Serbian Travel Tips #4.... Serbian Male Names

  • Published on Feb 24, 2015
  • Explaining the most common male names in Serbia and how to pronounce them.
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  • Jovan Manojlović
    Jovan Manojlović 2 months ago

    Charles really surprised there’s no jovan for an especially because it’s like the Michael in the Balkan world

  • Sipraga Milos
    Sipraga Milos 6 months ago

    where is Marko and Milos

  • Fuhrer Fox
    Fuhrer Fox Year ago

    you forgot one name Božidar!

  • numA
    numA Year ago

    my name is vojislav xd

    • numA
      numA Year ago

      Ma super ti ide druze :D

    • Charles Cather
      Charles Cather  Year ago +1

      Hard name to pronounce, buraz :)

  • Habib Zukheir al Srbi bin Sabrathi

    Uros is one of the oldest names in the history and originates from Persia and means Lord of Fire

  • The Drevar
    The Drevar Year ago

    I like how you wrote Urosh but you wrote Milos XDDD

  • Srbi
    Srbi Year ago

    you forgot Vlada

  • Whiteagle456
    Whiteagle456 2 years ago

    My name is there nice but I think Lazar is also a great name

  • Datyah
    Datyah 2 years ago

    Nikola is also male :D

  • Aleksa Janic
    Aleksa Janic 2 years ago +4

    Look at my name it ends with "a" but it can only be a boy name. Usually when i play games strangers say "oh look theres a girl in our team" because they pronounce it wrong, and im like whatever man...

  • Brando Bojanic
    Brando Bojanic 2 years ago

    the -Ljub ending is much more common than the -Oje and -In endings charles.
    In fact -os -oje -in and -an are medieval nicknames for the original pure Serbian names.
    -ko are more recent nicknames
    Pure Serbian names only have 4 endings : -Mir, -Slav, -Ljub, -Voje, Mir means peaceful, Slav means glorius, Ljub means lover, Voje, means warrior
    These are all interchangeable, thus Mirivoje, Vojimir, Miroslav, Slavomir, Miroljub, Ljubomir
    Branko is a nickname of Branislav, Branimir or Branivoje etc, Boban is just a nickname for Slobodan, which itself is an older nickname of archaic Slobomir
    -osh - an -in are just slavic adjective suffixes, so if someone is Milomir, his natural nick name in olden times with be Milos Milojko Miloje or Milan, and today would be shortened even more to Misho, Mishko, Miki or Milo.

  • Nebojsa Bukvic
    Nebojsa Bukvic 2 years ago


  • zig zag 061
    zig zag 061 2 years ago

    drag is dear

  • Marko Milivojevic
    Marko Milivojevic 2 years ago +2

    Most of the names are old ones... You forgot modern names, such as Nikola, Luka, Aleksa and old ones that are still popular, like Marko, Dušan, Danilo, Stefan, Bogdan, Lazar...

  • Strahinja Ivanovic
    Strahinja Ivanovic 2 years ago

    and wheres strahinja?

  • jokergang aleks
    jokergang aleks 2 years ago

    you forgot aleks name

  • Dusan Sedlan
    Dusan Sedlan 3 years ago +1

    Charles,this video is really good.But you forgot one name :).I think this name had the biggest history,that name is Dušan.Because: During the reign of Emperor Dušan, Serbia had the largest territory. In the Cyrilic it is: Душан

  • Mila Vanila
    Mila Vanila 3 years ago

    Djuradj (male), Djurdja (female)And we also have a lot of western names, but we are writhing them in phonetic way, like:
    Dajana (my name, female, Diana or Dayana)

  • Stefke_99
    Stefke_99 3 years ago +2

    Charles you forgot Stefan it's te name with bih history

    • Dusan Sedlan
      Dusan Sedlan 3 years ago

      +Stefan Kešišjan Hahahaa procitaj komentar sto si napisao.U prevodu: Ne,dusan je drugi car dusan je Car Stefan Dusan

    • Stefke_99
      Stefke_99 3 years ago

      +Dusan Sedlan Nope dusan is second car dusan je bio Car Stefan Dusan

    • Dusan Sedlan
      Dusan Sedlan 3 years ago

      But Dusan is more powerful and it have bigger history,you know...

