The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

  • Published on Nov 7, 2017
  • More than 10,000 people worldwide claim they're the victims of a vast organized surveillance effort designed to ruin their lives, a phenomenon known as "gang stalking." Mental health experts see gang stalking as a symptom of paranoia, but the self-identified victims who insist what they're experiencing is real have come together online and in support groups to share their stories.
    VICE met up with a handful of Americans who claim their lives have been derailed by gang stalking to understand what serious consequences the phenomenon presents. Then we hear from Dr. Josh Bazell, one of many physicians who believes the victims of gang stalking are experiencing dangerous delusions that could be treated by mental health professionals.
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Comments • 10 173

  • Dave Banner
    Dave Banner Hour ago

    Bunch of crackheads and meth😥heads

  • Alpha MuPlays
    Alpha MuPlays 5 hours ago

    This right here is the reason we need to de-stigmatize mental health problems in America because all of these people need professional help. Ah yes of course the gay makeup artist, i know what we should do, lets completely forgo our lives so that we can stalk this one gay guy out of the thousands of gay people out there, this random guy who lives in an rv and posts conspiracy theories where his evidence is in a movie which is supposed to be fiction, ya lets put a bunch of helicopters over him in a busy city that definitely doesnt have any helicopter traffic. Question any part of their story and you see it all fall apart.

  • mb421
    mb421 9 hours ago


  • Me Myself
    Me Myself 18 hours ago

    I don't think this gave a very thorough explanation of what goes on for targeted individuals going through this... Gather info from other sources as well is my suggestion! Still trying to figure this shit out.... :/

  • Rob Roy
    Rob Roy 20 hours ago

    Finally, people are aware of the Matrix battery vat reptilian claw / talon shot. The Wachowski bros were on a budget and couldn't re shoot that scene.

  • TheEpinema
    TheEpinema 21 hour ago

    They live!

  • Psychoholic
    Psychoholic 22 hours ago

    “I’m not crazy”
    “The rest of the nation is under mass mind control”
    Those two statements don’t really match up do they?

  • Stanton Brose
    Stanton Brose 23 hours ago

    Who you callin' a psycho?!

  • gxddam
    gxddam 23 hours ago

    I had some experience like this when I was on acid, drugs like psychedelics, cocaine, sometimes even weed cause crazy paranoia due to chemical unbalances in your brain

  • gunny sergeant MAYZ security LLC 18608885022

    Wtf is wrong with this world can see the medication in there eyes must suck

  • Eyes & Ears
    Eyes & Ears Day ago

    This is such a straw man

  • New Superhuman
    New Superhuman Day ago

    This is very real. The CIA conducts ongoing psychological testing and experimentation on people all the time, with our without their knowledge. Psychological warfare is continually being developed and refined, with US citizens as guinea pigs.

  • any one
    any one 2 days ago

    i am a victim of group stalking it is real and i know people want to say that these people have mental problems but how did they get those mental problems. for the people being victimized i think we need to come together and start a commune out in the country. i am being serous if your being tortured which is what people that being group stalked are going tru being around a lot of strangers is problely the worst thing you can do. we need to unite for safety. we should get a commune to stay safe.

  • Kiely Cushman
    Kiely Cushman 2 days ago

    This is what happens when you take too much acid for years and years and years and years

  • Deb Kay
    Deb Kay 2 days ago

    This is not an illness..its real!

  • Deb Kay
    Deb Kay 2 days ago

    President Trump has 61,000 sealed indictments. Soon this will all go down watch and see..its coming and these scums will become FELONS!


    Yeah...... the guy lost me at Reptilian Overlords.

  • Koshin Ismail
    Koshin Ismail 3 days ago

    i get it

  • Justa Human
    Justa Human 3 days ago

    I watched more. All these people have been locked away in sanitariums, yea?

  • Justa Human
    Justa Human 3 days ago

    Huh? Idk what any of this is supposed to mean. It sounds like paranoia and delusions. Not like reality.

  • Joe Blount
    Joe Blount 3 days ago

    I know the feeling. I was injured on the job in 2005 and was followed, watched and I thought it would end. This is 13 years later and they are still at it. They monitor me everywhere and they must not like what I read because it didn't end. They have destroyed numerous jobs, my family and they got really excited when I started becoming suicidal. They ramped everything up then. That is the goal, they want to get you to kill yourself. What a disturbing world we live in.

  • XxXShevampXxX
    XxXShevampXxX 3 days ago

    This is just sad and strange....that people out there really believe that all these resources are being wasted on driving them crazy when they're nobody important. Who spends money fucking with some random Joe for no apparent reason? Reminds me of people I've seen with meth induced psychosis and paranoia. I knew a guy a couple of years ago that started doing meth and became convinced that an ex gf had men constantly watching and following him around. I'd get calls in the middle of the night from him freaking out saying he was hiding from them so I'd call his family and they'd be extremely distraught because he was calling them and telling them the same things.

