The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

  • Published on Nov 7, 2017
  • More than 10,000 people worldwide claim they're the victims of a vast organized surveillance effort designed to ruin their lives, a phenomenon known as "gang stalking." Mental health experts see gang stalking as a symptom of paranoia, but the self-identified victims who insist what they're experiencing is real have come together online and in support groups to share their stories.
    VICE met up with a handful of Americans who claim their lives have been derailed by gang stalking to understand what serious consequences the phenomenon presents. Then we hear from Dr. Josh Bazell, one of many physicians who believes the victims of gang stalking are experiencing dangerous delusions that could be treated by mental health professionals.
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Comments • 12 729

  • Brent Testerman
    Brent Testerman 2 hours ago

    I really feel for these people. It seems like their Fight/flight/freeze response is triggered, or some form of hyper-vigilance, caused by trauma. I think as humans we try to make sense of things by grouping, labeling and categorizing. This phenomenon may be demonstrated by people who deal with gang stalking and the people who judge them, by placing a one size fits all reason on those that suffer it. Precious little is absolute in life, it's nearly always a combination of things. Peace be with you and yours.

  • T. Clements
    T. Clements 10 hours ago

    I have a Gang Stalking horror story that's real. Vice do my story! When the Morning Doesn't Come, on TVclip T. Clements

  • legalfirearm 4life
    legalfirearm 4life 11 hours ago

    If you think you can watch someone that no one knows it, & you think no
    one will be able to watch you, then you are their Godfather.

  • bo hamburgers
    bo hamburgers 12 hours ago

    It’s amazing to me that people think anyone gives enough of a flying fuck about them to do this.

  • necro mantis
    necro mantis 19 hours ago

    Pepper spray and person driving is crazy if you have no clue if there good or bad

  • necro mantis
    necro mantis 19 hours ago

    The amount of money that goes into having helicopters and airplanes Circle your house all day and sending out units to drive by your house is extremely expensive. Unless you're making bombs or selling drugs you got nothing to worry about they have to actually have a warrant and an order put in an order to spend that kind of money. Not to mention they would have to show all their findings in order to continue to get funded in order to keep surveillance so quit being paranoid weirdo

    • F K
      F K 10 hours ago

      "The amount of money that goes into having helicopters and airplanes Circle your house all day and sending out units to drive by your house is extremely expensive."
      Aerial or ground harassment is done randomly and only once or twice a day. How obvious would it be if air or ground units targeted somebody "all day." LMAO! Use some common sense.
      "Unless you're making bombs or selling drugs you got nothing to worry about they have to actually have a warrant and an order put in an order to spend that kind of money."
      Spend what kind of money? Air and ground units would already are already on duty. Where is this big, extra expense coming from?
      "Not to mention they would have to show all their findings in order to continue to get funded in order to keep surveillance so quit being paranoid weirdo."
      You're confusing formal surveillance with informal harassment. The latter doesn't officially exit. So cops aren't doing justificatory presentations.
      Some people are clueless.

  • David Dean
    David Dean 20 hours ago

    Paranoid Schizophrenia. That's what gang stalking is. Time to see a doctor.

    • F K
      F K 12 hours ago

      I saw one. But I stopped going. He couldn't prove that he wasn't in on it.

  • DeadSinceForever
    DeadSinceForever 21 hour ago

    Stalking victims need to be heard out but most of these seem like schizotypals,its not healthy to feed into delusions and now anyone who sees this is never going to let it go,this is absolutely terrible if you think about it.

  • That Oh-Gee Don
    That Oh-Gee Don 22 hours ago

    8:33 and 14:40
    Two people on the cusp of self awareness but, their victim complex/narcissism took back control.

