Yodeling Kid Mason Ramsey Performs at Coachella | TMZ

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • Yodeling kid Mason Ramsey just did the unimaginable ... he went from playing the Walmart aisle to performing for thousands -- including Justin Bieber -- at Coachella in less than a month.
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Comments • 7 334


    So if I go to whole foods and sing Eminem songs I'll become famous..

  • Franco Camil Arguijo
    Franco Camil Arguijo 7 hours ago

    Y el remix mi yodel

  • Pigs
    Pigs 8 hours ago

    I’m glad the crowd was cheering because no one heard the retched yodeling/terrible singing

  • Pigs
    Pigs 8 hours ago

    Yodeling retard

    • FrostFlakejr
      FrostFlakejr 3 hours ago

      Pigs I was joking

    • Pigs
      Pigs 4 hours ago

      FrostFlakejr what someone cannot put their favorite animals as a name and picture

    • FrostFlakejr
      FrostFlakejr 6 hours ago

      Pigs I don't know why you're saying that when your username is Pigs and your profile picture is a cat.

  • TOBG Show
    TOBG Show 10 hours ago

    But why? Why would you?

  • SonishBarghare
    SonishBarghare 12 hours ago

    I feel like he doesn’t know why he’s there

  • SonishBarghare
    SonishBarghare 13 hours ago

    I feel like he doesn’t know why he’s there

  • Deen *beep*
    Deen *beep* 18 hours ago


  • Skyzer's Arena
    Skyzer's Arena 20 hours ago

    Wow, this is a thing now. A new legend is born. I wish they introduce him amazingly.

    "Please welcome the yodelling kid from Walmart with sWeEt DAaAaAdy."

  • Morgan
    Morgan 22 hours ago

    legends only

  • Gta San Andreas
    Gta San Andreas Day ago

    Memes Of Brazil is Best

  • Daniel Son
    Daniel Son Day ago

    I don’t get it lol I cringe when I hear him sing

  • whitty man
    whitty man Day ago

    This racism in its purest form

  • SomeDude 2873
    SomeDude 2873 Day ago +2

    This meme went too far

  • arsen west
    arsen west 2 days ago +1

    He was the sensation of coachella people scream more for him than beyonce hahaha god bless him

  • root cow
    root cow 2 days ago

    se pasan de verga

  • Jada Castro
    Jada Castro 2 days ago

    Wow I would sound like a donkey he actually good damn

  • the random dude
    the random dude 2 days ago +1

    Ok I'm going to Walmart now

  • Ian Moline
    Ian Moline 2 days ago +1

    This is terrrrrrrrrrible.

  • multimaedel l
    multimaedel l 2 days ago +1

    his name is not yodeling kid? wow, didn't know he got another name

  • Justin Villalobos
    Justin Villalobos 2 days ago

    Didn't even sound good

  • Ritesh Koundal
    Ritesh Koundal 2 days ago +1

    Better than Justin

  • gaming D3sp41r
    gaming D3sp41r 2 days ago +1

    Why can I get this popular?

  • Lowprojects
    Lowprojects 2 days ago

    So f*cking stupid. Forced Facebook meme. And this is what it comes to. Smfh

  • Genaro Espinoza
    Genaro Espinoza 2 days ago

    Wow. People have lost it. We went from the Beatles to this chalk board scratching TERROR. Lord saves us all!

  • anthony esmaya
    anthony esmaya 2 days ago

    Its so cringy

  • Childish Mimi
    Childish Mimi 2 days ago +1

    I'm off to Walmart with a camera and my weird voice

  • Jorn Yorn
    Jorn Yorn 3 days ago

    Why do people go to see this?

  • Super Pig
    Super Pig 3 days ago

    Thoose fans are having to much fun i can not really hear him XDXDXD

  • Drew Hudson
    Drew Hudson 3 days ago

    So I guess I will be famous if I go to Walmart and sing twinkle twinkle little star?

