Treasure Hunting In Worlds Most Populated Spring!! (interesting finds)

  • Published on May 19, 2018
  • We treasure hunt one of the worlds most populated natural springs and recover some incredible finds! New? Subscribe and help me reach 600K Subscribers!!
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    Finding Treasure HIDDEN Under old Rocks!! (New Treasure)
    Pranking Dallmyd with Metal Detector (Giant blue hole)
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    Treasure Hunting In Worlds Most Populated Spring!! (interesting finds)
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  • Yosiyah Carter
    Yosiyah Carter 2 days ago

    There was a turtle at 5:32

  • Brownies channel 101

    My friend said there is a city in candlewood under 60 feet

  • Matthew Gilstrap
    Matthew Gilstrap 4 days ago

    Do you ever have to go in a store and you have to tern the volume done and have to re which the vid like if happens

  • Andrew Batista
    Andrew Batista 5 days ago

    Ginnie springs nice place for have fan
    Bora bora bora Brasil

  • Neonic Khaos
    Neonic Khaos 6 days ago

    I need to know have you ever been tempted to grab someone's leg, hit someone's tube, or come out of the water screaming

  • caleb peacock
    caleb peacock 7 days ago

    Was that a fish egg

  • Laërtu
    Laërtu 9 days ago

    Do you take the trash and garbage out of the water?.. if you do.. Thank You!.. if you don't, maybe you could..please?

  • Video God
    Video God 9 days ago

    At 4:31 who else saw the black square that looked like a laptop

  • Video God
    Video God 9 days ago +2

    At 1:54 the music was perfect to the high 5

  • Jacob Tiger
    Jacob Tiger 10 days ago

    5:02 lol that's funny

  • Alex Hussey
    Alex Hussey 11 days ago

    *tries to use lighter underwater*
    me: excuse me what the fuck

  • Zandey27
    Zandey27 11 days ago +1

    I thought the world's most populated spring is Winter Springs

  • Fati Messameh
    Fati Messameh 12 days ago


  • Otis Solder
    Otis Solder 12 days ago

    You are findin stuff that is so cool i love you guys 😂😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Fthis 3hit
    Fthis 3hit 12 days ago

    Looks like pipi

  • Kayla Furrow
    Kayla Furrow 12 days ago

    Go to rocky spring its really nice

  • Viper GamingYT
    Viper GamingYT 12 days ago

    1:07 THICC

  • pigeon of the universe

    5:31 Just gonna ignore the turtle?

  • Artis Rumph
    Artis Rumph 14 days ago

    Egg abuse lol

  • krusty crab head chef
    krusty crab head chef 14 days ago

    You should sell the cool things you find and some like sunglasses

  • steven bogarty
    steven bogarty 15 days ago

    LMFAOOOO 😂😂😂 started dying when you broke that egg

  • catnthehat
    catnthehat 16 days ago

    To check if sunglasses are polarized just hold up 2 pairs (one which you know is polarized) and rotate. If they block light then the are both polarized. If they dont then it isn't polarized.

  • Mango Husky
    Mango Husky 16 days ago

    5:31 that’s a thicc turtle

  • Emmanuel Lopez
    Emmanuel Lopez 16 days ago

    Where is this

  • epicjack superstar
    epicjack superstar 17 days ago

    stop you past my iPhone X NOOOOO

  • unicorn love
    unicorn love 17 days ago

    That was a fish egg poor baby fish

  • Mr Beat your kids
    Mr Beat your kids 18 days ago +1

    Imagine how much people peed that water...

  • bogdan banovic
    bogdan banovic 18 days ago


  • Lala Love
    Lala Love 18 days ago +2

    When he giggles and swims after a fish😂😂

  • Izzy Boyce
    Izzy Boyce 18 days ago

    Please don’t break fertile eggs 😭😭😭😭

  • Flower Flilla
    Flower Flilla 18 days ago

    At 5:31 was it just me or was that a turtle??? 🐢

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes 18 days ago

    Half the video chasing fish around

  • WildTripp
    WildTripp 19 days ago

    Your near Gainesville

  • Cool Ninja Games and Vlogs

    Love your vids keep up the good work 😃

  • Alyssa Thompson
    Alyssa Thompson 19 days ago

    That was a snake egg 🥚 you popped

  • Brett Lindstrom
    Brett Lindstrom 19 days ago

    What did you expect to happen to that egg.

