WORST CHEFS EVER on Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • Diamonds on my fish.
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  • TheAngryDanishViking
    TheAngryDanishViking 50 minutes ago

    I don't see the problem in serving porkbone in the sauce used for a vegetarian dish.... holy crap what if the person was allergic to something like PORK?! And also the fact that blueshirt wearing turthead just don't get the concept of vegetarian being NO MEAT PRODUCT USED what so ever! Not to mention the deadass decomposed lobster that had been used.... what the fuck? doesn't even the CHEFS not have an pride in what they serve? I know the owner is always at fault in the end if something isn't done right since low-standing issues always are required to be bumped up the ladder as a responsibility, in the end.

  • TvisZ
    TvisZ Hour ago

    The person that edited that at the end is a legend.

  • Vlastimil Mancl
    Vlastimil Mancl Hour ago

    What episodes are those ?

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta Hour ago

    I'm so broke right now but I can't stop watching all of Gordon Ramseys videos hahaha tf is that logic, I'm so hungry

  • NootNoot
    NootNoot Hour ago

    Ricky : Eats a Gate
    Gordan : what was that?
    Ricky: that was a grape
    Gordan running away

  • Miss V
    Miss V 2 hours ago

    Cut the cameras...deadass

  • Lucas Liebetrau
    Lucas Liebetrau 7 hours ago

    why is gordon scared when the waiter tells him what to stay away from when you literally asked him what to stay away from

  • Alastair S
    Alastair S 10 hours ago

    that guy that took the knife and fork really wanted to meet Gordon

  • Jag5tarZ
    Jag5tarZ 11 hours ago +1

    What's wrong with this channel????!!!!
    The lack of NINNNOOOO!!!!

  • Alexis Boucher
    Alexis Boucher 11 hours ago

    Ricky: eats faeces
    Gordon: what was that?
    Ricky: chocklits

  • Tommy Kavanaugh
    Tommy Kavanaugh 13 hours ago

    He shouldn't be allowed near food let alone cooking for PAYING people dude cant tell chicken from beef so it's pretty apparent his palate is fucked and has no idea about flavors or the correct way to use them.

  • Moto Redux
    Moto Redux 14 hours ago

    There’s no way he knew the type of steak with his blind fold on 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Anna Horáková
    Anna Horáková 15 hours ago

    is anyone else annoyed by the one waiter being in a squat every time he talks to Gordon????

  • exzses
    exzses 15 hours ago

    What's wrong with the place? lack off.. *NINO*

  • Dara Kenny
    Dara Kenny 17 hours ago +1

    Whey ó way hthi hong

  • The Weird Looking Cat
    The Weird Looking Cat 17 hours ago

    I love it when they don't believe their food is crap but the fact they have no customers at lunch service clearly proves it.

  • katie jones
    katie jones 19 hours ago

    I'm casually eating dry cornflakes 😂😂

  • Kenn Foriso
    Kenn Foriso 20 hours ago

    Gordon: You're the manager
    Manager: Yeah..
    Gordon: Are manager female scared

  • Harun 069
    Harun 069 20 hours ago

    Gordon with old ladies
    Gordon with Chefs

  • Sajid
    Sajid 20 hours ago

    Ricky: **eats shit**
    Gordon: "what is it?"
    Ricky: chocolate icecream

  • Dennis Rex
    Dennis Rex 22 hours ago

    So we did serve a soup with pork bones to the customer who is vegetarien?
    Im dying...

  • Alp Ozel
    Alp Ozel 23 hours ago


  • Karl Domingo
    Karl Domingo Day ago

    Teeth dont have taste buds looool

  • Oskar Hansson
    Oskar Hansson Day ago

    Hope the guy that got sick from the lobster tail was okay

    EZKATKA Day ago

    “The man had a lobster and had a reaction to it”.
    More like “The man ate ammonia and is about to die”.

  • R H
    R H Day ago

    Brother was blindfolded while lex can fucking see the name tags. Nailed it my ass.

  • Anthony Messi
    Anthony Messi Day ago

    Ricky: Eats Spaghetti
    Gordon: What was it?
    Ricky: Macaroni and Cheese

  • Paranoid Vision
    Paranoid Vision Day ago +2

    3:18 bartender dude just wanted to say hi to Gordon

  • Paranoid Vision
    Paranoid Vision Day ago +2

    Gordon: hi how are you
    Waitress’ answer: hi how are you

  • Heidi Karinen
    Heidi Karinen Day ago

    Gordon is a BIG bore.

  • A slightly disappointing peanut butter sandwich

    Him I had enough I had fucking enough

    Me No nut November Flashbacks

  • Gnubbolo
    Gnubbolo Day ago

    too many women in the same boat = mess

  • Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    The last manager, Judd or whatever was his name, he really couldn't look any more like a prototype Italian mafioso, could he?

