R-Code Ford Galaxie 500, De Tomaso Pantera and MORE! | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 49

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Hidden behind a lush tree line, off a well-traveled road, lies a collection of cars that has flown under Tom Cotter’s radar for years. Among the stash is a pair of desirable K5 Chevy Blazers and an early-model De Tomaso Pantera. But the real gem is hidden inside a warehouse, buried in the corner, under a couple decades’ worth pile of dust and junk.
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Comments • 482

  • Hagerty
    Hagerty  4 months ago +12

    More details on Tom's finds: www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/02/06/barn-find-hunter-time-capsule-pantera-r-code-galaxie-500

  • Adam Button
    Adam Button 15 hours ago

    3 door custom chev possibly ambulance

  • Curtis Hopkins
    Curtis Hopkins 8 days ago

    The Pantera is a 73-74 model.

    SUNIKI 9 days ago

    Walk on home boooy.

  • Keith Clark
    Keith Clark 13 days ago

    The phone in the Panthers is actually a CB radio designed to look like a phone, popular around 1974-76

      THRASH METAL & FUN RIFFS 12 days ago

      NAh, it's a radio phone... there were operators you'd ring up and they'd connect you to landlines

  • tyler amburg
    tyler amburg 13 days ago

    OMG when you was looking at that 427 impala all i could see was that 59 Caddy what a shame really really for some reason LOVE those cars!

  • Anthony Ruiz
    Anthony Ruiz 16 days ago

    What a shame

  • Stephen Riley
    Stephen Riley 25 days ago

    Ah! Tom. Graveyards are good! Regards Stephen.

  • Racer 67
    Racer 67 29 days ago

    I want that 427 out of that 65 impala for my 67 impala!!

  • James Sullivan
    James Sullivan Month ago

    Just a shame

  • Gary Johnston
    Gary Johnston Month ago

    Ashes to ashes dust to dust.This is what happens when you let them rust.

  • volcano hi
    volcano hi Month ago

    When I was a kid I got a bit of mail that said I could win one of 5 prizes. One of them was a used pantera. I won it and crashed it= just kidding. But they were honest enough to send me a pen.

  • todd lecher
    todd lecher Month ago

    i love pantera's

  • taketimeout2
    taketimeout2 Month ago

    Good for you. The Woody does not get driven in the rain whenever avoidable. The stupidest thing about the automobile? Most are made out of metal.
    For something to be used outdoors that is dumb. But hey, no one perfect.

  • Carl Clements
    Carl Clements Month ago

    The rear end in that thumbnail!!!! 😍

  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir 2 months ago

    Problem with classic cars is STORAGE.
    You may want to save it, keep it or repair it but with poor or little to no storage, the constant weathering effects may claim a car before the owner can get to fixing it or is the last cost that breaks the camels back (or budget).

  • todd lecher
    todd lecher 2 months ago


  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 2 months ago

    An honest shame.. all these beauties just rotting away...

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 2 months ago

    All that rot that could easily be removed.. :/

  • Mike Buxbaum
    Mike Buxbaum 2 months ago

    Panthera for $10,000??? He is a dreamer! The yellow car will go for $20=30 thousand dollars.

  • cut
    cut 2 months ago

    Almost every episode has hoarders putting wonderful cars in a field to rot. Not my business obviously, but it really has me shaking my head. "NOT FOR SALE" ugh.

  • StreetTruckinTitan
    StreetTruckinTitan 2 months ago

    A Pantera has always been a dream car of mine. I should have bought one when they were still affordable.

  • deepfreezevideo
    deepfreezevideo 2 months ago

    LOL that is not a mobile phone, it's a CB radio which made to LOOK LIKE a mobile phone.

  • Michael Souza
    Michael Souza 2 months ago

    Yellow Pantera brings back memories. Drove it from San Jose to San Francisco on the 280 had to take my Frye boots off to work the pedals. 1973 and the car belonged to Nick Dallis.

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason 2 months ago

    Nice ones are stupid expensive now...

  • Tyler M23
    Tyler M23 3 months ago

    "I just met em' 10 or 12 years ago"

  • kutzbill
    kutzbill 3 months ago +1

    I am not sure what my Pantera was, but I bought it from a dealer in 1975, but the title said it was a 1973, and a new title. The dealer was known to do some strange things to cars, but still it had a new title. The engine was a SCJ 428. I've had some people tell me that they never put 428's in this car, and I have had Ford guys tell me they made very few of them. Does anyone know for sure? I am thinking the dealer did it just to see if it could be done, but just not sure.
    I bought it in 1975 for $13,000.00 and sold it in 1976 for $14,000.00 (USD). I thought I was pretty smart, driving the car a year, and selling it for more than I bought it for.
    Out of all the cars I have had over the years, I miss my 1970 Olds 442 W-30 the most. I was an automatic, but it was a lot of fun.

