Trump: Ivanka would be dynamite at UN ambassador job

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • President Trump spoke to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House about a possible replacement for Nikki Haley after she announced her resignation as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

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  • creator
    creator 6 months ago

    He wouldn't want his daughter to make him look like the stupid idiot he really is.
    And, she would do that easy. She has her mother's genes.
    Trump side of the family are nothing but, thieves and psychos.

  • creator
    creator 6 months ago

    If this dude reminds people of their uncle or other family members, then families have gone to shit.
    I don't think he's afraid of nepotism as much as he is afraid his daughter has 10 thousand more brain power than him.
    Narcissists hate to have the spotlight removed from them. Ivanka is the person who could make him seen as the true piece of shit he really is.

  • GoodGuy Good
    GoodGuy Good 7 months ago


  • Nostalgia 23
    Nostalgia 23 7 months ago

    Donald Trump you’re doing a great job! THE REASON WHY EVERYONE FUCKING HATES HIM IS BECAUSE HE IS THE TRUTH! He’s not being controlled by anything or anyone! People wake up! We live in a world controlled by the shadow government and the only one who speaks the REAL TRUTH! Everyone hates. The reason why everyone hates trump is because he’s not for being controlled! He’s the truth! People wake up! Yes he says things that are omg but how many of us know someone like trump! We all know someone just like him ! He’s relatable and personable! People stop being brainwashed! Trump is genuine and means what he says! THE REASON WHY HES BEING AN ASS IS TO MAKE AMERICA WIN! If trump was a pussy WE WOULD LOSE EVERYTHING! PEOPLE LISTEN TO HIM! And if you disagree the. Make it clear and work with him! Omg please I’m Nicaraguan and Latino and I agree with him! He’s the crazy uncle we love and hate but can’t hate because he makes us happy!!!!!!! Omg people A.I technology will take over and destroy humanity someday but y’all worried about trump? Remember that card game that is predicting our misfortunes? TRUMP TRIED TO WARN US IN 90s!

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson 7 months ago

    Ivanka = Eva Braun

  • Mike
    Mike 7 months ago

    fellow NPCs, *orange man bad* !!

  • bjh
    bjh 7 months ago

    This man has balls. And I like him. But, appointing Ivanka, as a UN ambassador, is the definition of nepotism.

  • USA Citizen
    USA Citizen 7 months ago

    He seems to have "a thing" about Ivanka

  • KillaKommie ForyaMommie

    Melania Trump for UN ambassador

  • The Hangout Podcast
    The Hangout Podcast 7 months ago

    Yea and why not also put Don Jr in charge of the military and the other son as the head of CIA

  • The Viking
    The Viking 7 months ago

    What people know???? The people that talk to him in his peanut brain?

  • Blackbess
    Blackbess 7 months ago

    A Trump in the USA AND a Trump in the UN ? I'm moving to Mars !!

  • SvR2011XBOX360
    SvR2011XBOX360 7 months ago

    I listened to circus music while playing this video because that was the only thing missing! lol

  • Chad Winters
    Chad Winters 7 months ago

    Now were gonna have a shoe designer as UN ambassador? Wow.

  • sam cooper
    sam cooper 7 months ago


  • Chu Welson
    Chu Welson 7 months ago

    Rename USA to UST! United state of Trump!

  • 6packter
    6packter 7 months ago

    basically another whore replacing an older tired worn out whore, from multiple blowjobs to Spanky in Airforce 1

  • 6packter
    6packter 7 months ago

    ivanka can be the whore at UN, ha ha ha, she is a byoriduct if incest and pedophilia, lusted publicly by Spanky,

  • timber_beast
    timber_beast 7 months ago

    See kids? Even your pervy senile grandpa can be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!

  • Hot Sas
    Hot Sas 7 months ago

    Trump is one old nasty mother fucker white idiot.

  • Steve Lazaridis
    Steve Lazaridis 7 months ago


  • Henry Philippeaux
    Henry Philippeaux 7 months ago

    This scenario didn't work out in House of Cards, and Frank Underwood was a lot smarter than Drumpf

  • Purplerain897 Purplerain897

    the bitch knows nothing just her father the pussy grabber.

  • Sihle Ngubs
    Sihle Ngubs 7 months ago

    Lol Trump Can't Pronounce Nepotism What a Fucken Joke

  • zoran till
    zoran till 7 months ago

    I mean what should he say. Thats his daughter... who knows hes serious or not. Just wait and see.