  • Daniel Mcbride
    Daniel Mcbride 3 days ago

    I am officially fucking dead

  • Lacon Combs
    Lacon Combs 3 days ago

    Its literally the only song he can do.

  • SummerOfGeorge
    SummerOfGeorge 3 days ago

    dont wanna live on this planet anymore :D

  • Alvin Niel
    Alvin Niel 3 days ago

    Oh Lord I Thought I Would Cry!!

  • yeolona
    yeolona 3 days ago +1

    i saw his last name and now i'm wondering if he related to gordon but i'm just going to say no because i over think

  • The Dooars Boy
    The Dooars Boy 3 days ago

    At least.he doesn't lips sync like beiber

  • ItsAnEditingThing101

    This is a joke right? Please tell me he wasn’t really at Coachella....

  • Marcus Aldred
    Marcus Aldred 4 days ago

    "Started from Walmart and now I'm here"

  • Doge Girl
    Doge Girl 4 days ago

    Idadooo idadododo

  • • ADIDAS •
    • ADIDAS • 4 days ago


  • Aaliyah hadis
    Aaliyah hadis 4 days ago

    so people can be hype for a fucking meme and not tyler? wow

  • jason v
    jason v 4 days ago

    You could say the performance was ...RAW!!!

  • quita1569
    quita1569 4 days ago

    Yooooooo cockadoodadooo shawty!

  • Mr Minecraft
    Mr Minecraft 4 days ago

    And this Love all???????!

  • Abe Fromen
    Abe Fromen 4 days ago

    Can this kid go away now
    Yodeling sucks so much

  • Berend Dekker
    Berend Dekker 4 days ago

    This is so stupid

  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace 4 days ago

    All of you people complaining about this- TMZ makes money off your views and comments! You’re supporting the kid! And the reason why he performed at Coachella was a business move. It’s not because he’s talented. It’s because they knew the humor of it all would produce revenue. It’s 2018.... everything is about money.

  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace 4 days ago

    I wanna know how much money this kid is making off all the stuff he’s doing. I kinda feel bad for him because it kinda seems like his family is pressuring him... but at the same time I feel like he’s old enough to say no. I just hope he’s saving the money for when he’s an adult, and his family isn’t taking it away from him.

  • Mariana Souza
    Mariana Souza 4 days ago

    Gugu Gaitero internacional

  • Kwaii Tiffany Poland

    Why did people pay for this?

  • Jake Selig
    Jake Selig 4 days ago

    The Crowd Got The Most Hype For A Kid Who Got Famous For Performing In A Walmart Aisle What A World We Live In In The Year 2018.

  • Idoesblank
    Idoesblank 4 days ago

    He not even that good y he famous

  • Translate This
    Translate This 4 days ago

    If it's not in TVclip Rewind... I will blame my eyes for that.

  • Devvy
    Devvy 4 days ago


  • Alexia Lee
    Alexia Lee 4 days ago

    I think it’s cool. He’s not doing stupid stuff. He showing his talent.

  • Anjali Hembrom
    Anjali Hembrom 4 days ago

    yodelling sounds creepy

  • superchalupa
    superchalupa 4 days ago

    People disappoint me

  • WEIRDGUY 2134
    WEIRDGUY 2134 4 days ago

    He’s Popular

  • r o c k i
    r o c k i 4 days ago

    yes please

  • 222 kg
    222 kg 4 days ago

    В чем прикол? Он не попадает ни в одну ноту

  • Scott Playz
    Scott Playz 4 days ago

    He made it I swear he has made it Walmart gave him a 15,000 dollar for college and will preform at the great opry

  • • Crybaby •
    • Crybaby • 5 days ago

    Great job America. Putting a horrible singer at a freaking concert? Jesus.

  • Some 6 year old
    Some 6 year old 5 days ago

    When memes went to far...You get this

  • Living Dead Girl
    Living Dead Girl 5 days ago

    I’ve heard people say that the song he’s singing is inappropriate for him to sing? It’s Hank Williams! How is it inappropriate?

