Real Doctor Reacts to NURSE JACKIE | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • This one is for all those nurses out there that requested I check out this show. I had no idea what I was getting myself into as Nurse Jackie is a very fresh character. I do think that when a show is raw like that it makes for a great medical drama review
    I want to watch more of this show so please hit me with some episodes that you really like from the first/second season as I want to watch it in some sort of reasonable order.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Nurse Jackie / Real Doctor Reacts to Nurse Jackie. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • Mie's Stuff
    Mie's Stuff 4 hours ago

    He's like ur friend that says "uh that's logically in correct that is not it it works"

  • Marmite Xx
    Marmite Xx 12 hours ago +1

    *BEE WOOP*

  • em
    em 19 hours ago

    "tomatoes" omg you're so cute 😂😂

  • Brewer Fan
    Brewer Fan Day ago


  • Domenico Elio Bressanello

    I've been in and out of Hospitals quite a bit and I can testify that it is indeed quite common to hear people screaming like a madman, at times for something that doesn't even seem serious. However, I do find this to be the case mostly with elders.

  • McFlurry
    McFlurry 2 days ago

    ...and you wanna sell his kidney :DD

  • Surya Prakash
    Surya Prakash 4 days ago

    Please watch Grey's Anatomy season 6 episode 15.

  • Mutayyaba Siddiqui
    Mutayyaba Siddiqui 5 days ago

    In Pakistan majority of people have bikes my own brother and uncle have one

  • dara2m4
    dara2m4 6 days ago

    Mike: they aren't small tomatoes 🍅 🍅 🍅 She is taking the microparticles that are inside capsules... Some medications are prepare to act faster so they comes into gelatin capsules. When arrive to the stomach medication is released fast by the acid and get absorbed faster than a regular compressed pill

  • glorygreece_boi
    glorygreece_boi 6 days ago +1

    Why do a lot of doctors have blue eyes wtf I went to the hospital 2 times and most of them had *blue eyes*

  • Kathy Germack
    Kathy Germack 7 days ago

    I think my gallbladder needs to come out! idk

  • Kathy Germack
    Kathy Germack 7 days ago

    Are you really a Doctor? God, I'd love for you to be in my family!! I have so many health issues. My doctors are NO help!!

  • Niki Lightfoot
    Niki Lightfoot 7 days ago

    If you watch more into nurse Jackie they do get a” pixus “ and it gets way more into her family and drug problems including her time in AA and such

  • Øverclocked
    Øverclocked 9 days ago +1

    hey that one guy is from the sopranos too

  • Sarah-Jeanne Anderson
    Sarah-Jeanne Anderson 10 days ago +1

    Just realized that she is in freedom writers 6:04

  • JR Raven
    JR Raven 10 days ago

    They get the pixus later!!!!

  • JR Raven
    JR Raven 10 days ago +1

    The little red things she is snorting come from inside a capsule!!!!!

  • InvalidFrappe invalid
    InvalidFrappe invalid 11 days ago

    does this guy have GF

  • DreamLandBuds
    DreamLandBuds 16 days ago

    1. What's "groompie"?
    2. Why would a nurse being doing narcotics, let alone possibly doing them on the job?

  • Brianna McGlocklin
    Brianna McGlocklin 18 days ago

    YES! MORE NURSE JACKIE!!! And it is funny you bring up the Pyxis because in Season 1 Episode 11, episode titled- Pill-O-Matix, of Nurse Jackie, the entire episode is revolved around the pyxis and how jackie can continue her drug use with the pyxis and how she can sabatoge the plans for getting the Pyxis. Seriously, so good! Keep em comin ! Love your work Dr

  • Ana Lcste
    Ana Lcste 20 days ago

    Lol... I’m very new to this show .. I’m gonna start watching this .. and of course ur.. Wednesday check up show ?? .. Dr. Mike ..🤗☺️🤭😉

  • Amy C.
    Amy C. 21 day ago +1

    ok so i’m never gonna ride a bike ever again. thanks Dr. Mike

  • Third person Prospective

    I love you so much. Nurse Jackie was one of my favorite shows I relate so much to her ppl though I was a saint and I was doing horrible things (drugs) and when everything feel apart and things came to light it was like her situation and I really like the show she's a great person just is in pain and doesn't know how to cope.