    • E
      E Month ago

      All factory Panteras were 351 Clevelands. All.

  • Marcello Adriano
    Marcello Adriano 3 months ago

    O American meda um carro dese brasil

  • Truth_Logic_facts Dont_Care_About_feelings

    I can't tell you, how many valuable classic cars that were good and restorable, that owners left outside to rot refusing to sell them. Shame.

  • Crazywaffle5150
    Crazywaffle5150 3 months ago

    I want that Pantera.

  • Rock Diesel
    Rock Diesel 3 months ago

    All these WASTES. Shame man. So much top tier ass laying around

  • Rock Diesel
    Rock Diesel 3 months ago

    Oh my god that pantera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Esposito
    Jim Esposito 3 months ago

    A factory manual 427 Impala!! thinking we should have been praising this one more than the others

    • RD
      RD 3 months ago

      Tom is more of a Ford guy even though he owns some other cars so it is understandable that he likes to show off older Fords. I have talked to him at car shows and does not try to impress with car knowledge. Just a nice guy looking for old cars.

  • John Devner
    John Devner 3 months ago

    Love that Pantera!

  • kleen rite
    kleen rite 3 months ago

    Tom that Pantera, has the big bumpers, so a 1974.

  • 787brx8
    787brx8 3 months ago

    My dad had A four door Galaxie 500 with the 390 in it. He raced A neighbor who thought he had A fast car. At the end of race my dad looked back and saw the neighbor was half A block behind him.

  • Abunai One
    Abunai One 3 months ago

    I once found a 1936 Ford convertible (I think they were called Phaeton?) in a farmer's field just rusting away along with a rusting 32 roadster hotrod. This was before the area became a suburb. The farmer didn't want to sell them. What a shame.

  • FrankypankyV8
    FrankypankyV8 3 months ago

    I guess I never will understand why someone is buying cars and then left them to rot away...
    The trick is to get your priorities and allow other to buy your cars and use that money to rebuild some cars.
    *such a shame*

  • Ed Cain
    Ed Cain 3 months ago

    Videos Like This Makes Us Wish We Had Back Half the Fast Cars We Had From Mid 50' s- Mid 2000 s. Miss My 66 Merc.Cyclone GT, 71 JAVELIN AMX ,67 Firebird SPRINT ,W/ Str.6 ,4 Barr.,76+78 Datsun 280 Z' s & My Last Hot Rod, 03 Mustang Cobra TERMINATOR,Prob.Still One of BEST BANGS for the BUCK Today!!!

  • 86 Olds 442
    86 Olds 442 3 months ago

    Great video. Would love to know where in NC this is. Been looking for a 3 door Suburban to restore. Grandfather had one when I was young. I live in Mooresville area

  • Schnot
    Schnot 3 months ago +2

    Anyone know how to get ahold of Tom?

    • transformje
      transformje 3 months ago

      Yea, that 427 impala could be worth saving!

  • Stef
    Stef 3 months ago

    11:25 2 duffle bags, one with coke and the other with dollar bills.

  • Byron Arachnicus
    Byron Arachnicus 3 months ago

    There are probably a list of buyers waiting for the owner to die off so they can finally buy cars and parts.

  • Matt AdRev
    Matt AdRev 3 months ago

    god they shoulda kept that blazer color ha

  • kevinsbott
    kevinsbott 3 months ago

    The amount of knowledge Tom has is so impressive. His brain is a museum of automotive history. The car industry for most of the last 100 years has been the largest sector of the US economy, so a lot of US history surrounds the amazing history of the automobile.

  • Deepsand4wheelin1
    Deepsand4wheelin1 3 months ago

    The Pantera waS TERRIBLY HOT! I think it was the worst thing about it. It didn't take long for the heat off that engine to make it miserable.


    the blazer was my first car i bought

  • Charles White64
    Charles White64 3 months ago

    A Restorers Gold Mine!!!! Wtf? _ There Needs To a Group Of People Who Buy The Restorables Up ' Move Them to Weather Safe Place' Inventory What They Actually Are ? Then Open a Web Page To Auction Them To 'Saver Homes'!_ To Save The Very Last Of The Heritage of 'The USA Muscle Memory'🇺🇸 Remember Gone Is Gone' Save Them Before The Heritage Hermits and Nature Allows The Rustification To Create Random Piles of Dustification Remnance Shadows!_

  • Brs's Garage 90redmustang

    What part of N.C. do you live in sir ? I live in North Wilkesboro N.C. Love all your videos I always learn something I didn't know before . thanks

  • Chris Nizer
    Chris Nizer 3 months ago

    That Pantera ZF transaxle is the same unit that was used in the GT-40 race cars. They were sold through Lincoln-Mercury dealers whose sales departments weren't familiar with marketing and selling premium high performance cars and Ford wasn't keen on having competition for Mustang sales either so they didn't get the attention they deserved unfortunately.

