had actual training. But the very nature of how hard Keanu trained for the role, would imply that even the over the top action sequences are somewhat still always somewhat realistic.. if there was anything that sets John Wick apart from every other action movie or action heroes, it's the fact that production made it a point that the movie circulates around that legitimate action. It's not like the story is a solid great story, the movie wasn't made for the story. It was made for action. And it was made very very very well.

  • RadKat
    RadKat 5 days ago +2

    Being a 2X combat vet, with 9 years of military training myself, I noticed a very unrealistic thing in the movie that he didnt mention and it kinda bugs me.
    Most people dont go down after one hit. Unless its a head/throat shot, It usually takes 3 or more hits to a vital spot to make them immediately immobile (especially with a pistol).
    Not to mention, if you shoot someone and they're bleeding out dying, they have more motivation to kill you. And It's not very hard to point and pull a trigger.
    In real life, you can put a few rounds in a guy and he can still shoot back while wounded. It's not like a video game..

    • RadKat
      RadKat Day ago

      Crazy how many people are so gullible and need to get off Keanu Reeves dick man.. sheesh

    • RadKat
      RadKat Day ago

      @Bué de Vídeos lmao nah, it's just a movie, it's not that important to me.
      To be honest, if it was realistic John wick would have been dead in the first movie. But since he's the main character, all the bad guys have to be in the right place at the right time for him

    • Bué de Vídeos
      Bué de Vídeos Day ago

      most of the deaths on john wick movies takes 2, 3 or more shots, except of head shots, so go watch the movies again, i think you didnt actually watched properly.

  • Vampires Crypt
    Vampires Crypt 5 days ago +2

    This movie and Michael Mann movies like Heat or Collateral have realistic gunfights and handling.

  • cornspace
    cornspace 5 days ago

    So basically, guys in the Swat wanna be John Wick, or be with him.....hmmm

  • urblammo
    urblammo 7 days ago


  • Tango_ 12
    Tango_ 12 8 days ago

    KEANU without any problem I let you fuck my wife.

  • the cellulon triptometer

    I do appreciate the analysis, and the movie is well made. What I would love analyzed are the odds that he 1. could get all these shots off as accurately as he does given the circumstances. 2. Does not have one other person he's up against have enough skill to get one through to him. 3. Every weapon functions as it should throughout. Though he plays the role well, and it is really entertaining, the billion to one odds of these scenes make them funny to me.

  • Eric Mok
    Eric Mok 9 days ago

    Let's not forget the fight choreographers who choreographed these badass scenes

  • JiZz2Xtreme
    JiZz2Xtreme 9 days ago

    This Swat guy knows his stuff.. only thing is he should have prepared what he was gonna say.. he stuttered way too much for a video

  • Halo mannen
    Halo mannen 9 days ago

    Just something I don't understand is that In movies why blood is like dust and seeing how blood flies out seems unrealistic in movies

  • Chris Chapel
    Chris Chapel 11 days ago

    How can civilians learn things like this?

  • BlickyMyStiffy
    BlickyMyStiffy 11 days ago +1

    Quick question, is is john wick part of an agency or he just a killer that does it for good?

    THE TRACKCAR 11 days ago

    I’m sorry, but police trainers know nothing about combat gun fighting. They’ll break down the moment they have to fire their duty weapon for fear of indictment or the second a suspect pulls a gun on them. Too many cowards out there claiming they are professional trainers simply always trying to disprove what they cannot prove especially when they’ve never experienced this type of gun fighting. Martial arts mixed with master weaponry isn’t your local city police department trainer trying to break down the moves in a movie. The two are far from each other. Although yes this is a movie we are talking about, let’s also not hype up the local 911 responders weapon and pain compliance training. I’ve never seen a police trainer shooting targets as Keanu Reeves did in his training video. It isn’t edited either, the video that is.

  • Hamed Izzy
    Hamed Izzy 12 days ago

    I really dont think cops and swat are best trained with guns. Come see then at any matches. They always learning off civilian competitor.

  • tipped jungle
    tipped jungle 13 days ago

    Yeh he was trained.... So what 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson 13 days ago

    It helps when you're trained by Taran Butler

  • Joshua
    Joshua 14 days ago

    Good unbiased review/critique man

  • Jay Hayche
    Jay Hayche 15 days ago +1

    I love how actors are fake people and annoy us with political issues... Then Keanu has acting that makes him a more genuine and real person.

  • evan markle
    evan markle 15 days ago

    Keanu Reeves was marine that’s all and he trains people too

  • gaurav chandra
    gaurav chandra 15 days ago +2

    you are real-life hero sir , u deserve A++.

  • Spacewolfen Fenris
    Spacewolfen Fenris 16 days ago +1

    A SWAT team would assault the house shouting out loud, in order to intimidate John Wick...

  • Eccentric Saint
    Eccentric Saint 16 days ago

    Hey pig, its only a movie. Damn pig like critiquing make believe movies.

  • Aaron Brockington
    Aaron Brockington 16 days ago +1

    ....knowledge is power.

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle 16 days ago

    Did you not see the videos of him training For these movies

  • Yung Money flow
    Yung Money flow 16 days ago


  • Drew Deck
    Drew Deck 16 days ago

    Just take in what Hollywood taught Keanu Reeves and imagine him using that knowledge in real life in the event of an actual home invasion. You would not want to be on the muzzle of his gun.

  • marcemma baltazar
    marcemma baltazar 16 days ago +3

    I love Keanu an excellent action stars he deserves the honors

    SNAKEDOCTOR99GT 16 days ago


  • a33a33 3333
    a33a33 3333 17 days ago +1

    when Keanu does something, he does it right.
    I've never seen an actor put as much commitment and passion into their work as he does. he's amazing.

  • Soar Alba!
    Soar Alba! 17 days ago

    Who going to comment on Marvel movies now for their reality 🤐

  • Riley Senn
    Riley Senn 17 days ago

    I’m not even going to watch this because Keanu would out shoot the fuck out of most LEO’s the fact is if they are not part of a special entry team they haven’t had near the training in the things he has specifically for the movies like room entry and shit like that so no offense but average officers are not pro tacticians.

  • Dre Dubyah
    Dre Dubyah 18 days ago +1

    He trained/trains with Terran Tactical..which if you know...you know. Totally unnecessary video :P Wick series = Totally Legit Gunplay

  • danang pamungkas
    danang pamungkas 18 days ago +1

    The point is dont mess with mister wick's dog

    FÉLIX FLORES 18 days ago +1

    John wick it's more real than the reality

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 18 days ago

    Question: John Wick, Thanos, or Bangalore?

  • Adrian Megia
    Adrian Megia 19 days ago

    Cause if Keanu Reeves