  • Denise Beltran
    Denise Beltran 22 days ago

    They show Pyxis machines at later on in Nurse Jackie , you should do another one. I love Nurse Jackie.

  • fluxoff
    fluxoff 23 days ago

    Those red "pills" were granules usually contained inside gelcaps. Jackie opened and dumped out the gelcaps to get to the medication out to snort it to make it act faster in her system. Normally the gelcap delays delivery until stomach acid or intestinal enzymes break down the gelcap.

  • seanthabawn
    seanthabawn 23 days ago

    Part 2! Roll it!

  • Kk11 25
    Kk11 25 24 days ago

    Is that Ellen!?!!! It looks like her

  • Distant Happiness
    Distant Happiness 25 days ago

    Hey Dr Mike you can buy bunny scrubs online if you really want them you can also get Disney scrubs.

  • Julia Niel
    Julia Niel 26 days ago

    Hospitals are really gross

  • Noel Linné
    Noel Linné 26 days ago

    3:19 that...thats not at all like Tourettes.

  • Michael Westen
    Michael Westen 27 days ago

    The pills look like the old octagon opana pills.

  • FireVixen164
    FireVixen164 27 days ago

    As someone from Glasgow from the Glasgow Coma Scale, I can tell you it's pronounced Glaz-go

  • VgAu NaCl
    VgAu NaCl 28 days ago +1

    The GCS ranges from 3-15 not 0-15

  • Chasing Glaciers
    Chasing Glaciers 28 days ago +6

    Lol they get a Pyxis later in the show

  • Ryl Go
    Ryl Go 28 days ago

    Thank you for defending us!😘

  • farfett_il-lejl
    farfett_il-lejl 28 days ago

    Why does he keep mispronouncing Glasgow?

  • Leticha Miles
    Leticha Miles 28 days ago +1

    Jackie is a queennnnnn

  • Priya Badial
    Priya Badial 29 days ago +1

    "i like her bunny scrubs"

  • Mekel Reen
    Mekel Reen 29 days ago

    Sadly many cyclists and bikers cause such accidents. Running red lights and stop signs, refusing to wear protective equipment, provoking individuals into road rage incidents. Not sure if he was in that case.

  • Loretta Tucker
    Loretta Tucker 29 days ago

    I liked watching Nurse Jackie.

  • Max Fleming
    Max Fleming 29 days ago

    Can any American pronounce Glasgow

  • AannW Rootbeer
    AannW Rootbeer 29 days ago

    I refuse to go to pain Management because I had such a bad experience with two; both over prescribing narcotics. One ended up killing a few people because he over prescribed.

  • Caro go
    Caro go 29 days ago +1

    girl: he made me pancakes this morning
    dr mike: and you want to sell his kidney

  • Loretta Bes
    Loretta Bes 29 days ago

    02:34 I live in the Netherlands. I know that in America and other countries riding a bike is dangerous. You need to wear a helmet. I'm glad that I live in the Netherlands. We have seperate bike lanes and rules every child learns at school.

  • Alice Cohen
    Alice Cohen 29 days ago

    " he made me pancakes this morning. "

    DEATHWISH -CHRIS 29 days ago

    Nobody's seen those pills!
    Avinza, is one form of morphine that has beads inside capsules. Adderall, is another, ADHD, medication, that's also a capsule.
    Jackie's drugs, are /characters! They don't really exist!
    Drugs are not bad! Sorry Doc!

  • Patrick Yang
    Patrick Yang 29 days ago

    Whenthe nurse was like f u to a detached ear lol

  • Nesmah Zahran
    Nesmah Zahran Month ago +5


  • Bonnie B
    Bonnie B Month ago +1

    Dr. mike I just watched the Act on Hulu. You should watch episode 2 I would love to know your opinion on how the physicians handled the situation and how you would have handled the situation

  • omg no
    omg no Month ago

    Is that Ellen wtf

  • Madison Jackson
    Madison Jackson Month ago

    Doctor Mike, Nurse Jackie is great! In one of the later seasons, the hospital actually gets a pyxis. You should watch one of those episodes! Love your videos!

