• Published on Oct 27, 2019
  • The #SidemenSunday people have asked us for all year. Make sure you leave a like on the video!
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Comments • 46 516

  • Fabian Robin
    Fabian Robin Hour ago

    2:02:02 the boy recognizes them

  • finnsgame
    finnsgame 3 hours ago

    Anyone notice the thumbnail is wrong

  • Delecive2
    Delecive2 3 hours ago +1

    It seems like Ethan always has the worst fate

  • mrcheeeseair
    mrcheeeseair 3 hours ago +1

    Ethan should just get an "auto good team" pass for next vid :(

  • E'man Kennedy
    E'man Kennedy 3 hours ago

    1 Of The Best Videos On The Channel

  • Ticc Grandma
    Ticc Grandma 4 hours ago

    23:08 oh no gramps having flash backs

  • legendary frog
    legendary frog 4 hours ago

    This is a whole movie

  • fraser mackay
    fraser mackay 6 hours ago

    Instead of both cal and lux both going on the good holiday, I think one of them should of gone to the bad holiday and one of the should of gone to the good holiday.

  • rougeketchup 702
    rougeketchup 702 7 hours ago

    200 vs 20,000 holiday but full world not just Europe and good flights like emirates

  • Joe mama133
    Joe mama133 7 hours ago

    One of the best videos I’ve seen no joke

  • Agera R
    Agera R 7 hours ago

    Tbh, the Purple team was partying much harder than the Orange team and had a much better time

  • freddie chalmers
    freddie chalmers 9 hours ago

    Do one where u go places out of Europe

  • Fluid _Alan
    Fluid _Alan 9 hours ago

    i like it how JJ try to speak Spanish but does not how to speak it

  • Jared Franco's Vlog
    Jared Franco's Vlog 10 hours ago

    so the thumbnail was clickbait

  • Hughes Memes
    Hughes Memes 11 hours ago +1

    27:29 perfect tik tok shakeπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • Yunis rather
    Yunis rather 12 hours ago

    Only bad thing about this is the ads

  • Simon Lauerwald
    Simon Lauerwald 12 hours ago


  • Laraib Moumin
    Laraib Moumin 13 hours ago

    This is the number of people that died when Josh got jumped on by 3 of the sidemen

  • The Next Generation
    The Next Generation 14 hours ago

    Follow insta

  • hhigil hhigil
    hhigil hhigil 14 hours ago +1

    Simon on a Segway think of that

  • alligators are cool
    alligators are cool 14 hours ago

    52:35 not gonna lie i would listen to this

  • michael green
    michael green 15 hours ago

    Anyone else feel bad for Ethan?

  • SmackedBy Hussii
    SmackedBy Hussii 17 hours ago +1

    Who else knows That Ethan is going to be on the good team next time

  • ChippyRex
    ChippyRex 17 hours ago

    0:00 the guy sounds like DanTDM

  • Vicky Taylor
    Vicky Taylor 17 hours ago +1

    The best video they have ever made. Hands down. So much work into this!

  • Venula Acid
    Venula Acid 18 hours ago

    Tobi is the one that won all the times

    anyone else get that?

  • Matty Young
    Matty Young 23 hours ago

    Meanwhile I can't even afford dinner

  • f o b
    f o b 23 hours ago

    I actually feel so bad for Ethan

  • Gunn 3ls
    Gunn 3ls 23 hours ago

    Is it just me or does the purple teams vacation seem more fun besides the hotel???

  • Nazia Marban
    Nazia Marban Day ago +1

    Next part I want both teams to be in a mansion and an other part both to be in a lower class area

  • XETC
    XETC Day ago

    I just love how positive Simon is

  • Billy Wynne
    Billy Wynne Day ago

    Legend has it that those push ups made ksi Win

  • Waffles2023
    Waffles2023 Day ago

    Ur next one should be in America

  • Dr. Alyin
    Dr. Alyin Day ago

    sometimes I understand why some people do whatever they can do become rich

  • Ian Ndong
    Ian Ndong Day ago

    JJ. The grass is screaming rich

  • William McClean
    William McClean Day ago

    The thumbnail is wrong lolπŸ˜‚

  • ellie west
    ellie west Day ago

    Do a 200 VS 20000 camping trip it will be so funny

  • Dwa dasnh
    Dwa dasnh Day ago

    $300 Boat Tour VS $30,000 Boat Tour

  • matikojoj best
    matikojoj best Day ago

    My sister lives in Malaga

  • IKM
    IKM Day ago +1

    12:58 it sounds like JJ is singing to the music

  • Twin Mania
    Twin Mania Day ago

    39:21 had me dead !πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Isy Ugot Rekt
    Isy Ugot Rekt Day ago +1

    What’s the song at 10:30?
    Edit: Nvm I found it.

    • Nickel
      Nickel 3 hours ago

      Isy Ugot Rekt what was it?

  • Jacko2695
    Jacko2695 Day ago +1

    $30,000 vs $300 Boat Edition
    Like for this to happen

  • Dab Boi
    Dab Boi Day ago

    1:27:36 a drug dealer doing yoga

  • Valentina
    Valentina Day ago +1

    Do one in Australia
    In Melbourne or sydney

  • Te Maia Gage-Gray

    There’s 3 pools

  • iBLaNk
    iBLaNk Day ago +1

    i hate that the thumbnail shows orange team as the 200$ holiday. i honestly was waiting for the biggest plot twist to appear. im so disappointed :(

    GHOULFN Day ago +1

    Out of Europe edition πŸ’•

  • Eliysa Idris
    Eliysa Idris 2 days ago

    They're starting to remind me of running man

  • Cano Tricks
    Cano Tricks 2 days ago +2

    Petition for Ethan to get the good team next time

  • Hamez Leigh
    Hamez Leigh 2 days ago +2

    Theirs only 2 Paul’s what’s he on about 3 Jake must have hit him to hard πŸ€”

    • Hugo D
      Hugo D 11 minutes ago

      Hamez Leigh Greg Paul the dad

  • Cosm1c ADS
    Cosm1c ADS 2 days ago +2

    I love it how when the woman said "puta madrΓ©" JJ got gassed

  • Dimoundboy808
    Dimoundboy808 2 days ago


  • J
    J 2 days ago

    8:49 relating to Ethan hard.

  • Braydon Ladner
    Braydon Ladner 2 days ago

    What is that song at 1:19:30

  • rosexox
    rosexox 2 days ago +1

    Does anyone know the name of the instrumental that started playing when the boys found cal and lux in the boat

  • TrollYoMama xD
    TrollYoMama xD 2 days ago

    I like how theyβ€˜re singing at 52:57 to 53:06πŸ₯΅

  • Kaelim-James Manarangi-Brown


  • brandon fox
    brandon fox 2 days ago +1

    I bet JJ wouldn’t do these if he was on the bad team, but hey he does make them most of their money.

  • Fierce Eagle
    Fierce Eagle 2 days ago +2

    56:56 I swear Ethan sounds like Toby