Why NELK fired their Camera Man! (TRUTH) #DramaAlert James Charles MAD!

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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  • DramaAlert
    DramaAlert  21 day ago +5529

    Woke up at 1pm cus I was up all night could not sleep. Drove to my main crib hella tired start making this video & my camera broke. Had to use a different camera shit was so dark & ugly but had to hurry & get the vid out. I upload it and it’s demonetized! Have so much bad luck lately. So after a shitty stressful day I look at see 8k likes in 5 mins & realize. Whatever. You guys fuck with me that’s all that really matters Thanks homies!

    • Hearts Love
      Hearts Love 15 hours ago

      DramaAlert you should have bleeped out the R_ped word. Even hiding the spelling onscreen is important. Drama channels blur out even less important words.

    • LIFE
      LIFE Day ago

      DramaAlert fucking get ur shit together bud, u r dumb n poor

      XXEVILHULKXX 2 days ago

      4:08 bruh

    • brian barton
      brian barton 3 days ago

      Or what??

    • Inland
      Inland 3 days ago

      @Chaoticgamer suck my dick

  • carter swink
    carter swink 2 hours ago

    this video is actually shit😂 dude IDK how you have subs you actually dident say anything important at all

  • Brodie Kent
    Brodie Kent 11 hours ago

    You’re voice is literally so annoying

  • Mr.Unknown
    Mr.Unknown 12 hours ago

    This Streaks what you came for 8:50

  • a man with tacos
    a man with tacos 13 hours ago

    Wow what an absolute terrible thing to say about somebody when you have no idea what the truth is you have learned that man's reputation and have people thinking he is a freak you are a joke sir

  • a man with tacos
    a man with tacos 13 hours ago

    Total click bait im tired of running into you

  • Connor
    Connor 18 hours ago

    I knew he didn’t leave because nelk bullied him I knew he did something to get kicked out

  • Colin Wilk
    Colin Wilk 19 hours ago

    9.0 was always kinda creepy lmao

  • Braxton Hernandez
    Braxton Hernandez Day ago +2

    Who is this guy and does he think he’s funny?

  • JesterGnome
    JesterGnome Day ago

    What's up with people getting clout and ruining it with their wieners? 🤣

  • Juan Calderon
    Juan Calderon Day ago +1

    Keemstar is racist that is all

  • jackie chan
    jackie chan Day ago

    ill fight him

  • L G
    L G Day ago

    What a shit video

  • L G
    L G Day ago

    This dude is annoying af

  • BaKu wiTSaUcE
    BaKu wiTSaUcE Day ago

    If Jake Paul think he could beat Faze Sensei than he is high

  • ChiefBeanz
    ChiefBeanz Day ago

    They prolly kicked him for fucking there sisters lmao...

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Day ago

    I mean I’m not mad at the stuff he’s saying just be quiet gnome go back to the garden

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Day ago

    Be quiet gnome

  • Jaime Castillo
    Jaime Castillo 2 days ago

    Racist motherfucker

  • John Powers
    John Powers 2 days ago +1

    Who wouldn’t want to see jake Paul get beaten.

  • Kushblowing420
    Kushblowing420 2 days ago +1

    905 is now persuing his Porn career 😂🤣

  • Brenden Reader
    Brenden Reader 2 days ago +1

    Lol it’s good to hide from criminals or be a criminal

  • Cash Genesis
    Cash Genesis 3 days ago +11

    Hé looks like the kind of guy to do that no offwnce😭😭

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 3 days ago

    Im from the future. Ksi wins the fight.

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez 3 days ago +1

    Where are the boys at

  • douglas smith
    douglas smith 3 days ago

    9-0 a virgin fr

  • Stephen Van Zant
    Stephen Van Zant 3 days ago +1


  • Criptin
    Criptin 4 days ago

    Who else skipped the stupid bullshit at the beginning of the video?

