Build Stone's Roof of Roman Temple

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
  • Hello Everyone,
    Today we Build Stone's Roof of roman Temple
    Thank you...

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  • Primitive Survival Tool
    Primitive Survival Tool  7 months ago +181

    We will continue update the roof of Temple to protect the rain .Next we will show more about this temple and keep update the temple Until it is strong and the roof protect from the rain 100%.
    Thank you for watching my video.

    • Tidan Toons
      Tidan Toons 4 months ago

      Your videos are awesome

    • The Specter Wolf
      The Specter Wolf 6 months ago

      But your feet how is walking in the Roman temple comfortable like the stones aren't flat so

    • SuperTanYT
      SuperTanYT 7 months ago

      What Roman God is this dedicated to?

    • Поцык с ютуба
      Поцык с ютуба 7 months ago

      Привет из России :)
      greetings from Russia :)
      lời chào từ Nga :)

    • OblioAndArrow
      OblioAndArrow 7 months ago

      Build something fun, like a roller-coaster or something y'all do in the jungle to let loose!

  • André Luiz
    André Luiz 17 days ago

    What your country?

  • Yash Patrl
    Yash Patrl Month ago

    Where is the video contrution

  • Yash Patrl
    Yash Patrl Month ago


  • jotoolethrower
    jotoolethrower 3 months ago

    the shape, (non overlapping) materials (mud covered wood?) and angle of that roof (much too shallow considering the materials) make it very unlikely to be waterproof to any degree. Water will eventually degrade the timbers supporting the flints. I would not want to spend much time in there...

  • Allisson Rodrigo
    Allisson Rodrigo 3 months ago

    Mano....Esse malucos são muito fodas!
    Sou Brasileiro que assisto todos seus vídeos, e sempre eu me impressiono pela criatividade, esforço, superação, força e tudo de mais....

  • Me Shi
    Me Shi 3 months ago

    Earthquake stricks in that place
    the person inside is like
    God save me😂

  • Taty Gosuen
    Taty Gosuen 3 months ago

    Are you the owners of the buildings or does anyone pay you two to build?
    *I hope you're the owners, because it's all too incredible. And I hope they are both being rewarded properly* :)

  • Evident Records
    Evident Records 3 months ago

    j'ai de serieux doute sur la solidité de cette construction..

  • thegraylemur or redstone fox im teh lemur !!!

    You crash in a plane... your the only survivor... you need shelter and I dyeing you search, search and search but then you find a line or random buildings and 50 pools...

    BRUNO YTBR 4 months ago

    Ok 👌

  • ShadeSlayer16
    ShadeSlayer16 4 months ago

    Who videos these dudes

  • xX_GROOVI_Xx
    xX_GROOVI_Xx 4 months ago

    hello, where are you? I would like to learn how to build the same houses, to live in them.

  • lil_BETONS LV
    lil_BETONS LV 4 months ago

    172 dislikes?! Them people doesn't have a life! Imagine doing it yourself!!!

    XP FARM 4 months ago +2

    Al işte ortalığın içine ediyorsunuz. Olum ne güzel hava var gidyorsunuz ağaç kesip bilmemne yapıyorsunuz. Kaç tane ev yaptınız amq. 1 tane yapın onda kalın ağaç kese kese hayat kalmadı dünyada.

  • Milky
    Milky 4 months ago

    Next thing you know theirs gonna be a coliseum.

  • Milky
    Milky 4 months ago


  • Areia Hibbitt
    Areia Hibbitt 4 months ago

    Hounestly, like the thing that fasinates me the most with their channel is how they just chop up trees and bamboo, and cover rocks in mud, just eye balling every measurement, then you think about how in other countries like where im from (canada) they spend a whole fucking month figuring out measurements and plans and stuff still goes wrong somehow, these guys just do it and it just works, its damn incredible

  • THe GOAT
    THe GOAT 4 months ago

    That floor would be painful

  • Saber AK-47
    Saber AK-47 4 months ago +3

    these guys been playing too much Minecraft

  • Lunar Animates And Draws :3

    And then you have me who cant even open my water bottle

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 4 months ago

    one rock slips and you dead

  • Lynx
    Lynx 4 months ago +1

    now that is what i call a minecraft masion right there

  • Islam Pudge
    Islam Pudge 4 months ago

    The Forest на максималках😀

  • Lyte
    Lyte 5 months ago

    watch in x2 speed and you only get more amazed xD

  • Ивет Яковлиева



    Were r u ganna put the torches?

