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  • Nagy Hajnalka Éva
    Nagy Hajnalka Éva 6 hours ago

    I hatehatehate the rewardsistem so much and here's why:
    If we reward ourselfes we kind of think we are only valuable when we do something. Especially when we do something good, or if we do it well. I think this is absolutely terrible, because if we fail, and don't get the reward, we feel so defeated and we may stand up and try again, but our self-esteem is gonna be based on this. We are only gonna value and love ourselves when we try hard enough or do a good job in something. But it's okay to do it later, or not do it at all. We aren't only valuable if we do it well. What even is doing something well? And doing something is a reward at it's own, like, reaching a goal, or just getting far in somethin, or learning something new. And also, sometimes giving up is the right thing and we aren't only good and lovable if we do a good job in anything or everything. Here's where unconditional love comes in, we're not perfect^^
    And I wanted to share this, because, it's how I have been thought in my whole life and I'd like to know what you guys think.

  • David Clark
    David Clark Day ago

    Yea give that candy

  • Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    Goldstars !! Eeeeeehhh LoL!!🌟🌟🌟🌟😂😆😉🤗💟💟

  • Soiled Brand
    Soiled Brand 4 days ago

    For the lazy parents there is Adderall!

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith 8 days ago

    I would reward myself with snacks. Snacks always motivate me.

  • Ceren S.
    Ceren S. 8 days ago

    9,3M views but 909 comments? how tf is that possible

  • John Squire
    John Squire 10 days ago

    Raised apparently by capitalists rightly, hard work gets results and smart work gets them faster, but trained as a socialist, within the indoctrination centers known as the public schools through college and finally peer pressure through the entertainment industry to keep the facade up. You cannot serve two masters.

  • Kiril Nikolov
    Kiril Nikolov 13 days ago

    Damn your face is ultra hot...

  • Axel Mansilla
    Axel Mansilla 14 days ago

    Man just found your channel so cool I even stayed and watched your publicity at the end

    QUEENDOM 15 days ago +1

    I need Asian parents

  • Jason Keilholtz
    Jason Keilholtz 17 days ago

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  • Michael Riggs
    Michael Riggs 20 days ago

    The Asian parents thing was very racist

  • Onagi Black
    Onagi Black 24 days ago

    This human thinks you're amazing! Please keep following your passion, you are having a positive effect.

  • Pink Panda
    Pink Panda 26 days ago

    Thank you anna!

  • ruchi shah
    ruchi shah 28 days ago

    I love her

  • you drive me insane

    You helped me with my exam stress

  • Henei Baite
    Henei Baite Month ago +1

    Anna Ankana❤

  • Andi Alice
    Andi Alice Month ago

    Gonna watch that creepy candy scene to motivate myself every time I have a paper

  • Michaela Williams
    Michaela Williams Month ago

    Um, Sis. Do you have a podacst...? Because you should have a podcast...

  • R1CK1TW 44
    R1CK1TW 44 Month ago

    “Today’s being google chrome” was the cutest thing I’ve seen this week

  • Ada K.
    Ada K. Month ago

    LMAOOO as an Asian, I can confirm that, yes, Asian parents do that.

  • RomanowRomanow Aleksiej

    I wanna be that candy box, who is with me?

  • RallyRush
    RallyRush Month ago

    What’s you advice tho when you made a decent schedule but something comes along that ruins it? For example I planned to film 2 new videos for my channel today then my mom told me I had to go with her to help out in the office all day. How do I stick to a schedule or plan another schedule to stay productive? Please anyone can comment advice cuz I really want to get more work done :(

  • HIGH
    HIGH Month ago

    i was really wondering why someone would be a workaholic, but you have been getting rewarded whenever you do something, but i never felt like that about something im want to do, because i feel that it wont be very rewarding... thanks for the tips btw

  • juntjoo nunya
    juntjoo nunya 2 months ago

    Did she lick that candy box?