    • XxXShevampXxX
      XxXShevampXxX 3 days ago

      My comment comes off as heartless and mean but that's not my intention. I truly feel sorry for these people and my heart hurts for them just like it did for my friend that insisted he was being followed. People aren't very understanding when it comes to these people. They recognize that they're suffering from mental illness but refuse to acknowledge that this is something these people can't control because they are sick. You can tell a cancer patient repeatedly that they're not sick, that they can choose to not be sick but that's not going to make the cancer go away. They're still going to be sick. But it least those people with those sort of ailments are given sympathy and support from society. When someone is suffering from mental illness like this, they're just written off as a lunatic. There is no empathy that's just sad to me. Maybe if we came together as a society and really put forth a real legitimate effort to destigmatize mental illness and recognize that these people aren't just choosing to act like this, they are sick and they have no choice in the matter just like a cancer patient doesn't choose to develop cancer. Maybe if we changed our attitudes regarding mental illness, more of these people would be able to get the treatment they so desperately need to get their life back. And if you don't believe me, go take a look at the statistics. Look at the prisons and what percentage of inmates suffer from serious mental illness. People think that we stopped locking away the mentally ill in insane asylums because they were inhumane but it never stopped. We just changed what it's called...prisons are the modern day equivalent to asylums and that's because society makes itself feel better about locking up the mental ill if they see them as criminals. A criminal chooses to do the things they do and deserves to be punished whereas a mentally ill person often has no choice. Prison just makes them even worse so they'll invariably end up coming back relatively soon after they're released. It's a vicious cycle.

  • pionu pe
    pionu pe 3 days ago

    Brainwashing NaziScum, flooding and reprogramming stalkerscum.
    Robotizing and conditioning of humans. Smart Contract like trigger programming between humans. The people around u arent aware about their behavior. The colors and signs and repeating patterns are priming for ur pavlov conditioning.
    Controlled by sick psychopaths. Thats the way they breed pedos, murders, mass shooters etc.
    for their sick naziAgenda. Its fascist scum. And they work through proxies like the tor network , but instaed with humans.
    They controll a bunch of programmed and dump breeded incest scum which tries to controll u.
    They abuse the hightec that initally were designed to evolve the humanity. But the greedy scum abuse it now for their own profit and for their shitty mightgames.
    They play their good cop/bad cop shit.
    But they are all shit.
    The only role they play is the good. They are all brainfucked assholes.
    They take innocent ppl and let them flip out or make psychopaths out of them , so they look like the healthy and good, but they are sick old motherfuckers.
    And the biggest assholes of them make money out of this shit, and if nothing there to make money they will construct something. No matter how many ppl die or get damaged if the scum make money out of it.
    For their shitty films and music. To get new stories, because they are brainless idiots
    They always try to get some ppl with migrations roots for their drug games and mind control games.
    The same sick perverts like the last 2000 years. The traitors never changed.
    Long times ago some ppl had a big plan , but we are now confronted with their asshole kids who degenerated and full of shit.
    And some full sick assholes try to play god, ppl who are to stupid to understand their own religion. They try to repeat the history because they are dump like rocks.
    Its the typically " Problem(they) -> Solution(they) shema" but now u have to pay for their "solution". Its like u finance and support a local group in afghanistan to fight against russia , and this group becomes an terrororganisation and then u start a war against terror and then u finance and support another group which fight against ur own builded terrorgrp and so on.
    We are controlled and ruled by a bunch of fuckin stupid apes. Thats it.
    Thats all.
    Look who puts all their money into military spending, and u know who want to make war and who is behind this world fuckin shit.

    have a nice day
    And the stalkin assholes will read this, cause they are cockroaches...

  • Trent McKinney
    Trent McKinney 4 days ago

    Bro! stop Pepper spraying me on my way to work.

  • sun shine
    sun shine 4 days ago

    people were walking and holding hands I new then they were all against me?😂😂 these poor guys need medication. Im not sure about them but my friends in the bushes have finally left me alone. They just wave at me now instead of talking to me.

  • sun shine
    sun shine 4 days ago

    he pepper sprayed them 😂😂😂😂 wow

  • IDE go hands with this queer boii real talk Pena

    Shoot at those mf then in court show proof of ongoing problem then you'll get the truth that you did actually shoot at a cop n there make it go viral everyone start shooting at them .

  • antoniobolgnameyerwe

    LOL. OK, so as a member of your reptilian overlords, I give you credit. You caught us. When will you be developing the sunglasses that allow you to see us?

  • antoniobolgnameyerwe

    Can any of these people suggest a possible motive for the allegations? I am perfectly willing to believe it's possible and part of some government experiment like MK Ultra or whatever it was called in the 1960s. But c'mon....this is giving these agencies WAY too much credit because in none of these cases have provided a single shred of proof and there is never any slip up by the stalkers.

  • antoniobolgnameyerwe

    This is such bullshit. Think about it this way. If indeed "gang stalking" was such a prevalent and widespread practice, perpetrated by organized groups or government agencies, wouldn't there be people coming forward and saying that they have been asked to participate and provide specifics? So far none of that, yet these alleged victims of gang stalking have managed to get local news, programs like Vice, and various liberty groups on the Internet to take time away from their usual activity and report on this. Show me one example of a proven instance of gangstalking such that the victim had no logical connection to the reason for which they are being targeted. There is one decent example of the phenomenon I can recall involving the city manager for a California city having the police union buy the vacant house next door to him right after contract talks broke down. They proceeded to be loud, annoying and rude. But their name was on the deed/mortgage; it was no secret. So again, please someone provide me a link to a proven case of gang stalking. Thanks in advance.

  • antoniobolgnameyerwe

    So then why are all the known victims of alleged gangstalking completely unimportant and usually lower middle class and powerless? Who is targeting them and why?