  • Nemanja Popovic
    Nemanja Popovic 3 years ago

    hey my name is nemanja popovic
    btw charles u are one of the only guys that want to stay in serbia when they come from america,canada or any bigger countryes

    • Charles Cather
      Charles Cather  3 years ago +1

      +Nemanja Popovic Hi Nemanja... Hope you are doing great. :) I do enjoy your country

  • Djordje Andjelkovic
    Djordje Andjelkovic 3 years ago

    How you will say Djordje? :D

  • mangokittti
    mangokittti 3 years ago

    Lots of close Family friends names were better tho. Like neša, siniša, nebuša. Fun names!

  • mangokittti
    mangokittti 3 years ago

    My dads name is Slobodan (his nickname was boba or boban tho). Uncle is zoran (nickname kiza). Great grandpas name was Milan. My other uncle is named nikola and my grandfather is saša. Pretty boring names lmao

  • Vule
    Vule 3 years ago

    Really great youtuber :D
    PS u forgot names like : Vukasin, Aleksa, Filip, Miljan, Luka :D

  • Željko Šop-Đokić
    Željko Šop-Đokić 3 years ago

    Slobodan je srpski heroj

  • Mladen Milić
    Mladen Milić 3 years ago +7

    Lot of Serbian names have symbolism. Most of names are given by mothers to newborns.
    -drag mean dear. For example Predrag is made from prefix pre- for superlative. So Predrag means that he is very dear to you. Mio like in Miodrag means lovable or cute, so Miodrag means that he is cute and dear.
    Ljubiša start with ljub- , which means to kiss or love.
    Siniša starts with sin- , which means son, name means 'my little son'.
    Vladimir starts with vlad-, which means 'to rule' , and ends with -mir which means in Serbian piece , but in Russian means both 'piece' and 'world'.
    Even Serbian last names have symbolism. Ending -ić is deminutive (something small). Miš is a mouse, and mišić is little mouse. Voz is a train, vozić is little train.
    Other part is -ov and -ev, like 's in English. That means that it belong to somebody. For example 'Jovanov sin' means 'son of Jovan' , or 'Milošev brat' means 'brother of Miloš'. You can skip this -ov/-ev part in some last names.
    So if you combine Jovan-ov-ić you get Jovanović, which means 'little one of Jovan' and he probably had ansestor long time ago named Jovan. Long time ago Serbians did not had last names at all, so if somebody wanted to introduce to you, they would say 'Marko, son of Miloš', or in Serbian 'Marko Milošević' . And people got stuck with their great grand father's name's.
    Some Serbians have, but it more common with Bulgarians and Macedonians, even Russian they use only this -ov/-ev , or sometimes -ski (in case of male) or -ska (in case of female). -ski means like -ian in English. Srp-ski jezik - Serb-ian language.
    So you have:
    Blagoev (from Blagoje)
    Antonov (from Anton)
    Jovan Markovski (if it is a male), but Nataša Markovska (female).

  • Call Of Duty Productions
    Call Of Duty Productions 3 years ago +9

    milos and stefan are big serbian names

  • Aleksandar Spasic
    Aleksandar Spasic 3 years ago +3

    It's funny how many people in Serbia don't know the origin of their names. Everyone thinks that their name is Serbian, but there is a lot of Greek and Jewish names in use today. You did a nice job showing only most common Serbian-only names today.

  • silvermarijana
    silvermarijana 3 years ago +11

    Ladno zaboravi Marko i Nikola...

    • 5ar
      5ar Year ago +1

      silvermarijana Ни једна од та два имена нису српска

  • Jovan Strazmesterov
    Jovan Strazmesterov 3 years ago

    krstica is a boy

  • filip filipovic
    filip filipovic 3 years ago

    samo si deo posla odradio ima toga jos sa imenima:)

  • Mrki Mrkic
    Mrki Mrkic 3 years ago

    hey you frogot Djordje or in english george

  • Peultje
    Peultje 3 years ago

    What about Mihajl?