  • Ricky Hand
    Ricky Hand 23 hours ago

    My heart goes out to people with psychosis. Also acting at 16:40 is 10/10

  • Brendan P Conroy

    in the words of legendary kurt cobain..

    just because you're paranoid

    don't mean they're not after you

  • Jay jay
    Jay jay Day ago


  • Jay jay
    Jay jay Day ago


  • Mr.V
    Mr.V Day ago +1

    Its true

  • A Flick
    A Flick Day ago

    Notice there’s never someone living in the backwoods of Montana bitching about gang stalking? It’s always in LA, or NYC or some massive metropolis. Where’s the proof? Where’s is ANY SORT of actual footage of people gang stalking other people? If someone was constantly following my car, I’d have a dash cam. So the dude walks around with a camera but can’t provide any video evidence of people following him? Helicopters in LA is his only bit of “proof”? These people are mentally ill.

  • A Flick
    A Flick Day ago

    Mental illness on display. Notice none of these instances are ever caught on film? I mean sure, in LA there’s fuckin helicopters everywhere. But to believe it’s following just bat shit crazy. Because pointing out “sharp claws” in a Keanu Reeves movie doesn’t sound fucking insane at all. Jesus man....I feel bad for that guy.

  • V-TOWN Mai1600
    V-TOWN Mai1600 Day ago

    I think drones can follow cops home also.

  • Star Colin
    Star Colin Day ago

    Wow. None of those people seem interesting or important enough to be targets even if gang stalking was/ is real.

    • F K
      F K Day ago

      I'm shocked that VICE didn't pick people who seemed interesting/important. Perhaps credible TI's would've clashed with a particular theme: HYSTERIA: SEASON 1.

  • Skreedle Haus Productions

    Mental illness is a SERIOUS issue.. Clearly.

  • qwertyuiop3283
    qwertyuiop3283 Day ago

    member of gang stalking has family or children ? if they have they keep secrets or their family are the member of them ? bullying at elementally, junior or high school by students whom parents are the member of evils ? ( so wired and spook when we have the imagination that bullying guy's parents are the member of evils too. because children learn or feel something from parents)
    many people minds tainted by the evils means brain washed we can see the young generation attend the gang stalking. we all not tainted nor brain washed should unveil or repair the world. never never ever forgive the terrorist active, on the other hand many people who are pretending normal citizens around us do the gang stalking to others is the same as terrorist. I hate to say japan is good country since
    so many tainted or brain washed guys living here (member of evils). how do you feel that over 30,000 commit suicide every year and many mental patients living who are also victims of gang stalking in japan. you really think japan is so kind ? this is just diverting.

  • WaReady TV
    WaReady TV Day ago


  • ozzy oz'
    ozzy oz' Day ago +3

    I experience this in my home and my spouses family? I thought they were doing this to cause me to kill myself, since these folks are Narcissistic demons, they will keep on till they either drive you nuts, or want to die!! I'm telling you this, since I'm disabled and I purchased a weapon to protect myself, and they stole my weapon. I have been injured physically. I know this has been done since the freemasons are in his family? They want you to appear psychotic, and paranoid!! Take the red pill folks?I just want to say that my WIFI buffers here at my home, and the movie the Matrix was on, the screen froze and at first i didn't pay any attention, then, I began to see the number 7, 8, and an X! This may mean nothing to you, but I did research on this and 7, is the Lords number of completion, 8 is a number of new beginnings, and the X, marks the spot where you put your signature on paper. Its also the Gods mark, and in 2024, will mark an X through the entire United States, from the last 2017! Satan steals from God everything then tries to lay claim to it! Even Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light!! Transforms=Shapeshifting! CHECK YOURSELF< EMPATHS AND CHRISTIANS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO KNOW THIS! TRUE CHRISTIANS DON'T HARM OTHERS!

    • F K
      F K 4 hours ago

      Have you acquired another weapon?
      Stay away from therapists/doctors. They're narcissistic, demonic know-it-alls.

    • DeadSinceForever
      DeadSinceForever 21 hour ago

      Get help from a therapist/physician so you can find happiness,its easy to blame things on your spouses family,they might not be nice but you should tolerate them regardless because theyre gonna be there a long time and all its going to do is make it harder later on in life

  • Nem te vi
    Nem te vi Day ago

    This is organized from mídias how TV or narco tráffic and drug man's.
    I need help!
    Contact me in my channel or here:
    Nem te vi

  • Tala R
    Tala R 2 days ago

    A friend of mine just confined that he is being gang this for real or a mental disease....