  • John Henry
    John Henry 4 days ago

    i have been listening to a lot people who claim to be targeted. but the truth be told if this person who is being stalked is not of Moorish decent, that person is either a lier. or the person does now or has been Moorish simpatico. you see it does not pay to go around spending all of these notes to torment individuals for any old reason. what is going on is ,and you can look it up in the congressional records. world war three silent weapons for quite wars.and this war has been going on since 1954 .if you also look up the secret treaty of Veron 1913,also in the library of congress. you know that this war is being waged through the very government that claims to be ours.truth be told the united States of America is a company registered in Puerto Rico. and has gone to be a rogue so called nation among the nation's of the earth .under the guise. of Americans, and they are not. to be american you must have, and I quote "skin like cooper and hair like sheep's wool.and these are the targeted persons here at the north gate. and any other persons are either simpathiesers or fucking liers. and you can choose. so all of the people that you see day to day, who don't have copper skin are NOT Americans. they are colonist's. and are here to steal your Birthright's. by any means necessary.

  • PigCake
    PigCake 4 days ago

    It's amazing what people go through to feel important

  • maulCS
    maulCS 4 days ago

    God damn, 2018 and people are still seeing reptilians in video compression. For fuck's sake.

  • maulCS
    maulCS 4 days ago

    "The Nightmare World of Paranoid Delusion"

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 5 days ago

    I like vice , but this was poor reporting, vice showed a handful of people and there was no proof of what these people were saying. If you start looking for the obvious, you will certainly see it, even if this is a real term "Gang Stalking " maybe one theory is that officials may be testing citizens for a certain motive, without intention to harm, or to see what kinds of people react to what, in any case just sit back and chill. It only takes one person to have an idea and a convincing one at that to start propaganda then ones who have certain personality traits will be affected, there you go then they start a group to help people, then someone gets paid, I highly doubt the Government has this kinds of money to start such a thing, again only a handful of people were shown in this video and they have lack of evidence over their own testimony. Bad reporting vice

  • Stephen Clark
    Stephen Clark 5 days ago

    When the gay guy said all these heterosexual couples started filling up the parking lot that sounds like a f** who has paranoia of straight couples probably derived from his childhood of having a f***** up Mom and Dad so he went gay so man and a woman holding hands makes him nervous but a man's dick in another man's mouth turns him on what a queer like please can we put these people down

  • Alexsei Borda
    Alexsei Borda 6 days ago

    could it be they are experiencing neurotransmitter imbalances or using too much stims? ... their experiences sound like doing too much meth/coke

  • crazy Christine
    crazy Christine 6 days ago

    I would like to meet these men

  • Claude Boucher
    Claude Boucher 6 days ago

    Brother I feel for you. For years this has been happening to me here in Canada. It has left me feeling depressed, isolated, not worthy of anything. I have no friends because of it, no family, can't keep a job because I just keep getting personally attacked at home and wherever I go. My emails, phone calls, everything is being monitored. They are calling me crazy and labeled as a radical. And why? Cause I love God and follow Jesus. It took me a long time to put 2 and 2 together to understand what is happening to me. When I felt broken, I would go and ask for help. I would enter rehab and no sooner than I started to get better, someone would come into the program and totally disrupt my rehabilitation and I would leave. Just last month, I had people at my work place bullying and harassing me for over 5 months and I finally gave in and walked away. Couldn't take it anymore. I moved, found a job and the same stuff started happening all over again. There is nowhere to run from these people. We, as targeted individuals, need to stand up and fight back. Not through violence but through faith (spiritual warfare). God wants peace and love for all. What is happening to me is totally evil and needs to stop. I am now 44, this has been happening since 1996 to me and I'm just now starting to realize that I'm not the only one that it's been happening too. I am from calgary Alberta and would love to meet or talk with others who are going through this madness. Bless all of you who are affected by these people. The battle has already been fought and won. Wait for the Lord. He will put your enemies under your footstool in the end. Be well!

    • Brace Yourself
      Brace Yourself 4 days ago

      Want to know why it keeps happening no matter where you go? Because the problem lies with YOU. No matter where you go, YOU are still YOU, and you still have this persecution complex/paranoid delusion. Possibly stemming from your religious belief, that to suffer and be persecuted is a good thing, and all part of being a good Christian (like what happened to Jesus). You either need medication, or to seriously analyze your situation from an objective viewpoint. NO ONE CARES. Stop being paranoid. Realize that shit happens to everyone, not just you specifically. Also, is it frightening to realize that no one gives a shit about you, and you'd rather think that everyone cares? Maybe that's also part of your issue.

  • Carl James
    Carl James 6 days ago

    the FBI is majority mormons... this cointelpro piece does well to polarize "the crazies" from the "Normals" when in reality the truth of this lies somewhere in the middle or a combination.

  • Diogenes of Sinope
    Diogenes of Sinope 6 days ago

    red car white car blue car red car white car blue car red car white car blue car red car white car blue car red car white car blue car red car white car blue car red car white car blue car red car white car blue car

    • sun shine
      sun shine 4 days ago


  • XoXoKrystal
    XoXoKrystal 6 days ago

    If you want to know if its real or not smoke meth. My family member brought me here from their experiences.

  • Saul
    Saul 7 days ago

    Whatever the case, I feel for these people.

  • Josh Dowell
    Josh Dowell 7 days ago

    everyone wants them? definitely illness.

  • H A R
    H A R 8 days ago

    the ego you have to have to think this way. damn

  • Randy Ballwind
    Randy Ballwind 8 days ago

    wifi sigs & phone masts is what is happening. govs have made city life crap. fake veg. We are bad ppl.

