Why the UK Runs Trains to Nowhere


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  • Elsie
    Elsie 18 hours ago

    Let the homeless people rest on the ghost trains for free

  • boo453
    boo453 3 days ago

    I live in High Wycombe and had no idea about this. Though I don't understand why Chiltern railways doesn't offer more services to and from Paddington. There's a lot of London commuters in High Wycombe and I'm sure a lot would find Paddington a more convenient station to commute to and from as it's more central and better connected than marleybone. As you said there's 90 trains a day from Marleybone, splitting these would easily be profitable

  • MiguelPpM
    MiguelPpM 5 days ago

    Different dialects or “tongues” of English pronounce it differently.

  • SecondNaturePig
    SecondNaturePig 7 days ago

    Anyone would lika a bus that operates once every year?
    We had that in Austria:
    Alongside some buses that only operate a few days a year.
    Those Routes existed because the bus companies wanted to keep the operating concession for the route. And as they only had to operate the route "regularly" in any imaginable way, often 'once per year' was enough. Especially short routes next to rail lines were being held that way, in order for the rail companies to have the possibility to close a line and have an immediate replacement. But with another transport body now taking over the ordering and planning of routes, those lines fade out of existence.

  • Harsh Rathi
    Harsh Rathi 10 days ago

    can you make video on delhi metro

  • Potter's Police Videos

    3:00 Now twice per week. The frequency of this service has recently doubled!

  • Unimornnbr1
    Unimornnbr1 13 days ago

    Square space and skill share have been advertising with you for so long thats its a joke at this point

  • Zach Ryder
    Zach Ryder 13 days ago +2

    Big Smoke wouldn't expect CJ to follow this train

  • jaxxstraw
    jaxxstraw 17 days ago

    Paddington isn't actually "nowhere". It's somewhere. This was such a disappointment, I was expecting trains that just run to a siding and back or something. Bah.

  • احمد نويجي
    احمد نويجي 18 days ago

    You sasy fuck


    VTEC No-longer operates the East Coast route. It's now operated by LNER.

  • Dachshund Railfan
    Dachshund Railfan 24 days ago

    The Amshacks suck, but most of the long distance services are in a tight spot due to our country’s geography and railroad organization. I also want to point out that it’s kinda cheap to make jabs at trains like the Southwest Chief and The Empire Builder and completely ignore the NEC and other Corridor services which are much better

  • Remy Nicholls
    Remy Nicholls 26 days ago

    There is another service operated by Chiltern Railways from Paddington to West Ruislip, if you don't believe me, check out Geoff Marshals Paddington to West Ruislip ghost train video

  • Kent Paynter
    Kent Paynter 27 days ago

    The USA subsidizes air service to some small cities. So maybe for a similar reason.

  • Potter's Police Videos

    2:55 Incorrect. It's a route retention service in addition to fulfilling that obligation. They have to keep that line open just in case Marylebone becomes unusable. Therefore they would not want to close that line!

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder Month ago

    Privatisation fail

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 Month ago

    I see that '2' is M40 Trains Limited at 1:02. Could this be why the Chiltern Main Line runs a similar route to the M40 motorway?

  • Eric Fisher
    Eric Fisher Month ago

    "Why the UK Runs Trains to Nowhere" Because Kenny Rogers needs a ride.

  • Rishit Deshpande
    Rishit Deshpande Month ago

    3-Guide Bridge

  • Matthew McNerlin
    Matthew McNerlin Month ago +1

    Should be renamed 'why Britain..', and not 'why UK..'. As in the north of Ireland we have one public transport body, which is quasi-public body. Not individual private bodies.

  • bubala99
    bubala99 Month ago

    Immediately calls out the train i use to commute

  • C21H22 N2O2
    C21H22 N2O2 Month ago

    Why this railway in London isn't used?
    Because the Central Line serves all the stations along the part of the line only used by trains Paddington to High Wycombe.

  • Videonerboa
    Videonerboa Month ago +3


  • Potter's Police Videos

    Funnily enough I've been on a train between Wymondham and Spooner Row today for the sake of it. Spooner Row has been described by Greater Anglia (the TOC who run the services to that station) as having a "limited service", it is only served by 3 trains per day which makes me think that they are parliamentary trains. Most trains pass straight through it.

  • oiseaudubonheur
    oiseaudubonheur Month ago

    How is that "trains to Nowhere"?

