Dr. Ford's Heartbreaking Testimony Was Not A Con Job

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Republicans controlling the Senate Judiciary Committee were ready to accommodate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford with anything she wanted. Except for one thing.
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Comments • 7 682

  • mliedtke815
    mliedtke815 Day ago

    this clip didn't age well

  • Kevin Roach
    Kevin Roach 11 days ago

    Dickhead, she lied about everything.

  • knightmeh
    knightmeh 13 days ago

    In the end that brat still get his job. Came back to look at how strong she is and hope she is doing well in life

  • Perpetual vera Dapaah
    Perpetual vera Dapaah 25 days ago

    How did u get there? I don’t remember. I only take one beer 🍺

  • Sarah Murphy
    Sarah Murphy Month ago +2

    She's a bare faced liar...A horrible sneaky woman

  • Brettieballskills
    Brettieballskills Month ago

    er yes it was

  • NickInfante1992
    NickInfante1992 Month ago

    Here is a better question where were the Democrats when Bill Clinton got away with raping and sexual assaulting Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone Carolyn Moffet, Sandra Allen James, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Connie Hamzy, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Christy Zercher, Paula Corbin, Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Sally Perdue, Lencola Sullivan, Markie Post, Dolly Kyle Browning, Maria Furtwängler, Belinda Stronach, Naomi Robson, Patricia Duff, Susie Whitacre, Bobbie Ann William, Regina Blakely Hopper, and Deborah Mathis? And on top of that another good question the senators and the FBI should be of asking Christine Ford was how much was she being paid to smear Brett Kavanaugh and who else was in on this smear campaign of Brett Kavanaugh as well.

  • jimmy wrangles
    jimmy wrangles Month ago +1

    I think she bears false witness.

  • jettstap
    jettstap 2 months ago +1

    Obviously watched a different testimony as her dishonesty was obvious

  • Rose Olives
    Rose Olives 2 months ago

    “Heartbreaking” ??? More like victim playing whiny Democrat feminist

  • Steve White
    Steve White 2 months ago

    Whether the testimony about Kavanaugh attacking her was false or not, I can not say, but without doubt Ford lied about fear of flying. Colbert making a particularly lame joke about it just highlights it to unbiased people, Ford is not any more scared to fly than a hell of a lot of people. Perhaps not scared at all, since there is ZERO objective evidence of her claimed fear, and plenty of evidence she had none. Additionally, she lied about the reason for adding a front door to the house. It was not done because of claustrophobia, it was done to make the front bedroom, which had its own bathroom already, a rental to psychologists. If you search online you find about a half dozen psychologists listed at that address. The audience for Colbert et al is pretty much on the same critical thinking level as Sean Hannity's fans. They hate Trump, and so any accusation made against his nominee must be beliebrd, no matter how specious

  • Schmutzgreifer
    Schmutzgreifer 2 months ago


  • PixseeDust Aerial Imaging

    Talk shows like Colbert’s have become so boring. Colbert is among the worst. They have all become predictably regurgitative, and that is just as annoying as my acid reflux disease when I’m just wanting to enjoy some intelligent entertainment. So few shows with originality of thought. Such a narrow band of things to say.

  • H S
    H S 3 months ago

    Dr Ford be like
    “Brett kavanaugh raped me at a party but I can’t remember where it is what time it was who was at the party how I got home from the party...BUT I DO KNOW THIS HE DID RAPE ME!”

  • Alexander Fisher
    Alexander Fisher 3 months ago

    After the Republican senators actions dismissing Ford but attacking asylum seekers, I'm pretty sure they play for the nationalist league.

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks
    Shizue Leigh Hicks 3 months ago

    Con job. Building permits in Santa Cruz for remodeling work at her beach house and not a dime to any MeToo charities. Face it. WE WERE ALL BAMBOOZLED.

  • Hnx
    Hnx 3 months ago

    Can anyone link to part 2 of this video..I wanted to see his take on Kavanuagh's testimony

  • Blue Man
    Blue Man 3 months ago

    4:55 love that! She is a psychologist, man.