  • Carly Pomplun
    Carly Pomplun Month ago

    The “near miss” scenario is also used at other places and should be implemented everywhere. Anyone can report something before an accident happens. I work in a warehouse and we take stuff like near misses seriously; like falling palettes, forklifts malfunctioning etc. Side note: my mother is a nurse and could have became a doctor just she didn’t because she had three kids, I’m the third and didn’t have time to do more school. So she regularly tried to voice her opinion when a doctor, occasionally, gets an ego and sometimes messes up. She says doctors just don’t like being called out by nurses, which is an issue in the hospital. Didn’t know if any other hospitals have this problem either but so far a few other nurses have suggested that it is.

  • frosty emeraldgirl6
    frosty emeraldgirl6 Month ago +1

    Somebody should send him some bunny scrubs

  • Cooldude123
    Cooldude123 Month ago

    The girl at the start looks like ellen

  • Eli Slayz
    Eli Slayz Month ago

    Please react to My Strange Addictions/Sex Sent Me To The E.R.

  • Eli Slayz
    Eli Slayz Month ago +2

    @5:24 "This poor lady is choking on 16 year old male"😂

  • sami justine
    sami justine Month ago

    She sounds like ellen

  • William Itter
    William Itter Month ago +1

    When aspirin becomes a 'controlled substance' in the hospital, I think we've gone too far.

  • J J
    J J Month ago

    @1:59 OOOOO Now I know why Mass Effect Andromeda had those horrible expressions, they were having a mass effect in their brain.

  • Diana L
    Diana L Month ago

    They aren't pills. It's the inside of a capsule which she opened and dumped out.

  • Raxius
    Raxius Month ago

    "Never in my life have I examined a patient"

  • LadyChelsea ofVA
    LadyChelsea ofVA Month ago

    Nurse Jackie reminds me of my mother who's a know, without all the malfeasance

  • Denisse Gómez
    Denisse Gómez Month ago

    The work of a nurse is to care. Care about the patient. You can be a mean nurse or sweet nurse but at the end we need to accomplish our work. The thing that I don’t like is a nurse being a mean to a nurse student, that shit I can’t deal

  • Maria Roussakis
    Maria Roussakis Month ago

    PYXIS machines come to the hospital in later seasons, and they are a big problem to Nurse Jackie

  • TheHoppeHour
    TheHoppeHour Month ago

    The pill is Tylox. It's a capsule she opens and snorts the stuff in the capsule

  • x
    x Month ago +1

    Maybe you could try watching korean medical dramas (they are actually really good, some even influenced me to want to become a doctor). I would recommend Doctors and New Heart.

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple Month ago

    Untold Stories by the ER next please 😁😁😁

  • Julian Brindley
    Julian Brindley Month ago

    Gotta watch more of the show bud

  • Little Trinquet
    Little Trinquet Month ago

    The Pill thing I think it is suppose to be the little pellets, powder or can be a combination of both, that you can get inside capitule pills that can be opened up and release the contests (The drug) They are digitized for effect.

  • vicky wen
    vicky wen Month ago

    Can his shirts get any tighter??? and no im not complaining 🤤

  • 민윤지
    민윤지 Month ago +15

    Dr. Mike: weLL iN mY HoSPiTaL We-

  • White Silence
    White Silence Month ago

    Please react to casualty or holby city

  • blond3grl
    blond3grl Month ago

    The "peewoop" at the beginning of each video always makes me laugh. Dr. Mike is adorable!