  • Saul Luis
    Saul Luis Month ago

    *mar-le-bone* not mary-le-bone

  • Sandhya Deshpande
    Sandhya Deshpande Month ago

    Sorry, there are 3 and in the middle of Stockport and Stalybridge

  • Onkar Kanbarkar
    Onkar Kanbarkar 2 months ago

    Somehow the process of rail route closure reminded me of Yes Minister :)

  • Mikko Korhonen
    Mikko Korhonen 2 months ago

    This problem didn't exist before the rail service was privatised, by the way

  • Jim Enticer
    Jim Enticer 2 months ago

    The reason we don't got trains is because if you want to use/ride public transport, you are fuckin gay. Plus having your own personal means of transport is a major status symbol

  • Joseph Caiazzo
    Joseph Caiazzo 2 months ago


  • Do the Maths
    Do the Maths 2 months ago

    I’m watching this on a London train

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis 2 months ago +1

    I work in the transportation industry. This isn’t a train to nowhere, clearly it goes somewhere. It’s simply a train with extremely low ridership. But that begs the question - does the infrequent service create low ridership or does the low ridership justify the infrequent service? It’s a chicken and egg problem. Sure somebody like me who analyzes transit data for a living can look at a line like this and say, “this line should be discontinued, only 2 people ride it every day.” But if we ran the service 10 or 12 times a day would more people ride since the line would be a lot more reliable and practical? You won’t know unless you increase service.
    The government protections are needed here because public transit is a funny industry. Generally speaking transit doesn’t make money, and if it does make money it usually is that way only because transit companies only operate the most profitable routes while not running inefficient, unprofitable service.
    BUT......that begs the question - is public transportation a private industry selling a product or service, the same way McDonalds sells burgers and Home Depot sells plywood, or is it a public service operated for the public good, irregardless of whether a profit margin can be achieved?
    The UK, it seems to me, is trying to have it both ways by contracting out the services to the private sector while still regulating the service enough to ensure that certain routes and stations are always served, even if the private company loses money doing so, all for the sake of protecting the public interest and ensuring that people have access to rail transit.
    All in all, it’s not a bad idea and ultimately strikes what is probably the best possible balance between letting private industry handle the service while playing the role government is supposed to do - ensure that the public interest is protected

    NINTENDOSH 2 months ago

    Where's Dr Beeching when you need him?

  • Samuel Mashil
    Samuel Mashil 2 months ago +2

    RIP London Midland :(

  • Strathpeffer Junction
    Strathpeffer Junction 2 months ago +1

    The Scottish Government awards contracts for Scotrail, not the UK Government.

  • Tony Trilex
    Tony Trilex 2 months ago +2

    I hate how you segway your video to an advertisement

  • Mr Aiq
    Mr Aiq 2 months ago

    I'm a train enthusiast and I live in the UK how did northern (my local company) go extreme by putting a train once a week because London midland (now London northwestern railway or West Midlands railway) had no trains at that station for 13 YEARS

  • NascarFan 2018
    NascarFan 2018 2 months ago

    Its wierd how smaller countries like scottland have a lot more traim routes and service and operate trains lots of times a day but a bigger country like the US operate less trains and less service like Amtrak's sunset limited which is a train from LA to New orleans via Houston and only operates 3 times a week in each direction and most long distance amtrak trains run 1 traim Daily in each direction and yes i already i knew that houston had only 3 trains in each directon i am not saying i hate trains in America in fact im a train fan myself just wanted to share some info with you guys about Amtrak trains in the US

  • PCnever
    PCnever 2 months ago

    Let private companies close stations/service, the public will decide with their money if it was a good decision or not!

  • AdiHD
    AdiHD 2 months ago

    Hey IF you need videos from manila/PH, I can give you some shots like traffic timelapses, long exposures, etc. Also MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT PINOY TRAFFIC! It's reported by WAZE that it's the slowest city due to traffic jams blah blah if u need help let me know

  • Simon West
    Simon West 2 months ago

    Since May 2018, Stockport-Stalybridge now has two trains a week (once each way) on Saturdays.

  • Elias Turunen
    Elias Turunen 2 months ago

    Craft practically function wnyfubs diagnose organization badly read unexpected assume ice sales.

  • Kings Confetti
    Kings Confetti 2 months ago

    I was on a ghost train 🚊 it was fine ✅but ir went nutts no boody was imside

  • Nitro Indigo
    Nitro Indigo 2 months ago

    Apparently, there's a train in Japan that visits a small town so one girl can go to school.