  • Ace Com4
    Ace Com4 5 days ago

    so this is what it comes down to in America ...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • My name is Chase
    My name is Chase 5 days ago

    You the man ur name should be lil yodel

  • Epic Tien
    Epic Tien 5 days ago +1

    This is blatant discrimination why didn’t PPAP get a performance in Coachella

  • ABZ 400
    ABZ 400 5 days ago

    The world is fucking going mental

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 5 days ago

    Why did they let this cancer cell perform ?

  • Josh Since
    Josh Since 5 days ago

    Society is so strange

  • Yvng Navy
    Yvng Navy 5 days ago

    can this kid get shot???????

  • BigEvilToast IDK
    BigEvilToast IDK 5 days ago +1


  • Anna x
    Anna x 5 days ago

    Kids like him I don’t even mind becoming famous, he actually has a talent and a brilliant voice. I’d rather see him go viral than one of them stupid musically kids who get attention from literally nothing.

    HIERARCHY 5 days ago

    How do you delete the internet?

  • U wOT maTe
    U wOT maTe 5 days ago

    What a fucking joke

  • Demi-Leigh Davies
    Demi-Leigh Davies 5 days ago

    This kid ows Walmart money mate😂

  • Sickdodo
    Sickdodo 5 days ago

    this kid is a meme. and as of 4-20-18 it’s already pretty much a dead meme now.

  • Sim on
    Sim on 5 days ago

    I come back later when i sung at Walmart

  • ProjectLifeCommand
    ProjectLifeCommand 5 days ago +1

    The song fits the crowd though, because it's about a girl that will screw everyone.

  • StarryWolf 21
    StarryWolf 21 5 days ago

    All he frickin' did was sing at wal-mart ... now this, well now we all know how to get famous XD

  • Baby Jimin
    Baby Jimin 5 days ago


  • Coconut Leaf Spine
    Coconut Leaf Spine 5 days ago

    He's not born, he's made in the Pixar studios

  • Herman Koteli
    Herman Koteli 5 days ago

    Wish I could time travel to see his grown up a$$

  • Keegan L
    Keegan L 5 days ago

    Is this really where we're at in the world

  • Kimchi Minchi
    Kimchi Minchi 5 days ago

    Just for singing in walmart

  • Annie music LOVER
    Annie music LOVER 5 days ago

    this is sad

  • Daniel Madden
    Daniel Madden 5 days ago

    Talent wise he n Kardie are on par, Kardie used to check out at Walmart. I think Walmart shoppers are just a bunch of Kardie clones. I must have seen her there a thousand times, Why do so many Walmart shoppers look like Kardie B.

  • Nathan Gasti
    Nathan Gasti 5 days ago

    HISTORY IN THE MAKING. First yodeller at Coachella

  • Suzy
    Suzy 5 days ago


  • Jana Kailani
    Jana Kailani 5 days ago

    honestly can you guys be more mature about this? hes just a kid and his yodeling is UH MAY ZING

  • Lord_Chil Chilangojr

    i hope he realized he's getting meme d

  • Yvonne Liu
    Yvonne Liu 6 days ago

    I have never seen an audience so white before 😂😂

  • Ethan
    Ethan 6 days ago

    So if I sing at Walmart I’ll be famous

    Or should I go to target

  • 2Pac Avalley
    2Pac Avalley 6 days ago

    seriously who pays for this garbage????

  • Blake M Hall
    Blake M Hall 6 days ago

    See when i was that loud in the store when i was his age i got yelled at, wish i was a little kid nowadays lol

  • Pepe The Toad
    Pepe The Toad 6 days ago +1

    Man last year it was the backpack kid this year it’s the yodeling kid

  • Khalid Mahadeen
    Khalid Mahadeen 6 days ago

    This is why I regret being in this generation

  • princess by dawn
    princess by dawn 6 days ago

    I can feel myself descending into hell

  • Zane Lowe
    Zane Lowe 6 days ago

    Pure legend right there