HUGE Vietnamese Street Food Journey North to South - HANOI, CHEAPEST Street Food Around the World

  • Published on Jul 10, 2017
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    Vietnamese Street Food ADVENTURE in Hanoi - The BEST and CHEAPEST Street Food around the world! We flew to Vietnam to try the BEST street food in Vietnam, and we found it!
    In this street food adventure video, Myself (The Food Ranger, Trevor James), am taking you on a street food tour/ street food adventure through some of Hanoi's busiest street food markets, street food alleyways, and food street's. We try a lot of cheap, delicious, and local street food that you will definitely want to fly here for. Asian street food is some of the best street food in the world, and since we live in China, it's easy for us to fly to Vietnam to eat the best street food when we like.
    In this video, we ate a bunch of different Vietnamese street foods. These are the addresses for the street foods:
    1)Hanoi Bun Oc (Escargot Snail Noodle Soup) -
    36 luong ngoc quyen, Hanoi, Vietnam
    2) Street Bun Dao Fried Tofu, Spring Rolls, dipped into a fermented shrimp paste - 25 ta hien str hanoi
    3) Bahn Cuon steamed rice noodle rolls -
    41 hang buom
    4) Fried Shrimp Cake
    Ngo Dong Xuan, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
    5) Quan Oc Steamed Escargot Snails in Lemongrass on the street side!
    1a dina liet, Old quarter, Hanoi
    6) Pho Cuon Vietnamese Street Food Spring Rolls stuffed with beef marinated in lemongrass and tons of Vietnamese herbs
    33 ngu xa, Hanoi, Vietnam
    7) Pho Tron - The most delicious dry noodles on the street side in Hanoi
    45 hang chieu, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
    Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  11 months ago +393

    Follow me on Insta for behind the scenes stories and and photos of our Vietnam North to South Food Adventure! And please let me know what you thought about this video down below, I would love to hear your thoughts about it! My favorite was definitely the first dish, and the last one on the street at night WOW!

    • rbakbrown
      rbakbrown 13 days ago

      Great looking food. Good food vid. And your friend has some nice legs as well!

    • Tam Tran
      Tam Tran Month ago

      The Food Ranger ii

    • Tam Tran
      Tam Tran Month ago

      The Food Ranger x

    • Chunyan Li
      Chunyan Li Month ago

      The Food Ranger b

  • Hans Glück
    Hans Glück 19 hours ago

    people in the north are looking a little somber ...

  • 73Bdiddy
    73Bdiddy 20 hours ago

    Funny you said "Chao Em" to all the older ladies. The dry chicken pho looks yummy.

  • K Maher
    K Maher 21 hour ago

    OMG! his vietnamese is soooo bad! i know he is trying but he sounds slightly mental. why doesn't he bring a translator with him?

  • Phước_ _cherry

    If you want to eat snail, just go to Saigon, in HaNoi just have boiled snail

  • Phước_ _cherry

    :v i laugh so hard when you called her is "em", "em" is for younger women:v

  • Indiana Malt
    Indiana Malt 2 days ago

    He cracks me up every time he takes a bite he's like OHhHH lol

    LOUP GAROU 3 days ago


  • peter peter
    peter peter 3 days ago

    Vietnam food is worst in whole of Asia

  • Miguel G.
    Miguel G. 4 days ago

    Take a shot of tequila every time ma nigga says “Uummmm” 😂

  • Hafiz Rashid
    Hafiz Rashid 4 days ago

    thats the most important ting

  • khoa hay là BestFizz

    Tôi là người việt nam nè , im a vietnamese people

  • Annissa Liu
    Annissa Liu 5 days ago

    when he says "cam on em" they all be laughing cus hes essentially saying they're younger than him LOL

  • Shurui Yang
    Shurui Yang 6 days ago


    SMART AND DESI 7 days ago

    Sir you give respect to all kinds of foods and cultures. That's so nice

  • jackie lee
    jackie lee 7 days ago

    Vietnam foods so good!

  • Leo G Freddy
    Leo G Freddy 7 days ago

    Hope, i can go to Vietnam someday

  • Hanh Vu
    Hanh Vu 8 days ago

    I don't known eglish

  • thienasdfg le
    thienasdfg le 8 days ago

    Việt nam có ai xem ko nào...

  • Tabbaccaro Nocera
    Tabbaccaro Nocera 10 days ago

    Ma i NAS non esistono i questi paesi? Per carità, Il cibo sembra ottimo, ma in quanto a igiene... in Italia durerebbero 2 giorni.

