Real Doctor Reacts to NURSE JACKIE | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • This one is for all those nurses out there that requested I check out this show. I had no idea what I was getting myself into as Nurse Jackie is a very fresh character. I do think that when a show is raw like that it makes for a great medical drama review
    I want to watch more of this show so please hit me with some episodes that you really like from the first/second season as I want to watch it in some sort of reasonable order.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Nurse Jackie / Real Doctor Reacts to Nurse Jackie. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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Comments • 6 179

  • nacy pollock
    nacy pollock 6 hours ago

    Those "cherry tomatoes" are the granules from inside a capsule..

  • Boost Lawds
    Boost Lawds 20 hours ago +1

    My Asian parents would love you, I have already failed them by following my dreams

  • Skylar Noire
    Skylar Noire Day ago

    Hey Dr. Mike, can you review Hawthorne, Jada Pinkett Smith is the main character so she's a big idol to me. Also, Claire Temple

  • Bassist Queen
    Bassist Queen 2 days ago

    ‘Pyxis’ oh boy just keep watching

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 3 days ago

    You should watch the episode where they actually get a Pyxsis.

  • Lorentari
    Lorentari 3 days ago +1

    Anyone else who didn't notice the tan? :p

  • Itzrlymia;0
    Itzrlymia;0 4 days ago

    someone get him his bunny scrubs!!!!

  • Jeffrey West
    Jeffrey West 5 days ago

    5:20 BOOM! PHRASING!

  • measl
    measl 5 days ago

    *She wa using Darvon*

    MASTER OF GAMING 6 days ago

    1:57 that's exactly whathappened to my grandfather recently he passed away in his sleep i hope it wasint verry painfull for him 😢 we all loved him a lot was a great honorable man

  • Jared Micho
    Jared Micho 6 days ago

    I think the pills she was doing were the actual medication inside of pill capsules

  • Rowan Trout
    Rowan Trout 6 days ago

    Ok, this is a guess but the 'pills' are little dots of medication inside of a slow-release capsule pill that she is opening up and snorting. I think.

  • kim with luv
    kim with luv 10 days ago

    ‘I like her bunny scrubs, I’m jealous I wanna a pair like that’ .. he said that in the most adorable way 🥺

    PRESENT 11 days ago

    could it be the balls things from a capsule tablet?

  • Deborah Stachowski
    Deborah Stachowski 11 days ago

    And why are you on TVclip if your such a good doctor? Huh?

  • Deborah Stachowski
    Deborah Stachowski 11 days ago

    Hey real doc these shows are old.

  • Alex Richardson
    Alex Richardson 12 days ago

    I ride a bike often with no helmet ..... maybe it’s not too late for me though 😅?

  • Ms. daydreamer
    Ms. daydreamer 12 days ago

    Aww i want you to do your next video wearing bunny scrubs! 💜🌼

  • Alexandra Brasil
    Alexandra Brasil 12 days ago

    They get a pixis in a later season and Jackie looses her shit, you should continue watching if you haven’t already. Great show.

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 12 days ago

    I love how you still advocate for the white marble ideal hospital setting where everyone is on time, optimistic, and sensitive to patient privacy lol

  • Ikissedyourmom shelikedit

    As a Scottish person, your pronunciation of Glasgow killed me. Glas-Go, Doc, not Glas-gow.

  • Hadifah Shukor
    Hadifah Shukor 13 days ago

    should do kdrama version?😆

  • KristenAnn Mosley
    KristenAnn Mosley 13 days ago

    Watch the whole series.. they eventually get there lol

  • Gl Gl
    Gl Gl 13 days ago

    maybe you do doctor beautiful but I've been with plenty of doctors as a nurse for 40 years and they've done exactly just that or have their finger up their ass

  • Olivia Summer
    Olivia Summer 14 days ago +5

    Someone: Screaming hysterically
    Dr Mike: Laughing

  • Shay KittyDoggoDoggo
    Shay KittyDoggoDoggo 16 days ago +1


  • Smartphone Gamer
    Smartphone Gamer 16 days ago
    She was taking this form of Percocet

  • Spencer Givens
    Spencer Givens 16 days ago

    Mass Effect I new it was a disease

  • Hephzibah Klimek
    Hephzibah Klimek 16 days ago

    Hey doc Would you please make a video about the show Dr. Queen medical woman?

