Recreating My FIRST Makeup Tutorial! | Jackie Aina

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    Hi guys! Today I'll be recreating one of my very first makeup tutorials. WHAT a difference 7 years makes! I'll be reacting to one of my first makeup tutorials and showing you the modern way I would create the look. There are lots of laughs, lots of tears, and lots of blending! Enjoy!

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    Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
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  • kweenadafool
    kweenadafool Hour ago

    And look at you now. Those lows make the highs even better. Proud of you. But I laugh at how much you used to gush over glitter eyeshadow 😂

  • TipsbyTiffani
    TipsbyTiffani 4 hours ago

    your makeup look looks like that one boujee aunt that comes to the family reunions tipsy lmao

  • moni23me
    moni23me 8 hours ago

    I actually loved this look 😍😍 but I also thought you were married still sooooo 🤷🤷🤷

  • HelloMyFavoriteVids
    HelloMyFavoriteVids 8 hours ago

    I like this look on you tho! 😍😍

  • Kendal Borison
    Kendal Borison 9 hours ago

    Can you please do a review of the Cat's pajamas palette?

  • Jaimie Mitchell
    Jaimie Mitchell 11 hours ago

    How is it that you look even younger now than you did then? MAGIC

  • Jeneca Nicole
    Jeneca Nicole 13 hours ago

    This was so inspiring! Thank you for being you!

  • Alice Thorn
    Alice Thorn 14 hours ago

    In all honesty, YOU look beautiful in everything with anything on :p

  • MegNaturally
    MegNaturally 14 hours ago

    I remember those days!!! You and I think NitraB are the two YouTubers I've been following the longest! I love the growth. Keep inspiring. You have such a beautiful spirit. May your channel continue to prosper and bring joy, laughter, and encouragement to all. Much love and blessings to you Jackie! 😘❤💙💚

  • TattooLoveXX
    TattooLoveXX 15 hours ago

    Your face shape looks so different.
    In the old video you look more like an oval shape.
    Now your more rounded or diamond

  • Sharlene Wharff
    Sharlene Wharff 16 hours ago

    Oh you actually look younger! I think it's a fun and energetic look...fabulous honey....fabulous

  • marlene ayala
    marlene ayala 17 hours ago

    I love your sponsorship videos and all your videos in general, you know how to make video good !!!

  • Jennifer Cooke
    Jennifer Cooke 17 hours ago

    Bless you Jackie

  • Sabria Campbell
    Sabria Campbell 18 hours ago

    This really speaks to me 💗

  • Dara K. Fulton
    Dara K. Fulton 18 hours ago

    Loving this look Jackie!!!!! ❤❤❤❤😚😗😙 As a small youtuber you inspire makes me feel like my journey is worth it. Thank you and congrats on your success!

  • Cid Even
    Cid Even 19 hours ago

    Jackie you made me cry too!! I feel you, and im happy for you. Bless!!

  • Conner lee Carey
    Conner lee Carey 19 hours ago

    needed to hear this today. <3 thanks as always, Jackie.

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  • Amoure Jones
    Amoure Jones 20 hours ago

    You know Jackie I've found that so many people who started back then started YouTube as a therapeutic platform. I too started my channel (which is now dismantled) almost 9 years ago to help me get through what I was going through [so I truly understand]. It's a blessing that you can see where you were and how far you've come: spiritually, mentally , emotionally , physically and skillfully. Blessings to you always my love <3

  • Rumbidzai Moyo
    Rumbidzai Moyo 20 hours ago

    Wondering if I’m played because I still love and use some of those MAC products. Lmao. I use other brands too but I def still use MAC too

  • cj wins
    cj wins 21 hour ago

    Jackie I just discovered you but I feel like I've known you forever! Love your videos. You taught me a lot!

  • kayla van
    kayla van 22 hours ago

    Những h các bạn trẻ có thể được dùng để chỉ

  • BayouBookSlayer
    BayouBookSlayer Day ago

    I remember your old vlogs.