    SUNDAY SAMUEL 2 months ago

    Please, i want to ask a question, weren't you on the movie ANTMAN?? the "I'm looking for a guy who shrinks" scene

  • billie abbott
    billie abbott 2 months ago

    i grew up being taught that doing the dishes = my parents being moderately happy with me. unfortunately that’s never been very motivating so i don’t have good work ethic. yay, parents!

  • Liya Deen
    Liya Deen 2 months ago

    Anna is so realistic, relatable and inspiring. She always manages to calm me when I'm stressed

  • Antonio Thomas
    Antonio Thomas 2 months ago

    Just realized this was uploaded on my birthday

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma 2 months ago

    Good, something else I can blame on my parents.

  • Luu Sapphire
    Luu Sapphire 2 months ago

    I STILL have that two tape VHS of Titanic...

  • Chris M
    Chris M 2 months ago

    She hot

  • ¡Pirata Blanco!
    ¡Pirata Blanco! 2 months ago

    Yeah I'd erase my schedule and instead completely focus on eating your candy - ALL DAY 👄🍬

  • Anonymous FlexTape
    Anonymous FlexTape 2 months ago

    0:31-0:51 asmr tho

  • Krish Mishra
    Krish Mishra 2 months ago

    She is awsome!

  • Ha Hawk
    Ha Hawk 2 months ago

    Good advert, but I think the racial double standard is hilarious, especially coming from Google. I can't imagine what the uproar would be if this were a white woman who uttered the phrase "But I get it it - not everybody can have white parents to instill a work ethic in them from birth!" Lol!

  • axxm
    axxm 2 months ago +1

    i jerked off to this

  • Djobo Kuwali
    Djobo Kuwali 2 months ago

    This woman is by far the most ruthless opportunist on TVclip. I'd feel differently if everything she did wasn't nearly corporate propaganda for kids.

  • KingFry
    KingFry 2 months ago

    Your really lucky then because if I got 10 dollars for every A then I would be rich because I get things done because my parents got a work ethic in me but I don’t get rewarded like that I get rewarded by getting to be loved and I get to go on vacation with my family once a year

  • brooklynboy02
    brooklynboy02 2 months ago

    See if you said every time I hand in a 20 page thesis I’ll get a blowjob from you then that would be something we can talk about.

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    "The Chromebook starts up in second . . . . . . s and it doesn't slow down over time."
    Damnit, Windows 10. Why can't you be more like Chromebook?

  • Jamie Tong
    Jamie Tong 2 months ago

    but i dont have a ten-page MLA- wgheteverelse paper assigned

  • 482lost
    482lost 2 months ago

    Wish I had normal parents that actually did their raising-a-kid job properly. All they did was argue, even when I was a toddler balling my eyes out screaming for them to stop. Both were neglectful, and used the tv as a babysitter for me. Probably would have had a better job and life in general if I was born to better parents. Sometimes I wish I had been aborted like my brother was(just learned about that this month, on Father's Day no less!)
    Of course actually having a full blooded brother instead of the step brother and sister I got stuck with would have helped make things bearable. But I'll never know now.

  • pizzacool 10432
    pizzacool 10432 2 months ago

    Thai sounds like poki said that in her life story

  • Blood Red Zed
    Blood Red Zed 2 months ago

    I wish I had Asian privilege.

  • Chris Hopper
    Chris Hopper 2 months ago

    WATSKY!!! @ 1:05

  • Dave Liao
    Dave Liao 2 months ago

    I'm so happy this appeared as an ad for me. An ad within an ad... #meta

  • demonheart13
    demonheart13 2 months ago

    The third pointakes the first two inaccurate. I don't think there was a day in school where I could "focus" on one task. Also those multi tasking studies are almost always BS, if people couldn't multi-task, then school would be useless, besides the fact that it almost always takes multiple different tasks to complete one thing.
    If I scheduled by priority, I would be very unhappy cause the majority of my days would be for other people and work, not me.
    With that said, over scheduling is a big issue that is a legit thing to avoid, and probably the most important.

