Hong Kong: Looking back at 100 days of protests - BBC News

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Hong Kong has been gripped by huge and at times violent protests since an extradition bill was proposed which would have made it possible for people in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China.
    The unrest has seen millions of people pressure the government to withdraw the bill and call for full democracy.
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  • Ms. Bunny Meadows
    Ms. Bunny Meadows 3 days ago

    Alleged police brutality? Cause I’m sure not even my American government has ever used the police as a buffer to trample on those they want to suppress or oppress. America needs to boycott China, Israel and any dictatorship. We need to join the EU and get every other democratic nation in the world to do the same. We will find a way to survive without needing to trade with any oppressive regime!

    ChinaHKTW UNITY 5 days ago

    You failed to even mention that months earlier, Jimmy Lai Chee Ying who used to own Apple Daily, met with top US officials in USA in April this year, also Martin Lee Chu Ming met with top US officials, also Anson Chan met with top US officials as well. You even failed to even mention this, why???? What was the purpose of those visits months before the June riots???

  • 123RR1 Quxi
    123RR1 Quxi 7 days ago

    Disgusting BBC news always hide those criminals crime ,emphasized to show how police officers were violence . That girl’s eye was not shot by police . Until now it hasn’t still no evidence . You never mentioned the hospital report which proved not the the bullet from police. And there were more 30 normal Hongkong old individuals and women were attacked and beat by those criminals you never show those videos. I shame on you. Hope you UK has more Scotland to be independent ,more rioters and protesters walk on the street!

  • Vivienne
    Vivienne 9 days ago +1

    You means the protestors destroyed the Metro and stores peacefully?

    • norton wayne
      norton wayne 4 days ago

      That's exactly what the law is Vivienne - the making up of a definition. Reality is that they can't arrest everyone.

  • Geo H
    Geo H 13 days ago

    And zero death.

  • Rasscal
    Rasscal 13 days ago

    BBC.. the protestors are anything but peaceful. They are violent hooligans

  • Susan Ananda
    Susan Ananda 17 days ago +1

    BBC is a British Propaganda Channel. French Resistance fighters listened to BBC during WW2!

  • Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN

    Hong Kong should have the right to become a free independent nation of itself and the free world should help defend them. Hong Kong citizen have done so much for the world and it is time for free countries to help them to become free.
    China is nothing more then a bully to them.

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 18 days ago

      Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN The scary face of the so called 'democracy' the protesters are seeking tvclip.biz/video/Bk4P1oeItOA/video.html

  • Otto den otter Den otter

    Gooood job 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Vasili ngo
    Vasili ngo 20 days ago

    Very bad.chinese please dont fight each other

  • C Chan
    C Chan 20 days ago

    Recently, some BBC reporters have found that there are some pro-communists, and unlike the past, they have a neutral attitude and are disappointing. For example: Today's Hong Kong News The scene of this performance. He did not mention the past events that occurred in 721-831(July21-August31)and got today's results. Everything has a cause and effect.
    The Hong-Kong (HK)government Carrie Lam hired triads, rogues and mercenaries from China working with police teams, they were mix inside protesters creating violence, chasing using excessive weapons pushing HK citizen and protesters inside the railway station(trapping them in MTR. Stopping reporters and the rescue team going into the station) beating on their heads, spray and shooting tear gas in to their face, murdering them. The truth and the fact what were happening on Saturday 31-8-2019 of Prince station with daily basic of CCTV (closed-circuit television) records be hidden and concealing the truth done by HK MTR and local hospital under the command of the police, also an artificial make more violent by putting up fire. The youngest protesters and HK citizen would like to resolve and have justice, of the reason of that station destroyed and made it closed and trapped by the police. The five demands need to be met immediately, which are to withdraw the bill, for the leader Carrie Lam to step down, an enquiry to police brutality, for those who have been incorrectly arrested to be released and greater democratic freedoms. All need to be met and not just one.光復香港 時代革命 五大訴求 缺一不可 還回香港自由 民主 人權 和平 必須以和理非態度 求人不如求己 懂得(有)爭取才有希望 香港人加油 加油 海外僑胞支持您們 保護好自己和身邊的人 加油加油

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 18 days ago

      C Chan The police are preventing these scenes happening in HK by your thugs.