  • Razputins Wrath
    Razputins Wrath 8 days ago

    To all Ti s if you have access to gun go out and take as many of them as you can . They are monsters who will be running your life 24/7 when you ready to give up don't take your own life!!! I repeat that's they main goal as this way nobody will have to go to prison for killing disposing of you. Take a gun , take as many as you can with you and then go out. The more of them we take and the more they puplick will be aware of it the less likely they will be to do it in distant future. Only bloodshed can stop gang stalking. Don't take your own life without taking some of your stalkers with you! Fight. Some Ti s all ready started to highlight this issue with gang stalking buy it will continue . Some of us need to fight legally to bring awareness of it other will have to coz Haveck and if you choose blood shed then make sure or try to live some video behind to highlight that you were gangstalk even tho it is going to disapier of internet immediately so live a copy with other Ti s

    • Michael O' Neill
      Michael O' Neill 5 days ago

      Nah mate, not a gun. Look up the IRA. You get wayyy more than you would with a gun. Do it right and you only prove they were watching you if they catch you.

  • Gabriel Hill
    Gabriel Hill 8 days ago

    It's a cowards game. Find out who is doing it and go after them 150%. Pay attention to their behaviors before planning things. It might even be your own friends who turned on you. They have people follow you and destroy your property and try to bring you down. Getting into your cars, apartments, houses. If you can afford cameras to watch them then do it. They are afraid of being found out and when you do, make them suffer. It's a petty mind game to get you to turn into a self destructing person.

    • Brace Yourself
      Brace Yourself 4 days ago

      Yeah, go after people that literally are doing nothing out of the normal. These people are extremely paranoid. They think people walking around and holding holds is abnormal. That cars driving in fking traffic is abnormal. It ALL revolves around them, of course.


    Why don't the lizards go to the meetings?

  • theobecco
    theobecco 8 days ago +1

    Wow, this illness should be called the Truman show syndrome, cause it's the whole synopsis so the Truman show

  • Yusuke Urumeshi
    Yusuke Urumeshi 9 days ago +1

    My sibling also has this delusion. For her it's a reality show. Every time she goes, out she thinks that people are watching her. There's no such thing as coincidence to her anymore. So frustrating to snap her out of her delusion because for her, we ourselves are part of the show. Hidden cameras all around the house. That to me is a funny concept because we live in a 3rd world country. Our tech isn't advanced. Local channel's here still broadcast in SD. My sentiments to the family of these people.

  • Dorian Beatty
    Dorian Beatty 9 days ago

    I've been getting heaps of harrassment here in OZ too, please have a look at my youtube videos I put up @t I hope things get better for us all, the only way forward is to continuously expose it all. Great video!

  • Tazdian Brewhaha
    Tazdian Brewhaha 9 days ago

    CLICK BAIT!..I thought this was a documentary about the struggles of the all male a cappella group 'Here Comes Treble' finding a booking agency

  • Oldham
    Oldham 9 days ago

    Psychologist: why am I so relaxed?
    Psychologist: writes himself another script.

  • Tazdian Brewhaha
    Tazdian Brewhaha 9 days ago

    Ok Google...Explain to me how normal traffic works... 5:18

  • Zak Zak
    Zak Zak 9 days ago

    Some people do get stalk by police an others but for the most part people are just crazy

  • j
    j 9 days ago

    Why does gang stalking happen?
    In your country-whether it is the USA, Australia there are different layers of law enforcement agencies. The theories about how this starts come from Sydney Australia, where most of my gang stalking has taken place. All of these agencies have hotlines and websites where they can be contacted about "suspicious activities". One of the ways you can be targeted is someone probably called a hotline when they saw you-maybe they don't like you because you are Asian, maybe they are paranoid about you because you did something unusual in public that made them feel jealous. Another way you can be targeted, is that a gang stalker saw you on the way to work, on the way to university, on the way somewhere in public. So in other words, you did something to attract the attention of gang stalkers who already are employed by these law enforcement agencies. Their secret service domestic spy agency employs thousands of people working in the CBD of Sydney. I know this because when I was working in the CBD of Sydney, at lunch time there would be people who I walked past doing strange movements to let me know they were watching me. These undercover agents are crawling all over the place and are employees of many many major corporations both small and large. They will put people into the largest companies to keep an eye on you. In my case, the Reserve Bank of Australia was one of the employers who let in these secret service personnel as soon as I started employment with them. There was an Asian guy who I saw stalking me a year earlier before I was employed by the RBA in Epping, and this same guy appeared inside the RBA building when I started working there. This could not have been a coincidence - fucking no way. He still lives in the Eastwood Epping area this day. So this domestic secret service agency employs people of all ethnicities, age groups and genders. Some of these agents were born into their jobs and serve the country's agency on multi-generational contracts. Others are recruited by formal graduate recruitment programs, and others are recruited after they become targets of gang stalking when they lose their livelihoods. So to sum up, someone probably dobbed you in, and because of your ethnicity you get targeted, most likely scenario is you were born overseas in a country that does not have good political ties with your current country. In my case I was born in China, and all Chinese nationals and Australian citizens born in China are forever treated with suspicion in Australia. Otherwise, an undercover agent working for one of these agencies or affiliate sub contracting companies noticed your unusual behaviour and started following you. In my case, I purchased a course from an American pick up artist named Paul Janka, and started learning to pick up girls on the street and in public places, train stations, bus stops, cafes. I did this and it attracted a lot of unwanted attention from their agents. It was the best time of my life and it got me outside of my comfort zone 100% and helped me attain a new level of confidence. My behaviour gathered a lot of hate from the public as well out of jealously because they could not stand seeing an Asian guy talk to beautiful women all day long. If I was a White person I am pretty sure I would not be targeted.

