Why the UK Runs Trains to Nowhere


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  • JBS
    JBS Day ago

    That train actually...no longer runs to Paddington. The line was closed not by the franchise operator but by the Department for Transport itself for construction of a new and controversial high speed railway between London and Birmingham. Instead, the train now goes from South Ruslip nonstop to West Ealing and then from West Ealing returns nonstop to High Wycombe. The problem is, if you purchase a ticket from West Ealing to High Wycombe, it will, naturally, send you via Paddington and the tube. So "London Terminal" tickets are accepted on the service from West Ealing to High Wycombe. This isn't a problem from South Ruslip as that journey is payable by Oyster.

  • Derick Burke
    Derick Burke 3 days ago +1

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  • Ralph Jackson
    Ralph Jackson 3 days ago

    Only three trains a week from a city as big as Houston? For real?

  • Jasper ward
    Jasper ward 4 days ago

    Them northern trains that were parked in York station are still there

  • Chris Hogan
    Chris Hogan 7 days ago

    It's mad hearing an American say Stalybridge. Almost got it right too.

  • slothfulcobra
    slothfulcobra 7 days ago

    It's understandable that there's all the rigamarole, because...y'know....""democracy". Almost as if privatization of the rail industry in the first place was a bad idea.

  • Liam Tahaney
    Liam Tahaney 7 days ago

    Huston: “Why is our traffic so bad???”
    Also Huston: *3 trains a week*

  • Rob F
    Rob F 8 days ago

    It would be cheaper, to do a bus line, operated by cabs, you call before, you get the cab, you pay the same, as a train ticket would cost, the rest gets the cab driver from the public transportation.

  • Christopher Waller
    Christopher Waller 8 days ago

    Another reason for ghost trains in some cases is for driver training / route knowledge in the event that the normal terminus is closed for engineering works, and some trains are on a planned diversion.

  • tluagel
    tluagel 9 days ago

    Thanks for everything Margaret Thatcher!

  • itznotjeff ok
    itznotjeff ok 10 days ago

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  • olliepoplol
    olliepoplol 10 days ago

    That’s definitely more than just half an interesting as whatever I was watching previous to this. Cool stuff!

  • ThouShaltSuffer1
    ThouShaltSuffer1 10 days ago

    >Does a video on UK Transport but can't pronounce place names or the word 'route' correctly.

  • Laurie Bancroft
    Laurie Bancroft 12 days ago

    Why can’t Americans say British place names 😂

  • Rashed AlBlewy
    Rashed AlBlewy 13 days ago +1

    Thank god they’re leaving our EU 😏

  • T Kelly
    T Kelly 13 days ago

    Part of the greatness of the agreements is that it ensures that back water places that companies would shut down. Rural communities get shafted by private companies when the govt doesn't force them to provide the service.

  • Rooforyou
    Rooforyou 13 days ago

    Time to Nationalise the railways.

  • Kristóf Fészki
    Kristóf Fészki 13 days ago

    Look at Serbia-they closed their internationals to the EU for a reconstruction.But,they never sad that anywhere just in that day morning(f1. of Feb 2019 was the date of close first for three years Ridiculous

  • lance allison
    lance allison 14 days ago

    Having worked for the Railway empty trains like this can be useful especially at night, Let me explain some passengers rather than politely asking the guard on the train to wake them at their stop some Don’t and because of the booze they have had sleep through every single station and would end up at my station a good 20-30 miles away from home and as it was the last train of the night they were stuck, But if they were nice and didn’t throw their toys out of their cot I’d look and see if an empty train was going back through their home station to be dropped off, Empty trains were very useful in that way, BTW if they weren’t nice then it was either a long night waiting until the first train in the morning or a very expensive Taxi ride home which was preferable to sleeping outside the station on a cold night.