  • Tunde Ademola
    Tunde Ademola 20 days ago

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    JONATHAN LIM 20 days ago +3

    断章取义的新闻. I used to believe BBC news had a high standard in reporting real news. But not anymore. Your hundred days of hong kong protest is very misleading from the photos and tag lines. Especially on the lady who had her eye shot. Firstly she was not in the train station and she mysteriously disappeared for more than a month after the incident. Even the Hong Kong police are still asking her to come forward to make a police report on her injury. But many one sided news companies had use this to flame the Hong Kong police. I only hope that BBC will be more neutral when reporting about the Hong Kong Protests.

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 16 days ago

      JONATHAN LIM m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158154785518676&id=546428675

      JONATHAN LIM 18 days ago

      @Edin Watson totally agreed with you....we just share those reports that are non biased.

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 18 days ago +1

      JONATHAN LIM These lies must be exposed especially the MTR fake deaths. Their lies are absolutely pathetic to the point of being comical. The pan dem has nothing more to keep this madness going apart from their lies which is fueling this protest. Wake up Hong Kong. Enough is enough of being used and abused by the disgusting pan dem party.

      JONATHAN LIM 18 days ago

      @Edin Watson the whole world is waiting for the female protestor to come out to let the truth out. However her reaction to this incident only has one word covering the whole issue....Lie, Lie, Lie and more lie about what actually happened.

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 18 days ago +1

      JONATHAN LIM The one eye call was shot in the eye by fellow rioter by a sling shot. The medical report will vindicate the police, that's why she went to court to stop the report being released.

  • David A
    David A 20 days ago +1

    Once intellugent people have prospered under and enjoyed freedom they are not likely to cave in to a tyrannical, feudalist , brutal, corrupt regime from beijing

  • EMania2012
    EMania2012 21 day ago

    Why didn’t you show the HKG police disguising as protestors and orchestrating the chaos? Unfortunately, the HKG police worked in glove with the thugs to attack civilians deliberately.
    What kind of police is that if not terrorist? #hkpolicebrutality

  • Wendelues Cliton
    Wendelues Cliton 21 day ago


  • Oladipo S. Victor
    Oladipo S. Victor 21 day ago +1

    Some of us Africans, watching this Netflix show 🥴 in Hong Kong knows the ramifications of this riot and propaganda behind, the western world are using all measure to cripple China and other Asian countries.. It has happened in Africa thousands of years ago and even in recent times..
    and many more scam theories ☺️
    Those devils don’t like competition..

    • David A
      David A 20 days ago

      Your confusion between thousands of years and hundreds of years is the least of your defective thinking;)
      Once intelligent people have prospered under and enjoyed freedom they are not likely to cave in to a tyrannical, feudalist , brutal, corrupt regime from beijing..

  • A G
    A G 21 day ago +1

    Just a bunch of self hating Asians who can't get enough of colonialism. BBC likes that

  • JL Penn
    JL Penn 21 day ago

    congress and media only report on their favored SINGLE side voice. and nevr on voice of people.
    watch this (dude actually went to HK and interviewed and spent a day with a texi driver) : tvclip.biz/video/mn5iHSx5YqA/video.html

  • Edin Watson
    Edin Watson 21 day ago +1

    National Endowment for Democracy a front for the CIA should be named as National Endowment for Destabilization. Karma for the american soon. Cowards using kids to do your dirty work.

  • ys Mr
    ys Mr 21 day ago

    Pictures that the Western media will not report

  • Amanda Anderson
    Amanda Anderson 21 day ago

    Police brutalize peaceful protesters then expect everyone to shrug it off? If ypu hit you get hit back.

  • simi simi
    simi simi 21 day ago +1

    Propaganda. Propaganda everywhere. I hope people use their brain to do proper research before being brainwashed by media

  • Knowledge+TH
    Knowledge+TH 21 day ago


    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 21 day ago

      Knowledge+TH This video the west will NEVER show it to the western audience and also, see how the HK fake press just watch on.

  • Lodemé Carp
    Lodemé Carp 21 day ago


  • Lodemé Carp
    Lodemé Carp 21 day ago +4

    Stay strong Hongkong. Dont forget to pray.