    • Date Raped.1
      Date Raped.1 Day ago

      +Tala R ask your friend why he feels this way, most the time it's because one feels shameful of a certain things In their life... I know in New Mexico if your gang affiliated then the community will sort or follow you but nothing like these guys say

    • Date Raped.1
      Date Raped.1 Day ago

      I know parania as well, but realize that we are all connected through the internet, example I decided to create a face book account right, as soon as I do Facebook suggests my own family as friends, "how the hell" I mean I just put in my info like two minutes ago.. lol it's all good tho, our government is very powerful but also very understanding, not that they have anything to do with the internet lol

    • Tala R
      Tala R Day ago

      Date Raped.1 I was thinking that but I don’t know if I should say something like that....he’s so convinced gang stalking is trying to make him look crazy

    • Date Raped.1
      Date Raped.1 Day ago

      Metnal illness that's just being validated with videos and mis information like what is playing

  • Stephanie Simmons
    Stephanie Simmons 2 days ago there something we can do to help these people? To make them understand that it's them and not the rest of the world.
    Who told them that life should be easy. "Rain falls on the just and unjust alike." It's not about what happens but how you react to it. Do you learn from an experience and get back up? Or do you refuse to own your accountability? When did it become acceptable to wine and complain about one's situation? Instead of doing something about it.
    Jesus Christ was a "targeted individual". However, that didn't stop him from teaching, healing and loving his fellow man. He did those things without fear or complaints.

    • F K
      F K Day ago

      You're yelling at TI's because they lack superpowers of an imaginary person?

  • Robert Apodaca
    Robert Apodaca 2 days ago

    "We are having to create the issue and the solution."
    Man openly admits to creating this issue.

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 3 days ago

    Imagine thinking youre being gangstalked in LA because of black suvs and helicopters lmao. does this guy know thats where all the celebs live?

  • RalphNaintEASY
    RalphNaintEASY 3 days ago +1

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a form of psychosis..

    • RalphNaintEASY
      RalphNaintEASY 10 hours ago

      F K Alright man good luck with that.

    • F K
      F K 10 hours ago

      +RalphNaintEASY Yes, I've said so in this thread. But several of my posts/replies have disappeared. Others still appear, but only when I'm logged in.

    • RalphNaintEASY
      RalphNaintEASY 12 hours ago

      F K Im starting to get the feeling you may believe you are a targeted individual..

    • F K
      F K 12 hours ago

      +RalphNaintEASY I've been to LA. Pretty much every part looked sketch 😂.
      LAPD commonly blows off calls deemed unimportant. Note, however, that LAPD's patrol division is very different than LAPD's gang-stalking unit. Patrol might decline to show up for a $200 car burglary. But the gang-stalking unit will continually fuck with you if you're blacklisted. This is also true for LASD. It does a lot of gang stalking with sheriff's explorers (volunteer labor). So there's usually somebody (or multiple somebodies) available for gang stalking throughout LA County.
      Yea, it's only a matter of time until some TI's mistakenly attack normies. Much hilarity will ensue. (Maybe it's already happened. LA news stations report quite a few "random acts of violence") 😂.
      I've noticed that many of my replies don't show up when I'm not logged in. Is youtube censoring me? LOL!

    • RalphNaintEASY
      RalphNaintEASY 14 hours ago

      F K You must not know very much about LA 😂 I can tell you from living here he’s not in a “sketch” part of town and the police here don’t make it to every call because they are so backed up. We are just going to have to agree to disagree. I’ll tell you this though for certain, if one of these looney fucks were to ever come at me or my children with mace, weapons etc., because they’ve dreamed up in their minds I’ve been hired to monitor them, that will be the last mistake they’ll ever make.