  • THE Scottish T0X1CShark 9961

    US sits in the back with no trains are all

  • Alex Drennan
    Alex Drennan 14 days ago

    5M29 1135 London Paddington to High Wycombe is a (Q) Path that means that it runs when required and as its a Class 5 train that means its an Empty coaching stock move which people arent allowed on , so your video entertaining is inaccurate

  • Spencer Lenz
    Spencer Lenz 14 days ago

    As a American I have no idea what your talking about

  • Christian Haimet
    Christian Haimet 15 days ago

    cool stuff! well done making this topic interesting!

  • twentydeaths
    twentydeaths 15 days ago

    why did i think this had 2 views

  • mittfh
    mittfh 15 days ago

    The Paddington to High Wycombe service was also used to maintain route knowledge for drivers in the event Marylebone was closed, so enabling services to divert to Paddington instead. The route was also used for freight and stock movements.

    However, as of December 2018, the line has been temporarily closed to allow HS2 enabling works at Old Oak Common, so the Parliamentary train now runs a different route and terminates elsewhere.

  • Neen
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  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy 24 days ago

    Those trains would be great for shooting a movie

  • Connor Lonergan
    Connor Lonergan 24 days ago

    Another thing to consider is that the closing of a line might drive down the price of the franchise and I don't think a private corp wants that to go down

  • Manfred Williams
    Manfred Williams 25 days ago

    Lectured to by a Yank about Public Transport. You couldn't make it up.

  • Choco Later
    Choco Later 27 days ago

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  • mPky1
    mPky1 27 days ago

    Its MARR LLL EEEE BONE,, theres no MARY in it.

  • lyiriyah
    lyiriyah 29 days ago

    It's not a ghost train as you can GET ON IT INNIT!

    ANTHONY BOOTH 29 days ago

    Back in the day, when I was in Amsterdam (stoned offa my tree) I boarded a late night train to a place called 'Niet Instappen'... - good job I had plenty of beer and weed on me and that the train had toilets... - I was on that fucker, sat in some shunting yard, for some hours... - and then it took me back into the city as day broke...

  • Matt 32
    Matt 32 Month ago

    Awful plug that was at the end mate 😭

  • Marc Kenyon
    Marc Kenyon Month ago

    Wow, this was a really boring video. Nobody can afford rail travel here in the UK anyway, its cheaper to drive.

  • MEERKAT978
    MEERKAT978 Month ago

    I kinda appreciate that they make it hard to close lines, even with these ghost trains.
    Look back 40 years and you'll see why: Beeching. His cuts and the follow ups meant that a lot of passenger traffic on these sorts of lines vanished. That, and some places would be cut off without them.

  • GalaxyBunny124
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  • David G
    David G Month ago

    Wasting time and resources to run empty trains and one-way routes is nonsensical no matter how you look at it.

  • NoBoy Lunatic
    NoBoy Lunatic Month ago

    Except there is already a band named Ghost Train

  • Flag Boy
    Flag Boy Month ago

    I live in high wycombe

  • Benjamin Bowman
    Benjamin Bowman Month ago

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  • Jack Sugden
    Jack Sugden Month ago

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  • Rafał Lauterbach
    Rafał Lauterbach Month ago

    Those wonderful regulations...

  • 11holic11
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  • Lucas W.
    Lucas W. Month ago

    Shit catch me riding that train every day then, nothing better than a train to yourself

  • jrgboy
    jrgboy Month ago

    We had loads of line closures in the early 60's here in the UK, the Beeching report was based on the economics of stations NOT on the need so most of Wales & the Southwest lost all their lines , many have been restored since, back then it was thought that motor transport would be the future so the government built hundreds more roads & cut back on rail investment..

  • aysha
    aysha Month ago

    lmao marylebone

  • Brandan Weatherspoon

    13 years is temporary depending on what timetable you use lol

  • Jason Butterworth
    Jason Butterworth Month ago

    Why is route being pronounced as rowt?

  • ronik24
    ronik24 Month ago

    It's a good thing small stations and routes cannot be closed easily.
    By the way, I don't agree with your conclusion: this only creates ghost trains. It is a a logical error as you only register the ghost trains and not the many small stations and routes that still see regular traffic due to these regulations.