    • Michael O' Neill
      Michael O' Neill 5 days ago

      +j Just read read what you wrote. Very well put together. Im in Ireland and got a lot of shit for being born in America. When it comes to genetics and ancestry im actually very irish and scottish, however, i was born in Another country and have that accent. So i am a yank. I dont care, i have been insulted for much worse things than my nationality and i know its just a way to make me feel foreign and on the outside. Ive been targeted for about three years as well. You are right. You do become bulletproof to it all. They recently turned someone i used to have a crush on. Took them like almost three years to do it thoug ha. I moved on from them though, quite a while back so im not surprised they moved on from me. Shit happens. Just feel bad for them that they got sucked into something so dark. They seemed to be a decent person at one time but there was something...weak about them. I was expecting it a lot sooner so color me surprised it took that long.

      They have done pretty much everything youre talking about. I like how you pointed out that you should try to get subscribers and get exposure to be able to use it against them. Ive been thinking of boxing. I think i could be decent if i devoted myself to it. I also dont mind pain.

      See the only thing that really affected me from them is that because of them my ankle is destroyed. I cant run anymore. It hurts to walk. I was in two accidents resulting because of them. So the only reason i ever get down is because of what ive lost. I dont care about the insults or the gaslighting. I dont even really care about the stalking. A small part of me is flattered that im someone worth so much time and energy and attention as they are determined to expend upon me.

      Its just the anke but ive gotten more positive. I think with enough exercise and healthy living i can get it back to normal for the most part. I just need to deal with it. If i didnt have the ankle problem id just be laughing all the time at them. Alas, it makes me irritable at times. Which they are well aware of. Sometimes they get people to jog by me just to rub it in. Like yesterday it was pretty obvious. The guy ran to a point right beside me and then just walked for a minute and turned back lol.

      There are options though. If i get to the states i can actually get prescribed proper pain killers to help. Oxycontin pretty much makes it like nothing happened. However, you cant get that over here unless you have cancer. Even if i have to go the street to get it, its cheaper and you get more over there. Much stronger too.

      Something else i will admit. The first time they backed off for a succession of months was when i started using it. Found it interesting. Oxycontin was like kryptonite to them. Im not saying to start using drugs. Definitely go for the healthiest path you can walk down. Just thought id mention it because i found it interesting. Stay strong bro!

    • j
      j 9 days ago

      What to do to counter their tactics?
      When they start to stalk you, copy their body language, it creates a mocking effect that will deflect any negative emotions they try to project onto you back onto them-it makes it funny actually, very entertaining to do it you should try it today if they are putting teams of people to stalk you and follow you around. Infuriate them by mocking them this way, this works 100% against them-it really pisses them off when their scare tactics fail to work on helpless individuals like us. Communication is the biggest scare for them. They have been stalking me for 3 years trying to get me to act out and get me to go paranoid and go crazy, but I have adapted to all of their tactics and overcome them. You build resistance and find ways to combat everything they throw at you. They probably want to hire me as a consultant to train up their agents to become as bulletproof as I am.

      When you find yourself in a train carriage, bus carriage, plane carriage full of their professionally trained agents stalking you, remain calm. Do not do anything, just remain calm and do not be scared. These scenarios are designed to make you paranoid, make you talk about the situation to other people to make you look crazy, to make you look like an insane person. Get to the destination and keep about your calmness at all times. Their whole process is around making you look bad and not normal, so they can call in local law enforcement at the bottom layer, call in the doctors to make you go to prison, put you in a mental ward. That is what they want, to put you somewhere where you cannot influence anyone with your individuality and resistance to their brainwashing techniques. They are scared you will pass on this resistance to other members of society which will then make it hard for them to stay in control.

      If you have to work, never work for a large organisation with a lot of employees. This is because some of these places have toxic leadership who are capable of spreading the surveillance information just for the fun of it. The surveillance information is likely to be an online source, a website, social media channel that entails every single thing you do electronically and everything you do in your house. They go through great lengths to try and control you. Work for a small organisation that does not have much presence in the community you live in, work for an unknown brand name that is the best way. One possible way is to steal someone's phone and find out the source for yourself so you can try to close it down. This is risky because you can be targeted by local law enforcement for theft. Try to find ways to make money online as soon as you can.

      If they have you under surveillance, use the surveillance in reverse to harass them, because they have entire teams of agents reading your messages. Make sure you give them something nasty and indirect to read about. Make the topics about their nation, about their people and all the shameful things they did in the past. The feeling of harassing them in reverse is very liberating I recommend you do this daily, first thing in the morning, once at lunch time when their mass population go to lunch and once more at the end of every day.

      Learn to talk indirect and indirectly harass people. If their agents harass you-make sure you know verbal jujitsu and can dish it out back at them 100X worse than what they can do to you. Then they will think twice before coming close to you. They will try and interrupt conversations you have with people in social settings to disrupt your flow. Best thing to do is to talk indirect back at them-again they are very weak and can easily be overpowered by indirect harassment because they have zero tolerance to it. They have all had easy lives and never had to face any forms of harassment. Think about it this way, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and this is true. Experiencing bullying and being mobbed makes you stronger and resistant to future attacks. Use this to your advantage when verbally defending yourself and know you will always come out on top. Talk back to them always, even if you have nothing to say never stay silent. Keep calm, think of it as a game.

      Now you know their entire counter surveillance program back to front and so does the entire world. It makes their country a safer place for sure. If they fuck with you do not hesitate to fight back, hit back with full force and never give up. Serves them right for messing with people like me. They thought I was an easy target, that as soon as I got targeted I would buckle, go mentally insane, act out crazy in public, do something crazy and get arrested in a matter of weeks. But they were wrong. They fucked with the wrong guy, they picked the wrong guy to fuck with. Keep calm and never fight back physically in situations where you are being verbally harassed non stop.