  • Mike Sch
    Mike Sch Day ago

    Have 10 Mexicans in the kitchen with zero experience and ask yourself 'why am I lacking customers' ;)

  • Paul Lambert
    Paul Lambert Day ago

    Grilled lettuce can't go wrong? Great. It will go well with my barbecued ice cubes in my vodka-mustard cocktail.

  • write2pras84
    write2pras84 Day ago

    Tbh, the grilled lettuce sounds interesting. Maybe there's a good way to make it and it could be like a quirky dish that just draws customers in. Let's be honest there are several dishes world over which seem like an outrageous combination of ingredients or way to cook but some are just ingenious and other suck.

  • Supreme
    Supreme 2 days ago

    Best support chef: Chef Mike

  • An Odd Goblin
    An Odd Goblin 2 days ago

    Anyone knows from which episodes these clips are taken?

  • QDYou_
    QDYou_ 2 days ago +1

    Ricky: diamonds on my fish

  • Sushi Roll
    Sushi Roll 2 days ago

    gordon-"why do you have a lack of customers?" manager- "Because we have a lack of customers" Gordon :/ manager- "I don't get it what answer does he want"

  • Enxrgy Team
    Enxrgy Team 2 days ago

    5:42 cant belive ive ebeen told what to stay away from by the wiater, he asked what to stya away from seoncds b4

  • ROZ4rch
    ROZ4rch 2 days ago

    What this show taught me and God it really helps and it's a bucket of cold water for anyone, never work with any family relative or inherit the family business unless there's a real action course, passion, love and most importantly a piece of bloody common sense in anything you do or say

  • Akisa Diamon'd
    Akisa Diamon'd 2 days ago +1

    "If someone came to your house and you cooked thrm dinner, how would you feel if they started to puke all over the place" - okay, is it just me or does he sound offended?

  • goku dragneel
    goku dragneel 2 days ago

    8:54 me oh shit looks hella nice
    Gordon: look at that looks gross like a diaper.
    Me: oh.... well your the chef

  • Markimus
    Markimus 2 days ago +1

    Omg that was so cringe...

  • adrian fatahilah
    adrian fatahilah 2 days ago +5

    Gordon : The Shrimp is too hard

  • Bean Meme
    Bean Meme 2 days ago +4

    Ricky:drinks pure petrol
    Gordon: what does it taste like?
    Ricky: beef

  • Blur- NiteMare
    Blur- NiteMare 2 days ago +1

    Tomolli extremely hot
    Gordon, unfolds it like it is nothing

  • torille
    torille 2 days ago

    fucking kevin

  • Souka. T
    Souka. T 3 days ago

    My school canteen would’ve been fucked if we invited gordon

  • MKultra81
    MKultra81 3 days ago

    Chimi Changa has to be the most fun food name in existence.

  • Alex W
    Alex W 3 days ago +1

    I'm vegan and even I can fucking tell apart chicken and beef. Come the fuck on, this can't be real.
    Oh, and even I never tried grilling lettuce hahah. But definitely will try that for the kicks lol

  • mahmoody
    mahmoody 3 days ago +1

    the lobster and bone part (with chef joe) it is not about the chef being bad but the owner, this is bullshit, joe was actually a good chef all along.

    • Gnubbolo
      Gnubbolo Day ago

      @mahmoody bad bad bad :O the restaurant should be closed and the license torn.

    • mahmoody
      mahmoody Day ago

      @Gnubbolo joe is the chef, he just cooks food that he had, the owner provides the food.

    • Gnubbolo
      Gnubbolo Day ago

      in northern Italy joe would not only have been fired, but investigated by the NAS (police against food counterfeiting) and put on trial.
      the counterfeiting and concealment of food information is absolutely illegal and the ingredients must all be specified by the restaurant owner at the customer's request.
      in south italy there is anarchy, is another world, use ur brain when buy or eat somenthing in south italy, the State autority is totally absent like in U.S.

  • Zul Lo
    Zul Lo 3 days ago

    that is the saddest tamal ive ever seen in my life. the way it was all broken when he OPENED it, it just hurts too much. that aint no food

  • Kiki
    Kiki 3 days ago

    2:48 those 2 men behind gordon looks like they from a secret mafia group 😂

  • BananaDragonJR
    BananaDragonJR 3 days ago

    As long he likes my food ohh that’s not happening

  • Yeeto Skeeto
    Yeeto Skeeto 3 days ago +1

    I love how the manager yell at the chef's for messing up meanwhile they do nothing for the place

  • Cole Parker
    Cole Parker 3 days ago +1

    That bartender wanted to meet his hero

  • judd stoned
    judd stoned 3 days ago +1

    How he manages to put some of this “food” in his mouth is beyond me.

  • Mika Miro Kazassoglou

    Ricky : eats pickled beans
    Gordon : what is it?
    Ricky : ChEeRiOs