  • Aj Anthony
    Aj Anthony Day ago

    Broke my heart seeing you cry 😢 love you aunty Jackie 💜

  • Zaz
    Zaz Day ago

    I absolutely love your channel. I think you are amazing!

  • Rai Cid
    Rai Cid Day ago

    Review the fenty galaxy collection!!!!

  • Tamara Joseph
    Tamara Joseph Day ago

    Lord I didn't think I've been watching you for so long. I totally forgot your YouTube name was different back then. 😂 I was looking foolish because I couldn't afford MAC. But I have learned and I'm popping now because of you.

  • Brylee Lynn
    Brylee Lynn Day ago

    Jackie you are bad asf sis yes. 😍

  • BluDrop5
    BluDrop5 Day ago

    Beat for the Orange County Fair...😂

  • Diana Peralta
    Diana Peralta Day ago

    This video was so inspiring seriously you must hear that a lot but you are one of the best examples of starting from the bottom eight years later and you’re killing the YouTube game and motivating girls like me to be creative and express themselves through makeup and video thank you so much for keeping it real and giving me the inspiration to start my own channel from a real fan!

  • McKenzie McDonald

    When I clicked on this video I didn't expect to feel inspired to keep going. These past few months I have been at an all time low. I have felt like I didn't matter to anyone and that it wouldn't make much of a difference if I was gone. Thank you for being honest about how you've grown and how you have become the strong woman you are today. What you said has truly left me thinking that maybe it is worth it.

  • At Home with Riana Anaïs

    388 people have funky breath 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  • katherine violette

    girl I have been watching you and a few others since the BEGINNING and it's been so great to watch you grow! You really are an inspiration, and it's awesome to think about how we've helped you through some tough times and you've helped all of us too! lots of love

  • Leslie McWaters
    Leslie McWaters Day ago

    I love you. You are just so wonderful. I'm happy that your journey brought you to a healthier and happier place.

  • Brooke Mckinly
    Brooke Mckinly Day ago

    love u

  • Danielle Brown
    Danielle Brown Day ago

    what camera do you use ?

  • sarah stella
    sarah stella Day ago

    Thank you Auntie Jackie! Omg when Jackie said she was 22 and that at 22 you don't have to have everything figured out I stated crying. Right now I'm 22 and I'm really going through so badly that my body is feeling. Hopefully I'll be able to look back at this and feel the way she does.

  • Kaviena Waltz
    Kaviena Waltz Day ago

    But this look ain’t bad! You stay slaying 😭😍😍

  • Jude I
    Jude I Day ago

    "But I've since then changed my antics"

  • Kibibi La Vie
    Kibibi La Vie Day ago

    Awww I remember your lilpumpkin days. Wow time flies.

  • Jabou
    Jabou Day ago

    I remember watching these videos in high school! Thank you for your transparency!! 😘😘😘

  • casey m
    casey m Day ago

    LOVE the throwback, so yummy!  Like bubblegum yummy - not too hoochy, like my daughter better not leave my house like this BUT yessssss.  Even now.  This is fabulous!  :)  Best with the highlight as well...

  • Dolphins life
    Dolphins life Day ago +1

    I like this better than the original one.

  • rscnails
    rscnails Day ago

    Girl, you crazy. "come get daddy look" I ♥ it. Congratulations on 8yrs may God bless you with many more. What skin tone shouldn't wear black lipstick?
    My skin tone crayola brown.
    I love matte lipsticks.

  • Nia Simpson
    Nia Simpson Day ago

    You didn’t do the theme song

  • GlamourGirl 427
    GlamourGirl 427 Day ago

    I love you Jackie!!!! 💕🙌🏾

  • Sara
    Sara Day ago

    Jackie do a review for the E.l.f active line! !