      Take out the battery if you have a phone, make sure you purchase a phone where the back cover can be opened so the battery can be taken out. This is because they can follow you and set up teams to box you in if they can track you via GPS.

      How to expose them?
      Make a big following on Facebook and TVclip. Get millions, of not millions get hundreds of thousands of subscribers. When they send agents to stalk you, take photos of these agents and put their faces onto these pages. Even pay TVclip or Instagram influencers to advertise the pictures of these agents they have to get millions of eyes on these agents. Pay for advertising to advertise these agents. They don't like to be photographed or videoed because it means exposure and possibly getting fired from the agency they work for. I have a whole photo album collection of the agents they have sent after me in the past 3 years. Grow an audience and get them some free public exposure if you can. They will slander you using different names and put different hats on you, so get used to it.

      What is their purpose?
      They want you to join them at some stage, because you have been conditioned to see everything they do. They will try to recruit you after extensive harassment campaigns. They will do things to try and take away your livelihood, take away your sources of income. Find ways to make money online so you don't depend on employers who easily side with these people. They will send surveillance collected against you to every single employer you ever work for, and at the workplaces you work, you will get mobbed and bullied every single day until you decide to quit. It is not good for your mental health, save up and get the hell out as fast as you can. They rely on the assumption that people are stupid fucks in the workplace they are just mind controlled sheep who will use the surveillance collected to harass you and will never confront you directly about the surveillance information and question its source.

      They reason why they would leak out real life surveillance information collected on you is because they want you to be harassed everywhere you go. On their phones they get live feeds of everything you do online. For example, if you type a line in an email, they get the same line in a matter of seconds showing up on their phone so they can see everything you do. It is not because they believe you are a criminal and want to catch you in the act-if this was the case they would not let you know you are under surveillance. They want to psychologically destroy you using people who receive the surveillance information collected on you. They want to harass you, isolate you from other people. They want to break you psychologically because they can't touch you physically in these countries unless you are in a third world country. They want you to be unemployed and isolated without social support. That way you can be set up more easily for crimes they decide to label you with.

      Leave and go overseas?
      Going overseas is probably no good especially to Anglo Saxon countries, even going to Asian countries is no good because they will spread the lies about you to foreign intelligence agencies and give them something to do when you arrive in another country overseas. They will send their agents to your hotel and book rooms in the same hotel to get them to harass you there. If you don't see their agents, this means the foreign agency in the foreign country you have visited are already onto you.

      Write about your experiences, write it out every single bit of it a a form of expression. It is probably more dangerous going overseas getting stalked there because you do not have the home advantage of knowing the local language and knowing where everything is-you are a sitting duck. Letting it out feels good. Stay put and live your life, do the things you enjoy everyday, fight them with a smile. They hate exposure because they want to set you up as the bad guy. They do everything to make you look and appear as a bad person. Write indirect to make fun of them using the surveillance collection process they hold so dear to them, use vivid imagery, poetry, all sorts of things to make fun of them. Kill them with your words. They are very emotionally weak people who have never been subjected to psychological pain of any sort. We have been through the trials and tribulations and moulded by the hottest flames. Fight your battle where you are, trust me it will be easier.

      Final stance
      Live your life, be happy, and kill them with your smile, and your words.

    • j
      j 9 days ago

      What happens after you become a target?
      The next step they will take is keep you under surveillance. They will use the phone companies to access all of your phone records live, internet usage live, wechat watsapp messaging, Facebook. They will send someone to your house to pretend to be a tenant so never rent out or sub lease out any rooms in your apartment or building to strangers. After doing this for a while, they will take the next step which is probably gather all the sources of surveillance information, make a website or social media feed live and send it to your employers. When I say employers this is plural so when you move jobs after getting harassed in one job it will follow you to the next job. It is ongoing and never stops. Similarly, if you rent a house with a few housemates, they will be waiting to put in a housemate who is an agent to keep you under surveillance. This agent will throw indirect comments at you all day and night long to harass you with the surveillance information they collect on you. If you move cities, move suburbs the same thing will happen. They have a very large network of agents throughout the country here in Australia. They will probably use nanotechnology to put bugs in your room and residence to have audio and visual of what you do. They will probably add this information to the other electronic communication sources I mentioned previously.

      When you walk around sometimes they will have teams of people who will try to box you in. They will have 1 guy walking ahead of you, another guy to the opposite side of the street walking parallel to you going in the same direction you are going in. In this situation run ahead of the guy who is in front of you and keep stopping ahead of him to harass him to disrupt his flow.

      They will use endless indirect talk using the surveillance information collected on you. Ignore it all, the more you are exposed to indirect talk the more you become resistant to it. You just grow tired of it eventually after a few years like I have experienced. I have built up nearly complete resistance to indirect harassment talk. You have to remember-in an Anglo Saxon country if you are an immigrant from a different race, they don't see you as one of them. You are not a White person. Even if the public finds out about the nasty things done to you, they will not do anything to help you or feel remorse or bad about the nasty things done to you. So don't expect any pity or support from the communities you live in. Develop very thick skin. If you ask them about the surveillance information they will never tell you, because their ethos is to use anything and everything they can against other people to gain an advantage over them, especially in the workplace. So just ignore everything they throw at you and never acknowledge it is about you, otherwise the harassment will worsen over time.