  • David Fenton
    David Fenton 7 months ago

    Hair is looking a bit poufee love.

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 7 months ago

    Allies etal. Iwankamydaddy DIES NOT represent real.American women - women who don't get manhandled by their daddy, or given a job they are unqualified.
    She like the rest of the women of the adm. are pimped out as payment for campaign promises.

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas 7 months ago

    no leadership in the democrat party. a joke. the Ford lies were actually believable. but the democrats let avenatti come in with the gang rape lies, which nobody believed. unless you are a complete idiot. hence the backlash and new supreme court justice.

  • Jonathan Neuman
    Jonathan Neuman 7 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂you are so screwed! Democracy in the States is over🇺🇸😂 nepotism nooo🤪

  • Weida Qiu
    Weida Qiu 7 months ago

    Why the video is not on focus?

  • Myriam Ickx
    Myriam Ickx 7 months ago

    Trump is as blind about his daughter’s (in)competence as his father was blind at Donny’s business shortcomings and failures.

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant 7 months ago

    Comrade Drumph says GREAT and nothing else on whatever question he is asked. That means nothing at all to me. Does it you? Let's teach him some new vocabulary. How about "break cells?" And, hold the Danish this evening. I have heard from some of the brothers that said, "We haven't seen those since 1967. They're probably pretty hard by now." Of course there's no Danish but white boy has a lot to learn.. He did know what hard means as he was sentenced to hard time. And the Brothers, kickin' it and laughing their butts off. Then when they find out that he was a draft dodger, hard to say... Won't be pretty! And as Drumph would say, all is GREAT!

  • Goodcat007
    Goodcat007 7 months ago +1

    "I'd be accused of nepotism if you can believe it."
    Well, we *CAN* believe it, since it's the very definition of the word.

  • D B
    D B 7 months ago

    Like you are dynamite at wh!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins 7 months ago

    Ivanka is dynamite alright.

  • Harry Denny
    Harry Denny 7 months ago

    Just like the obese ginger maggot ridden fraud Donald Trump would make a dynamite president if you want someone who is criminally corrupt and wants to be America's first dictator. Within a couple of days of this fat turd's presidency he was lying about having the biggest crowd at his inauguration and even got the photographer who took the pictures to doctor them and increase the crowd size. A man who believes the fake photographs he had created is seriously mentally disturbed and should be locked in a padded cell. Trump is an out of control nutter who must be removed ASAP. I personally would like to see that fat bastard spend the rest of his days in jail getting his asshole resized.

  • N S
    N S 7 months ago +1

    Arrest Agolf Twittler for treason before he gives Putin the nuclear codes! Trump knows that he owes his Presidency to Putin. Trump is an illegitimate President.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 7 months ago

    Power to the people. Stand up to this bully. Please end the madness

  • Rue Chawla
    Rue Chawla 7 months ago

    How is this guy not impeached yet!?! It’s already been two years!!

  • Jonathan Durand
    Jonathan Durand 7 months ago

    All camera people should henceforth shoot him out of focus like this. 10/10

  • Rain Man
    Rain Man 7 months ago

    Thanks for the daily laughs Grumpy

  • David Mnaba
    David Mnaba 7 months ago

    What a despot, talk of competency on an individual who didn’t know what the word complicit meant. Give me a break orange potato

  • user user
    user user 7 months ago

    More Fake CNN

  • shea riordan
    shea riordan 7 months ago

    Did my man just learn the word nepotism?

  • tinaloveseddie
    tinaloveseddie 7 months ago +1

    WTF?? He is such a creeper with his own daughter!!🤦‍♀️

    Pretty sure Nikki is blowing him too!🍄

  • J Watson
    J Watson 7 months ago

    What a comedian!

  • Dawn Witmer
    Dawn Witmer 7 months ago

    CNN IS the ENEMY of the American People!

  • rzarectot7
    rzarectot7 7 months ago

    Alot of winning YIKES

  • Sonsarae ronnow
    Sonsarae ronnow 7 months ago

    Is she going to do a strip tease for them or give one of Michelle Obama speach's?

  • Seattle Issues
    Seattle Issues 7 months ago

    You won't see another Democrat become President again .
    It's guaranteed .
    The propaganda war has just started and the liberals have no idea what's coming .