  • Kaelmy 38
    Kaelmy 38 3 days ago

    Gary p is a perp for sure

  • JaKobe OG
    JaKobe OG 3 days ago

    "When 20 or 30 cars are hazing you on the freeway on all sides, controlling your speed and lane changes, you know something's up. So I pepper sprayed and spray painted their cars"
    Um you mean traffic? Yes you are mentally insane.

  • freckledfuck
    freckledfuck 3 days ago +1

    Ive had homeless people talk to be about this shit

    • freckledfuck
      freckledfuck 9 hours ago

      +F K bird with cameras as eyes following them deer robots following them all this crazy shit

    • F K
      F K 9 hours ago

      What did they say?

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez 3 days ago

    Why would the government spend resources on keeping an eye on these people? This is B.S........ If you work & pay bills, you don't have to worry of this non sense b.s........... meth is really bad

  • Waldo Wells
    Waldo Wells 3 days ago +10

    It's not paranoia if they're really watching you.

    • Lara Miriam
      Lara Miriam 17 hours ago

      That's true. Then what it becomes is bizarre, bizarre of the one's watching.

  • Will H
    Will H 3 days ago +2

    Those that are doing this are searching for their next mind control victim to do their bidding.

  • Dope Beats
    Dope Beats 3 days ago +2

    Edward snowden is nobel oscar winner

    • Zersetzung
      Zersetzung 2 days ago

      No, you should listen to Edward snowden. He quit a 100, 000 dollar a year job just to warn you.

  • 564markis
    564markis 3 days ago +1

    I believe gangstalking is real
    But this is bullshit.

  • Ryan Marks
    Ryan Marks 3 days ago

    To the skeptics - the key phrase of this whole video (2:59) is when he says "its a way to slowly kill people using their own decisions." So you might say why are they doing this to a gay dude in LA - he's simply an experiment. Why was he chosen, who the hell knows. Why do scientitsts pick certain rats out of a box full of rats for experimentation? There is no rhyme or reason. Why do scientists use beagles to experiment on? This one is easy to answer - beagles are the least likely of dog breeds to bite and be aggressive. So it would make sense that they pick people who are in some or most ways, harmless. Why won't they choose people like me - because with very little research and surveillance, they would learn I am a combat vet, an armed security contractor, a gun owner, I train at least once a week, I am friends with military contractors, operators, cops, EMTs, paramedics, other military members, etc. They don't want someone who would eventually whip around with an AR and with trained precision, put rounds into the motor box of their little helicopter. They want to do these tests on human beagles - for lack of a better term.

    • F K
      F K 3 days ago

      Right. Many (human beagle) TI's end up destitute, addicted or suicidal (from years of chronic, uncontested abuse). But gang stalking might (occasionally) cause radical changes in personality. Instead of accepting perpetual victim-hood, some TI's grow a pair & suit up. (Some have done mass shootings). Unintended consequences are a bitch.

  • Will B
    Will B 3 days ago

    i had no idea this was about paranoid nutjobs....

  • juice ginner
    juice ginner 3 days ago +2


    • juice ginner
      juice ginner 3 days ago

      Why don't you feel gang stalked?
      1. Because you aren't being targeted.
      2. Because you're not smart enough to realize.

  • Justin Parisi
    Justin Parisi 3 days ago

    These people are narcissists wake up you're not important and no one is following you

    • F K
      F K 3 days ago

      This type of reply sucks, since you'd always say that, even to actual TI's.

    • F K
      F K 3 days ago +1

      This type of reply sucks, since you'd always say that, even to actual TI's.

  • iwannarock101
    iwannarock101 4 days ago +1

    Us = Biggest budget spend on surveillance for its citizens (check Snowden files)
    VICE = Calls people mentally ill.
    I mean, someone's gotta be watched right?

  • Nyjah Huston
    Nyjah Huston 4 days ago +1

    if this is on Vice D(eciv)e you know this I watered down

  • Jodi Cherry
    Jodi Cherry 4 days ago

    Actually I believe that there are many many people who secretly want me to win the lottery. “They” want me to buy a house in Capitola and drive a Chevy Traverse and wish me to be comfortable and happy.

