HUGE Vietnamese Street Food Journey North to South - HANOI, CHEAPEST Street Food Around the World

  • Published on Jul 10, 2017
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    Vietnamese Street Food ADVENTURE in Hanoi - The BEST and CHEAPEST Street Food around the world! We flew to Vietnam to try the BEST street food in Vietnam, and we found it!
    In this street food adventure video, Myself (The Food Ranger, Trevor James), am taking you on a street food tour/ street food adventure through some of Hanoi's busiest street food markets, street food alleyways, and food street's. We try a lot of cheap, delicious, and local street food that you will definitely want to fly here for. Asian street food is some of the best street food in the world, and since we live in China, it's easy for us to fly to Vietnam to eat the best street food when we like.
    In this video, we ate a bunch of different Vietnamese street foods. These are the addresses for the street foods:
    1)Hanoi Bun Oc (Escargot Snail Noodle Soup) -
    36 luong ngoc quyen, Hanoi, Vietnam
    2) Street Bun Dao Fried Tofu, Spring Rolls, dipped into a fermented shrimp paste - 25 ta hien str hanoi
    3) Bahn Cuon steamed rice noodle rolls -
    41 hang buom
    4) Fried Shrimp Cake
    Ngo Dong Xuan, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
    5) Quan Oc Steamed Escargot Snails in Lemongrass on the street side!
    1a dina liet, Old quarter, Hanoi
    6) Pho Cuon Vietnamese Street Food Spring Rolls stuffed with beef marinated in lemongrass and tons of Vietnamese herbs
    33 ngu xa, Hanoi, Vietnam
    7) Pho Tron - The most delicious dry noodles on the street side in Hanoi
    45 hang chieu, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam
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    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
    Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  Year ago +411

    Follow me on Insta for behind the scenes stories and and photos of our Vietnam North to South Food Adventure! And please let me know what you thought about this video down below, I would love to hear your thoughts about it! My favorite was definitely the first dish, and the last one on the street at night WOW!

      RAVI ROSHAN 23 days ago


    • Day Z
      Day Z 2 months ago

      The Food Ranger hey! just wanted to let you know that Em, the word you used to address many of the female vendors, is usually used towards younger females, slightly older females are addressed as Chi, pronounced like cheese without the se at the end, older women, older than you by 10+ would be Đi, pronounced as yee, or Co as in go but with a C. Just a tip for your next Vietnam trip

      ROSE BABY 2 months ago

      The Food Ranger Rd

    • Gauranga Academy
      Gauranga Academy 2 months ago

      Dont eat so much animal its sinful to eat there we are taking karma

    • strongman1488
      strongman1488 3 months ago

      do you know how much is it the ticket to Vietnam?

  • Lan Anh Trần
    Lan Anh Trần 6 hours ago

    I live in Ha Noi you know

  • Shou
    Shou 15 hours ago

    hanoi best food 4everrr

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva 15 hours ago

    20:35 Guacamole *

  • rahorin
    rahorin 2 days ago

    WTF you had a meal for .88 cents. I should plan my retirement to live there!

  • shriram
    shriram 2 days ago

    dirty pigs

    JUGNU SINGH 2 days ago

    You are great I love to watch your videos from India. Ohh yeah!!!

  • Henry Le
    Henry Le 2 days ago

    I love snails! I eat them with fish sauce

  • Amanda Pham
    Amanda Pham 5 days ago

    Omg when he speaks it makes me speak....I'm viet and I couldn't understand what he was saying until the ladie repeated it

  • Jamal Akbar
    Jamal Akbar 5 days ago

    Trevor just tried to touch the first lady( the one giving spoon) serving snails

  • Cindy Trang
    Cindy Trang 6 days ago

    11:18 Lol "cam on em" is for someone younger than you, or for someone you wanna flirt of course. To show respect to older women you can say "cam on chi" or "cam on co", or just simply say "cam on". That would already be very polite and nice in a foreigner's circumstance.

  • Frentzen Iverzen
    Frentzen Iverzen 8 days ago

    Thank you for sharing and now I know the amazing food inmany country , God bless you.

  • Suga Genius
    Suga Genius 8 days ago

    Im sorry but like I’m cringing at his vietnamese 😂

  • Bit Coin
    Bit Coin 9 days ago

    You should try Cambodian food, Mr food ranger

  • Joan Olga Keine
    Joan Olga Keine 10 days ago

    Trevor is like my friend Leo lol 😂 😂 😂

  • GE LO
    GE LO 15 days ago

    “That’s the most important ting”😂.

  • Tina Kha
    Tina Kha 16 days ago

    It’s funny when you called the older women “em” but I commend you for trying

  • mohammad ali sadeghi
    mohammad ali sadeghi 17 days ago

    those foods are beautiful.