  • Rossana Alvarado
    Rossana Alvarado 19 days ago


  • Bladeplay
    Bladeplay 20 days ago

    3:45 The Japanese have a term for this “Tsundere”

  • Monta Tracy
    Monta Tracy 20 days ago

    no tan

  • Mommy E
    Mommy E 20 days ago

    Dr. Mike you have GOT to watch every single episode of Nurse Jackie! It's a hilariously funny *yet fake* show, however, Nurse Jackie is a trip!

  • Miranda Leonard
    Miranda Leonard 21 day ago +3

    The “pills” she’s snorting are the inside of a capsule I’m pretty sure. You’ve never seen them because you’re not supposed to 😂

  • Talitha Smith
    Talitha Smith 21 day ago

    Good , I hope that those types of Drs stay in prison. Those types of Drs and people using to use make people in chronic pain look bad and open everyone of us up to being stereotyped

  • Syntaxis
    Syntaxis 21 day ago

    Those red "pills" where not actually the pill they are tiny balls that go inside a pill capsule I think I got some antibiotic pills years ago that looked like that

  • Elijah Goldman
    Elijah Goldman 21 day ago

    haha they get a pixis later in the show

  • Isa Gehlen
    Isa Gehlen 22 days ago

    You should come tho the Netherlands and thel that riding bike is dangerous 😂

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 22 days ago

    The pills are morphine forget which kind but they come in those balls

  • jdeppfan2003
    jdeppfan2003 23 days ago

    It was a capsule that she opened and snorted!

  • mia hazel
    mia hazel 23 days ago +1

    Dr. Mike you look like Dr. Fitch from the show nurse Jackie 😂 both are handsome

  • Jessica Bryant
    Jessica Bryant 23 days ago

    Please please please watch Red Band Society!!

  • Joselyne H
    Joselyne H 23 days ago

    Came to Costa Rica and I missed him 😥

  • Melissa
    Melissa 24 days ago

    I wanted to love nurse Jackie so much but I found my self once again disappointed by the portrayal of nurses (something most medical shows seem to struggle with). Why do all of nurse Jackie’s solutions involve breaking hospital rules and sometimes even the law? It’s just so over the top.

  • Shadow Viper
    Shadow Viper 24 days ago

    I died when she threw the ear in toilet

  • mvvagner
    mvvagner 24 days ago +1

    dude doesn't know about those extended-release capsules.

  • Matt armour
    Matt armour 24 days ago

    Fire work in his butt 😂

  • cniknik98
    cniknik98 25 days ago +1

    "Mean" nurses care the most! It's so true. They are serious about their job as a medical professional and most of the time it helps when dealing with out of control or out of their mind patients

  • Tanner Fauria
    Tanner Fauria 26 days ago

    My face while wat hung him describe medical traumas:😖

  • Jessica Bell
    Jessica Bell 27 days ago +4

    The way Dr. Mike feels about the misrepresentation of doctors in this show is how I feel about nurses in EVERY gd medical show. Nurses deserve more respect and appreciation. I'm so glad we got a good doctor like Dr. Mike out there. Keep on teaching and informing, Doctor 👍🏼

  • Suzann
    Suzann 29 days ago

    Please do more nurse jackie

  • XerxikLinaak
    XerxikLinaak 29 days ago

    Do more of this tv show.

  • Eva Taylor
    Eva Taylor 29 days ago

    Was anyone gonna tell me dr. Carlisle was in nurse jackie or was i just supposed to find out for myself while watching a dr. Mike video

  • Giuliana Herrera
    Giuliana Herrera 29 days ago

    Nurse Jackie gets way better after a few episodes

  • Jithin Jacob
    Jithin Jacob Month ago

    I'm sorry. But for a doctor, how can you not notice that's it's a capsule? I noticed that right. This shouldn't be something a DOCTOR should be confused about ...

  • Humbert Primavera
    Humbert Primavera Month ago

    This Doctor is an example of the elite , privileged class . These doctors never listen to their patients and decide to treat you as if you exaggerated you're condition . So they prescribe the "the Prozac of the week" and under prescribe for your condition.

  • steadyforge
    steadyforge Month ago

    So I showed my best friend female your videos saying how much I liked them and asked her isn't he cute not that I'm into guys or anything but she said no not really what does this mean?

  • DavidAWA
    DavidAWA Month ago +1

    My step-mom was a mean Nurse. Always in a contentious situation with her job, always speaking really aggressively. After she passed away I found several letters to her from patients thanking her for fighting the system for their benefit. She really went above and beyond for her patients, often by getting into it with her hospital.