  • Jodi Cherry
    Jodi Cherry 4 days ago

    I’ll be a believer when I hit the lottery! Lmao.

  • Beat Maker
    Beat Maker 4 days ago +1

    LOLOL you got some gay man walking around in public seeing normal couples and hes thinking hes being gangstalked hahaha god damn. how much drugs did this guy do??

  • Chris Ledger
    Chris Ledger 4 days ago

    I most often come to the conclusion that it is a fundamentalist Christian group, I'm an outspoken athiest, who has defended nontheistic Satanists.

  • Chris Ledger
    Chris Ledger 4 days ago

    They'll never let you know why its happening, they'll misinform you, if your a conspiracy theorist, its reptoids, if your gay, then its neo nazis, they study you, they ALWAYS lead you to believe its from someone or somewhere else. Accept that you will NEVER know why they're doing it.

  • Chris Ledger
    Chris Ledger 4 days ago

    Its like that one movie, your in someone elses dream, and the dream people don't like it. I've let people drive my car and watched them hit every pothole on the way, intentionally it seemed, but when I ask why, they don't know, its like they saw something other than what I saw.

  • Chris Ledger
    Chris Ledger 4 days ago

    Some people know things. Things they weren't told. Things that are secrets right now.

  • Dotser Ham
    Dotser Ham 4 days ago

    Imagine there was some super rich bored guy that for fun picked one of these pricks to fuck with and organizes a massive team of actors and props to carry this out

  • Brandon DeBella
    Brandon DeBella 4 days ago +1

    These guys are worried about being stalked in real life. When the corporations and governments have developed algorithms that that cyber stalk us and listen and watch us on our devices. Voice recognition, facial recognition, DNA sequenceing to even tell where you came from. Even developing technologies that read you mind, these guys fears seem a little dated... Maybe buy a smart phone and then they can track you easily so it's less stressful for you

    • F K
      F K 2 days ago

      TI's are stalked AND harassed. Also, you're romanticizing technology. You could toss all your tech stuff. But how would you erase stalking/harassment crews wherever you went? Low-tech is a bitch to deal with.

    • F K
      F K 2 days ago

      TI's are stalked AND harassed. Also, you're romanticizing technology. You could toss all your tech stuff. But how would you erase stalking/harassment crews wherever you went? Low-tech is a bitch to deal with.

  • Dotser Ham
    Dotser Ham 4 days ago

    Guess what ? ............ you’re not that important

    • F K
      F K 3 days ago +1

      But what if I were that important? How would you know, given your lack of importance?


    Targeted Individuals, Attend the SpringTime Rally in Sacramento California on April 26 & 27 2019.

  • True Arrow Fan
    True Arrow Fan 4 days ago

    those people are so stupid

  • Ray O
    Ray O 4 days ago

    It's sad that they think they're are so important that they are being followed

    • iwannarock101
      iwannarock101 4 days ago +1

      No, they think they are so Unimportant that they are being disposable! You pick the narcissists view, who says they think like you?

  • psb5221976
    psb5221976 4 days ago

    Dingbats. Every one of these loons.

  • Austin Carlson
    Austin Carlson 5 days ago

    Its Real 110% but only to half of the claimed TIs though the other half don't know

  • qwertyuiop3283
    qwertyuiop3283 5 days ago

    hypothetically, gang stalking purpose to make many patients ( destroy or ruin their mind then go to hospital. so hospital with medicine ( almost drug as addiction) make benefit means so dark evil's business however gang stalking active spending any costs. mental patients bring big money (insurance, pharmaceutical, as tax etc) since once patients taking drug for mental means long time taking medicine (first medicine but it change to the drug as addiction). one more reason to gang stalk, someone of cult member or evil group met somewhere and happening the trouble then start to gang stalking as revenge. evils don't matter the reason of stalking but ruin or destroy the targets ( suicide, mental disease ). targets need the strong supporters to offend and unveil the gang stalkers. i have real gang friends but never talk gang stalking yet. if they know my situation, they try to help me (i am afraid can't stop them, k..l or fight to evils should be avoided at worst) if ......... real gang VS gang stalking which is the winner ?