    • Tunde Ademola
      Tunde Ademola 20 days ago

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  • Lodemé Carp
    Lodemé Carp 21 day ago


  • Lee Kh
    Lee Kh 21 day ago

    All these because of the bad Vietnamese blood idiots Joshua, Agnes, Denise and others whose origin can be traced back to Vietnam. They're backed by the gang of four Emily, Jeremy, Jimmy, Anson for their initial agenda to remove the extradition law. They have destroyed HK peace and HK economy and people's family too are destroyed and soon their businesses, shops and soon alot of jobs will be lost.
    These terrorist must be arrested and jailed for the betterment of HK future.

  • Sabdo Palon
    Sabdo Palon 22 days ago +24

    police brutality?? i think the protesters are brutal.d@mn so biased. look at the usa police more brutal than this

    • KiKi-cchi
      KiKi-cchi 21 day ago +1

      That is quite true. It's a normal thing for western media to be so biased against China though.

  • C Q
    C Q 22 days ago +26

    Not a single death. Anyone still believes the government is 'evil'?

    • Hao Cai
      Hao Cai 15 days ago

      Yes, they can

    • C Q
      C Q 16 days ago

      @random sonic i suggest you go back to school and continue your study in English, probably history (taught by a neutral teacher) and critical thinking (if such class is available). You still have such a long life ahead, and you shouldn't walk the journey blinded.

    • random sonic
      random sonic 17 days ago +1

      @C Q they're over the repressive Chinese government, they're fighting for their freedom which has slowly been taken from them, do you need to know any more

    • C Q
      C Q 17 days ago

      @random sonic lol how do you know I dun know? I just dun get y there are people always thinking they know everything. Hilarious.

    • C Q
      C Q 17 days ago

      @Amanda Anderson hold on. You do not know how well the Chinese people know about the history. You cannot say this on behalf of the citizens. And, to be honest, you really need to do a more diligent research about 89, instead of just taking whatever "others" tell you. Plus, if we follow your logic, any government that is completely guilt free? Tell me one, not US I hope lol. Chinese government is the only one that is capable to take Billions out of poverty. Economics data doesn't lie.

  • peter wong
    peter wong 22 days ago +4

    obviously, Hong Kongers' right of speech, deomonstration and freedom to form and join trade unions, and to strike are prohibited or ban by the govenment/Beijing!

  • nel c
    nel c 22 days ago +2

    100 days still don’t open fire, waste time waste effort waste energy

  • H T
    H T 22 days ago +3

    What a sad state of affair, the rioters are being used by the West against China and they don't even know it. These young rioters were obviously indoctrinated in school - they never studied history, never learned where they came from, and never learned the contributions of their ancestors to HK and China. The HK youth of today thinks that white people and the west are far superior than them, truly such an embarrassment. What could be worse than Hating your own culture, skin color, and core beliefs.

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 21 day ago

      Amanda Anderson USA. American. The disgusting National Endowment for Democracy. A front for the CIA.

    • Amanda Anderson
      Amanda Anderson 21 day ago +1

      Used by the West. Nice excuse. Which West? Because there is Western Asia, Western Europe, Western Americas, Western Russia, even a Western China.
      Hong Kong deserves to be free like all people deserve to be free. Only slaves think otherwise.

  • Phong Van
    Phong Van 22 days ago

    👏👏👏. Dont speak! Lets action HK Youngers,

  • R M
    R M 22 days ago

    Why UK 🇬🇧 is not saying or taking any action against this matter? Soft...
    Not everything is United States🇺🇸or Australia 🇦🇺or Japan’s 🇯🇵 job in Asia-Pacific region. We are witnessing free speech and democracy are losing in 2019.
    So sad...

  • Kamini Tripathi
    Kamini Tripathi 23 days ago

    Hong is a old part of India

  • Kamini Tripathi
    Kamini Tripathi 23 days ago +2

    India stands with free Hong Kong

    • Priyanshu Kumar
      Priyanshu Kumar 20 days ago

      @warnpassion China is intervening in kashmir.

    • Oladipo S. Victor
      Oladipo S. Victor 21 day ago +1

      warnpassion don’t mind that prick.. another brain washed Asian

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 21 day ago

      I love Pakistan. Love from HK.

    • warnpassion
      warnpassion 22 days ago +4

      Kamini Tripathi I’m an Indian but I’m going to take the neutral side. Going by the logic that we want Kashmir to be an integral part of India, I agree that Hong Kong should also be a part of mainland China. ‘Practice what you preach.’ Besides, SAR Hong Kong is an internal matter of China and we have no business poking our noses there, just how we don’t want any third party country poking their noses in Jammu & Kashmir.