  • Tracy Thibeault
    Tracy Thibeault Month ago

    I believe she may be snorting efexsor. In the begining she opened a pill, one pill with tiny little balls inside. She is snorting that. Why they would ever show that you can do that on a show is pretty f*c*ed. Not a fan of this show really. But love the code back(thanks to your show) and scrubs and greys.

  • sun_Island
    sun_Island Month ago

    She could have almost killed him if she forgot to prime the I.V. line, before administering.

  • Seamus McAnulty
    Seamus McAnulty Month ago +1

    Omg this dude doesn’t even know what pills look like

  • Seamus McAnulty
    Seamus McAnulty Month ago

    This guy is just a douchey as dr cooper

  • Lyle
    Lyle Month ago +1

    stupid idiot of a doctor

  • Lucas James
    Lucas James Month ago

    Now I'm too scared to ride a bank, thanks doctor

  • redbull456ful
    redbull456ful Month ago +1

    Nurse jackie is a nurse I would want because all the nurses I've had to deal with suck.

  • Jennifer Chambers
    Jennifer Chambers Month ago +1

    In regards to the comment on narcotics being over prescribed. They are also being under prescribed to people in bad pain. That’s why I have switched to Medical cannabis and Toradol. Got to find a way to live 😢

  • Ami Johnson
    Ami Johnson Month ago +3

    I was given OxyContin following carpal tunnel surgery in 1999. It came in a capsule with little red balls. In 2009 I started getting chronic migraines and was also prescribed OxyContin...this time it was in a tablet form that wouldn’t work (or so I’m told) if crushed or otherwise takes contraindicative to instructions.
    BTW, don’t EVER let a Dr give you opiates for migraines, it only makes them worse! Between 3 Dr’s I took a whole host of drugs, up to , but not limited to 50microgram Fentanyl patches.
    After 7 years of this I weaned myself off in about a month and it was easy for me, but I never felt the high these drugs give most people and a close family member has serious addiction issues related to the overprescribing of opiates.
    I now happily take Emgality, which is an injection to prevent chronic migraines (more than 15 per month) by attaching to some amino acid that everyone has
    but migraine sufferers have too much of. After 6 months I’m now down to around 5-6 migraines a month, which I take Zolmitriptan for. Only the migraines associated with my monthly cycle seem to be stubborn and don’t react to any meds, so I just have to suffer though those.
    I lost 7 years of my life, with a toddler who is 10 now, because I let these ‘pain management’ Doctor’s fool me into believing they were helping. There are legitimate reasons for opiates, but chronic pain isn’t one of them, regardless of the pain. What they do to your life, self esteem, guilt, etc., long term far outweighs any momentary relief you may get from them.
    Sorry for rambling. This issue hits close to home because not one of the pain specialists I saw ever tried to help me find a non-narcotic way of dealing with my symptoms, which eventually came to include fibromyalgia (another one that opiates DO NOT work on)! By and far they are nothing but legal drug dealers. In the 10 years I saw ‘Pain Management doctors I had exactly 2 drug tests (beyond the initial one at the first appointment) and they just kept upping my dose of opiates. They are little better than glorified legal drug dealers.

  • dynodish
    dynodish Month ago +1

    Hey, Dr. Genius, Nurse Jackie kicks the pill dispenser machines ass in a later episode. It is a thing of beauty.

  • Madehhhlawn
    Madehhhlawn Month ago

    pyxis shows up later in nurse jackie lmaooo

  • BubblyDayz
    BubblyDayz Month ago

    There used to be a doctor in town that everyone went to because he would basically prescribe patients whatever they wanted without hardly any examination. He has since left town idk if he ever got in trouble but I know half the kids in town were given clonidin (spelling?) to help them sleep.

  • Musical Cherries
    Musical Cherries Month ago


  • Nicole Alexander
    Nicole Alexander Month ago

    Those aren’t red pills, it’s the inside of the capsule. I give people their medications for a living and see these all the time.

  • Frankly Mizal
    Frankly Mizal Month ago

    She emptied a capsule, and that’s the red pellets she was inhaling.

  • Carly Wilson
    Carly Wilson Month ago

  • Carly Wilson
    Carly Wilson Month ago

    This was a big story back in the UK about a Dr that became a killer. check it out