  • Gluvić ➕🐉 Alfista 🍀

    Marko,Petar,Nikola,Slavko,Mirche,Mirko,Andrija,Antonije,Branko,Danijel,Darko,Zharko,Djordje,Filip,Jovan,Josif,Pavle,Stefan,Stevan,Vukashin,etc,etc... :P

  • SvenandWheelz
    SvenandWheelz 4 years ago +1

    Try saying ljeposava (my aunts name)

  • 2K14EVER
    2K14EVER 4 years ago

    Great job, Charles!

  • PacificBlu
    PacificBlu 4 years ago

    My father is Dragan, Drago for short. Brothers are Vladimir, or Vlado and Tomislav or Tomo. My cat's name is Slobodan it means something like 'independent'. You should do Female names. You're great Charles.

  • ScorpionWarlock
    ScorpionWarlock 4 years ago

    dam you my name did not pup up... u owe me a beer... Nikola :)

  • Bayubadu
    Bayubadu 4 years ago

    Very good video. Almost all of those names are Slavic and have some meaning.
    The common names are also of judeo-christian pool like Nikola (Nicholas), Marko (Mark), Luka, Jovan or Ivan (John; nick for Ivan in Serbian is Vanja), Lazar, Danilo (Daniel), Petar (Peter), Pavle (Paul) or Greek as Aleksandar (abbreviation is Saša, Sale or Aca), Mihailo (Greek Mihalis, English Michael).

  • Aleksandar Marković
    Aleksandar Marković 4 years ago

    I think that my name is more used than some of those... :D

  • Nikola
    Nikola 4 years ago

    Where NIKOLA ? :/

  • Krsto Lesic
    Krsto Lesic 4 years ago

    Saša is just an abbreviate form of Aleksandar or Aleksandra ,that is why it can be used for both sexes,same is for Vanja,it is actually a denominative of Ivan or Ivana.

  • theSTAR70
    theSTAR70 4 years ago +1

    currently, 1 $USD gets about 111 Dinars, so could you tell us what's the minimum budget to move to Belgrade? Novi Sad ? Nis ? thanks in advance !

  • Stevan Curcic
    Stevan Curcic 4 years ago

    you skipped Nikola. it is super popular, since st. Nikola is the most common slava, and it ends with a, and doesn't have a silly ending, so it might be confusing.

    • Charles Cather
      Charles Cather  4 years ago

      @Stevan Curcic yes.. :( i will make note of that in my next video.. thanks for pointing it out

  • dusan manic
    dusan manic 4 years ago

    u forgot DUŠan :)

  • djordje petrovic
    djordje petrovic 4 years ago

    So how'd you pronounce my name Charley? Djordje? :)

  • djekna N
    djekna N 4 years ago

    for An, Slav, and Mir, you could've used Vlad and add a suffix, as a good example. I guess Zeljko and Nebojsa are the toughest to pronounce.

  • mero011995
    mero011995 4 years ago

    Velcro is ČIČAK in Serbian, almost like Čačak... XD

  • MadProductionsink
    MadProductionsink 4 years ago +9

    You forgot my name Lazar, although you sometimes call me laser which means-light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation :D

    • Whiteagle456
      Whiteagle456 2 years ago +1

      Aleksandar Spasic Erm what about the Serbian king Lazar Brankovic?

    • Aleksandar Spasic
      Aleksandar Spasic 3 years ago

      +MadProductionsink Lazar nije srpsko ime. On je slucajno ili namerno naveo iskljucivo imena srpskog ili slovenskog porekla.

  • Into The UnknowN
    Into The UnknowN 4 years ago

    When you wrote Milos you didn't use š. :D Miloš is the correct one. :D

  • Dejan Todorovic
    Dejan Todorovic 4 years ago +6

    Ok and IVICA is boy and it ends with ICA ;-)

    • Aleksandar Marković
      Aleksandar Marković 4 years ago +1

      @VirusZNM Nije bas slucajnost, malo je muskih imena koja se zavrsavaju na a, a vecina zenskih se zavrsava...