  • Amina Yahaya
    Amina Yahaya Day ago

    girl i needed this video

  • Abratasas : w
    Abratasas : w Day ago


  • Rowan Siddig
    Rowan Siddig Day ago


  • Denyse Asante
    Denyse Asante Day ago


  • Reese Marie
    Reese Marie Day ago

    Wow it's amazing how makeup can look dated. That look is pretty but soooo dated. Reminds me of the Destiny's Child days. Great job Jackie!

  • Nylle Graham
    Nylle Graham Day ago

    Can we talk about how Jackie doesn’t age?

  • MrsSchargois
    MrsSchargois Day ago

    Jackie you amazing! Thank you for making me drop a tear! Bless your journey! 😍

  • faithscurls
    faithscurls Day ago

    You put me on Mac. That stud pencil 🙌🏾, you couldn’t tell me nothing lol

  • Dudliey Potter
    Dudliey Potter Day ago

    this video is terrible. this channel is trash. if your face isn't completely lacquered, you are painful to look at

  • Eiari18
    Eiari18 Day ago

    Can you make a video about the Femstache. I want to know the best ways to get rid of it and how you get rid of yours (sorry if you don't actually have one but I think I remember you mentioning it) I want to just shave it but not sure.

  • Chrysteene_
    Chrysteene_ Day ago

    LOVE YOU 😭❤️ I feel so guilty for still loving Mac foundation over a lot of other brands I've tried 😩

  • Shamera J
    Shamera J Day ago

    It's cuteeee . It's updated & the quality of things has changed. Literally everything. 🙏🏽🙏🏽😍😍😍👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. I remember lol 😂

  • Ines Eberena
    Ines Eberena Day ago


  • Nila N. Brown
    Nila N. Brown Day ago

    Yes, black, pink and purple was the thing for dark girls back in the day. Your insane humor is one of the reasons why I love watching your videos, but your humbleness is breathtaking. Keep doing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your private side...

  • Melissa Fleury
    Melissa Fleury Day ago

    I truly appreciate your transparency. So inspiring ❣️

  • Kimberly Haines
    Kimberly Haines Day ago

    I live this look. You look beautiful

  • SheWent.There
    SheWent.There Day ago

    You are such an inspiration. I love watching your videos!

  • kuan Gray
    kuan Gray Day ago

    Do a favorite fall lipstick video

  • kuan Gray
    kuan Gray Day ago

    Love the look ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • NaturallyTatted
    NaturallyTatted Day ago

    Jackie I absolutely loved this video and the message behind it! Your an inspiration we love you!

  • Tiffanie McMillan

    I remember Hawaii Jackie. I've been following since the beginning. And I knew back then, that you were a star

  • Lady Usagi
    Lady Usagi Day ago

    Girl I’m feeling those Beyonce vibes.

    Jackie you are amazing. I’ve been following for about 6 years myself and you’ve been so humble this whole time.

    I love you! Congratulations ❤️💖

  • JessicaaNicholett

    Jackie Ik you say you no longer use the Sudio Fix Fluid anymore but it really does look flawless on you! I love you girl keep up the good work!

  • Farrah Eccles
    Farrah Eccles Day ago

    Love you, baby girl! You are a testimony.

  • Tee_LaShawn
    Tee_LaShawn Day ago

    I Love this refresh! It was such a joy to watch and listen to how much you have evolved😍 tfs!

  • Cookies Glam
    Cookies Glam Day ago

    Wow growth ❤️💜👏🏽

  • Cookies Glam
    Cookies Glam Day ago

    Wow growth ❤️💜👏🏽

  • Schirin Shaza
    Schirin Shaza Day ago

    8 years and still going strong ❤️. You inspire me to be the best I can be and I hope you carry on 🙌🏽💗🙌🏽

  • Sectra Okundaye
    Sectra Okundaye Day ago

    AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT EXPECTS THE JACKIE THEM SONG IN THE BEGINNING OF EVERY VIDEO? ( Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie) lol love it !