  • julio Carra
    julio Carra 5 days ago

    take ur meds white boy

  • julio Carra
    julio Carra 5 days ago

    white boy crazy

  • elusive mane
    elusive mane 5 days ago

    almost convinced but you brought my doge Keanu into this. Dood is a good dood!

    • greezooo
      greezooo 3 days ago

      ikr? Hey keanu your lizard parts were showing when you came out of that slime vat, should we do another take? Nope? Ok, next scene!

  • Targeted Individual 808

    Look inward. Don't empower outward.

  • dave curtis
    dave curtis 5 days ago +1

    get out of the city, go to the sierra nevadas and get some fresh air..go hiking,fishing where there isnt a bunch of people. solitude is good for the soul

  • Nathaniel Rojo
    Nathaniel Rojo 5 days ago

    A bunch of self centered people really

  • Stephen V
    Stephen V 5 days ago +1

    Some is fake some may be real but who know when u document something like this u need proof if they are getting stalked then that shouldn't be. Problem

  • Sunshine State Lyfestyle

    Some of them sound like they're alittle paranoid. Like the bum living in the RV why and who would care enough to watch him..

  • Joshua Dow
    Joshua Dow 6 days ago

    Makeup artist has some conflicting inner feelings on himself.. the sad thing is these peoples testimonies do not sound like that have self fulfillment and find it in these delusions.

    • F K
      F K 2 days ago

      Maybe they should deal with their lack of self fulfillment by accusing others of experiencing delusions. 😁

    • F K
      F K 2 days ago

      Maybe they should deal with their lack of self fulfillment by accusing others of experiencing delusions. 😁

  • Chris Brauns
    Chris Brauns 6 days ago +5

    She hit the nail on the head "I won't be surprised if the rest of the nation is under mind control"

  • Earl Smith
    Earl Smith 6 days ago +2

    Laugh all you want, read David Larson's book "terrorist stalking in America". This is truth, not fiction. It is designed to look like the target has a mental disorder. It's been said that it's an assassin program. Pray for people who are targeted. It's horrible.

  • Rodney Davis
    Rodney Davis 6 days ago +6

    I'd Appreciate Anyone Willing To Have A Open Non Judgemental Conversation... Thanks Guys...Stay Strong

  • nvme069
    nvme069 6 days ago +1

    Isn't it awkward that when you walk into an empty store or restaurant and think its dead in here and all of a sudden it gets packed!

  • Philly Cheesesteak
    Philly Cheesesteak 6 days ago

    Good luck guys. Im sad this is our reality.

  • Philly Cheesesteak
    Philly Cheesesteak 6 days ago +1

    8:49 seconds the truth that even "SOME" of the stalkers are unaware they are being used in such a way. When 5 G goes up it's over there's one verse in the Bible that states it would be better for them to kill each other engine others that states people will begin to turn on each other

  • Philly Cheesesteak
    Philly Cheesesteak 6 days ago

    Mr. Make up artist you are sooo close to saying it. Your mind is telling you what it is. You even said the word.

  • Brayden Hardcastle
    Brayden Hardcastle 6 days ago +3

    This type of shit happens, believe me or not, the gov really does silence or get rid of people with weird tactics

    • That Oh-Gee Don
      That Oh-Gee Don 22 hours ago

      Yeah because, a gay makeup artist, an unemployed reptoid theorist, and a housewife who peddles essential oils to her friends on facebook are totally the type of people the government would spend untold resources on getting rid of.