  • Y L
    Y L 23 days ago

    Freedom Scotland. Freedom Muslim community in U. K., we support your freedom and independent. No more crucial crack down and oppress from U. K government!!!!

  • Leo Dantes
    Leo Dantes 23 days ago

    Yes! The Resistance! Days of disquiet, nights of rage! Down with the evil forced organs harvesters murderers to the millions China Communist Party Dictatorship!

  • cyka blyat
    cyka blyat 23 days ago

    Stupid trump its been 3 months and you US still not taking any actions to help us against ccp. Fuk you stupid US

  • George Kwong
    George Kwong 23 days ago

    Hong Kong is a blessed place, the most free place,
    People are free to enter and exit,
    Funds are free to enter and exit,
    Business can be freely traded,
    Renminbi, foreign currency can be freely circulated,
    What financial products are available, all can be freely traded, and what financial products are spurred by the enthusiasm of the dream is developed, the double exhibition is small, and the financial thugs are tempting.
    Hong Kong is a spy paradise, which is the great value of Hong Kong.
    Hong Kong's wealth is a financing center.
    Hong Kong is an interest group (black and white), and property hegemony has plundered huge wealth.
    Hong Kong's surplus value, who loves, Hong Kong's status, rock-solid, worthless, what are you worried about? ?
    Nowadays, there is wine now drunk!

  • Lawrence Chew
    Lawrence Chew 23 days ago

    Peaceful protests and police arrests are fine but please, no vandalism and violence - and equally, no police brutality! All must act with good faith and within the law!

  • Zhi
    Zhi 23 days ago

    “These violent delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder.

  • Mr Havisham
    Mr Havisham 23 days ago +5

    The miniature image of this video is pure propaganda. How can anyone believe this?

  • Youguan Hen
    Youguan Hen 24 days ago +2

    The girl whose eye got shot by her fellow rioters was paid 500 million to frame the police.

    • Linnea the Prayer
      Linnea the Prayer 23 days ago +2

      The HK protests are not about democracy because there is a silent majority which disagrees with the protestors.
      They dont care about what other people want and are entitled and selfish.
      And the people here posting against China are communist hating patriots who are so dumb they dont even realise its not one

    • Jason
      Jason 23 days ago

      @Youguan Hen That's not a source. Don't you have some article where these claims are made?

    • Youguan Hen
      Youguan Hen 23 days ago

      @Jason She refused to file a case for the eye shot. Also she refused to reveal her medical report to the public. The ammo the doctor got out of her matched those used by the rioters. There are people analyzed the case and there is no way the police could shoot her in the eye based on the position they stood. I don't see why she refused to reveal the medical report of she can prove that the police shot her. She has no evidence at all to prove the police shot her in the eye, instead she has been trying hard to hide all information about her treatments.

    • Jason
      Jason 24 days ago

      You got a sauce on that?

  • Edward Snowden
    Edward Snowden 24 days ago

    World waR three in the comment section.

  • Paul Henry Newtman
    Paul Henry Newtman 24 days ago +2

    2 million? really? did you count that or are you just making it up?

    • ku yong
      ku yong 21 day ago

      @Carly Lau funny , hongkong is a narrow city and its easy to calculates the quantity of protester,dont try to cheat

    • Paul Henry Newtman
      Paul Henry Newtman 22 days ago

      @Carly Lau who says its true and based on what? It is a number that the british inflate on purpose

  • Ego demon
    Ego demon 24 days ago

    Hope that HK will free itself from Chinese authoritarian government.

  • Paulo Costa Machado
    Paulo Costa Machado 24 days ago

    American flags???

  • 马相鹏
    马相鹏 24 days ago +1


  • KSL SK
    KSL SK 24 days ago +3

    I used to love BBC until now, when BBC does not show any footage on rioters beating up police, elderly, women, young and old, basically anyone who voiced disagreements at their violent behaviour. Those rioters have systematically set fire on busy streets and MTR stations, vandalize public and private properties. I regret that I used to believe western journalists keep a higher professional standard but lately such belief has become a joke. But hey, thanks for waking me up!