  • Alex R
    Alex R Month ago

    So... has anyone ever tried to suplex one of these ghost trains?

  • jls
    jls Month ago

    the scandal is not, that there is a well thougt-through process to close(!) rail-lines or stations. the scandal is, that companies are paid to run trains and can get out of their contractual obligations with this sort of nonsense!
    "this train is not supposed to exist" - whats that supposed to mean!?

  • Bevan Ellis
    Bevan Ellis Month ago +1

    *Important News*
    The Paddington - High Wycombe train was replaced a few weeks ago. Here is a video about the NEW Ghost Train! tvclip.biz/video/p5z8mh9etf0/video.html

  • zondaintheair
    zondaintheair Month ago

    Do David Cameron's future Ghost Train .

  • Malaysian 001
    Malaysian 001 Month ago

    meh, its already closed.

  • Feeble Provisions
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  • Isabelle Pemberton
    Isabelle Pemberton Month ago

    I’m actually from stalybridge and that train is at 5 am once a week and doesn’t make any profit

  • Vincit Veritas
    Vincit Veritas Month ago

    Some "Transpennine" trains go from Manchester to Glasgow so don't go across the Pennines.
    They could make money on ghost trains if they hired in vintage locos and stock. They would be packed with rail enthusiasts.

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    0:25 Damn already outdated

  • Annabel Robertson
    Annabel Robertson Month ago

    Sorry but it’s not BirmingHAM it’s birmingum and I’m not even from Birmingham but it still annoys the life out of me

  • Aidan Keys
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  • Living Lifeform
    Living Lifeform Month ago

    The legistration is fine, it has problems but nothing wrong with it, as it prevents them closing used stations and at worse is a bit inneficient.

  • d djdgmg
    d djdgmg Month ago

    Now it's the South Ruislip to West Ealing
    West Ealing to High Wycombe

  • Jack KingYT
    Jack KingYT Month ago

    Liking my own comment coz no one will like it

  • Jimmi Clarke
    Jimmi Clarke Month ago

    Why did you pronounce Stalybridge differently both times you said it? The first time was correct by the way.

  • troy gomez
    troy gomez Month ago

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  • Ben Munday
    Ben Munday 2 months ago

    Stop talking about the UK, your from the usa

  • Mr. Poshington
    Mr. Poshington 2 months ago

    Now this service has stopped running, as the track is being ripped up to build a high speed rail line through it. It has been replaced with 2 services, one from South Ruislip to West Ealing (A Great Western and Crossrail station) and the other from West Ealing to High Wycombe. It also uses a secret bit of track that links the Chiltern Mainline and the Greenford Branch and runs at around the same time of day as the one described in this video.

  • Vittorio Chichiarelli
    Vittorio Chichiarelli 2 months ago

    This train doesn’t work anymore

  • Andrew Gwilt
    Andrew Gwilt 2 months ago

    Chiltern Railways have now started operating between West Ealing-High Wycombe on the 9th December this year. Since they aren’t operating from London Paddington anymore because of HS2 works taking place and a new station at Old Oak Common is to be built as part of HS2.

  • Jahangir Khizer
    Jahangir Khizer 2 months ago


  • Joshua Curtis
    Joshua Curtis 2 months ago

    The Stockport to staylebridge train now runs in both directions , once a week

  • Rachelcookie321
    Rachelcookie321 2 months ago

    In the South Island of New Zealand we only have a couple trains a WEEK for the whole island!
    I believe the train runs from Christchurch to Picton with a few stops.

  • Train News Finland
    Train News Finland 2 months ago

    Houston only gets 3 trains a WEEK? Here in Finland we have a place called Mommila, which in all of 2017 only saw 992 people use it, but gets a hourly service to Riihimäki, a small city 71 kilometers from Helsinki, AND to Lahti, a rather big city 104 kilometers from Helsinki.