      When you attend public events, especially events where they think you can meet new people and make friends they will put their agents in there. These agents will throw indirect comments at you based on surveillance collected about you to try and intimidate you and make you leave these venues. Their goal is total isolation. Keep going to these events and never stop. Keep talking to new people everyday and never stop. They want to see you sitting at home all day under the camera where they control you.

      If you go to another house, another location to use the computers there, after a few times they will put agents there to keep the computers there under surveillance. Assume everything you do electronically is being leaked out by the government that has decided to turn on you.

  • Dean Edward
    Dean Edward 9 days ago

    Basically, sounds like experiments being conducted to develop a data base on how human beings react to this kind of surveillance. Perhaps collecting human behavioral data to develop A.I. Targeting influential individuals to neutralize their ability to circumvent globalist power base interests. The reptilian thing is a huge topic on the internet. All one has to do is search. The validity of these theories are anyone's guess. David Icke brought it into the pulic forum years ago and more and more people claim to have expeienced contact with these supposed beings.

  • The Notorious LOLI
    The Notorious LOLI 9 days ago

    Just ignore them lmao

  • Sim Pit
    Sim Pit 9 days ago

    I'm sorry about your paranoia. I live in the same town. There's a lot of cyclists here and lots of great trails to ride on . You might as well show videos of cars with "Baby on Board" stickers on them , and mention how those are stalking you too. All these videos just seem to be people going about their daiiy lives. No one is interested in you or following you or anything like that.

  • my foreskin is missing

    These people are up the asylums again ffs.

  • Ammonia
    Ammonia 10 days ago

    exactly what whanowa said below. How narcissistic do you have to be to think the world gives a sh*t wtf you eat for brkfst. You are not that interesting trust me

  • Bradley Nielsen
    Bradley Nielsen 10 days ago +1

    Vice is garbage now.

  • mortega16
    mortega16 10 days ago

    So 10k out of everyone in the u.s? That's nothing. We know we have a higher percentage of people with mental issues... Mental illness runs in my family and I can see an episode or delusion very easily...I'm going towards mental illness. None of these people are important enough to spend millions of dollars following....

  • Gilmore Records IOfficially Judah

    Thank you, Bless you,, Shalom!

  • Lode Star
    Lode Star 10 days ago

    Those who try to explain supernatural events in rational ways become delusional and sick. They need to embrace spirituality. The psychiatrists are not their friends. They will work against them.

  • LiL BoeM
    LiL BoeM 10 days ago

    5:15, so 30 cars are driving around you on the "freeway"???
    Gangstalking confirmed

  • leothelion
    leothelion 11 days ago

    I just laugh at it. It works.

  • Buddha Balance
    Buddha Balance 11 days ago

    this gang stalking and targeted individual phenomena does not exist. This is mental illness. These people experience that they are being followed but are actually not. The mind is powerful and beliefs are powerful. If there was a government program somebody would blow the whistle on it. Snowden blew the whistle and told the world about our phone data being mined. Snowden is human and has a heart. If there was a covert government program destroying people by following, stalking,harassing etc I am confident that another Edward snowden would blow the whistle and expose these sinister tactics. The government wudnt waste money on a ridiculous program like this as it wud be much cheaper to simply kill the targeted individual than too spend thousands and millions employing groups of government agents to Harris, follow, abuse targets. Always consider money when considering any conspiracy theory , if it can't pass the money test then the government definitely won't waste money on it.

  • G 30
    G 30 11 days ago

    Come on man you really think the government is gonna pay all that shit to hover a helicopter while your eating your dinner to kill you slowly

    • G 30
      G 30 10 days ago

      +Lode Star good point it's hard to understand someone else's point of view

    • Lode Star
      Lode Star 10 days ago +1

      I don't think he is lying about his experiences. He just doesn't understand that there is a spiritual connection to his existence and he is be haunted by a parallel world that only he is able to observe. You won't understand him because you've never had his experiences. But he is hurting himself believing that there is some rational explanation of a conspiracy.

  • bigyodatheman
    bigyodatheman 12 days ago

    Trust me, none of them are interesting enough to even want to gang stalk.

  • Wacko Banana-Pants
    Wacko Banana-Pants 12 days ago

    After years of working in customer service and tech support I am convinced that at least 30% of the public is crazy and delusional. I am also certain that 100% of them are on social media

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 12 days ago +1

    TRUTH is that we are, On to THEM [these fake CURRUPT Leaders & their working slaves]; Who will do anything for them (who knows maybe out of fear for themselves &/or sell out everyone else for a few dollar$), The truth is the tide is about to turn, for the better of us ALL, who don't play their sick-azz games!
    And they know it!
    You Are NOT Crazy!
    It is those (Slaved) Suckers who Are!
    "The ALMIGHTY GOD is Real, and Will Protect (learn to Not care so much of our bodies) All our spirit souls; So Do NOT Give-In to fear! You Must learn to Trust In HIM!
    satan & his croonies are here to try and make GOD'S people believe that satan has more strength, but it is Not true!
    Believe in The ALMIGHTY'S HOLY SPIRIT and HIS protection over You and Your Families, and satan will flee from YOU !
    You must read your original King James Version Bibles, it has True HOLY Power to Fight them off !
    Try it, You won't be disappointed or sorry that YOU ever did !

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 12 days ago +1

    What it really is , if you are not playing thier game and be like them or belong to them their thing is to do fearmongering on those who, for example, aren't not from their political parties, if you are self willed (and don't give-in to their shit), and mainly they are illegally currupt gov pushed fuks who only want a certain type of people(or persons) who fit their mold (definition) of believing people's...We collectively can one day soon, put them down! 👎💩💨

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 12 days ago +1

    I give You stalkers the emoji of my middle finger! 😀😳

  • Gary Stephenson
    Gary Stephenson 13 days ago

    Couldnt get half way through this. Just mental illness

  • 6star
    6star 14 days ago

    Well aren't we the center of attention?