  • My Lord
    My Lord 3 months ago

    This Dr Ford, just the fact she did get a degree is behind me, but thank God, she...is limited to what other species, anyways I know for a fact just as Stephen lashes out yet again for the first time ever of this accusation of misrepresentation its just being more defined as in submissive as the fake laughs in his audience.. So boring is this show as rating all time high for a falsified transgender being almost raped at a time and place consistent as the humor in trying to Actual take any of this serious. Just putting it out there...what's all this costing Americans, I can estimate time wasted, and 1.6. Million dollars US.C

  • Ginger R
    Ginger R 4 months ago


  • Mo Bobb
    Mo Bobb 4 months ago +1

    I didnt need to even hear her gut wrenching testimony to know that Kavanaugh was guilty of everything she said.
    SHES A DOCTOR and that was enough for me.
    Can I please have more of that Koolaid now ?

  • Ello, my name is Simon and I like to do drawings

    a bunch of self hating white guilt cucks up in here

  • Hezekiah Filipo
    Hezekiah Filipo 4 months ago

    Isn't he justice now?

  • Darth Pepe
    Darth Pepe 4 months ago +1

    Guess what, one of the accusers just came forward and admitted it was all made up. I have three words for you.. “WRAP UP SMEAR”!! Check out that video and think about it for awhile.. I know that’s hard for you leftist but for the sake of all of.. at least try!

      NICE DAWG 4 months ago +1

      Yea it is already known what the deal is people are still saying they believe Ford ...Her family is well connected to the C I A..

    • little silver
      little silver 4 months ago +1

      Not only that The senator just blew the doors of Lying Dr ford and The lying Dumbass Democrats with the federal investigation they all came forward and said the whole thing was a scam ,crying and i just made it up i wanted to be a part of what was going on,so you put a man and his family in Jeopardy from loosing his entire career and everything he worked for in his life because you wanted to be apart of what was going on. You selfish worthless pieces of shit now there being charged with falsification of testimony ,lying under oath, its not over hes going after the democrats now there all going to be charged, they all need lawyers .

  • Helene Henderson
    Helene Henderson 4 months ago

    Best. Randy. Rainbow. Video. EVER!

  • John Miller
    John Miller 4 months ago

    I believe it was a well orchestrated con job plain and simple. And that baby voice she used was part of the act so get sympathy. Also those senators all thanking her for coming forward was shameless. I would have said well the truth is this could be a total fabrication so i'm going to hold off on honoring you for coming forward until we found out what if anything happened. Actually we did not find anything out except the only thing she remembers about the whole story was Brett Kavanaugh or at least that what she says. You see she says I remember nothing except it was Kavanaugh who lied on top of me and Kavanaugh says it did not happen and nobody else said it happened.

    • little silver
      little silver 4 months ago

      The witnesses just admitted the whole thing was made up,there all going to be charged now with serious consequences here.

  • saggy nuts
    saggy nuts 4 months ago

    3:48 if that honestly made you laugh please sort your life out

  • Blu Dude
    Blu Dude 4 months ago

    So ya threw plenty of insults and dodged plenty of points, but ummmmm… Evidence? Any? Or did you really just waste ten minutes of my life?

  • White Knight
    White Knight 4 months ago

    She lied and got money for it

  • Matt Morehouse
    Matt Morehouse 4 months ago

    Remember kids, accused= guilty. No need for evidence or witnesses, if some one concocts a plausible sounding story, well we can convict in court. No not an actual court case, but in the highest court in the land. The court of public opinion. Where emotions and politics combine to give us an unvarnished look at the highly biased truth. Cause we all "know" no one would ever lie about sexual assault. What evidence do we have of this? None, just like Dr Ford's accusations. But, like the Christian conservatives, we have our faith to guide us. Given to us by the multifaceted dictates of patriarchy theory, we know that Ford is telling the truth!

  • neilburg
    neilburg 4 months ago

    you people believed this hahaha. u got washed brains huh.

  • Bruno
    Bruno 4 months ago

    Dr Ford is a complete nutter & liar, Stephen Colbert is another fake news puppet.