  • hayden robbie
    hayden robbie 6 months ago +2

    if you wish to avoid it eroding away in a couple decades or so then you may wish to give it a coat of quicklime, also known as white wash... just mix fat with the cooked lime stone before adding the water... it acts as weather proof paint... you could even add dyes to it to change the colour...

    • The Lone Traveller
      The Lone Traveller 4 months ago +1

      But the more worn down it is, the more similar it looks to present day standing Roman ruins

  • SuperTanYT
    SuperTanYT 7 months ago

    Yay!!! More of your temple!!! Which Roman God is it made for?

  • قناة ليون حمود ليونه


  • MrBlobfisch
    MrBlobfisch 7 months ago +1

    this is more a greek temple because roman temples had a full stone roof

  • Mu-avvaz Mahmood
    Mu-avvaz Mahmood 7 months ago


  • maTcha
    maTcha 7 months ago

    is it just me or does it look like they got darker

  • 병신을보면 짖는 개

    나중에 이분들 만든거 다 돌아다니면서 모음집? 같은거 하면좋겟다

  • La loo cubes
    La loo cubes 7 months ago

    Guys I got it 2x speed

    MADDIE BAUTISTA 7 months ago

    were yall at what state and city

  • Donnie Brasko
    Donnie Brasko 7 months ago

    Where u guys from? Can I come live with u?

  • Scammer SlammerTV
    Scammer SlammerTV 7 months ago

    These two are amazing and very informative

  • Sultan Ameen bin ahmed
    Sultan Ameen bin ahmed 7 months ago

    😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻احل فديو واول عربي بعد

  • น้อย นภา
    น้อย นภา 7 months ago +1


  • Kargoneth
    Kargoneth 7 months ago

    Beautiful temple.

  • Ofri Nokrian
    Ofri Nokrian 7 months ago

    it looks great but
    it doesnt heart in the legs?!?!

  • Bobby Mancini
    Bobby Mancini 7 months ago

    Great job guys!

  • GabrielBRlee PRO
    GabrielBRlee PRO 7 months ago

    Melhor que minha casa kkkk esse templo só falta ter Luz e internet

  • Поцык с ютуба
    Поцык с ютуба 7 months ago +1

    Привет из России :)
    greetings from Russia :)
    lời chào từ Nga :)

  • guoqing wei
    guoqing wei 7 months ago


  • ព្រះធម៌ទេសនា

    nice video

  • Cole Halford
    Cole Halford 7 months ago

    How many projects have you 2 done? Plus, can we see them all in 1 video?

    PUBG GAMER 7 months ago +5

    Türkiyeliler buraya 👈 👍🇹🇷

    • bünyamin çoban
      bünyamin çoban 7 months ago

      bu kadar kayayı nerden buluyorlar ormanda kamyonla getırsen yıne o eve yetmez be asdsadasd

  • TheAldawg77
    TheAldawg77 7 months ago

    Quite good really for just two guys

  • らっすんごれらい


  • Mrx D
    Mrx D 7 months ago

    Apollo and Jupiter would be proud.

  • Run me up The money
    Run me up The money 7 months ago

    Is anyone else confused about this?? So do they upload the videos or do they work for a company.How do they have such a nice camera or some source to upload videos, assuming they live in the wild.Someone explain wth

    • Donnie Brasko
      Donnie Brasko 7 months ago

      They R really wealthy ppl they got a couple of mansions but they don't have any manners

  • King Groot
    King Groot 7 months ago +1

    Archeologist who find this in the year 2070 gonna be like
    "This marvelous structure was build thousands of years ago lmao😁😆

  • X1area51 II
    X1area51 II 7 months ago +10

    Next video. Trump wall replica.

  • Jon Boi
    Jon Boi 7 months ago

    Really like the temple series!

  • Charles Peter Watson
    Charles Peter Watson 7 months ago

    I hear the sounds of modern machinery going on as you're building the roof.

  • xirax
    xirax 7 months ago

    they are awsome.