  • lim zheng, vincent
    lim zheng, vincent 11 days ago

    Everything looks dirty. The Banh cuon, the hawker just put the cover making the banh cuon skin on the floor and put it back on the place making it.

  • Saiful Nurhasan
    Saiful Nurhasan 11 days ago

    -oc oc oc oc oc oc
    -oc oc oc oc oc. . . .

  • Avisekh Tamang
    Avisekh Tamang 12 days ago

    Ok... Im hungry now

  • nguyễn Thanh
    nguyễn Thanh 14 days ago

    cám ơn em , rất vui

  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn 14 days ago

    I dunno who teaches him said "Cảm ơn em". But it is very cute and that why some woman laughed when he said these words. Em is for a woman who is younger than us. Just like younger ppl. Btw I'm Vietnamese but I still not have a chance to eat many dishes like him =)

  • Jane H. Nguyen
    Jane H. Nguyen 16 days ago

    You probably wondering how we consume all these and not getting fat!
    Oh well, imagine yourself as a dumpling in an everyday-steam-pot in summer!! The heat in VN burns fat like bacon on high heat. You will reduce in size!!

  • jay jay
    jay jay 17 days ago

    Vietnamese food is my favourite with korean a very very close second

  • Cuong Nguyen
    Cuong Nguyen 17 days ago

    Ting should not eat the back portion of those snails

  • Thanh Thuy Nguyen
    Thanh Thuy Nguyen 18 days ago

    Cảm ơn chị when you said thanks to person, who is older than you.

  • bang nhat
    bang nhat 18 days ago

    nice video thanks you

  • Islámu Palermo
    Islámu Palermo 18 days ago

    I like the way you eat... I think you avoid more than breaking heart of them, because I think you sense a lot of bad tasty food there, but you did not show it... So I like the way you eat, thank you for this video, hope to see you in Egypt.

  • Kz Kaze
    Kz Kaze 20 days ago

    tao không nghĩ 1 tô bún ốc còn đắt hơn 1 tô phở

  • Kz Kaze
    Kz Kaze 20 days ago

    Ốc not Óc. Óc = brain

  • Ella Novianti
    Ella Novianti 20 days ago

    Gua ngiler berooooo

  • Mao Sothyrith
    Mao Sothyrith 20 days ago

    look tasty

  • Nhi Vương
    Nhi Vương 21 day ago +1

    11'20s you told her: "Cám Ơn Em". In VietNam we call someone "Em" when they are younger than us. So the people around the stand laught. You'r so cute.

  • Nesa Priyan
    Nesa Priyan 21 day ago

    I'm Ur big fan from.india Chennai I think u know Chennai😍

  • Rikuto Yoshida
    Rikuto Yoshida 22 days ago

    South Vietnamese r nicer than North. They r more polite and less rude

  • Kiet Nguyen
    Kiet Nguyen 22 days ago

    Lol...she is older then you. So you supposed to on chi......when they younger then you it’s “cam on em”.......lite disrespectful to elder when you call them “em”

  • jamesblunt006
    jamesblunt006 23 days ago

    Dip it in, try it out... mmmmhh..oooh...aaahhh!
    Love how much you enjoy it!

  • jamesblunt006
    jamesblunt006 23 days ago

    So many erbs!!

  • teguh imam santoso
    teguh imam santoso 23 days ago

    dudul deh kamu

  • Pairat Boonyen
    Pairat Boonyen 24 days ago

    หอยโข่ง ทางภาคอิสานของไทยเยอะมาก และชอบกินเหมือนกัน

  • Shnick
    Shnick 24 days ago

    Give the shell a twist when you pull the muscle out.
    The rest will follow without breaking off... lol

  • Iqra Mushtaq
    Iqra Mushtaq 24 days ago

    Please come to Pakistan and taste Pakistani street food you will love it

  • Dipuna Behera
    Dipuna Behera 24 days ago

    indian street food is the best in world

  • Phuong Duong
    Phuong Duong 24 days ago

    So yummy

  • P MK
    P MK 25 days ago

    Việt nam kia

  • CreepMiner3000
    CreepMiner3000 25 days ago

    Is min 14 a oversized nailfile instead of chop sticks xD

  • Duong Tran
    Duong Tran 26 days ago +1

    You should say: ''chao chi'' not "chao em" with the woman that older than you. That's why people's laughing

  • G Money
    G Money 26 days ago

    Hmmmm hohoho wow 😁😁😁

  • Shawn Clashes
    Shawn Clashes 27 days ago

    you shouldnt be calling anyone older than you in vietnam

  • Quỳnh Trần
    Quỳnh Trần 27 days ago

    You need call "Cam on CHỊ", because the seller is older than you, "Em" just to call younger people.