  • Audrey Edwards
    Audrey Edwards 7 months ago

    Ivanka don't know shit. What the good got damn hell. She a self entitled daddy's girl. She don't know ish abt the world it leaders she not a deal maker. Plus isn't it against the rules to hire ur family even though they have let Trump break that too. America better wake the fuck of and quick

    SPRINDYS 7 months ago

    It is disgusting simply having to look at that orange-faced monster, I can't bear to listen to him speak, he is a habitual liar, so what would be the point anyway.... he wouldn't know a truth if it him in the face like a wet fish. A disgraceful time in America. GOD KEEP US SAFE FROM trump and the Republicans. VOTE DEMOCRAT THIS NOVEMBER, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, clean out the swamp of Republicans.

  • Mercedes Rudametkin
    Mercedes Rudametkin 7 months ago +2


    • rzarectot7
      rzarectot7 7 months ago

      Mercedes Rudametkin pretty much

  • Doug Liberty
    Doug Liberty 7 months ago

    Yeah. Ivanka , the women for all women. What has she done. Stand beside her abuser and lets him grope her, when he feels like it. Winning my ass. China wants to make a deal as tthey buy up more US debt. Start growing there own soy beans. He confirmed a rapist who will get rid of term limits. People are worried about Roe v Wade. Wait and see him try to make Trump the dictator, he always wanted to be. Hope and Hailley just lost their jobs but are still getting paid by Trump. Sounds like a few other women out there.

  • Mike Nica
    Mike Nica 7 months ago

    I think Trump was trying to trigger y'all - and he succeeded. The more unhinged the democrats look the bigger the chances of GOP winning over moderates and independents, and Trump knows that!

    • Mike Nica
      Mike Nica 7 months ago

      +rzarectot7 Which "she" are you referring to? I am not commenting about Ivanka's abilities, only merely the fact that it is very plausible that Trump floated the idea of Ivanka at UN in order to trigger TDS.

    • rzarectot7
      rzarectot7 7 months ago

      Mike Nica so she is stupit ?

  • Julian Jay
    Julian Jay 7 months ago

    Don't do it bruh....just don't

  • Alice McHugh
    Alice McHugh 7 months ago +1

    A Supreme Court Judge must be sober and impartial. Kavanaugh is Not. The GOP is now a crime family.

  • Lumis Sappier
    Lumis Sappier 7 months ago

    Skanky Two-Inch Toad Trump talks about ivy: "I've had her in many, many positions, some lasting a long time, almost 2 whole minutes. What's one more".
    Then finishes with his stupid shit eating grin, that you want to slap, until the stupid is beat outta him. Could take a while.

    • magnetothewhite
      magnetothewhite 7 months ago

      Is this how you reacted to Clinton smelling that finger with Monica's pussy juice on it before he denied fuckin' her? I doubt it.

  • R Chandard
    R Chandard 7 months ago

    Hurry up with your elections and impeach this prat already lol seriously though, it's very sad state of affairs. I think a new amendment should be introduced once Dems take power, to make sure prats like this don't become president!!

    • magnetothewhite
      magnetothewhite 7 months ago

      Impeach him for what? Oh, and in case you forgot. When Clinton was impeached he still finished his term.

  • red Buoy
    red Buoy 7 months ago +1

    Ivanka Trump is a moron.
    She paid other people to write her term papers.
    I guarantee if she went one-on-one with Putin she'd be giving him a head-job in exchange for the US acquisition of Alaska in 10 minutes. God knows what she would do if he offered her Canada.

  • Agent 99
    Agent 99 7 months ago

    The UN is an anti-American establisment. The best thing that could happen is Ivanka serve as Ambassidor on fall flat on her face. Im all for it!

  • Agent 99
    Agent 99 7 months ago

    Uranium One!

  • DlPhia L
    DlPhia L 7 months ago +1

    If trump can be president, why can’t Ivanka be UN ambassador? I don’t see any job requirements....LOL Democracy has long gone

  • Farhan Abdullah
    Farhan Abdullah 7 months ago

    Then ivank Will marry to China ambassador😁😁😁 fantastic

  • George L
    George L 7 months ago


  • xelakram
    xelakram 7 months ago

    Could someone please explain to me how Ivanka would be great at this job? This is pathetic. This is a sick joke.

