Freelancers Episode 3: Karate!

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • The boys form an exclusive trio and Zona starts feeling left out. Devin gets a new vehicle and mischief ensues!
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • JK! Studios
    JK! Studios  Month ago +1467

    Like this comment if you love and respect Bruce Norris.

    • Tiger's Claw
      Tiger's Claw Day ago

      Can I be a Cobra too

    • Ollo B
      Ollo B 5 days ago

      ' it took me a minute '
      Well it took me 5 weeks to understand the camo ghost pants thing

    • Tyrek Sadowy
      Tyrek Sadowy 7 days ago


    • Poké Dudes
      Poké Dudes 9 days ago

      Danny devito is better

    • Jacob Leslie
      Jacob Leslie 11 days ago


  • AK33
    AK33 2 hours ago

    "I fell so cool right know"

  • Eva Marie
    Eva Marie 3 hours ago

    1:15 Me when people say they don’t like Tom Holland😂😂

  • Jennifer Buehler
    Jennifer Buehler 12 hours ago

    2 girls on a scooter. ..

  • Sweeter LPS productions

    JK studios, you have made my day.

  • Tiger's Claw
    Tiger's Claw Day ago

    "Dang it now I have to bleach the whole bike"

  • Brooklynn Wood
    Brooklynn Wood 2 days ago



  • Grace Falahi
    Grace Falahi 2 days ago

    Uhm…guys? Ninjas practice ninjutsu, hence the name…not karate…

  • gabby p.
    gabby p. 2 days ago

    5:10 "you're the best around...nomuhumanah the clown." lolll

  • Lydia Kyrie
    Lydia Kyrie 3 days ago

    I love this!

  • gabby p.
    gabby p. 3 days ago

    I love this so much...also why am I watching ep. 3 first??

  • Tracee Scheeler
    Tracee Scheeler 4 days ago

    How in the world did Owen jump over that table 7:31

  • Christian Clingman
    Christian Clingman 4 days ago

    Your scripts are so clever! Reminds me of “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”...your humor is so random and yet so on top 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Theodore Pinnock
    Theodore Pinnock 5 days ago +1

    The way they all turn their heads to look askance at her at once is brilliant.

  • Aaron Swingle
    Aaron Swingle 5 days ago

    Sayyy, these were excellent!
    tbh I did have doubts earlier in the JK! project (understandably, with budget and time being young). But this was greatly enjoyable and hilarious :D It felt like more of a sit-com than Studio C clips usually did; the situation was truly normal and everyday, but creative acting and writing makes it swell. Keeping on this train!

  • Alesia Wilson
    Alesia Wilson 5 days ago

    One of the scenes Zona had a nose ring on and then at the end she didn’t.

  • FanTributes 123
    FanTributes 123 6 days ago

    Its funny ryan (matt) knows there is seven billion people on earth while he isnt good at math😄

  • Lalala 121
    Lalala 121 6 days ago

    Wait Whitney has a nose piercing now? Is that real?! 🙍‍♀️🤔

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 7 days ago

    I love you guys, but I'm going to be honest, you need more ideas. This is not extremely funny and is getting old. But I still love you guys

    • Mad Hatter
      Mad Hatter 7 days ago

      But Mal against the ninjas was great

  • Alastor Moody
    Alastor Moody 7 days ago

    I like Mal’s ghost pants on her.🤪🤩

  • Sílvia RR
    Sílvia RR 7 days ago +1

    Devil + Demon = Devin
    I hope you got it!!!!

  • Jared Wood
    Jared Wood 8 days ago

    Best Freelancers yet

  • Jerry Remig
    Jerry Remig 8 days ago

    Watching stephen and whitney argue in character is hilarious with the knowledge they are married irl

  • I'm the Pretzel Cat!
    I'm the Pretzel Cat! 9 days ago +1

    Wow, Devin can hold her breath for 1 minute 50 seconds! I wonder if Mallory actually held her breath while they were filming that scene.

  • Cadence Scott
    Cadence Scott 9 days ago

    Ghost pants

  • Cadence Scott
    Cadence Scott 9 days ago

    Was the Bruce Norris thing an accident

  • Jacqueline Day
    Jacqueline Day 10 days ago

    I think I'm addicted to freelancers. I've watched the trailer, the first episode, the second, and now the third episode. Do I need help?

  • Daniel Eberle Fishing
    Daniel Eberle Fishing 11 days ago

    were is jason

  • Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed 12 days ago

    I love how women being physically violent is considered good comedy. Go patriarchy!

  • Lillcheeseburger _1
    Lillcheeseburger _1 12 days ago

    yo i just watched a Freelancers add before i watched freelancers o-o illuminaty confirmed!

