11-Year-Old Girl Shatters Climbing Records

  • Published on Jan 23, 2013
  • 11-year-old Brooke Raboutou is a rock climbing phenom who regularly breaks world records on elite bouldering and sport climbs once thought impossible for someone her age. With two former world champion climbers for parents and coaches, Brooke's pedigree is unmatched. Now she has set her sights on pushing both herself and the climbing world to even greater heights.
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Comments • 753

  • ScratchMatch XD
    ScratchMatch XD 5 years ago +2448


  • Jacob Hancock
    Jacob Hancock 5 years ago +765

    Agreed. Human adaptiveness ftw :D

  • Matt Tarkington
    Matt Tarkington 5 years ago +1863

    anyone that frequents a local climbing gym can tell you that children are incredible climbers and that it comes easy to them. Will she continue climbing when she hits puberty and gains weight without strength and suddenly can't climb routes that used to be easy for her. I've seen quite a few child climbers quit as soon as it gets difficult.

  • Jake San
    Jake San 5 years ago +819

    Climbing isnt that hard. The way to success is dont be afraid of heights or falling if you think you fall, you will fall.

  • Camp Summit
    Camp Summit 5 years ago +508


  • brainb74
    brainb74 5 years ago +816

    Brook is a great climber with heart, she has a great view of climbing. I think that climbing is amazing as long as your having fun. When the brother tossed the gri-gri down like a coal miner tossing his pick down on the ground, it did not look like he was having fun. If you have passion for climbing you may also have a passion for other things. I love the husbands expressions.

  • SupremeDREAMZ
    SupremeDREAMZ 5 years ago +247

    Her last name is Raboutou

  • sk8erkle
    sk8erkle 5 years ago +1320

    Of course these kids are talented they started learning their talents at such young ages and most of their parents are already involved in the sports andcan afford the equipment and lessons

  • batworld1
    batworld1 5 years ago +321

    This girl's going to the top, we will hear her name for while. She just made me realize that as much as I would like to think that I'm a good climber I really suck at the sport.

    JUANITO 5 years ago +2576

    don't compare yourself to others, compare yourself from yesterday.

  • Kelsey Salmons
    Kelsey Salmons 5 years ago +136

    Thats so cool!

  • anna weber
    anna weber 5 years ago +326

    you go girl!!!

  • MrFuzzFuzz
    MrFuzzFuzz 5 years ago +198

    5.14b... good lord.

  • random3214
    random3214 5 years ago +835

    she should try out for american ninja warrior

  • Rajdev Bhagat
    Rajdev Bhagat 5 years ago +31


  • samisangel1
    samisangel1 5 years ago +55

    Wow! Amazing.. Keep it up baby.

  • WolfPresident
    WolfPresident 5 years ago +40

    Are you serious. How would they be able to do that anyway. There is a huge difference to fighting and every other sport.

  • Junder R
    Junder R 5 years ago +141

    Damn, her mom won 4 world cups ad starred on The Sopranos.

  • DavenH
    DavenH 5 years ago +28

    cool girl

  • Abby Goh
    Abby Goh 5 years ago +56

    Future ROCK princess

  • DrPurplePanda
    DrPurplePanda 5 years ago +1316

    wouldn't want to pinky wrestle her

  • Matthew Ferguson
    Matthew Ferguson 5 years ago +346

    Wow, she about my age, but wow, she is AWESOME

  • Cuberit
    Cuberit 5 years ago +22

    wow.. good job!! from israel :)

  • islamiscrap8888
    islamiscrap8888 5 years ago +36

    she is a cutie

  • parrotcar cauliflower goldfish

    Wow you r really good

  • jonathan myers
    jonathan myers 5 years ago +175

    I think climbing competitions should be divided up by weight these days. Kind of like ufc, the weight of the climber (or lack there of) is a huge advantage.

  • Lua Rodriguez
    Lua Rodriguez 5 years ago +40

    I am so inspired by her! She is awesome!

  • Freya Orange
    Freya Orange 5 years ago +46

    Yeah, I thought I was improving at climbing... Oh well...

  • Freya Orange
    Freya Orange 5 years ago +70

    Yeah, I thought I was improving... Oh well...

  • lily almond
    lily almond 5 years ago +728

    my palms are sweaty

  • Jenny Romero
    Jenny Romero 5 years ago +71

    Wow, I'd say she has competition with ashima shiraishi, both very young, same age and really talented.

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall 5 years ago +18

    She's quite a talent, the string of dynos at 3:03 are outstanding!