  • Alan F Brookes
    Alan F Brookes 2 months ago

    The Paddington situation is not exactly as you described it.
    When the line through High Wycombe to Birmingham and beyond was built by the Great Western Railway, ALL their trains ran to Paddington, and it was a main line. Marylebone had not been built at that stage. But they closed the Great Central route from Marylebone, leaving Marylebone with few services ....a large main line terminal with just a few trains. Then they rebuilt Paddington and created new services to Heathrow Airport, so Paddington became too crowded.
    The solution was to transfer all the main line trains from the Birmingham area into Marylebone instead of Paddington.
    So to call Marylebone the normal terminus for Great Western line trains is misleading. It never was in days of yore. Sending them into Marylebone has only been since Chiltern Railways took over the services.

  • Darlene
    Darlene 2 months ago

    first planes, then trains?

  • Tyler P.
    Tyler P. 2 months ago

    So uk money completely controls someone’s private business and forces them to spend extra money. Sounds like one other places had that problem.🇺🇸

  • zeeshan lalani
    zeeshan lalani 2 months ago

    This dude is jobless 😂

  • Tanner Kilgore
    Tanner Kilgore 2 months ago

    Chill turn railways seems pretty chill. 😆

  • Emt43043
    Emt43043 2 months ago

    Fucking yank sticking their nose in

  • LukeO9
    LukeO9 2 months ago

    if these companies don't want to provide a train service that citizens want and governments enforce, why is the service "supplied" by private enterprise?

  • Funkky Monkey
    Funkky Monkey 2 months ago

    This kinda is the complete opposite of the video about why the US train system sucks

  • All My Hobbies
    All My Hobbies 2 months ago

    ghost trains exist because of socialism they should try capitalism if people want to ride the trains they will and company’s will provide the service because it’s a profitable service if people don’t want to ride on the train then it will disappears

  • Mark W. Schumann
    Mark W. Schumann 2 months ago

    I'm wondering if "Chiltern Railways" is a shoutout to "taking the Chiltren Hundreds," i.e. maintaining an office that has no actual use because it fulfills some technical requirement that's hard to change.

  • Rikki Cruz
    Rikki Cruz 2 months ago

    Once you've completed these three easy steps

    Really easy, Indeed

  • tesco 4 dollar actor
    tesco 4 dollar actor 2 months ago

    There was a ghost train to a (now demolished) Station called Newhaven Marine. Except you couldn't get on it because the station was abandoned in 2006 when the ferry terminal closed and platforms were closed.

  • Name Namerson
    Name Namerson 2 months ago

    as if stockport got mentioned, interesting

  • RPB Media
    RPB Media 2 months ago

    Stay-le-bridge you got it right the first time friend

  • Sam Ferguson
    Sam Ferguson 2 months ago

    I live a few miles from Durham tees valley airport and they have a train station that is serviced once a month by a small, one way route. This is unsurprising however as the largest annual number of passengers in the last decade totalled 19 in 2012

  • Ghost Assassin
    Ghost Assassin 2 months ago

    You have to got to be kidding me.

  • SomeRandomEnglishGuy
    SomeRandomEnglishGuy 2 months ago

    Chiltern Railways is useless because it's Arriva that run them. Anything Arriva is useless. And Barlaston Station is pretty much a ghost station. I live near there. Even the buses that run through there From Stafford to Stoke and back carry no people.

  • uh wot
    uh wot 2 months ago

    Man fuck the UK gov

  • D OB
    D OB 2 months ago

    Typical government spunking tax payers money.

  • Joe Brooks
    Joe Brooks 2 months ago

    People really don’t use stockport stalybridge. sounds like a useful line

  • mohammed sarker
    mohammed sarker 2 months ago

    We should have a national railway line (a la Amtrack) in America

  • John Airey
    John Airey 3 months ago

    Stockport-Stalybridge used to see regular services when Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria ran to different locations. If there is a problem at either station then this line is invaluable for getting passengers into Manchester (or if there's maintenance). Plus there is now a return service but it starts from Stalybridge and goes back.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton 3 months ago

    DAMNIT! Just bring back British Rail!

  • isaías garcía
    isaías garcía 3 months ago +1

    Is this the paddington station from the paddington (bear) movie?

  • Jo Bowler
    Jo Bowler 3 months ago

    you mean 14 miles to the south cus barlaston station is in staffs not lancs

  • Dénes Berky
    Dénes Berky 3 months ago

    These are just bad contracts. If the government wanted a regular service in the first place, they should write that down.