  • Bob thetimetraveler
    Bob thetimetraveler 12 days ago

    What is the song used in the intro?

  • Philip Johnson
    Philip Johnson 14 days ago

    Batman returns was great

  • Cattasterfee
    Cattasterfee 14 days ago

    I had another ADD OF YOUR THINGG!!

  • Anne McDougall
    Anne McDougall 14 days ago +1

    I feel like Matt/Jake is sort of the Pheobe in this group of friends

  • Jason Thien Le
    Jason Thien Le 15 days ago

    This needs to be a Netflix series

  • EdgyHedgieYT
    EdgyHedgieYT 15 days ago


  • Alex Strange
    Alex Strange 15 days ago

    New favorite series 💙

  • Ninja51507
    Ninja51507 16 days ago

    I got an ad for Free Lancers on this

  • Helaina Rogers
    Helaina Rogers 16 days ago

    Did anyone notice the painting

  • kaijuguy19
    kaijuguy19 16 days ago

    I don't think even Mr Mayagi would be able to make OwenMach,and Ryan effective Karate juniors let alone karate masters. 😆

  • Abbey Hammer-Huber
    Abbey Hammer-Huber 16 days ago

    7:27 matt’s face omg

  • Jonathon Sanders
    Jonathon Sanders 16 days ago +1

    Ok! Now they found their stride!!! Those first 2 minutes are better than the last 2 episodes. You guys are on fire now!

  • Ariana Meinking
    Ariana Meinking 17 days ago +1

    Where can we send fan mail!!!!! Plz!!!!

  • Hariom Kushwaha
    Hariom Kushwaha 17 days ago

    Is this just me or the Whitney exactly looks like 'Eleven' from the Stranger things in this sketch?

  • Hannah Rains
    Hannah Rains 18 days ago +1


  • Brightons Friend
    Brightons Friend 18 days ago

    Oh my gosh the cobra kai references 😂😂😂

  • Sarah Ramjitsingh
    Sarah Ramjitsingh 19 days ago

    Hey do you guys have any JKstudios shirts out that I can order?

    • JK! Studios
      JK! Studios  19 days ago

      YEAH! We have a teespring store:

  • No Name Mcgee
    No Name Mcgee 20 days ago

    Bruce Noris is very proud

  • David Stanford Jonathan Meissner

    Wow, this is genius and hilarious! Love it!

  • Rebeka B.
    Rebeka B. 21 day ago +2

    This series is flaming brilliant!!! I love it so much-I’ve been following you guys since Studio C and it’s awesome to see you all working together to produce this brain child. Chuckling to myself up here in Canada. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Emily Lancaster
    Emily Lancaster 21 day ago

    These are not my pants.

  • Emily Lancaster
    Emily Lancaster 21 day ago

    She can never know you were reaching for this slinky

  • The 14th Rampager
    The 14th Rampager 21 day ago

    Remember to focus and center your “cheese”

  • Enyssa Clark
    Enyssa Clark 21 day ago

    so um.... when did Whitney pierce her nose?

  • Melissa Tharpe
    Melissa Tharpe 22 days ago

    Ghost pants

    Cuz you can’t see em😂

  • Rael Brickey
    Rael Brickey 22 days ago

    Ha! They don't even know chi is fake?! Ha!

  • Carrie Lyn
    Carrie Lyn 22 days ago

    Matt stepping over the table at 7:34. Why does this crack me up every time?!

  • PhoenixofPrometheus
    PhoenixofPrometheus 22 days ago

    Great job guys! I’m really enjoying this series!

  • elizabeth Rogers
    elizabeth Rogers 22 days ago

    Definitely bleach that scooder 😝

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne 22 days ago

    hahahahahahha steven being momentarily confused at the world having a population of 7 billion

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne 22 days ago

    0:33 steven's ".........what?!" is iconic omg

  • Ayo Job
    Ayo Job 22 days ago

    Got an ad for free lancers while I was trying to watch it...

  • Varonica Wrobel
    Varonica Wrobel 23 days ago

    "You would have made Bruce Norris proud" like if you get this joke.

  • Sophia Skojec
    Sophia Skojec 23 days ago +2

    Looking back on these videos, there are so many things from studio C!! 🤣 For instance, Ryan looking over Micah like in the airplane sketch 😂
    And "And so the trap is set." 50 years. The clock starts now. SEA SNAKE 🌊🐍🐍

  • Haile y
    Haile y 23 days ago +1

    You guys honestly deserve way more subscribers!😂💕

  • Em Kay
    Em Kay 23 days ago

    I didn’t think I could love these beautiful people more; then I saw the Lawrence Welk album. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Roukan Roukan
    Roukan Roukan 23 days ago

    Full control!!!!