  • girukwishyaka
    girukwishyaka 7 months ago

    Wtf has Ivanka done for America to make her qualify to even be in this conversation?? 😆 😆 😆. Her being in the Office is already nepotism

  • Amir Hafizi
    Amir Hafizi 7 months ago

    Just laughing 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Evelyn Pollard
    Evelyn Pollard 7 months ago

    You have a wild imagination

  • Thirst Fast
    Thirst Fast 7 months ago

    I bet he knows some evil Americans.

  • Gilbert Aquino
    Gilbert Aquino 7 months ago

    I wouldnt have a problem with her being the UN ambassador provided that she is actually qualified. The question is: does she have the credentials to do it?

  • ari saez
    ari saez 7 months ago

    All I can say is😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • paula shuford
    paula shuford 7 months ago

    She's also under investigation so how's that going to work out

  • Amber Stone
    Amber Stone 7 months ago

    Dynamite 😂😂

  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo 7 months ago

    Don Jr would be good at cleaning toilets at the UN.

  • Diane Owen
    Diane Owen 7 months ago

    Sure trump....whatever you say....sure.

  • Jo Mane
    Jo Mane 7 months ago

    Trump... you fucking idiot!

  • Spring Bloom
    Spring Bloom 7 months ago

    Trump trolls the morons, again.

  • JoAnn Ephraim
    JoAnn Ephraim 7 months ago

    LOL No... I think she's better off doing what she's not doing now. Better yet, let her help her step-mother finish something. Hey #Bully, #BeBest!

  • Walter Ontiveros
    Walter Ontiveros 7 months ago +1

    Send in the clowns She will get laughed at the U.N too

  • Larry Betancourt
    Larry Betancourt 7 months ago +1

    She will spending all her time underneath the Trump desk total skank

  • Walter Ontiveros
    Walter Ontiveros 7 months ago +1

    What else would you expect from a man that bones his daughter

  • Y W
    Y W 7 months ago


  • Apurv Chaturvedi
    Apurv Chaturvedi 7 months ago

    Bet she sucked his D to get the job

  • Gary Wrobleski
    Gary Wrobleski 7 months ago

    Trump just doesn't know how to shut that big piehole.

  • Pat Walker
    Pat Walker 7 months ago

    Trump/Putin/Kim ~ Let's put the psychopaths in charge. smart

  • Elizabeth Pengson
    Elizabeth Pengson 7 months ago

    Fake boobed Ivanka..just the JOKE UN needs.

  • Icare
    Icare 7 months ago

    Trump destroyed Nikki's resume and standing, people around the world see her representing a idiot, Trump is like cancer you sell your soul, family, country and friends and in the end your a looser like him.....tired of winning yet?

  • Michael McCullagh
    Michael McCullagh 7 months ago +1


  • dazzystart
    dazzystart 7 months ago

    I hope she gets it that would be so hilarious omg

  • gymkhanadog
    gymkhanadog 7 months ago

    Did he just say Kanye is a smart guy? Someone who's a barely passable musician, yet thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread? Oh, wait, it's Trump... of course he'd say that. After all, he's someone who's a barely passable businessman, who's entire life is built on a series of scams and frauds, that thinks he is the smartest and best in the world. At everything.

  • Laurette LaLiberte
    Laurette LaLiberte 7 months ago

    Is he fucking kidding? That vapid mess? And he thought they were laughing before.

  • wandering spirit
    wandering spirit 7 months ago

    Everything Trump touches turns to gold.

  • 7charlierox
    7charlierox 7 months ago

    Lets get the whole family involved in starting a war to feed Daddy's narcissistic needs . MAGA

  • flyte
    flyte 7 months ago

    well he might be right about no one more competent in the white house ... but not the world lmao

  • Jide Otunba
    Jide Otunba 7 months ago

    wtf ! this is not funny anymore. ivanka ? We are watching the destruction of democracy right in front of our eyes

  • jxsilicon9
    jxsilicon9 7 months ago

    Sounds like House of Cards.

  • Kevin Pitt
    Kevin Pitt 7 months ago

    What this shows is the utter contempt Trump has for professional diplomats. To say his daughter, who has spent her time in fashion, as a model, then selling her tack, would be dynamite, and diplomats with decades of experience at the highest level would not, shows what an arrogant, ignoramus he actually is.

  • Linda McKenzie
    Linda McKenzie 7 months ago

    Patricia Wilson....AMEN

  • America
    America 7 months ago

    When JFK had his brother become Attorney General the Democrats didn’t scream nepotism