  • auryianna mccoy
    auryianna mccoy 19 days ago

    His hands at 6:54-6:55

  • Julian Piz
    Julian Piz 20 days ago

    5:03 lol

  • tkmudcrew hondarancher2016

    the egg part had me dying 😂😂😂

  • Jake Morava
    Jake Morava 20 days ago

    At 4:13 in the vid

  • Jake Morava
    Jake Morava 20 days ago

    There was a box in the river

  • Rishik lal
    Rishik lal 20 days ago

    I would like to join with you guys..

  • Crash bandicoot
    Crash bandicoot 20 days ago

    You guys are so awesome I'm so hook on watching your guys videos

  • Layrod Layrod
    Layrod Layrod 21 day ago

    5:03 had me dead😂 awesome video

  • Eraldi. Sh.
    Eraldi. Sh. 21 day ago

    5:03 ahahahahahha

  • Colton Wheeler
    Colton Wheeler 21 day ago

    Anyone else se the turtle 5:21?

  • KittyNoir PuppyNoir
    KittyNoir PuppyNoir 22 days ago

    Finds egg
    Me: DUDE! Oh my gosh that's awesome
    Tries to pop egg
    Me: uhhh buddy whatcha doin
    Bangs it against rock
    Me: Dudddeeee
    Gives up
    Me: phew
    Pops egg
    Can anyone tell me why?

  • Colton Woods
    Colton Woods 22 days ago

    "If I wasn't playing with this lil fish I could've found that phone!"

  • Colton Woods
    Colton Woods 22 days ago

    I stopped breathing when he popped the egg 😂😂😂😂

  • Esmeraldo Rocha
    Esmeraldo Rocha 22 days ago

    I grew up going there

  • Fortnite BoyLuis
    Fortnite BoyLuis 22 days ago

    If he didn’t crack the egg there would be a movie on "the lost egg”

  • Phillip Nguyen
    Phillip Nguyen 24 days ago

    Lol 4:56

  • AH Cire CF
    AH Cire CF 25 days ago

    4:52 hahaha egg rolls

  • IQ.v15ions
    IQ.v15ions 26 days ago

    Wait do you breath underwater or do u bring like and oxygen tank

  • YDD_ Savages
    YDD_ Savages 29 days ago

    Did he even notice the big turtle 5:32

  • Qriqit Gaming
    Qriqit Gaming 29 days ago

    that egg was a turtle egg or alligator egg

  • Penelope Weston
    Penelope Weston Month ago

    I suggest you go to sharks cove in Hawaii,I found a gold ring there scuba diving 🤑

  • Patrick Hval
    Patrick Hval Month ago

    I’ve watched the part with the egg about 50 times and still laugh my ass off every time

  • Kami Johnson
    Kami Johnson Month ago

    5:32 there’s a turtle under you

  • pizzpug vlogs
    pizzpug vlogs Month ago

    That egg hat a baby turtle in it

  • Toure Wayne
    Toure Wayne Month ago

    Where is this

  • A little bit of everything 97

    Is there gold in the river?

  • Su Con
    Su Con Month ago +1

    Where is this?

  • 【Pleasingly aesthetic 】

    That egg was gross haha!

  • Ronaldo 7T
    Ronaldo 7T Month ago

    I bet they were so close to the phone but they just missed by a millimetre 😥

  • bkob jackson
    bkob jackson Month ago

    I sell drugs at ginnie

  • Marty Res
    Marty Res Month ago

    Is this Florida?