  • Digital Dude
    Digital Dude 23 days ago +2

    It is so fun to see you guys come in to your own. The writing, the acting, the production quality continually ramps up from one episode to the next. I have to say, I laughed out loud several times during this episode. Awesome job!

  • Elmo Alanís Valdez
    Elmo Alanís Valdez 24 days ago

    Me encantan!!! este show es muy divertido... tienen todos ustedes una estupenda química juntos. Espero ver más de ustedes juntos, SUERTE!!!

  • Kym Van der Plas
    Kym Van der Plas 24 days ago

    All these are just hilarous! I laugh so hard. Love this!

  • S-G Lanicek
    S-G Lanicek 24 days ago

    Is no one else going to point out the fact that Devin killed a raccoon from her rummage alleyway and sewed it into a hat...

  • Sarim Qadri
    Sarim Qadri 24 days ago

    I love mal's crazy characters but I kind of miss her sane characters

  • Thectrqueen Medina
    Thectrqueen Medina 24 days ago

    lol ur the best aruond nouthens efer gonna birthday clown lol

  • Mehwish Hopes
    Mehwish Hopes 25 days ago

    7:55 I have no words

  • Mehwish Hopes
    Mehwish Hopes 25 days ago +1

    Me watching other shows: 50% attention to the great show, 30% attention to a game on my phone, 20% daydreaming

  • Confused TV
    Confused TV 25 days ago

    Does Whitney’s character reflect her real life character

  • Suzanne Yates
    Suzanne Yates 25 days ago

    Bruce Norris? 😂That was so funny and it seemed so natural in the moment that I wondered if that had happened by happy accident and was kept in because it was too good! Please tell me it was.

  • Will Brown
    Will Brown 25 days ago

    What is this theme song at the beginning?

  • Parody of a Parody
    Parody of a Parody 26 days ago

    I love Mallory in this, she’s really funny!

  • Curtis Mathis
    Curtis Mathis 26 days ago

    how long do this take

  • Jantzen L Anderson
    Jantzen L Anderson 26 days ago

    That song Owen sings to the slinky is pretty awesome.

  • Jackson Zeunik
    Jackson Zeunik 28 days ago +1

    She held her breath for about 2 min. 30 seconds

  • Trend Setters
    Trend Setters 28 days ago +1


    I wanted to see if I could hold my breath as long as Devin( mallory, if that’s how you spell it) and I passed out!😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 I feel slow for even trying. Please don’t @ me on my mistake. ( Devin held her breathe from what seems like 0:30 to 2:19)

  • Random Gmail Person
    Random Gmail Person 28 days ago

    What do you want me to help with?

  • Random Gmail Person
    Random Gmail Person 28 days ago

    What do you want me to help with?

  • Random Gmail Person
    Random Gmail Person 28 days ago

    What do you want me to help with?

  • Random Gmail Person
    Random Gmail Person 28 days ago

    What do you want help with?

  • Goldie Locks
    Goldie Locks 29 days ago

    fav episode watched it 5 times!

  • Mckoy Richardson
    Mckoy Richardson 29 days ago

    I want to know about Zona's 2 eyes and 1 heart thing

  • Ginger Loves Music
    Ginger Loves Music 29 days ago

    Scootz-mogotz lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melody Simmons
    Melody Simmons 29 days ago

    Ok, how long did she hold that taser to his neck?!

  • Reuben Swartz
    Reuben Swartz 29 days ago +1

    Zona: It was I
    Deven: I forgot you were here
    LOL this is still funny after watching it several times

  • Jimmy D
    Jimmy D 29 days ago

    She can never know.

  • striker865
    striker865 29 days ago

    I've never laughed so hard, Devin your too much!!

  • striker865
    striker865 29 days ago

    Omg, I never knew how freaking funny everyone is 😂🤣😂🤣

  • striker865
    striker865 29 days ago

    Hahahahahaha, I feel so cool right now! Slinky 😂🤣😂🤣

  • striker865
    striker865 29 days ago

    Omg you guys need to be making movies!!! I love this!!!

  • Conner M
    Conner M Month ago

    3:12 LOL😂

  • Trend Setters
    Trend Setters Month ago +1

    LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Side note: NO HATE!!! But I was just wondering why the episodes progressively get shorter. Don’t @ me I’m not hating, I just want more and the episodes getting shorter gives me less.

  • Reuben Swartz
    Reuben Swartz Month ago

    It was two dents before today. Both from the same golf ball