  • bong donkey
    bong donkey 14 days ago

    The Photographer nut has hang ups about being gay.He is paranoid AF!

  • bong donkey
    bong donkey 14 days ago

    Nucking Futs!!!!lol!

  • Saul Castanon
    Saul Castanon 14 days ago

    I need to help this is happening to me

  • Ghost of Akina
    Ghost of Akina 15 days ago +1

    I believe this 100% likewise there was this car parked up on my driveway at night along my mile long driveway I didn't know he was there until he turned his car on and I saw the headlights and he just drove away this happens alot I'm pretty freaked out

    • Lode Star
      Lode Star 10 days ago +1

      Why assume its a conspiracy? Some of the greatest thinkers in the world believed that one's mind has a huge effect over their own existence. The material world is just an illusion.

  • tHAT rEAL hiphoprnb
    tHAT rEAL hiphoprnb 15 days ago


  • Thomas Wilkins
    Thomas Wilkins 15 days ago

    I was right there beside them​ until I heard the word reptilian.

  • Bud Beazey
    Bud Beazey 15 days ago

    I was gang stalked for 2 years back in 95-96 in was American Seafoods and just lots of people. I was hurt on one of their boats and was injured badly. They kept watch on me, sent people into my life to befriend me, women who wanted to date and this is truly real not me having a mental issue. I can look back on that period of my life and know it was all real. These boats make so much money they insure themselves. If you go into their main offices in Seattle the first thing you will notice is all the missing person posters wall papering the place. If you are missing they don’t have to pay a claim, so if you get hurt real bad or even killed they just throw you over into the Bering sea 🌊 and claim you got off in Dutch harbor and that was it. Be carful going out on these commercial floating processors. It’s no joke and the pay isn’t worth it. As soon as I settled out with their lawyers the gang stalking stopped dead.

  • Simple Animator
    Simple Animator 16 days ago

    i was Gang Stalk when i was turning 18 my dad find this out
    he gave me a real *gun* on my birthday and i show it off outside when i saw them again and the next day they stop following me and now i feel comfortable but i still bring my gun with me

  • Sione Fifita
    Sione Fifita 16 days ago

    Best way to rid of this: get rid of cell phone

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones 16 days ago

    Jews of vice who took over all american media and youtube run global jewery gang stalking. The entirely jewish media always chooses kooky shit when they wanna brainwash u to dislike something

  • Joseph Cullen
    Joseph Cullen 16 days ago

    It's law of attraction

  • mcnuggets ferg
    mcnuggets ferg 16 days ago

    Imagine living in LA where there's a high crime rate and then coming to the conclusion that the Police SUVs aren't just on patrol but are watching you and on top of that they're spending thousands of dollars to send out helicopters to spy on you when drones are much cheaper.

  • F your G
    F your G 16 days ago


  • Michelle Jane Day-Sun
    Michelle Jane Day-Sun 17 days ago

    I would like to add that if you are related to a famous individual or work with famous individuals or even important individuals please keep traveling and outing at a minimum because the government is obligated to know when you are traveling and will sometimes form a small motorcade around you to protect you. When you are out and about to much the government will refer to it as "testing the limits of forensics" which can be illegal in some states. This is the same when related to Historical Figures.

  • Michelle Jane Day-Sun
    Michelle Jane Day-Sun 17 days ago

    Hold Hands Around the World Organization harasses me in the same manner. They are human traffickers whom claim to be an organization similar to USA for Africa and Band Aid, but they target their Love Rivals like I said with human trafficking and Elitism style Shunning. I launched a secret camera investigation against them and turned the footage into authorities. They extort also. They are all members of Sex Addicts Anonymous and they suffer from Clinical Jealousy. They are dangerous and some are Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and like to take side jobs that involve bullying and tarnishing for higher/hire. They have also been known to use what they call a "Corralling Method" to manipulate their victim's lives to the point of death and disability all while stealing their identities and professional credentials. Most have been diagnosed with Social and Sexual Aggression.

  • ASMR Tarot
    ASMR Tarot 17 days ago

    Record the gangstalkers get a SD card specifically for recording videos of people acting strange & harassing you. A person I know recorded ppl acting like they were going to hit her & her 8 year old by his school cross walk for a wk then she started recording the next wk and the cars stopped. She noticed it happened to her and her child but no one else. Everytime gangstalking happens pull out your phone and RECORD it & save it to a SD card. Fight back & prove your sanity get the harassment & attackers faces on video as well as their cars & license plates. Fight back and they'll back off but always come back. You'll have to learn to be resilient because they'll never stop unless your name is taken off the hit list.

  • applestuddel
    applestuddel 17 days ago

    The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness

  • perp slayer
    perp slayer 17 days ago

    i bet this is happening

  • David G
    David G 18 days ago

    Pretty clear that Winnebago guy is bat shit crazy...
    Silver-haired gay guy; probably nuts, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
    That's my 30-second psychological analysis... don't worry, no charge.
    Seriously though, camper-van guy is undiagnosed paranoid... something.

  • Nina Chan
    Nina Chan 18 days ago



    gang stalking is great, I hate being alone, its the only time I get to meet anyone, more is best,

  • Karmi Cuntis
    Karmi Cuntis 19 days ago

    I wouldn't call it gang stalking but there are evil people out there willing to do anything for a dollar.