  • harry walker
    harry walker 3 months ago

    theres a repair/garage some where in. u.s,i was looking for panteras,very rare,but i swear,this garage had them on lifts,must of been 20 +,easy.

  • Edward Hartzell
    Edward Hartzell 3 months ago

    To small junk it.

  • D Dingus
    D Dingus 3 months ago +2

    I knew a fella north of sturgeon bay Wisconsin that had 80 acres of old convertibles....I asked to buy one from him..." Naw, I'm gonna restore that one"
    He passed on and his son sold all them one at a time

  • stretch54
    stretch54 3 months ago

    Seems a shame to just leave cars uncovered out in the weather to turn to rust.

  • gary maya
    gary maya 3 months ago

    i dunno man, try go fast in an old car.... sounds like a tesla is a better deal....

  • Samu Viljanen
    Samu Viljanen 3 months ago

    Intro song?

  • Jem
    Jem 3 months ago

    Tell the owner of this car thank you so much for destroying our earth with all the pollution and also thank him for all the murders and wars behind gasoline get yourself an electric car dumbass

  • Jake Botelho
    Jake Botelho 3 months ago

    It’s a shame, one person can destroy so many cars. I bet they cut the grass for the show otherwise it’s a scrap metal garden.

  • chad rathbone
    chad rathbone 3 months ago

    Pantera has campy wheels! Cool

  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients 3 months ago +2

    One mans junk is another mans junk when the present owner of said junk dies and wills junk to the next guy who loves to look at junk.

  • sirmugman
    sirmugman 3 months ago

    lol in short, the woody isn't made to go in wet weather as i don't want to pay for the wood work or to get the thing wax/weather treated,

  • hendrixexperiencedig
    hendrixexperiencedig 3 months ago

    I love this channel and hate it at the same time, really enjoy watching Tom finding these gems but then we never see them getting restored. It's always like a good story cut in half.

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347 3 months ago

    Id be willing to take on the Pantera for restore if I ran across one In that condition. Metal can be replaced to a certain extent. As long as the main part of the car is there to get a template off of. It wouldn't be any issue just time.

  • garth locklin
    garth locklin 3 months ago +1

    I would enjoy that K5 or old 3 door Suburban!

  • Torozon
    Torozon 3 months ago +1

    And now i sit in a junkyard with my boiler full of rust.

  • Ron Kirkland
    Ron Kirkland 3 months ago

    You look like David Letterman!!!

  • J L
    J L 3 months ago +2

    I love this series, but it just pains me to see some of these cars. As it is with an accident, you just have to look and sometimes you see things that you wished you haven't.

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy 3 months ago +1

    You’ve forgotten more about cars than I’ll ever know but you miss little things like TWIN TURBOS on that Pantera
    I have a turbo on my 73 THATSOON 240Z not quick out of the hole but hang on in 2nd above 50 3rd 4th & 5th will pucker you as well
    Talk about the luggage space on an Opel GT lololololol

  • gypsymanjeff 21
    gypsymanjeff 21 3 months ago

    So where are they if I want some of his stuffs...its A dammm shame ..fucking hoarders...taking and then not doing a dammm thing with them ..SAD

  • Richard Caylor
    Richard Caylor 3 months ago

    That was a CB radio not a mobile phone.

  • MB
    MB 3 months ago +2

    nothing says " i like to party" like a turbo'd pantera

  • Mike C
    Mike C 4 months ago

    Would have liked to learn more about the 427 impala and why it was not considered worth restoring...was the frame totally rotted out? just curious because it was not obvious from the clip what might have been wrong with it other than the front end damage and of course the fact that it looks to have sitting outside for better than 30 or 40 years

  • Klaus Schreyer
    Klaus Schreyer 4 months ago

    It Amazes the F out of me how all these cars fall in the hands of people like this middle BFE Land. Wonder How Much they Paid for Pantera who owned it last? What the F is it doing there?

  • ka9radio
    ka9radio 4 months ago

    That is not a phone, but it does look like one. Johnson and Midland made a few base/mobile CB radios with phone style receivers in the 70s. They may have been built for government or business in mind and made it into the public domain.

  • okleydokley
    okleydokley 4 months ago

    What a mess...its a mix of parts, the bumpers are 73-74, the interior is 72. Its not worth restoring.