    • VirusZNM
      VirusZNM 4 years ago

      Correct. :)
      Those are not rules, Charles. It's just a coincidence, I believe. Maybe I'm wrong, but who cares.. :)

  • cepuras
    cepuras 4 years ago

    What drives you? I find it amazing you want to be there..

  • Martin R. Cruz
    Martin R. Cruz 4 years ago

    @Charles Cather Hi how's it going? So have you ever been to England before? If so, what do you think of it?

  • Dusan Rakic
    Dusan Rakic 4 years ago

    no dusan

  • Siniša Bujandrić
    Siniša Bujandrić 4 years ago +5

    here's an odd one for you: "Časlav" very similar to your name Charles.. maybe we can call you Časlav ;)

  • Strahinja Golic
    Strahinja Golic 4 years ago +1

    Not many Strahinja's out there :D

  • Slavica Djukic
    Slavica Djukic 4 years ago

    No sweat

  • Председник СРЈ Слободан Милошевић командант ВЈ

    Ah my glorious name is there. I bet you thought of me when you were writing it.

    • Aleksandar Marković
      Aleksandar Marković 4 years ago +1

      @Председник СРЈ Слободан Милошевић командант ВЈ AHAHAHAH, kako god, sada si SLOBODAN AHAHHAHAHAH :D :P :D

    • Srdjan Filipovic
      Srdjan Filipovic 4 years ago +6

      @Председник СРЈ Слободан Милошевић командант ВЈ Look at the bright side Mr president, you are in better place now. Worst thing would be to be stuck in this Limbo with us.

    • Председник СРЈ Слободан Милошевић командант ВЈ
      Председник СРЈ Слободан Милошевић командант ВЈ 4 years ago +11

      @Charles Cather I would give you a medal now, but you know... my People sent me to the Hag to be poisoned like a dog. I always say to my self, well Slobodan, you were not the only one, they sent 7 other presidents as well. lol

    • Charles Cather
      Charles Cather  4 years ago +7

      @Председник СРЈ Слободан Милошевић командант ВЈ uvek, gospodine.. :)

  • Против Глобал

    What about Boromir, from Lord of the Rings? :D

    • Против Глобал
      Против Глобал 4 years ago +1

      @Jovan Tomic
      And Aragorn could be Serbian too, because we had king Argon.

    • Jovan Tomic
      Jovan Tomic 4 years ago +3

      Yes, there are names that have been forgotten in Serbian language because they have been used really long ago, while we were just Slavic Tribe and pagan :) Like Boromir, Borislav (this one is not totally forgotten), Nebodar, Iskra, Hrabar... It's material for whole new clip :) because there is a lot, here is interesting link with all those old names :)

  • Marko
    Marko 4 years ago +1

    How about the female name Ljiljana?

  • Sasa Janjusic
    Sasa Janjusic 4 years ago +6

    Hi Sweetheart :) lol

    • da ne
      da ne 3 years ago

      @tresiglavic samo Predrag Danilovic koji nije Aleksandar, ima nadimak Sasa.

    • Aleksandar Marković
      Aleksandar Marković 4 years ago +1

      @tresiglavic To mozda tamo gde ti zivis :D Kod nas je Aca, Coa, i nekad, ali retko Sasa...Dok mene zovu Mrka... :D

    • zarija
      zarija 4 years ago

      @Charles Cather
      Each Aleksandar in Serbia is nickname Saša :)

    • Charles Cather
      Charles Cather  4 years ago +2

      @Sasa Janjusic hahahhahha.> :D :D

  • dzonitheboy
    dzonitheboy 4 years ago

    You forgot 2 MOST COMON names in Serbia: Nikola and Aleksandar :)

    • Charles Cather
      Charles Cather  4 years ago

      @dzonitheboy Aleksandar is the same in English with a slight different spelling.. i didn't feel the need to mention it...Nikola was needed.. :( thank you

  • x3m slayer
    x3m slayer 4 years ago +3

    You forgot the latest Serbian name - Чарлс :)

  • miksa
    miksa 4 years ago

    My name is Mihajlo, but a lot of people from other countries mispronounce my name as Mihailo.