  • Grover Ford
    Grover Ford 7 months ago

    3 words oh my god

  • Michael Tsirakis
    Michael Tsirakis 7 months ago

    Not Roman but Greek

  • Koa Tiburon
    Koa Tiburon 7 months ago

    Stone Temple Pilots

  • Behary Sudheer
    Behary Sudheer 7 months ago

    You sure it won't come crashing down...😱😱😉

  • Warda Tariq
    Warda Tariq 7 months ago

    And at last it has come

  • Warda Tariq
    Warda Tariq 7 months ago

    I was waiting for this video

  • مجهول
    مجهول 7 months ago


  • Kyle Moe
    Kyle Moe 7 months ago

    I call bullshit

  • iqbal kabol #012
    iqbal kabol #012 7 months ago

    Kreatif men

  • Robert Dinsmore
    Robert Dinsmore 7 months ago

    Just putting a layer of cement instead of rocks would look better and function better.

  • K Ganesh
    K Ganesh 7 months ago

    Plzzz upload this full video from starting

  • cẩm thu lâm
    cẩm thu lâm 7 months ago

    hay lắm

  • SebbyBeat
    SebbyBeat 7 months ago

    Do it for money+content and fun

  • Survival Builder
    Survival Builder 7 months ago

    This Is Amazing Building For You. Guide. You Make People Working Fast

  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly 7 months ago

    Shot using primitive survival camera!

  • さん田中
    さん田中 7 months ago

    how wonderful they are! it's really awsome.

  • Ludmila Balandina
    Ludmila Balandina 7 months ago

    How can you build like that

  • dimooopo
    dimooopo 7 months ago

    Будет весело, когда оно упадёт на них)

  • Abdymoh88 gamer
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  • Coldwire
    Coldwire 7 months ago

    when are you guys going to start the pyramids

  • niksack
    niksack 7 months ago

    Ubisoft should sponsor your video

  • Vira Lane
    Vira Lane 7 months ago

    Чувак нанял двух бедолаг, чтобы они ему строили всякую дич на заднем дворе, а он их на камеру снимал

  • jerrol buzon
    jerrol buzon 7 months ago

    what will happen to the mud if the rain comes hehehe

  • Something Lame
    Something Lame 7 months ago

    Damn nigga you crazy crazy

  • Biggie Tuna
    Biggie Tuna 7 months ago


  • Elijah Heebner
    Elijah Heebner 7 months ago

    do a behind the scenes, tell us about who does all these vids and who films them

  • Bobjob Job
    Bobjob Job 7 months ago

    Minecraft in real life

  • Ayberk Güner
    Ayberk Güner 7 months ago

    They were reached to castle age quickly.

  • Swamp Attacks
    Swamp Attacks 7 months ago +12

    Anyone else notice you never hear them talking?

      QUEEN COCO 4 months ago


    • BJ Productions
      BJ Productions 4 months ago

      Apparently they want yo make it relaxing. So yeah nothing creepy to worry!

    • Joe S
      Joe S 5 months ago


    • SuperTanYT
      SuperTanYT 7 months ago

      Yes I think we've all noticed

    • Kiti2 U
      Kiti2 U 7 months ago

      Kinda creepy huh?

  • SpeedJuice
    SpeedJuice 7 months ago

    This is the blacksmith house from Minecraft villages.

  • Verissimo Anagnostopoulos

    This one's about how to survive the fury of Jove.

  • Pitch black Terror
    Pitch black Terror 7 months ago

    They have good balance

  • adam mac
    adam mac 7 months ago

    Damn. My back hurts just watching them. Especially when he was throwing up the rocks on at a time.

  • Game For Kids
    Game For Kids 7 months ago


  • Experimental Fun
    Experimental Fun 7 months ago +25

    That's a lot of weight on that roof...

    • Beaman Robotics
      Beaman Robotics 7 months ago +2

      HomeMade Movie Scenes just a reminder that the roof it being held together with, fucking, mud

    • HomeMade Movie Scenes
      HomeMade Movie Scenes 7 months ago +3

      Experimental Fun it’s distributed so it doesn’t force down on just one part

  • Nascar10100023 !
    Nascar10100023 ! 7 months ago +2

    These guys... These guys are going to colinise the world... Eh in a good way

  • Michelle Got Locs
    Michelle Got Locs 7 months ago +1

    Now you need too cement the ceiling

  • Ali Lami
    Ali Lami 7 months ago

    where are u guys from

  • Morking
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  • 田中太郎
    田中太郎 7 months ago +1

    good job guys😁👹👽️

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 7 months ago

    In 30 years archaeologists will be wtf How did this get here?

  • lkgamesTM
    lkgamesTM 7 months ago +1

    Alguem brasil