  • who dat boy?
    who dat boy? 4 months ago


  • tablet twist
    tablet twist 4 months ago

    So not funny. Trivializing a serious issue like this. This guy is an effing idiot.

  • bjornagain2020
    bjornagain2020 4 months ago

    This man is not funny.

  • gam mal
    gam mal 4 months ago

    Disgusting how cunts support punishing the innocent. Im surprised they didnt love christianity.

  • Wesly ACNL
    Wesly ACNL 4 months ago

    Colbert sucks

  • MrBrational
    MrBrational 5 months ago +2

    What's Colbert's opinion on that terrible vocal fry bimbo voice she used in her testimony?

  • Pal stoddard
    Pal stoddard 5 months ago +1

    Gave up being funny cause really you are a one act wonder. Cancel this guy and put on a comic not a propagandas.

  • synthgod808
    synthgod808 5 months ago

    People need to know definitively what happened and judge for themselves. I’m putting together a comprehensive video that compiles all the information out there so people can see what this is doing to the country, how it’s impacting the coming election and how this damages the credibility of women who have been assaulted. Also the effect and aftermath of his appointment to the Supreme Court as well as how people are reacting to it. This case is practically the deciding factor for a lot of people in the upcoming election. I want to put this together in time for that so people can make an accurate assessment of this case and vote the right way. This election will have a major impact on our country. Go here to help gofundme.com/kavanaughblasey-ford-fund

  • Ameri Color
    Ameri Color 5 months ago +2

    Dr. Blasey (as she calls herself) is also a Pychology Professor at Standford University Medical Center. I've read several of her Clinical Studies papers on Stanford's website. It's obvious that Dr. Blasey is a high-intelligent, self-assured professional. She rarely uses words with less than 5 syllables. Then there's the hearing's star witness - who could barely utter "I don' know. Can I have a cookie?"
    Skimming the synopsis of each of her 60-odd clinical studies (think of these as highly-detailed scientific projects that involved studying and treating live patients), we learn her team had analyzed and treated Sexual Identity cases and victims of Sexual Abuse. Dr. Blasey likely worked with so many victims, she could imitate them in her sleep.
    Her team handled mainly Chronic Depression cases. As treatment, they taught their patients Yoga - and SELF-HYPNOSIS. Did you notice how "spacey" Blasey Ford appeared at the hearing? What would you bet she self-hypnotized HERSELF into playing the role of a pathetic little waif. Under self-hypnosis, she could breeze through a Lie Detector session - because her hypnotized self would BELIEVE the story.
    Read her work for yourself: stanford.academia.edu/Departments/PGSP_Stanford_Consortium/Documents?page=3
    Here's a title you'll never forget: "Meditation with yoga, group therapy with hypnosis, and psycho-education for long-term depressed mood"

  • R  C Nelson
    R C Nelson 5 months ago

    If Cold Bear said so, it must be so.

  • babibump
    babibump 5 months ago +1

    Dr Fraudis now a million dollar richer. She can have thousands of front doors for her new home.

  • Suzy Siviter
    Suzy Siviter 5 months ago +4

    "Hey I am Colbert!, and I indoctrinate morons!, I don't even believe anything I say; but they all just come begging to me wanting to be spoon fed my warm Diarrhoea every night!, my globalist masters are so happy I am helping to divide the nation!".

    PIZZAMAN 5 months ago

    Why hire the FBI when Colbert already knows the truth 🤔

  • Danny
    Danny 5 months ago +1

    She was a to total Fraud

  • Joe blo
    Joe blo 5 months ago

    these so called "victims" should be investigated.. why not.?? lets get the truth....nobody is saying to not listen to victims who speak out.. we should listen and FIND OUT if its real or false... the victim could be a great "actor" with an agenda... OR they were victims.. but after listening to ALL the info related to this, she is a liar and or a pawn for the DEMON RATS!!ps.. cobert is a cock sucker...

  • tier1solutions28
    tier1solutions28 5 months ago

    Doesn't matter. You destroyed him, right Colbert? Sleaze.