    • stefan draškoci
      stefan draškoci 4 years ago +2

      Ne brate nego zadnja tri slova su to J Lo kao Jennifer Lopez pa zato

    • miksa
      miksa 4 years ago

      That's maybe where you come from.

    • Jebach
      Jebach 4 years ago

      No dude people would call you Miha-J-Lo hahahha

  • ludilo mozga
    ludilo mozga 4 years ago

    Ahah, but my name is Momčilo, try to say that name ☺

  • Abdalla
    Abdalla 4 years ago

    Don't take this as an offence but i think you might have skipped your ADHD pill the day you filmed this. Easy on the papers you fold buddy ;)

  • Nyk T
    Nyk T 4 years ago


  • hamster.
    hamster. 4 years ago

    ahah :D Professor Cather.

  • MinaMissDainty
    MinaMissDainty 4 years ago

    Another cool vid from cool Charles :)

  • Rodovan Ra
    Rodovan Ra 4 years ago

    I used to tease my maths and home language teacher, and call him Ljubica.

  • Данило
    Данило 4 years ago

    Wow, you did a great job on these names, pure Serbian names but also there are some popular that are of foreign origins like Aleksandar, Lazar or Danilo.
    Once again, good job on the video!

  • Rodovan Ra
    Rodovan Ra 4 years ago

    Nice video, my dads name was Radimir, but when he moved to sweden in the 1960s. Sweden for some reason changed it to Radivoje. Imagine that just changed his name and birthrate. And you used the names of half of my relatives, like my uncles name Veljko.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 4 years ago

    O man i was waiting for you to say my name but you didn't :( btw it's Ognjen :p

  • Dejan Mac
    Dejan Mac 4 years ago

    loloollo " veljko " reminds you of that ? i never thought of that now i will always make fun of ppl with that name x D

    NIKOLASAVE 4 years ago

    Do not come here, this is a shithole of Europe

  • nikolanb
    nikolanb 4 years ago

    Hey Charles :) ! I have been watching your channel for some time now and I must say thank you for everything you are doing for our country (I mean, showing the world that we are not all bad people and that we have many nice things here). Just one thing about the guy names. You forgot one of the most common ones - Nikola :) As you can see from my profile name, it's my name as well :D. NB at the end are initials of my hometown. Female versions of this name are Nikoleta and Nikolina but they are not as common as Nikola is for guys.
    Anyway, thanks again man. For everything! You are awesome! Keep up the good work :)

  • Freejam998
    Freejam998 4 years ago

    What about Nikola? Its common and ends with an A

  • SplitteR
    SplitteR 4 years ago

    Petar? :P

  • TheDoctor
    TheDoctor 4 years ago +4

    My name ends with an a.It's Nikola.

    • Tesla-Effect
      Tesla-Effect 3 years ago

      +TheDoctor Best name ever. I should know, I am also Nikola.
      Nikola is a Greek variation of a name that means "Freedom to the People"

    • Stormrage
      Stormrage 4 years ago +1

      But, that is not originaly Serbian name, as few he mantioned. Like Sasa or Vanja. Goes in same group as Ivan, wery common name but not mantione.

    • TheDoctor
      TheDoctor 4 years ago

      And you didnt mention my name you cactus Charles.

    • Charles Cather
      Charles Cather  4 years ago +1

      @TheDoctor damn.. i meant to mention that one too... :(

  • 24
    24 4 years ago

    Can u say Srdjan or Nemanja right ? 😊

    • 24
      24 4 years ago

      @Charles Cather Hehe :D U rock dude ! :)

    • Charles Cather
      Charles Cather  4 years ago

      @Vojo samo napred i should have mentioned Srdjan... :( damn... yes, i can say them ok

  • Slavica Djukic
    Slavica Djukic 4 years ago +22

    You are a great guy