  • Your Asian Hair Dude
    Your Asian Hair Dude 18 days ago

    You know Vietnamese is hard when the guy who can speak almost every language but cant speak Vietnamese

  • Sherman Choo
    Sherman Choo 20 days ago

    19:27 best seat at da house :)

  • jimmy89858307
    jimmy89858307 20 days ago

    Lol, you shouldn't call ladies are older than you "em" ...😂

  • Craig Queen
    Craig Queen 23 days ago

    Awesome, Ranger!! Loved it. Never would have thought of traveling to Hanoi. Thanks for sharing!

  • tu anh
    tu anh 27 days ago

    Bún đậu

  • Toan Hien
    Toan Hien Month ago

    I really like how much efforts you put into communicating with people. You seem to be a really nice guy.

  • Tuyet Nguyen
    Tuyet Nguyen Month ago

    Hello! I'm Vienamese but now I live in Canada for over two years. I love Vietnamese food, especially street foods. Don't say "chào em" with all the women because some ò them older than you, that mean you don't respect or teasing them. I love you who visited my country and tried a lot of foods that I love. Bye!

  • Yadro G.
    Yadro G. Month ago

    Outstanding video. The food looks beautiful so colorful. People are so kind.

  • afiq akasha
    afiq akasha Month ago

    boyek laa

    FAISAL RAFIQ Month ago

    $2.20 = 50,000 VND OMG!!!

  • hung maiquoc
    hung maiquoc Month ago

    Người Việt Nam ơi!!! Khoẻ không bạn??

  • Light yagami
    Light yagami Month ago

    As a indian I find these food taste less bcoz I can't see any spices and thik gravy stuff.

  • Subhankar Dawn
    Subhankar Dawn Month ago

    Check it out guys...!!! 👌

  • Kok Ming Lee
    Kok Ming Lee Month ago

    For older women, you should use "chi". "Em" is for younger ladies.

  • lee ston
    lee ston Month ago

    you took ting back to your hotel didn't you trevor 👍

  • Sang PS
    Sang PS Month ago

    Chào em for lady, chào chị for older and chào cô for granny 😂😂

  • Dr Evil
    Dr Evil Month ago

    Been to Hanoi several times. The food there is wonderful!

    CHUCKIE'S BRIDE Month ago

    Ting is so pretty

    CHUCKIE'S BRIDE Month ago

    That oil looked like the gutter oil

    CHUCKIE'S BRIDE Month ago


  • Alexandra P
    Alexandra P Month ago +1

    I think the women laughed because you said "em" which is used for somebody younger than you, such as a child. She said it back because you are younger than her and they laughed. For an older woman you would use "chi" and for an older man "anh". While I was there I was working in schools so for teachers we would say "co". The safest way to say hello for foreigners is xin chao, especially on first meeting, but it's really cool to see people trying!

  • Jaynee Lin
    Jaynee Lin Month ago

    The ladies at the shrimp cake stall were laughing and teasing the owner because a she was called "em" by a younger guy lol.

  • duong son
    duong son Month ago

    hahahaha "cam on em " this mean " thanks you with the person younth than with you " hahaha

  • irfan mehar
    irfan mehar Month ago

    Brother please visit Pakistan🇵🇰

  • Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong Nguyen Month ago

    Thumbs up


    Visit my country : Cambodia . Try my country good bro

  • Bob Barker
    Bob Barker Month ago

    Damn Vietnamese people sure do love vegetables. Probably why they're so smart

  • sanjoy choudhary
    sanjoy choudhary Month ago

    Beautiful Vietnamese food love to visit

  • W S S
    W S S Month ago

    Looks fantastic but I would be soooo sick....

  • Ran Ng
    Ran Ng Month ago

    This is why western fast food restaurants such as McDonald's have trouble thriving I'm Vietnam. The competition is too much for them to handle

  • Joe Food 2017
    Joe Food 2017 Month ago


  • Nomad one
    Nomad one Month ago

    How tall is Trevor?

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le Month ago

    The communist Hanoi policy is that they will overcharge people who are not from the northern regions. Basically, if you're not a communist or don't have the northern accent, you will be rip off by a factor of 2-3x minimum

  • GibsonLesPaul2273
    GibsonLesPaul2273 2 months ago

    I liked what he had for dessert at 22:41.

  • Cương Lưu
    Cương Lưu 2 months ago

    Actually, "chào em" is used to address younger lady than you, "chào chị" for the one older than you. Haha. But anyway, you are a good language learner 😊😊

  • LiveHealthyTakeCare
    LiveHealthyTakeCare 2 months ago

    I have no words to describe my overwhelmed
    I love the way you represent everything..😊🤗💝👍😍👌

  • peter walker
    peter walker 2 months ago

    everywhere is filthy.eeeugh!!!!

  • Beef Kake
    Beef Kake 2 months ago

    Am i hearing you wrong Trevor?
    When you say Erbs do you mean Herbs?