  • trey trey
    trey trey 6 days ago +3

    There is only 6 degrees of separation between individuals, so if those individuals are evil like minded and one or a couple of them have a problem with someone for whatever minor reason, they can team up to gang stalk their target, if those evil individuals have jobs of power/influence they can really make a person's life difficult. So to say that gang stalking is impossible or doesn't happen is extremely naive.
    The key to defeating gang stalking is just not to care and to realize that those individuals are cowards adult children who choose to sneak around in the shadows like roaches harassing you, instead of confronting you like an actual adult to figure out what the problem they have with is. Some people are just bored with anti social personality disorder so they need to try to hurt someone either physically or psychologically, so you can't let them get to you, just recognize what they are... COWARDS.

  • mike odnoralov
    mike odnoralov 6 days ago +1

    Mk ultra continues

  • Matthew Harper
    Matthew Harper 6 days ago

    These are spiritual attacks on men who are taught to believe that everything is physical. And when these demons attack its very scary. The trick to the whole thing is that they are lions with no teeth or claws and if you ignore them they will go away. If you stand up to them then they will back down if your resolve is truly strong. It's a scary thing to go through but remember they have no real power other than to deceive you.

  • RubyTV
    RubyTV 6 days ago

    Wow helicopters, traffic and cops in LA... *GaNG StAlkiNG*
    Lets dig a little deeper:
    1.) Rocket scientists son who couldn't make his parents proud so this will work
    2.) Makeup artist who wanted to be the star himself (papparazzi) so this will work too

    • F K
      F K 2 days ago

      You say they're compensating. Another guy says they're just crazy. And a different person says they're targeted.

      Whom should I believe?

    • F K
      F K 2 days ago

      You say they're compensating. Another guy says they're just crazy. And a different person says they're targeted.

      Whom should I believe?

    • Snootches Bootches
      Snootches Bootches 6 days ago

      Nahh. Not at all. Your thinking is off. They arent compesating for anything. They just are mentally Ill.

  • lilahdog 568
    lilahdog 568 6 days ago +1

    Based on what our government is doing, I think it's more than a feeling to wonder if someone else is silently listening in to your phone calls. this is an illness of a modern society

  • GHOST intheshell
    GHOST intheshell 7 days ago

    Wtf would be the point of this shit tho?????

    • F K
      F K 2 days ago

      To destroy somebody's life, while simultaneously making him look crazy.


    WTF did i just watch....i thought i was going to watch some gangster shiznits....

  • SolAr LAbyrInth
    SolAr LAbyrInth 7 days ago

    i know a bipolar person who is gangstalked all the time cuz hes so damn important. He doesn't do anything but sit around.

    • Bobby Geiser
      Bobby Geiser 4 days ago

      They're good at the networking and social engineering required to hide their crimes.

    • SolAr LAbyrInth
      SolAr LAbyrInth 4 days ago

      +Bobby Geiser that's scary. I bet they have some criminal records too.

    • Bobby Geiser
      Bobby Geiser 5 days ago

      All of the adults from my grandparents down, and at least some of my extended family. And they have collaborated with dozens of people at least outside of the family.

    • SolAr LAbyrInth
      SolAr LAbyrInth 5 days ago

      +Bobby Geiser wow. like what percentage of your immediate or extended family members are actually narcistic sociopaths? do they get others involved?

    • SolAr LAbyrInth
      SolAr LAbyrInth 5 days ago

      +Bobby Geiser it depends on cycling speed? I say all the time tho sometimes it isnt happening because she isnt in a paranoid delusional mood.. though it could be like every week that she is.

  • Joey J
    Joey J 7 days ago

    I spray painted his car on the freeway and was like "yep conspiracy hes writing down my lisence plate number told you I was cereal"

  • Carmen
    Carmen 7 days ago +2

    It's easy to discredit someone as "crazy" rather than wondering why this is going on and trying to help people. There are theories on the cause of this type of stalking - bloodlines, and people with voices, and/or people who have "bumped heads" with a Freemason or a powerful person. People who stand up for things, or speak out against injustices. People against corruption and who share truth. Yes. This is very real. Maybe one day some powerful white hat hacker will spill the beans on the hidden records behind this program then the truth will be out there. That seems to be the only way anyone believes anything is if it's in the "media" as if the media is truthful, lol.