  • Shaun Copper
    Shaun Copper Month ago

    Am my the only one who saw that turtle

  • Natalie
    Natalie Month ago

    5:31 you just passed the damn turtle without tickeling it :(

  • Auto Savage101
    Auto Savage101 Month ago

    Is that an air mattress 0:57

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera Month ago

    Where's the beautiful place?

    CALEB PERKINS Month ago

    Scubba diving has been one of the biggest dreams of my life. I was so passionate about getting my chance to make this dream come true. Unfortunately tragedy hit when I was 14 causing me to not be able to follow this dream. Long story short I was rushed into emergency surgery and the long painful process of recovery for a year after. That was not the end come to find myself having to go through so many more manipulations and several more corrective surgeries preventing me from being able to even swim. So needless to say your videos give me so much joy as it's the closest I'm gonna get to actually diving unless a miracle happens

  • GamerBaseHD
    GamerBaseHD Month ago

    I would go there sit in a bush where no oje will see me and masturbate

  • Sam Winkel
    Sam Winkel Month ago

    5:32 there was a turtle just chilling there haha

  • Savannah Delouise
    Savannah Delouise Month ago

    Tristan is the yanny channel

  • gasdive
    gasdive Month ago

    I was warned by locals that people 'find' your stage bottles if you leave them in the light zone of the cave. I was like WUT? But now I can see it would happen.

  • Mrs Joker16
    Mrs Joker16 Month ago

    Its crazy how close i live to this spring (and have lived my whole life) and have never been to it 😂

  • Ferret Ice cream
    Ferret Ice cream Month ago +1

    0:58 wait wait wait is that a air mattress?!?!


    Abortion starts at 4:56

  • Dave Ewing
    Dave Ewing Month ago

    Anybody ignore the fact he tried to light a lighter under water?😂😂

  • Areor Marak
    Areor Marak Month ago

    Trash not treasure

  • Manny Ruiz
    Manny Ruiz Month ago

    Tristan is such a freaking cutie😍

  • Scott Bott
    Scott Bott Month ago

    Big ass turtle

  • Daniel Shelest
    Daniel Shelest Month ago

    You broke an alligator egg asshole

  • SkyTheGuy 8890
    SkyTheGuy 8890 Month ago

    There was a turtle at 5:31

  • K & C Network
    K & C Network Month ago +9

    Jordan: *tries to pet fish*
    Fish: NOT TODAY
    Fish: *swims away*
    Jordan: *finds weird egg*
    Jordan: *tries to crack egg*
    Jordan: *fails*
    Egg: *explodes*
    Jordan: AHHHH
    Jordan: *tries to pet another fish*
    Jordan: *pets another fish*
    Fish: NOOOO
    Jordan: AHHH

  • Swat Kats
    Swat Kats Month ago

    Lol the egg! Fucking moron

  • Jay berdos
    Jay berdos Month ago

    What a beautiful fucking water

  • Disser ™
    Disser ™ Month ago


  • Tay Vlogs
    Tay Vlogs Month ago

    It looks just like my PE teacher which is a compliment b/c he’s hot and there personalities are the same and there both named Jordan so it’s rly weird

  • Jayden.RivalGaming
    Jayden.RivalGaming Month ago

    7:00 naughty boy

  • The DarK LsP
    The DarK LsP Month ago

    You are murderer 5:00

  • Matias Forsman
    Matias Forsman Month ago

    buy an ultrasonic cleaner to clean those sunglasses

  • Danilo Stojanovic
    Danilo Stojanovic Month ago

    Koliko ovaj lik lici na kimi's life-a

  • Salty Lemon
    Salty Lemon Month ago

    5:00 Did you just get scared by an egg popping?

  • KillerKlown690
    KillerKlown690 Month ago

    I find it awesome and creepy how the water looks lol it's so beautiful in there

  • Paul Braz
    Paul Braz Month ago

    Why would you break the egg fuckin retard

  • idrees attar
    idrees attar Month ago

    Did you jus try to light that lighter in water..

  • Unknown Heights ッ
    Unknown Heights ッ Month ago +1

    5:03 wtf haha

  • Vlog With Rog
    Vlog With Rog Month ago

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