    • THEF2PN00B
      THEF2PN00B 2 months ago

      Houston use to be a big where 17 railroads met the sea in the late 19-early 20 century and we had a union station but in the mid 70's they decide to stop all train service. Now the station was turn into a baseball field and most of the trains that run in and out are freight trains and here is the full history: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Station_(Houston)

  • Synystershy
    Synystershy 2 months ago +3

    The Chiltern Paddington train doesn't exist anymore. *nudge nudge*. It goes from South Ruislip to West Ealing then to High Wycombe now.

    • Synystershy
      Synystershy 2 months ago

      +Toukyou Masters Underground and National Rail.

    • Toukyou Masters
      Toukyou Masters 2 months ago

      Isn't SR an underground station?

  • theClocker
    theClocker 2 months ago

    There's a new one of these now that departs from South Ruislip instead of Paddington, but also runs to High Wycombe: tvclip.biz/video/p5z8mh9etf0/video.html

  • AllThings 4Geeks
    AllThings 4Geeks 2 months ago

    Due to HS2 works, a section of the line which takes trains from Paddington to High Wycombe. The HS2 Works will remove some of the tracks, meaning that the Parlimentary train will not run into Paddington. See Geoff Mashalls channel, he made a video about it all

  • O.V.S Bullied
    O.V.S Bullied 2 months ago

    the paddington to high wycombe is no longer a thing. Geoff Marshall uploaded a video about it.

  • Cypher791
    Cypher791 2 months ago

    So the train to nowhere goes to 2 places >_>

  • john donovan
    john donovan 2 months ago

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  • Joeyyy Xavier
    Joeyyy Xavier 2 months ago +1

    Well on Sunday 9th December 2018 this route will see its last due to the HS2 and Crossrail projects.

  • Kanal Q
    Kanal Q 2 months ago

    I believe they have these laws thanks to the wonderful hater of rails, Dr. Beeching.

  • Spencer Lewis
    Spencer Lewis 2 months ago

    On the Stockport to stalybridge there is also Guy bridge station

  • Jarrod Baniqued
    Jarrod Baniqued 2 months ago +2

    Who’s watching this after the Paddington-High Wycombe closure last Friday?

  • Alan Wong
    Alan Wong 2 months ago

    Why does it feel like this video was made in America..

  • Steam Trainlover
    Steam Trainlover 2 months ago

    i think i read a book once called train to nowhere it had two orphan girl kids who decided to hide the fact there sisters to better improve the odds of both of them getting adopted so then they can survive now this is keep in mind a thing long ago so i may not even be right

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 months ago

    It no longer runs as of the 7th December 2018

  • Hello
    Hello 2 months ago

    Great video but your pronunciation of Marylebone gave me cancer.

  • James Coleridge
    James Coleridge 2 months ago +1

    Who gives a SHIT?

  • Victor Ji
    Victor Ji 2 months ago

    This video was made on my birthday

  • Tom T
    Tom T 3 months ago

    No need for the sarcasm when explaining how difficult it is to close a trainline, because it's deliberately difficult.
    He even admits that the complication is to stop private companies shutting rail lines the moment they lose profit so no idea why he decided to rip at the government when he knew the facts. (and before some retard libertarians chime up to say closing unprofitable lines is a good thing I need to remind them that rail lines are essential for the economy, for example all plane travel is unprofitable but if they shut down the entire air industry global commerce would collapse).

  • Kalinysta Zvoruna
    Kalinysta Zvoruna 3 months ago

    ::smacks palm to forehead:: And I though USA's governmental processes (including local and state) to do anything was asinine!