  • tier1solutions28
    tier1solutions28 5 months ago +3

    Colbert is a walking con job

  • patrick
    patrick 5 months ago

    Attempting jokes about a HOAX. Joking "innocent until proven guilty.' Joking about an attempt to smear a
    US Federal Judge by an obviously troubled, coached and rehearsed women. Stephen Colbert is very sad and shameful.

  • Crypto Claus
    Crypto Claus 5 months ago +1

    Well here we are two weeks later and this title is incorrect. Sorry wishful thinking didn't generate some facts or convince Dr. Ford's four friends to lie for her. By the way, she flies more often than most of us Americans even with her fear of flying. That was a bullshit excuse to buy coaching time from her attorneys.

  • Alabama Mothman
    Alabama Mothman 5 months ago +1

    BS, she sure as hell conned the democrats.

  • William Gorczyca
    William Gorczyca 5 months ago

    It was Laurel damn it

  • SteverRob
    SteverRob 5 months ago

    Kinda sad when bitterness is disguised as comedy.

  • Babaganouche
    Babaganouche 5 months ago +2

    Colbert is a P.O.S.

  • Aykut Ucar
    Aykut Ucar 5 months ago

    Sorry but I quit watching colbert when he went off on star wars fans being full of shit. He really showed his true colors.

  • goldcrown7
    goldcrown7 5 months ago

    And the reason she asked about the poly gram was performed on the day of the funeral is because that test should not be administered on such an emotional day,!

  • goldcrown7
    goldcrown7 5 months ago

    She has no basic memory functions! She’s either sick or ruthless. Check out what her boyfriend of 6 yrs.

  • Han David
    Han David 5 months ago

    You have to be deemed innocent until you are proven guilty. You cannot base whether or not someone has sexually assaulted someone on basis of one person's words. Women's lives do matter but principles matter as well. This is not about women's lives. This is a matter of principle. If accusing someone of doing something from 30 years ago is all it takes to make someone into a rapist that is a sign that the judicial system is flawed. When we are talking about the lives of two people facts matter not feelings. It does not matter who you feel sympathetic towards. Facts matter. Evidence matters. I do not know if Dr.Ford was telling the truth. I do not know if Kavannaugh was telling the truth. It would take arrogance for someone to state definitively that Dr.Ford was sexually assaulted with the amount of evidence that was provided. We are not omniscient. Accusing does not mean that the accusation is necessarily true. That is the basis of our justice system. To make sure anything of this sort does not happen again, women need to know that if they have been raped or sexually assaulted, it is essential that they report to the police right there and then. If you wait the law cannot protect you. For any other case, a person is innocent until proven guilty. For some reason our society currently seems to believe that it is justified to deem that a person is guilty without a proper investigation and without actual evidence for any sexual assault or rape cases. I do not understand why this is. Would it be okay to accuse someone of murdering someone 30 years ago? Can you assume that the accused is a murderer based on one person's word? Can we definitively say that the accused is a murder based on one accuser's word? Are we willing to do that. Because from the way we are handling Dr Ford's case, it seems like we are and it is wrong.

  • Izaak Bookwalter
    Izaak Bookwalter 5 months ago

    Yeah, you go Ford! Just like Mayella Ewell! Rape accusations are never false or have subliminal motivations! Hang Kavanaugh, just like that rapist Tom Robinson!

  • moto bazuka
    moto bazuka 5 months ago

    Does anyone here actually listen to anything outside their own echo chamber?

  • J Bell
    J Bell 5 months ago

    This segment is full of lies, Steve. But you know that

  • whodat
    whodat 5 months ago

    If you believe Ford, you probably believe Hellary's "we were dodging sniper bullets as we got of the plane ." story ! LOL....It just proves a woman cannot tell a lie !!! 😂

  • Rollan Hall
    Rollan Hall 5 months ago

    Great claims, sounds fabulous....not one shred of evidence, bad memory on particulars, and just remembered right at the same time libs want to bring down a man to stall for a Nov. vote.......yeah, real believable......NOT!

  • fred dodge
    fred dodge 5 months ago

    Yes it was......suckers

  • Wilbert Robichaud
    Wilbert Robichaud 5 months ago

    She lied under oath!