  • ramesh nande
    ramesh nande 2 months ago

    Hiii Buddy soon you are going to join 2 million subscribers Hall!congratulations in advance bro💐💐💐

  • ramesh nande
    ramesh nande 2 months ago

    Hii buddy soon you are going to join 1million subscribers Club!Congratulations in advance💐💐

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    missfortune MONTAGE 2 months ago

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    Talking Tom Gali 2 months ago

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  • Christopher &BAYTROCK
    Christopher &BAYTROCK 2 months ago

    Love the way he says mmmmmmm lol

  • Thao Tong
    Thao Tong 2 months ago

    Holy moly you can sure eat! Haha, totally wish I could try true Vietnamese street food with you!

  • Luthfi Hasbi
    Luthfi Hasbi 2 months ago

    i can conclude, vietnamese food is about rice noodle and herbs. Its a good ballance.

  • Hnj Fhh
    Hnj Fhh 2 months ago


  • Breath Of The Mekong Tours

    sea snail is one of the favourite dishes of people in Saigon, you can find sea snail store everywhere and there are many dishes with many ways to cook

  • Rittardo Sitompul
    Rittardo Sitompul 2 months ago

    Mirip2 di negaraku bah

  • Nguyen Hoang
    Nguyen Hoang 2 months ago

    Bún Đậu not Bun Dao lol :))

  • Ashton Kee
    Ashton Kee 2 months ago

    Dude, may I know what watch is that you’re wearing? It looks cool. Although IMO a sports watch maybe more appropriate for those places you’re visiting for your show. Something that can take a bit more punishment compared to that dress watch you have on.

    • Ashton Kee
      Ashton Kee Month ago

      SoosiQ cool I’ll check it out 👍🏻

    • SoosiQ
      SoosiQ Month ago

      I'm pretty sure it's a Corniche watch that The Food Ranger wears!

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    8:10 Chee Chong Fan's cousin, haha

  • harvey lord
    harvey lord 2 months ago

    bun oc =binnek(ilokano in the philippines)

  • Tibault Angelet
    Tibault Angelet 2 months ago

    i ate that every day bruh

  • Marjan Noory
    Marjan Noory 2 months ago

    WTH, it is seeking

  • Tamara Farley
    Tamara Farley 2 months ago

    I gotta question & it may sound dumb, but may I ask is it true that that escargo taste like mushrooms?

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    florida girl 2 months ago

    You've been literally eating the same thing all day just in different forms lmaooooo 🤣

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    Quy Mai 2 months ago

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    Hey you should try dog bbq in Hanoi.

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    x1x2x3x4x5able 3 months ago

    very strange food and very interesting ....thank you

  • deepaklobo1
    deepaklobo1 3 months ago

    Those stools are super tiny. We went on a walking food tour in Hanoi. Took us to a small dessert place. Me being a clumsy big guy. I missed the stool, fell and almost took out the whole place. Lol! They are nice people, all had a laugh about it.

  • Due Decimal
    Due Decimal 3 months ago

    14:39 who's filming

  • Huy Anh Phan
    Huy Anh Phan 3 months ago

    would you travel to Phu Quoc

  • 光海
    光海 3 months ago

    It's a shame that most Vietnamese restaurants overseas are merely imitations of their Chinese counterparts. They've forgotten what an amazing culinary culture their home country has.

  • Hanna Thach
    Hanna Thach 3 months ago

    Yum my

  • Jenny nygren
    Jenny nygren 3 months ago

    I feel so bad that he is kinda over paying for all the dishes :P

  • Tung Arsenal
    Tung Arsenal 3 months ago

    “Bun dau”not “bun dao “

  • Super Man
    Super Man 3 months ago

    I want Vietnam's food .
    Think no Indian restaurants sell this food feast 😔😔 Iam so sad

  • Ha Ly
    Ha Ly 3 months ago

    Awesome vid - you’re the Mister Rogers of food vloggers

  • Chea simon
    Chea simon 3 months ago


  • Music updates
    Music updates 3 months ago

    It just watered my mouth

  • Mars
    Mars 3 months ago

    Hi I like your video. I missed so much food in my country. I was born in Saigon. Next time if you see any women you think she is a bit older than you then call her "Chao Chi" not Chao Em

  • Youtube Fan
    Youtube Fan 3 months ago

    Mmmm.....Ohhhh.....Woww..... Trevor's trademark that's i grew to love so much ; ) can't help but grin everytime he did it

  • Truong Anh Thu
    Truong Anh Thu 3 months ago

    eating everyday

  • Yulianti Rustiningsih
    Yulianti Rustiningsih 3 months ago

    I'm Indonesian,,, wanna go to Vietnam one day,,, this video show me what i'm gonna to eat in Vietnam

  • Bruce Savath
    Bruce Savath 3 months ago

    Vietcong and Vietnam are poisionous

  • Neale Gray
    Neale Gray 3 months ago

    How many times did you get sick from eating the meat that's just been sitting there for God knows how long, and not rehaeated?

  • gloria samte
    gloria samte 3 months ago

    Mouth watering

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee 3 months ago


  • Ulises Estrella
    Ulises Estrella 4 months ago


  • Nguyễn Thị Thanh Tâm

    Bun dau not bun dao

  • Bian Halla
    Bian Halla 4 months ago

    Not good to record people, most of them were not comfortable with recording