    • Bobby Geiser
      Bobby Geiser 5 days ago

      In my case, they're a group of narcissists and sociopaths (my family) who network with and collaborate with other narcs to meddle with and control my life.
      I can totally see how a similar group of narcissists can do the same to someone else while also manipulating them into thinking the culprit is someone else (like the government)

  • Twice
    Twice 7 days ago +2

    I see that every time this is brought up by mainstream it is brought up as mental health condition, but in fact it does happen and it is a mental condition of those involved in it. It is intimidation, but also other things used, as poisons and you can never even get anyone to do a single test. You have to suffer until you die, while idiots like you do not even have the intelligence or empathy to know that maybe some people do suffer these types of human rights abuses. You would believe them if they happened in China, right? But not here, because we here, live in the world we want to see.... a world that is just , and free.. when in fact so many people are tortured and murdered. I would say shame on you!

  • Danny Phantom
    Danny Phantom 7 days ago +2

    That navy base shooter said he was being followed and harrassed also he was being targeted with noise or somthing when he tried to sleep idk tho sounds too possible

  • Mr BurnIt
    Mr BurnIt 7 days ago +1

    When u get ahead of these people that gang stock u something big always happens! I like playing with gang stalkers!

    • Bobby Geiser
      Bobby Geiser 5 days ago

      I'm unfortunately completely at the "mercy" of these people, I'm glad to hear that you are able to fire back in some way.

  • Sylvester Jay
    Sylvester Jay 7 days ago

    Guilt drove this poor bastard crazy..... love to know the back story.

  • Alberg
    Alberg 7 days ago

    Where are the street gangs? Why are all these “victims” all look sketch.

  • screenmxsname xxoxx
    screenmxsname xxoxx 7 days ago

    only those “experiencing” it will think it’s wrong. those involved either feel justified, or maybe just think it’s a normal way of life. you never know if it’s real or not or if it is, how long they’ve been passing the behavior down for. you really can’t prove anything and i bet that’s part of it too. people get off on that just day to day in society. i’m not saying these people are right, i’m just saying that taboo traditions around the world are already not unheard of.

  • Bada Boom
    Bada Boom 7 days ago

    My sister ran her two gang stalkers off the road in Opelika Alabama and they died. It’s real. When Jehovah is protecting you, they can’t prosper, even in court. Our private plane was tampered with and we walked away I scratched. They try to constantly frighten you and tamper with your world but soon they will not know what hit them when Jehovah brings down their world.

  • Alpine
    Alpine 8 days ago

    gay hellboy

  • Holland
    Holland 8 days ago +1

    I definitely think this is a real thing BUT at the same time there are people who are making this stuff up in their head (I know this because of someone I know who does many drugs .... its kinda a common thing for drug users) but either way it's really real to them and can definitely fuck with you mentally

  • Jerry Nitto
    Jerry Nitto 8 days ago

    Looks like Clayton Morrow is still alive and fixing hair in Los Angeles. Jax didn't shoot him enough times. :-(

  • Wjesnn Kbcho
    Wjesnn Kbcho 8 days ago +1

    Lol. Retards. Move out of California. You won't be so paranoid.

  • Danny Martin
    Danny Martin 8 days ago +1

    hmmmm...aint nobody gonna fuking believe you..and the shit is probably true...look at the shit the gov used to call mental health issues...changed big time whats a illness..true shit

  • Chiltydogg
    Chiltydogg 8 days ago

    Why tf does Cletus think he's so significant? He's a mutha fuckin jobless bozo😂 Sounds like a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics to me.

  • Josie HILL
    Josie HILL 8 days ago +1

    They are Demons.
    These people have a demon infestation in their life.
    The only real help comes from a spirit that is stronger than the demons.
    This same thing happened to me. The symptoms left 3 days after my baptism.
    God Bless anyone who is struggling with this. Seek help.
    Jesus saves🙏

    • Megan Long
      Megan Long 8 days ago

      Josie HILL couldn’t say it better myself