  • Unique Johnson
    Unique Johnson Day ago

    I love to see growth! Keep progressing ❤️ are those press ons on your nails

  • AnneMarie Cruz
    AnneMarie Cruz Day ago

    Props to listerine for the sample and actually doin the resarch on your old video!!!!

  • Alyssa Ross
    Alyssa Ross 2 days ago

    OMG I LOVE THIS JACKIE!!! I was a lil pumpkinpie05-er, i remeber the Kuwait days! 💖💖💖

  • Tashayla Thompkins
    Tashayla Thompkins 2 days ago

    Who's chopping onions??!

  • Tashayla Thompkins
    Tashayla Thompkins 2 days ago

    Girl that look ain't that bad !!!!

  • Frances Alvarado
    Frances Alvarado 2 days ago

    Loved this look from the new hair style which by the way is probably the best and most flattering look I've seen you with. And this make-up look makes you're eyes pop, which I love, you can pull off almost any look with those big eyes. 😉

  • Sri Sakti Manogaran
    Sri Sakti Manogaran 2 days ago


  • Swan182
    Swan182 2 days ago

    I love you girl. You are a treasure. Thank you for being open with us. I'm so glad to follow you, you're REAL.

  • Charlotte D
    Charlotte D 2 days ago

    "Until you add foundation and concealer you will literally look like Voldemort" 😂

  • Catelynn Jxox
    Catelynn Jxox 2 days ago

    lowkey living for this looookk lmao slayed it jackie jackie jackie 🤑♥️

  • Matthew Hamilton
    Matthew Hamilton 2 days ago

    I feel like youre about to walk into the BGC house and fight Natalie. Throw it ALL THE WAY BACK lol. Slay, as usual.

  • MileeMilanii
    MileeMilanii 2 days ago

    Omg lilpumpkinpie05 days!!! 😭😭😭 I'm so proud of your journey and how you've come!!!!

  • Tai Skye
    Tai Skye 2 days ago

    I’m loving this video Jackie 😘

  • Chloe Hill
    Chloe Hill 2 days ago

    OG lilpumpkinpie!!! I def miss watching you apply mascara to your natural lashes. Loved this video and love you more ❤️

  • Tiea Alexander
    Tiea Alexander 2 days ago

    i neede this today

  • Anesia Le'Nell
    Anesia Le'Nell 2 days ago

    Have you tried the huda beauty foundation?

  • Blanche DuBois
    Blanche DuBois 2 days ago

    This was an amazing and surprisingly uplifting and encouraging video! Congrats on all of your accomplishments Jackie. I'm encouraged to put a bold refresh on my life!
    No listerine though! lmao =)

  • Qubilah Harden
    Qubilah Harden 2 days ago

    You killed it. I love the lip. The eyes are a bit dark for me. I’m 40 so I know I shouldn’t do it.

    BATOOST 2 days ago

    JACKIIIIIEEEE!!!!! This video broke me, you're so beautiful and wonderful and inspirational and talented and intelligent and I cant believe I've only just found your channel 4 months or so ago. Thank you xo

  • Melissa Orozco
    Melissa Orozco 2 days ago

    yeah, that was the look those days

  • xCheriiHaruka
    xCheriiHaruka 2 days ago

    we need challenge video with folake! spicy noodle challenge, folake does your makeup blindfolded!

  • Victoria Ward
    Victoria Ward 2 days ago

    Jackie Aina, Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had.

  • Ni Ni
    Ni Ni 2 days ago

    Can you do a review on the new FENTY Galaxy Collection? I’m just more worried bout how the palette looks like than the lipsticks 😭😭❤️❤️

  • ASparkleross
    ASparkleross 2 days ago

    Girl you doin the whole most here! Lol. Still beautiful though, and congrats on the eight years, personal development, your contributions to this brown girl (and other girls) beauty world, and success! <3