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 21 day ago +1

      Same here. I thought BBC was a news source I can trust. How wrong I was, its completely biased and highly edited material used for this Hong Kong coverage. Shame on you BBC and Simon McDonnell. Having said that, i will give BBC Hardtalk credits. The only BBC dept. who does bother to scatch the surface and investigate the truth of the matter.

    • KiKi-cchi
      KiKi-cchi 21 day ago +1

      Most western media websites, news, etc.. usually have a bias against China. Yes China can be bad at times but every country is like that.

  • Ricky Wong
    Ricky Wong 24 days ago +2

    We Hong Kong people are simply a bunch of economic animals so please get your dirty political hands off us.

  • Wang Gary
    Wang Gary 24 days ago +8

    I know I'm a Chinese and this sounds like I've been brain washed by Chinese government, but I still want to point this out.
    Working hard for money gives you freedom, with money you can go anywhere and do anything. Travelling, buying stuff you like, get nursed in a great hospital once you are sick or injured.
    I've been to England and America and now studying in Canada. I'm planning to finish university in two years and go to grad school. I value freedom so I'm trying to get there, and I can see it coming if I continue to do good.
    What I'm trying to say is maybe Hong Kong is very important to you, but maybe you yourself is more important. Stop protesting, stop getting hurt, and leave China/Hong Kong if you think it's a trashcan.
    All for the best, to you, HongKongese people and police. (Hey, police gets hurt in Hong Kong too!)

    • ThePeaceKeeper23
      ThePeaceKeeper23 23 days ago +3

      Most of Hong Kong don't support the protests here. Its just what the Western Media wants everyone to think, which is why the make it out as if everyone supports the riots in Hong Kong.

    • Wang Gary
      Wang Gary 24 days ago +1

      Seeing Hong Kong to go from a world trading post to a dystopia is very painful. Hope HongKongese can wake up and think about their future. Hong Kong is now a living hell.

  • Ivan Jin - 8C
    Ivan Jin - 8C 24 days ago +3

    at least they said " violent protests" instead of the usual
    "another week of peaceful protest"

  • 李成溪
    李成溪 24 days ago

    stupid bbc,they are not “protesters”,they are just violent attackers,they ruined the city just because they will get paid,understand?

  • baba duke
    baba duke 24 days ago

    From Executive Producer BOLO YEUNG...... "Enter the Umbrella". (rated pg-13)

  • Marta Twardowska
    Marta Twardowska 24 days ago

    I think that somebody must stay behind this protest, somebody must fuel it. Probably Great Britain, which wants to regain ist own old colony. This woman from TV lyesterday ooked like someone from M16 oder cia.I can say one thing- when Hong Kong will be neocolony of Britain, it will be like second Phillipines and nothing more.

    • Edin Watson
      Edin Watson 21 day ago

      Its the NED, a front for the CIA. it is common knowledge and they have started this 25 years ago. The Western press will never mention it. Too long to explain here, just google it or look for 'The peace report by Sara Flounders'

  • Eggson12
    Eggson12 24 days ago +2

    These rioters should be destroyed

    AVINASH A.R Avi 24 days ago

    Sheme on Chinese

    • David Gan
      David Gan 12 days ago

      "shame on Chinese", said by a person from a country that ppl can rape woman anytime...

    • Linnea the Prayer
      Linnea the Prayer 23 days ago +1

      so you think geopolitically, its a good idea to cut ties with the hand that feeds you? You do understand that HK is just a city which relies on China and the rest of Asia for resources?
      Pretty sure your plan of action would remove HK from economic stability.
      But apparently the livelihoods of the people should be disregarded because China is evil for being able to feed its people?
      Actually their people learn trades in landscape architecture and sustainable development and all STEM subjects.
      In contrast to HK where everyone just studies to be an accountant or lawyer because money is good.
      Its almost as if you have a subjective view on things. You say Chinese tech explodes, well what about Boeing? Thought America was a land of perfection?
      And i think you disregarded the value of learning from your own mistakes or are simply envious.
      HK would never be like China. It has always been a business hub to create factories IN China. So to spread fear about HK losing its identity is simply stupid.

  • Vishesh Gupta
    Vishesh Gupta 24 days ago

    Do you have any updates on the September HongKong Jewelery trade fair that is going on? How much has it impacted the same?