  • besttrollmemes
    besttrollmemes 5 years ago +158

    I have taken a lead fall and smashed my head into the rock. Helmet saved me. There are also instances in which a deck, or fall to the ground, was not fatal because of a helmet.

  • sweeterthanSWEET
    sweeterthanSWEET 5 years ago +228


  • Victoria
    Victoria 5 years ago +52

    This girl is about my age and I can just imagine her as a mountain lion, roar! 🐆

  • Stephen Crawshaw
    Stephen Crawshaw 5 years ago +4

    On you go then, do a lot of practice and let's see if you can ;)

  • Axel
    Axel 5 years ago +31

    I think with enough practice and exercise it shouldn't be hard for a child since perhaps her less weight helps her to do it easily. I don't really know. Just making an assumption

  • Awesomegriefers
    Awesomegriefers 5 years ago +8

    good thing you didnt fall

  • Awesomegriefers
    Awesomegriefers 5 years ago +12

    good thing you didnt fall!

  • ImBradBaker
    ImBradBaker 5 years ago +28

    She is going to be so good looking when she's older...

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 5 years ago +4

    That's it, I'm going to start training for the Olympics!!! O.K. not really.
    Brooke is a Rock Star with an amazing drive, Go Brooke!!!!

  • autumn9245
    autumn9245 5 years ago +38

    you would be great in ninja warrior, try it out when your older

  • Rachel Osborne
    Rachel Osborne 5 years ago +53

    Yet she was 6th at Nationals.

  • Sean lodin
    Sean lodin 5 years ago +48

    Anybody could do this with lots of practice

  • Zentria95
    Zentria95 6 years ago +12

    Anything can happen, such as rocks falling. Wearing a helmet isn't necessarily about falling off the wall.

  • Grant Van Vleet
    Grant Van Vleet 6 years ago +8

    this would be me if i had money

  • Kylorfo
    Kylorfo 6 years ago +153

    I wonder how many pull ups she can do in a row. Probably a lot.

  • He11cupid
    He11cupid 6 years ago +6

    anyone else binging on these THNKR prodigy videos hahah

  • jorge acosta
    jorge acosta 6 years ago +3

    how does she do that

  • jorge acosta
    jorge acosta 6 years ago +3

    how does she do that

  • Peter
    Peter 6 years ago +2

    her mom is also married to Tony Soprano

  • Oliver A.
    Oliver A. 6 years ago +5

    because if she would fall a helmet would be enough to save her life? When shes fallin a helmet wont help her much to survive the impact -.-

  • sandspider30
    sandspider30 6 years ago +32

    cool ...but I must say the parents must be retarded to let there little girl climb a rock face with out a helmet...????

  • Empowerment Now
    Empowerment Now 6 years ago

    No kidding, what the heck! they are pretty sweaty actually.lolz.

    KAITO.ROEMER 6 years ago +8

    she's 11? she looks my age, kinda cute

  • Maloclips
    Maloclips 6 years ago +3

    Anything with mass has gravity, even you. If you are wondering why you don't notice your own gravitational effect, its cos its cancelled out by the earth. The greater the mass, the great the gravitational force.

  • Warbaby
    Warbaby 6 years ago +1

    Don't need to go to 'All planets' to know that there is gravity...

  • Mriliketofu
    Mriliketofu 6 years ago +2

    all mass has a gravitational pull....

  • madmadmex12
    madmadmex12 6 years ago +3

    You do know how gravity works... right?

  • wolfstriked
    wolfstriked 6 years ago +4


  • Ben Arnold
    Ben Arnold 6 years ago +3

    If the rock is solid you don't need a helmet

  • alien jones
    alien jones 6 years ago +4

    Is she part Sayian?

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones 6 years ago +2

    If a planet doesn't have gravity, it is not a planet

  • Carl Neuhaus
    Carl Neuhaus 6 years ago +5

    This comment is possibly even stupider than the original

  • Cheese Gratin
    Cheese Gratin 6 years ago +3

    Have you been on "All planets"?

  • Gohot229
    Gohot229 6 years ago +4

    Bravo young Lady.... be safe

  • jamface54
    jamface54 6 years ago +8

    keep at it and your hands harden

  • K Chil
    K Chil 6 years ago +1

    Kayaked lower clear creek this morning before work. Damned if I'll ever climb it though. I don't know how they do it.