  • Aa Gg
    Aa Gg 3 months ago

    Could citizens file a complaint? Because otherwise both parties could just ignore the clause and nothing would happen (as long as none of the parties sues one another)

  • moonrise
    moonrise 3 months ago

    Holy.. that squarespace transition was smooth af.

  • Alexified
    Alexified 3 months ago

    Mary le bone hahahaha

  • stuffandjunkanduhh
    stuffandjunkanduhh 3 months ago

    That was the amtrak station in Houston. I thought that was a little odd you mentioned that since amtrak is a little different than these trains. So the "3 trains a week" is true(6 technically: 3 in each direction) but those trains final destination is California or New Orleans depending which way youre going not just a few stations down the line. Not a big deal just a weird comparison to me. Some new england corridor info might have made more sense?NERD TALK....

  • The Last Commander
    The Last Commander 3 months ago

    Well what do you expect? Someone has to make it look like work is being done

  • SpiritualFox
    SpiritualFox 3 months ago

    Last opportunity to ride the 👻 train solo before the U.K. stops subsidising such an autistic scheme.

  • solatiumz
    solatiumz 3 months ago +2

    Route - said like root.

  • Sabina Cruz
    Sabina Cruz 3 months ago

    I’d go see what’s up in these places where few people go.

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray 3 months ago

    Are there any examples of privatisation improving services?

  • telemachus53
    telemachus53 3 months ago

    If only all these stringent bureaucratic processes were there when Dr. Beeching was around.

  • Tejas Shahane
    Tejas Shahane 3 months ago

    Wut 1 train per day .Wow.in india even smallest junction have 1 train per minute.and most smallest metro jaipur metro have 2 train per 20 min

  • Joseph Dawson
    Joseph Dawson 3 months ago

    Ugh I live in Houston. Transportation here is so so so so so (so) terrible.

  • had gh
    had gh 3 months ago

    You just sound like the guy from Wendover Productions. Isn’t that crazy?😂😂

  • Mariam Kone
    Mariam Kone 3 months ago

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  • failgullonsteam
    failgullonsteam 3 months ago

    burning ham.
    Lol it’s pronounced burmingUM

  • uncriticalsimon
    uncriticalsimon 3 months ago +1

    Actually a once daily service is probably convenient for Chiltern because it means their drivers keep their route knowledge to Paddington. So if ever the normal route into Marylebone isn't usable for any reason (e.g. the ubiquitous engineering works, or some incident) they can still run to Paddington.

  • billed195
    billed195 3 months ago

    It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.

  • Happy Piggy
    Happy Piggy 3 months ago

    It’s not StALLybridge you got it right the first time! It’s StAILybridge :)

  • Brant Hall
    Brant Hall 3 months ago

    Stalybridge is pronounced Stale-ie-bridge not Stall-ie-bridge

  • Menorca
    Menorca 3 months ago +1

    Meanwhile in Finland: There is only 1 train company, VR, what is ran by the government. So if VR wants to do something, they do it.
    And in this case VR means Valtion Rautatiet not fucking virtual reality

  • SiVlog
    SiVlog 3 months ago

    It's interesting to hear how bad the rail operations of the US is compared to Europe

  • Stephen Rowley
    Stephen Rowley 3 months ago

    Part of me quite enjoys these oddities yeah it's a waste but at least it makes for a nice story

  • Adham Alkhateeb
    Adham Alkhateeb 3 months ago

    1:47 whoa...whoa..whoa bro that too much for a brain to handle that

  • Ghost Fox
    Ghost Fox 3 months ago

    2:24 Jesus is that the station after Harvey? Acutally I've been trying to find that place for months.

  • nishant saha
    nishant saha 3 months ago

    So I now know where to fulfill my "sex in the train" escapades. Imao

  • youtubeuser
    youtubeuser 3 months ago

    This is like Tokyo where many companies operate trains. It's a complex and confusing system for first time travelers

  • MrKylemcOnline
    MrKylemcOnline 3 months ago

    Virgin Train East Coast Is Now LNER As Of 24/6/18 And London Midland Is Also Gone

  • RHS Reviews 2
    RHS Reviews 2 3 months ago

    Marylebone is pronounced mar-le-bone

  • The Loner
    The Loner 3 months ago

    That's why Singapore's still the best. We're small, but lesser confusions.