How I Get Straight A's Without Studying

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • I didn’t have the best childhood. I guess it was my mom’s fault, she always criticised me and said “Why aren’t you smarter? Why aren’t you prettier? No guy will ever date a girl like you.”
    You can imagine how I grew up quite insecure. I avoided making friends because I thought no on liked me anyway. But that changed in 11th grade. I became friends with Lina, and she had a reputation of being a bad girl. We started going to parties together, and I felt like I finally belonged.
    There, I met this one guy called Milo. We had so much fun together that I decided to move out of my mom’s place and in with him. He was 4 years older than me, but he was just as much of a mess as I was. After I barely graduated from high school, we partied every single night. Sounds fun right? But it wasn’t really.
    I felt more and more like a loser, so I decided to enroll in college. It was quite expensive though, and I had to go on credit. But I hoped that being in debt would motivate me to finally start studying and get control of my life.
    But that wasn’t the case. I still didn’t study and got terrible grades on my exams.
    One day my professor asked me why I was struggling with his material, and I told him I had a problem sitting down and concentrating. He said I shouldn’t worry and that I could study right next to him.
    It sounded like a wonderful idea, so I agreed. And it worked for the first 2 weeks. But then I stopped showing up. My professor was very disappointed and told me “If you don’t start studying, you won’t pass your exam.”
    But I knew it was already too late and didn’t even try. I mean, I still took the exam, but it was a disaster. I only knew maybe 5% of the answers.
    After the exam, I went back to my professor. I said, “I completely messed it up! I’m so sorry. I really wanted to study, but I just didn’t know how-”
    He said “well, it’s too late now anyway.”
    Uh… I wanted to cry. But then I noticed that all the other students had already left. In a last attempt to persuade my professor to give me another chance, I sat with my big butt on his lap.
    He said “what are you doing?”
    And I said “I’m so sorry, but I can’t take it anymore. I have so much stress living at home and I just need someone to give me a hug.”
    I pressed myself against him. And I think he really felt bad for me. Because after I told him a bit more about my problems, he offered to let me move in with him.

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    IM calling FBI

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    Who all thought they had sex everyday

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    Milo is a name of milkshake in my country and the icon like *him*

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    As soon as she said the class was empty I started screaming "OH NONONONONONONONONONO"

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    Kid friendly much?

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    The was she said big butt made me puke

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    Wait it's not allowed at school I think

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    I really tought that I would LearningPlanet how to Get good graders but I didnt -_-

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    Accounting seems like an odd career to try to lie your way through.

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    Wait isn’t this illegal

    Or am I stupid

  • The magical Potato :3
    The magical Potato :3 13 hours ago

    Wouldn’t she be suspended
    Besides I get straight B’s and sometimes A’s without studying
    I’m just smart oop

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    That professor deserved better.

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    This might sound but idc..but i hope her thotty ass never succeeds anything in life

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    Why do people want to be so successful in a world that doesn't last forever?

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    I feel bad for the teacher. He sounds like he actually cares about his students and was used :/

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  • MikoyGaming
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    How to Get STRAIGHT A's

    turn off the wifi

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  • Xx0_tomboy_0xX- my vids are actually cringy

    Why every girl/boy in share my story all sound the same??

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    Title: how i get A+ without studying how it should be how i get f for not studying

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    How i get straight A's without studying
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    My mom always said to me that i am beautiful and have a handsome man marry me. And she said that if i dont get 1st in class or in the top 10 she will still be proud of me and if i didnt study she would be sort of angry but she would still make me laugh and tell me that next time i can do better❤

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    How to get a good grade without any long or a lot study

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    She’s a grade digger. I kinda blame the teacher because he didn’t realize that she only wants grades and when she was gonna tell that a red flag.update she also cheated on her bf for 2 years poor Mialo don’t know how to spell his name🤷🏻‍♂️

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