  • Frank West
    Frank West 5 months ago +4

    Remember when Colbert was actually funny and accurate? Remember when democrats weren't completely emotionally charged and hugely biased with identity politics? Good times.

  • Hanvin Gavnah
    Hanvin Gavnah 5 months ago

    Ford's a liar. Hillary lost, get over it.

  • selrod55
    selrod55 5 months ago

    It was Stephen Colbert wearing a Kavenaugh mask!!!!!

  • Linda Bowman
    Linda Bowman 5 months ago

    heartbreaking???? she was enjoying all the attention, what hearing were you watching????! and did l hear right this came out at a therapy session undertaken after she was found to be committing adultery??? and he husband believed her?? weird, who commits adultery because they think they've been assaulted???!!

  • Patrick Modell
    Patrick Modell 5 months ago

    Dr Ford Dingleberry....straight outta of the Lefts playbook...if ya cant beat them....accuse them

  • Straight8S
    Straight8S 5 months ago

    Yes, it was a con job.

  • The Omega Man
    The Omega Man 5 months ago

    Ford made over $700,000 in cash and a book deal and a tv movie.
    She sure is making bank for a statement with no evidence.

  • E IO
    E IO 5 months ago

    Democrats choose to forget about bill clinton and how they defended him despite the ACTUAL evidence. I can't believe I need to remind anyone of this.

  • ddog 1955
    ddog 1955 5 months ago

    To me, whether Kavanaugh is guilty or not is no longer the issue. His unhinged childish responses and clear political bias should be enough to demonstrate he is not qualified to even be a judge let alone sit on the Supreme Court. How can anyone watch his behavior and still view him as an even tempered level headed professional? I have been a part of job interviews for teachers and wouldn't have hired him even for that position just based on his temperament and belligerent attitude toward his interviewers. Shameful.

    • ddog 1955
      ddog 1955 4 months ago

      +Michael Bowman Well no we didn't interview anyone that had rape accusations against them because they wouldn't have been even given a fucking interview jackass. There are too many other candidates to chose from without taking the chance with someone with this hanging over their head when dealing with children. Go fuck yourself!

    • Michael Bowman
      Michael Bowman 4 months ago

      *_"I have been a part of job interviews for teachers..."_*
      When you were interviewing teachers, were there weeks and _weeks_ of non-stop RAPE accusations and DEATH THREATS involved?
      If _not,_ then NO ONE _CARES_ about _your_ opinion of *JUSTICE* Kavanaughs "behavior" _after_ having endured RAPE accusations and DEATH THREATS, _faggot._

  • Moxiegirl
    Moxiegirl 5 months ago

    Says you ... a fellow activist and actor

  • Shawn
    Shawn 5 months ago

    4:53 oh shit a woman using her brain and science of how the brain works to DESTROY republicunts who hate women and hate how victims have the audacity to want justice!

  • rxjimen
    rxjimen 5 months ago

    this pathetic liar from california thought she could use the #metoo policies: they say you are guilty, you are guilty. The 5th amendment, a gift from the founding fathers, does not apply anymore. They turned this country into a country of terror. Their Gestapo tactics have no room in a civilized society. It is in the eyes of the beholder, they say you did it, that's it for you. It has to come to an end. She fabricated the entire story probably cause kavanaugh dumped her some long time ago and now, she could see the guy making it to success and she simply wanted to get even, after 37 years a therapist could not move on. She is a lifetime failure but we must not allow the #metoo terrorist movement to have the right to choose who is going to be allowed to be a judge or anything. Those terrorists will have to abandon the Gestapo tactics once and for all.

  • Turkleton1991
    Turkleton1991 5 months ago

    Stephen Colbert raped my cousin last year.

  • Sanidhya Satpathy
    Sanidhya Satpathy 5 months ago

    4.54. Colbert. Maybe you didn't see that through. It's just an intelligent way of saying that she has forgotten about the minute details of this incident. Whether her testimony stands true or not that is left for the legal process to explore. And not to mention a letter that clearly tells how she knew the polygraph while clearly denying it in the testimony.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 5 months ago

    Isn't he a comedian? I assume he's joking.