  • 7x7proerspotter
    7x7proerspotter 3 months ago +1

    I live in England and trust me 1 train a day, even at a small station is nothing never mind a station in London

  • CreamyTrumpet
    CreamyTrumpet 3 months ago

    In corbengland the trains will run for the benefit of the people! Trains will run right up to your front door there will be no class system everyone will travel people's class apart from the fat capitalists pig dogs, they will have to walk.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 2 months ago

      That's not true at all. They are already run for the benefit of the people, it's just those within the *government* (not the private companies) are completely incompetent at doing so. Corbyn is simply going to remove the private companies who haven't really done much wrong, but keep those in the DfT where the inefficiencies and incompetence lies. Also First Class is useful on InterCity routes if you want a more comfortable journey and want extra bonuses included. However it's pointless on commuter services

  • Christian Knuchel
    Christian Knuchel 3 months ago

    The video makes it sound like the bureaucracy is the problem, when there's a different problem hidden in all this: Perhaps, instead of predominantly pointing to devices in place to protect the public from corporate greed, the focus could be put on the government not being specific enough in their contracts. It can't be that a rail company is required to run a train on a reasonably short line, and then ends up running it once a day, or once a week, or replacing it with a bus service for 13 years by the means of some glaringly obvious loophole. Of course no one is going to build their regular routine around a train service that almost never runs. Thus it's not surprising that these lines have virtually no passengers.
    Besides, if they had to run these lines properly, they'd also have an economic incentive to go through the proper bureaucratic process to close them.

    • Christian Knuchel
      Christian Knuchel 5 days ago

      +Alasdair Clift Certainly there are lines which have become pointless. My point is this: In order to protect lines that aren't pointless, but might not be profitable, some bureaucracy is required.
      Now, if there was a clause that all lines had to be operated properly, the costs of going through that bureaucracy in order to close them would be cheaper than operating the line, which would result in those lines being closed despite the process being in place.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 2 months ago

      There's no need for some lines as other lines do a much better job and are cheaper to run. The New North line was (as of yesterday it has been closed for construction of High Speed 2) inconvenient, took longer, and used up space at the already congested Paddington station. It was wasteful as Marylebone has capacity and is only two stops on the Bakerloo line away, and no where else is served by the Paddington route that isn't already served by the Marylebone route

  • Meme papi
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  • William H
    William H 3 months ago

    A propaganda piece on why private train companies in the UK are just the little guy getting squashed by an inneficient govt brought to you by Squarespace. The privatised train system in the UK is a scam & an overwhelming majority of the British public support nationalising rail services to stop the profiteering and woefully poor service. Google southern rail if you want to find out more. These private companies charge extortionate prices and take that money out of the country. It’s coming to an end soon under a new government.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 2 months ago

      That's not true at all. Privatisation shouldn't have happened, but it shouldn't be reversed as frankly it is irrelevant. TfL concessions have it best, TfL tell the companies what they need to implement, and they do so in an efficient manner, that's why London Overground has been so successful, TfL say to Arriva what they want, Arriva plans out how it will happen. The DfT are the issue as they can't manage the system at all. Profit Margins are essentially non existent as the Government take 98% of revenue (on average) either for running the railway or for the Treasury to keep. Southern have been forced to introduce DOO by the DfT, causing mayhem in strike action, and the DfT refused to budge on the issue. Same is happening on Northern. Fares are also mostly regulated by the Government, apart from advance and super off peak (vastly cheaper than others). Anytime fares are all Government controlled, and we would still be running with 50 year old slam door trains if it wasn't for fare rises since privatisation (That's not to say BR didn't massively raise fares, 50.7% in 1975 under a Labour Government, twice the RPI, whilst next year's will be 1% below RPI). Almost no money leaves the country, in fact taxpayers in the Netherlands and Germany are getting quite annoyed because their Governments are putting money into Britain's railway to subsidise it as we aren't doing it ourselves.

  • burningphoneix
    burningphoneix 3 months ago

    Fuck the train companies. If it was me, I would force them to run 10 trains a day to every station even with no passengers.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 2 months ago

      Why? Paddington is 2 stops on the Bakerloo from Marylebone. It would just take away platform capacity for services that can only use Paddington

  • Lesion’s Geography Class

    Hometown got mentioned in a 2+ mil view video... unexpected lol