  • Min Fukushihujin
    Min Fukushihujin 2 months ago


  • SmokiNHoT FunK
    SmokiNHoT FunK 2 months ago

    any pornstars that look like this girl?

  • kINGO
    kINGO 2 months ago

    mEIJI- it's hilarious how similar asian parents are throughout households
    i c a n t

  • TeaKaeBop
    TeaKaeBop 2 months ago +1

    "but i get it, not everyone has Asian parents to instill a work ethic" - Anna Akana

  • Backupop
    Backupop 2 months ago

    My parents never put me on a reward-system, they put me on a not-punishment-system. For every A I got, I didn't get grounded!

  • kalin
    kalin 2 months ago


  • Maan Okay
    Maan Okay 2 months ago


  • Everette Bradfute
    Everette Bradfute 2 months ago

    If my parents paid me a penny a page I read, they would be broke.

  • Kyrylo Reznykov
    Kyrylo Reznykov 2 months ago

    You are so gorgeous!

  • thatnavarezguy
    thatnavarezguy 2 months ago +1

    I dont need an award I do it because my parents say so - A mexican

  • Alfredo Beltran
    Alfredo Beltran 2 months ago

    wow youre beautiful!❤️

  • Tom Cruz
    Tom Cruz 2 months ago +1

    I came to watch an ad then watched a different ad before the original ad

    • thatnavarezguy
      thatnavarezguy 2 months ago

      Tom Cruz Yeah i also came hear to write the comment 2 above yoy

  • Robert Bright
    Robert Bright 2 months ago

    thank you for helping me get my homework done

  • Lala Latte
    Lala Latte 2 months ago

    I got an ad of this and wanted to check it out to comment and I got an ad on an ad
    I LOVE HELLO PANDA OML GURLLLLLLLLL omg I wanna go eat it rn and I will cya xD

  • L7vanmatre
    L7vanmatre 2 months ago

    An ad that I don't want to shoot myself for watching. Thanks!

  • uli
    uli 2 months ago

    actually needed this ty

  • Average Joe Gaming
    Average Joe Gaming 2 months ago +1

    man every time I get an A I get an A... I'm supposed to have an allowance but that isn't even based on my grades, it's only based on chores, but it's only $15 for a month.
    Edit: I didn't mention I don't even live in an Asian family 😒

    • thatnavarezguy
      thatnavarezguy 2 months ago

      Average Joe Gaming I just do it because my parents say so the only time i get paid is if i go work with my dad

  • Amanda May
    Amanda May 2 months ago

    Really good tips! I absolutely agree!

  • LeoInDaWind Animations
    LeoInDaWind Animations 2 months ago


  • Carlo Corbin
    Carlo Corbin 2 months ago


  • Meiling Zhao
    Meiling Zhao 2 months ago


  • Youngy ASMR
    Youngy ASMR 2 months ago +1

    so thats like 7 classes and 7 A's and 4 quarters in a school year thats like $280 a school year

    • thatnavarezguy
      thatnavarezguy 2 months ago


  • Alfa Uno
    Alfa Uno 2 months ago

    Esta China de mierda quien se cree q es?

  • Marie Castano
    Marie Castano 2 months ago +2

    I grew up with an extortion system, not an incentive system. Didn't get allowances or gifts. I got not-yelled at and not-spanked when I got A's. Punished for anything lower.

  • Corbinite
    Corbinite 2 months ago

    this showed up as a sponsored ad and... was actually helpful lol. Thank you anna akana

  • Stephen Dias
    Stephen Dias 3 months ago

    If you are expecting extrinsic reward in America for "hard work" you are to be sorely disappointed.
    Asian privilege is strong with this one.

  • Snowy's Gaming
    Snowy's Gaming 3 months ago

    For every A I earned I get 10 dollars. I wish ;-;.