  • Kevin Marsh
    Kevin Marsh 4 months ago

    Couldn’t have said it better myself you have to take the emotion out of buying old cars and look at them as investment . Will you get a return ? Automobiles in general are a poor investment buy land their not making anymore of it .

  • Richard Raley
    Richard Raley 4 months ago

    That Pantera is a 74 or newer. Those are the larger bumpers. 73 and older had chrome bumpers.

  • Garrett Hoehn
    Garrett Hoehn 4 months ago

    Tom, for peets sakes, get a light for the camera man. Thank you.

  • MyAss Izitchy
    MyAss Izitchy 4 months ago

    More than likely that impala was a 396 not a 427. But u could get it in one tho

  • Robert Chapman
    Robert Chapman 4 months ago

    that R code 63 is worth more than 10.00 still had a rear bumber and other parts im sure .

  • Beefalo Bart
    Beefalo Bart 4 months ago

    Stingy owners like this hoarding stuff they will never part with, or when they do offer to part with want prices thru the roof for junk. Yet what starts as junk for one could be treasure for a lifetime for another. So why not part with these cars to people who want ot live the dream and not scalpers who just want to fix and flip. Let the dreams live to more people.

  • Peter Gplus
    Peter Gplus 4 months ago

    Why do people sit on these cars watching them deteriorate instead of selling them to people that care?

  • Matt Kustom Kostumes
    Matt Kustom Kostumes 4 months ago

    That would be kinda rad to adapt the old phone to modern electrics so that it worked.

  • 65elcamino283
    65elcamino283 4 months ago

    It always saddens me when I see so many rare cars rotting away due to a hoarder that refuses to sell

  • Oliver's World Of Wheels
    Oliver's World Of Wheels 4 months ago +1

    That De Tamaso pantera looks awesome! Really cool cars and place! Love the video like always!

  • Mopar 70
    Mopar 70 4 months ago

    The holes in the roof of that Panthera are obviously the mounting holes of a roof spoiler don't you think?

  • jaimegirl59
    jaimegirl59 4 months ago

    Why do people buy this cars and then let sit just turn to rust such a waste

  • Dave Lister
    Dave Lister 4 months ago

    Why keep the cars and let them rot in a field ? sell them and save them.

  • WCTA Chicago underground sound

    Put a Voodoo in it

  • 331Grabber
    331Grabber 4 months ago

    My friend has a 72 Pantera rusting in his backyard for the last 15 years

  • Steve B
    Steve B 4 months ago

    If the cars aren't worth restoring then this video is a waste of time ! Next time call it what it is scrap iron.

  • tarstarkusz
    tarstarkusz 4 months ago

    Around 1985 when I was in HS, my friend had one of those Galaxy cars, but I don't think it was the giant engine, but it was fast as all hell. Maybe it was the 427?
    But the 80s was a terrible time to be a teenager. We were basically driving the very first cars with the emissions crap on them at the end of their lives. My first car was a Chevy with an oxygen pump a million vacuum lines and a very restrictive cat and a small 2 barrel. Those V8 engines were putting out about what a decent 4 cylinder could do by the mid 80s... around 150hp.

  • tarstarkusz
    tarstarkusz 4 months ago

    I have seen videos of the Ford plant in the 1960s using an electric (using charged particles for coating, very similar to how a laser printer works) rust prevention coating. The coating was on both the inside and the outside. They basically put a negative charge on the body and then submerged the body in a bath which is positively charged. Whatever they were using didn't work.

  • Joey Roman
    Joey Roman 4 months ago

    This guy is pissing me off saying not worth fixing...

  • tarstarkusz
    tarstarkusz 4 months ago

    There is no such thing as an unrepairable car. If nothing else, you have a VIN number and that alone is worth the cost of admission.

  • B-MAN
    B-MAN 4 months ago +1

    man this just hurts to watch this program at times, Why do some people hold these so much and let them just rod away? Oh well...

  • phillip stein
    phillip stein 4 months ago

    What a waste...

  • grandcalifornia
    grandcalifornia 4 months ago

    This is massacre!! This is a mass murder!!! Whoever owns this should be imprisoned!!!

  • TheCaskOf43
    TheCaskOf43 4 months ago +1

    Tom , you need to brush up your 62-72 C10/ C20 recognition... Seriously. I cant believe you guessed that Carry-All (Suburban) might have been a '74....and wasnt sure what C20 meant. SMH.

  • goldsilverandiamonds
    goldsilverandiamonds 4 months ago

    That phone in the Pantera looks like it is from the early to mid-ish 1970's (1972-1976) . Pretty rare and uncommon for that time. I had a neighbor who was a lawyer in the 1970's that had one like it in his 1970's Cadillac. It was set up in and to be used from his trunk when the car was parked.