  • Kuanu Rivera
    Kuanu Rivera 6 years ago +24

    WRONG! My wife is a ER trama doctor and she has seen people come in with a slight bump to the skull that leaves them with brain damage. Many of them were climbers. The brain should always be protected, just like wearing a seat belt in a moving car.

  • Nikola Nebulus
    Nikola Nebulus 6 years ago +18

    Wow!! this is super inspirational! *pops open beer*

  • Daniel Ye
    Daniel Ye 6 years ago +1

    Your picture makes your comment even better.

  • Jessica de Groen
    Jessica de Groen 6 years ago +1

    That's amazing !! :) I want to do that toooo !! x

  • yanickd1
    yanickd1 6 years ago +4

    depends on the rock. if its a sport-climbing route and the rock is solid you dont need to wear a helmet

  • Bosstastical
    Bosstastical 6 years ago +102

    I don't care how good she is her parents should make her wear a helmet, very irresponsible as parents

  • Look5Alive
    Look5Alive 6 years ago +4


  • kzurcher1
    kzurcher1 6 years ago +3

    She is one strong 11 year old. Dayum.

  • cameron priddle
    cameron priddle 6 years ago +1

    not all

  • Brianna Pampuch
    Brianna Pampuch 6 years ago


  • OfficialIMVUMusicVid
    OfficialIMVUMusicVid 6 years ago +12

    I love girls with ambition (: Yay girls!

  • Boosting Service
    Boosting Service 6 years ago

    Dont be begrudge :))

  • Squawk VFR
    Squawk VFR 6 years ago +14

    Are anyone else's palms sweaty?

  • cmadeckofficer
    cmadeckofficer 6 years ago +3

    Thumb war anyone? I'm putting my money on the kid.

  • Monica Parra
    Monica Parra 6 years ago +2

    Impresive! Congrats and keep going up! but I find important the use of helmet for these videos with target kids and young people. Thanks!

  • Kseniya
    Kseniya 6 years ago +2

    now i know anyone can do anything

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 6 years ago +1

    Fair question. I'm sure some rock climbers here have the answer.

  • denosr1
    denosr1 6 years ago +2

    scaling walls will help them because it gives them a challenge to overcome, to focus on, instead of all the other avenues available to kids growing up in the inner city. and those other avenues are what they are at risk from (drugs, alcohol, theft, etc.) i think it's a great idea.

  • Boostaholic
    Boostaholic 6 years ago +9

    she need to me on niaja worior

  • 13jadep
    13jadep 6 years ago +10

    First of all, Brooke looks a lot healthier than most children.
    If they didn't like it, my guess is that they wouldn't climb. Doesn't look like it's not Brooke's thing, she is pushing herself. I've seen some kids doing sports only because their parents want them to, they usuall suck at it and have no motivation to succeed. Sometimes a parent's passion becomes a child's passion too, as in Brookes case. I don't see any harm in this.

  • 13jadep
    13jadep 6 years ago +2

    That wasn't so much a climbing reference as it was a hint to the first episode of game of thrones.
    Anyway, that girl is so amazing, I can't even believe it.

  • olof07
    olof07 6 years ago +2

    Then they wouldn't be climbing, duh. I don't think the mother pushes Brooke but rather she helps her push herself. She very obviously loves climbing and I just think it's great she has someone close to inspire and help her.

  • brücken pfeiler
    brücken pfeiler 6 years ago +2

    she could also be a model

  • Debzy Music
    Debzy Music 6 years ago +1

    ive been climbing for 6 months I love it!!! haha but i still need help lol and learn more techniques!! add me coz i need help lol

  • rbolo29
    rbolo29 6 years ago +41

    A small 11 year old has a small, lightweight body. No adult person can compete with that.

  • Lola Rossman
    Lola Rossman 6 years ago +2

    git it girl!!!

  • seth dove
    seth dove 6 years ago +1

    she is a rock star. dont ever give up.

  • jdulle
    jdulle 6 years ago +1

    How is she doing this

  • jdulle
    jdulle 6 years ago +1

    Ok is she on steroids or is this real?

  • Thomas Zapel
    Thomas Zapel 6 years ago +1

    this has imspierd me thank you

  • Nathan Bray
    Nathan Bray 6 years ago

    All planets have gravity even the gaseous ones.

  • D P
    D P 6 years ago +4

    Actually, gyms give kids something to do and let them get strong so they can resist bullies and gain enough self-respect to just say no to drugs. I've seen it happen. Kid gained 45 pounds of muscle at a local gym, and no one dared pick on him.