  • Andy
    Andy 3 months ago

    so smart, :'(

  • caatabatic
    caatabatic 3 months ago

    you got 10 dollars?! okay sure I am older. c/o 99 but still thats like 1,000% more than me.

  • Malevolent The Dragon
    Malevolent The Dragon 3 months ago

    Hi, I'm just here to say this is the first ad during all my years on TVclip that's ever ACTUALLY helped me. You go, girl.

  • Samuel Andreson
    Samuel Andreson 3 months ago

    My parents wouldn’t give me rewards for school related things because it was required for me to do it. I would get money for work I chose to do.

  • Pit Rat T.V
    Pit Rat T.V 3 months ago

    Hello to the Beautiful Fallen Angel That just fell from Heaven into my arms who stole my Heart and who’s my Heart and Soul. Who has the most beautiful and Brightest smile that’s brighter than the morning Sun. Those eyes that sparkle n shine like the Moon N Stars. I would give everything I have just to hold u close to my Heart. All I want is to love U and to be with u. If I was your man I’d Never Disappoint you, never stop n never stop saying every morning how much I loving you, never stop telling you How Beautiful and Gorgeous You Truly Are, and Never Cheat on you ever. I'm sorry if I sound Creepy but anything I say Comes from the Heart and my Love for you is truly real

  • Jeremyneedsaname
    Jeremyneedsaname 3 months ago

    Check out "Punished by Rewards" for a good counterpoint

  • Goosetooth
    Goosetooth 3 months ago

    first time I didn't skip an ad tysm for the tips

  • FlowerGlow
    FlowerGlow 3 months ago

    I mean... I do have an Asian mom, but she doesn't reward me with anything. She expects me to get everything right.

  • Tom Higgins
    Tom Higgins 3 months ago

    I'm not trying to be an argumentative blowhard, but it's not true that hard work always leads to a reward, and I don't think that raising kids with the idea *that it does* is wise.
    In school, if you work hard, you'll probably get an A. That, in itself, is a fine reward and one that you can be sure will pay off in the long term.
    Out of school? You can work harder than you ever have and still fail tremendously. I have and it's not fun. If people don't have realistic expectations, that first failure can be a damaging blow- especially if they feel that the reward of success is somehow owed to them.
    Again, I'm not trying to come across as snide or harsh. You seem to be a very intelligent and hard-working person. I just wanted to address that one point.

  • benedictify
    benedictify 3 months ago

    If Asian parents instill a work ethic, I had anti-Asian parents.

  • benedictify
    benedictify 3 months ago

    I love you.

  • Safsoufa Games
    Safsoufa Games 3 months ago

    More like every immigrant's family. Not only asian.

  • janning schrotter
    janning schrotter 3 months ago

    Or you can be hacked or if your broke your race does not matter lamo ;p

  • Cubix Rube
    Cubix Rube 3 months ago

    Wow your sorta spoiled. 10 dollars just for a single A?

  • Joshua Jung
    Joshua Jung 3 months ago

    I'd be rich

  • Shining Star
    Shining Star 3 months ago

    That doesn’t work for children and teens that aren’t into money, toys, or candy.
    Not everyone has the behavior of a pet. 😁

  • monarchmark
    monarchmark 3 months ago

    Thank you for the Chromebook link :)

  • manualLaborer
    manualLaborer 3 months ago

    Your overly animated hands makes me think you're a liar. Put toning it down on your to-do list.

  • Hiroki Rinn
    Hiroki Rinn 3 months ago

    That candy lure - Gold! Haha! And being in tech - The multi-tasking is real! T_T

  • MuaricePlayes Minecraft

    SO HOT

  • Brown McJuggerNuggets
    Brown McJuggerNuggets 3 months ago

    For every A earned, I didn't get yelled at. My Asian parents were brutal.

  • I Do Stuff
    I Do Stuff 3 months ago

    That lick though!

  • tyler anderson
    tyler anderson 3 months ago

    Stop marketing your self on ads you Asia broad

  • Sara3346
    Sara3346 3 months ago

    thank you so so much!