  • Nicky Butcher
    Nicky Butcher 5 days ago


  • LùKéæ
    LùKéæ 5 days ago +1

    Thumbs down for all the useless cuntface talk for 6:35 minutes before getting to the point of the video ffs

  • Jackson Dark
    Jackson Dark 5 days ago

    I wish keemstar would fall of the face of the earth

  • J Carl
    J Carl 5 days ago

    Holy shit 905

  • Kevin Leon
    Kevin Leon 5 days ago

    I fw NELK but their disrespectful people in general. What they decided to do I respect, especially for that reason.

  • Oscar Macias
    Oscar Macias 6 days ago

    Doesnt drama alert use fake phone calls

  • Tom Moroz
    Tom Moroz 6 days ago

    The title of the video is why 905 got fired yet you talk about TVclip boxing for 7 fuckin minutes. U suck dick at this job u should quit

  • Construction ginger
    Construction ginger 6 days ago

    This is extremely sad to see 88k people like a video on a rumor and trash 905. Like all those videos on the uprise of nelk he made that shit happen for us tbh nelk won’t be the same without him just gonna end up like the people on jackass washed up druggies in a few years. The channel and it’s content went to shit as soon as Steve joined the group

  • Construction ginger
    Construction ginger 6 days ago +1

    This is by far the stupidest video in my life if you seriously believe this douchebag trashing on 9’0 on some bullshit rumors. Like bro do you even watch there videos 9’0 was putting up with Steve Jesse Kyle all being dickheads on camera can only imagine what it was like off camera. Plain and simple he lost his job because they needed better editing. So 9’0 lost his job and was basically just there taking up space and he’s a intervert so he’s not gonna fit in with pranks. So go 🖕🏻yourself for some bullshit you know nothing about for fame

  • Construction ginger
    Construction ginger 6 days ago

    Skip to 6:24 to watch the reason we clicked

  • Reed Collins
    Reed Collins 6 days ago

    Cmon killer keemstar get out there and fight someone too lol

  • Tom Corey
    Tom Corey 6 days ago

    what is the intense music at the beginning called?

  • Luke R
    Luke R 6 days ago

    People who care about youtubers are lames

    KILLERMONj87 6 days ago

    video starts at 6:30

  • Mfhairstream
    Mfhairstream 6 days ago

    shooter is now Vitaly cameraman. earning the big bucks

  • PurePwnage Gaming
    PurePwnage Gaming 6 days ago

    Loooool ik one of the tings that caught a pic

  • drixppp
    drixppp 6 days ago

    he sent nudes underaged

  • Akash kharat
    Akash kharat 7 days ago

    Go to 8:45

  • Chase Birkeland
    Chase Birkeland 7 days ago

    well that’s why he’s the camera man

  • makia braa
    makia braa 7 days ago +1

    Skip to 6:34 like to save everyone time.

  • Bengaber
    Bengaber 7 days ago +2

    7:47 Acomplishmish

  • Jasper
    Jasper 7 days ago

    so basically he’s horny lmao

    I PEE IN POOLS 7 days ago

    So thats why they call him 905 Shooter. 😯

  • exoticnoise46636
    exoticnoise46636 7 days ago

    Talk about a "Full send shooter" and he likes them young. Pulled from Walmart to a multi million dollar job, now unemployed. Some chicks don't want dick pics and vids no matter how famous you are...

  • Incomprehensible Universe

    Big deal 😂😂 lmao everyone cares about their “brand” so fucking much

  • Ian Cassady
    Ian Cassady 7 days ago +1

    Lol oh 9-0 I never liked u anyways 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Construction ginger
      Construction ginger 6 days ago

      Ian Cassady fuck you bro 9’0 was the person who made the edits and got the shots on all the rise of fame for nelk give credit where it’s due

  • rudy nosa
    rudy nosa 8 days ago

    Fk this shit.when does the 9-0 part start

  • Britten Miller
    Britten Miller 8 days ago +8

    If you clicked for the Title.

  • Chase Magersupp
    Chase Magersupp 8 days ago

    Dillon Danis would murder Jake

  • Connor Chandler
    Connor Chandler 8 days ago


  • jaquel burdine
    jaquel burdine 8 days ago

    I keep checking they still haven’t dropped shit 😭

    DANGER DUCK 8 days ago

    905 was a dick head he deserved what he got. He always sucked because he looks like he never wanted to be there