  • Philip J Fry
    Philip J Fry 5 months ago

    The crowd laughs at a female judge... guess they're all sexist.

  • berges104
    berges104 5 months ago

    Female doesn't remember much. I know real surviors, they remember almost EVERYTHING. Where, when, who was their, ect ect. Ford knew only it was Brett. Missed on her witnesses

  • Jack of all trades
    Jack of all trades 5 months ago

    stop making fun of trump

  • Agent Of Vengeance
    Agent Of Vengeance 5 months ago

    Stephen Colbert is such an idiot. The FBI would do the same thing as the committee. He doesn't even listen to the hearing, he just picks the bits that he disagrees with and makes a few stupid jokes on it. Pathetic.

  • Dill Mann
    Dill Mann 5 months ago

    I dont get Colbert- I mean he just sucks- all he has is anti Trump! I mean he is not funny in anything else????

  • Dill Mann
    Dill Mann 5 months ago

    More and more info coming out that she conned everyone.....She is bat shit crazy as per her two past boyfriends- well she is a democrat

  • Deirdre Ward
    Deirdre Ward 5 months ago +1

    Just not funny anymore

  • NS
    NS 5 months ago

    Stephen Colbert another Hollywood puppet. Alyssa Milano and Matt Damon will soon be staring in the movie about Christine Fords life with amnesia. It will be called "My Indelible Hippocampus"

  • abod kalaf
    abod kalaf 5 months ago

    lindsy lohan should be ashemd that she shares afirst name with this disgusting lowlife senator

  • Jeremy Sparks
    Jeremy Sparks 5 months ago

    Why are you so quiet Stephen, you haven't posted any new highlights of your cancer show since Kavanaugh got appointed?

  • MrCallidus
    MrCallidus 5 months ago +1

    And there you have it, ladies and gents. Despite the frenzied huffing and puffing of the left, and their intergalactic effort to destroy the man's life with not a shred of compelling evidence, Brett Kavanaugh has now been confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America. Magna est veritas et prævalebit - "great is the truth, and it shall prevail".

  • Margaret Phillips
    Margaret Phillips 5 months ago

    Regardless of what you think about Ford's testimony, Kavanaugh's reaction says it all. He's a liar and a his behavior is that of an entitled infant. He is also unqualified. Put simply, people who have nothing to hide don't try to avoid an FBI inquiry. An innocent person will seek to clear their name. He's guilty as hell. I don't feel sorry for him or any of the other rapists out there who like to think of themselves as victims.

  • A L
    A L 5 months ago

    Starting Tuesday you beta cucks will have a new SC justice, his name is Brett. You will get over it and like it. You don't have a choice. Adults with reason have the power, not the kids.

  • ColesCase
    ColesCase 5 months ago

    Uh oh this video aged horribly. These hosts really don't know shit

  • Huge Mongus
    Huge Mongus 5 months ago

    Her own best friend said she was lying...So only believe some women?

  • Martyn R
    Martyn R 5 months ago

    McCarthyism has returned to America, but instead of communists its accusations of being a sexual predator.
    If he was guilty of sexual assault the then have him tried by his peers, but dont hide behind "giving evidence" at a judicial hearing where the accused has no right to cross examine.

  • Joseph Hinshaw
    Joseph Hinshaw 5 months ago

    This whole fiasco was a disgrace to true victims of sexual assault. If you were truly sexually assaulted you would take it to the police or the FBI, you wouldn't take it to politics. Political parties are stupid, especially democrats

  • keisham michael
    keisham michael 5 months ago

    I feel sorry for the audience who is listening and clapping.I guess all are lefty liberal who wouldn't believe in facts.

  • Rpg Gamer
    Rpg Gamer 5 months ago

    If you're a husband with two kids and a reputation you worked for decades to achieve is suddenly threatened by one womans accusations when you know their not true. I'm sure anyone would be visibly pissed off. Oh and I'm sure it's not a coincidence that's she's a California Democrat that helped pay for an anti trump ad campaign. People who believe this woman are no different from the conforming sheep from animal farm. Four legs good two legs bad. Bahhhhhhh. He guilty she victim bahhhhhh.