  • ghana shidezhi
    ghana shidezhi 27 days ago

    这哥们懂的语言挺多啊 哈哈

  • mukwah1111
    mukwah1111 28 days ago

    Unbelievable. My mouth is watering so much. I cant get over how inexpensive it is to eat the street food. So much prep goes into each and every ingredient and yet its so cheap. Holy Schmoly!

  • CanadianCharlie64
    CanadianCharlie64 28 days ago

    snails give me the runs

  • Everything is Possible

    Very good trevor sir.

  • Cherokee Miller
    Cherokee Miller 29 days ago


  • XJust Gita
    XJust Gita 29 days ago

    Snaiillll >~< ♡♡

  • Falling Eisberg
    Falling Eisberg 29 days ago

    interesting food, but the hygiene is way below even very rural plqces in china, an this is Hanoi, dont want to know how it is in villages

  • Rhussie Gie
    Rhussie Gie Month ago

    Vietnamese flavours ;)

  • Jaime Pichardo
    Jaime Pichardo Month ago

    lol, he said "shes putting some MSG" like its totally ok.

  • Kajungurl
    Kajungurl Month ago


  • wahyu budiawan
    wahyu budiawan Month ago

    Your having a good eating.?
    Wife: Yeaa..
    That's the more important thing 😂😂

  • Nha Trang Life
    Nha Trang Life Month ago

    I'm vietnamese

  • Quân Nguyễn
    Quân Nguyễn Month ago

    tôi là người việt nam anh hãy vào Bình Thuận đi

  • dung hoang
    dung hoang Month ago

    .Yeah. You said st funny. it is" chao em". when you meet older women in VietNam, you should say " chao chi" or " chao co" instead of " chao em".

  • krazydaizyyy
    krazydaizyyy Month ago

    Those shrimp things look so good!!

  • Necrodor21 Sa
    Necrodor21 Sa Month ago

    how many language u learn wtf

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen Month ago

    bro you cant 'chao em' an old lady lol

  • Mr. Joker
    Mr. Joker Month ago

    delicious but if you say not delicious people there will kill you..dont be plastic man..dislike

  • Marlene Martinez
    Marlene Martinez Month ago

    😋 delicius ❤️

  • 劉美珠
    劉美珠 Month ago


  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago +1

    Wow bun oc that you eat is expensive I heard that is just $1 or $1.5

  • nyssa snoek
    nyssa snoek Month ago

    I like watching this but when you talk to the people its to much you can see they dont want to talk but you still keep talking less talking

  • Orkide Blossom
    Orkide Blossom Month ago

    did you been phillipines

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    Hossein Mohammadi Month ago

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    Nishantha Liyange Month ago

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  • Bao Mai
    Bao Mai Month ago

    BUN DAU , it's not BUN DAO

  • Mike Dang
    Mike Dang Month ago

    Haha listening to him trying to say Buon Op is soo precious. Very rare to see someone not embarrassed to try speaking a foreign language with the locals.


    bún ốc.bún đậu.bánh cuốn

  • Sbk motorcycles
    Sbk motorcycles Month ago

    क्या मुत्ता मुत्ता लगा रखा है तेरी मम्मी की मुत्ति मारु

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    Piu Das Month ago

    Amazing Video.

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  • Lorelai
    Lorelai Month ago

    Is ting your fiancé?

    TRUC BUI Month ago

    You are so cute James, nice and sweet. I am really enjoyed watching your videos.

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    Aniket singh Month ago

    India is best all over the world

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    werka dang Month ago

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  • Callahan Covington
    Callahan Covington Month ago

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    khamphai bouddy Month ago

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    Universal Lag Month ago

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  • Mykee Wattz
    Mykee Wattz Month ago

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  • ender _
    ender _ Month ago

    my mistake.i should not watch this video at hungry.

  • Derval Sylvester
    Derval Sylvester Month ago

    Keep up the good work bro! Because of your show I'm learning to speak and understand a different language. Thank you!

  • Johnny s
    Johnny s Month ago

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  • Jyotish Brahma
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    im exol weareone 2 months ago

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  • Satya Sadhu
    Satya Sadhu 2 months ago

    13:39 i dont want to eat it with that dangerous tool 😂😂 its look like gonna ripped off my mouth