  • NickyKaylee
    NickyKaylee Month ago

    I'm 20 years old, and I have had chronic pain in my right hand for about three years now after having some Bones crushed (I also have a pretty servere case of Ehlers Danlos which we found out a month ago). I have been on oxycodon and oxycontin and its not right how easily it was for me to get refills. My surgeon used to prescribe them, however he never gave me more then like a month because of addiction risks with my age and after wanting to wait to operate (because my last resort was cutting through a tendon, making my hand paralysed although pain free) he sent me to painclinic where they gave me the oxycodon and even diazepam so easily that I was actually shocked. Ofcourse I was very happy but because it is so easily accesible I noticed that I began taking it for granted and taking the maximum dosage every Day because I knew I could get more so easily, and then after my dad noticed how quickly I went through Them I got so scared because I didn't even notice how much I was taking. I very gratefull that my pain is taken so seriously, however I also Think, that even with my high level of pain they should have been more cautious with giving out oxycodon and all those opiods. Its horrible how many people get addicted and how easily when You say: "I have pain, i can't sleep and I cannot focus." You get opiods. Again, so very gratefull for all my doctors, therapists, and surgeons for taking it so seriously, it just scares me, how close I was to being dependant on opiods, as a 20 year old. I wish more doctors like You would talk about the opiod crisis, and hope that your videos Will raise more awareness!

    • NickyKaylee
      NickyKaylee Month ago

      I currently am in revalidation, and that is going pretty well! And also doing without medication so I am doing pretty good even though I have a lot of pain. Thank You Joseph!

    • Joseph Hall
      Joseph Hall Month ago +1

      NickyKaylee Hope your ok

  • 💕Presouz💕
    💕Presouz💕 Month ago

    The pill that you’re talking about that showed in the picture that Jackie was taking is inside of a capsule it’s not a tablet you saw her Open the capsule and the inside fell out

  • Christine OR
    Christine OR Month ago +1

    Lol soo cute 9:25

  • Comic Fan
    Comic Fan Month ago

    Can you please react to ‘Black Jack’ made in 2004 by Tezuka Productions. It is an anime made from the manga ‘Black Jack’ by Osamu Tezuka. It is a bout this genius doctor and just saying the manga was created in 1973 so some things can be outdated. But pleas react

    • Joseph Hall
      Joseph Hall Month ago

      Comic Fan How outdated we talking here?

    IKELECHI ICEI Month ago

    Not only is she on drugs but to come up with something this funny and sadistic you have to be drinking or on something to write this show... or just really sadistic with a dark sense of humor 😂😂

  • Sophie Duncan
    Sophie Duncan Month ago

    Could you make a video talking about IIH “Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension” I have IIH and it’s really painful

  • Vlog OD
    Vlog OD Month ago

    "She's choking on............"

    *16 YEAR OLD MALE*

  • Fishbowl74
    Fishbowl74 Month ago

    'Beewoop'? Nooooo

  • Jonathan Shapero
    Jonathan Shapero Month ago

    you should whatch untold stories of the er.

  • May Madisson
    May Madisson Month ago

    As someone that works in nursing I fucking love this show.

  • Aly G
    Aly G Month ago

    I spent my 19th birthday at my best friend's funeral. She died of an overdose at a party I wasn't at. I was one of the only ones of the friends group who could attend because it turned out that the drugs that had been there were not the illegal kind, but legal pharmaceuticals illegally obtained and distributed, so all the kids there were strictly forbidden to meet during the investigation. I think it ended up sending at least two doctors to prison.
    So I'm glad that the overprescription, the distribution and the necessity of those drugs is looked at much more closely nowadays.
    Medical professionals are humans too. They can become addicts. They can be misguided in prescribing more than someone needs. They can be criminal monsters who opt to make money and knowingly prescribe drugs that aren't needed.
    So it's important to have a system that checks itself.
    In my country, the opioid crisis is NOTHING compared to what it is in the US. And yet... She was just 18. And is just one amongst many.

    • Joseph Hall
      Joseph Hall Month ago

      Don't give up, push upward

    • Joseph Hall
      Joseph Hall Month ago

      Aly G for someone who is witnessing this happening though no one in my family has it right now or at least I hope those who need it the most. I will tell you this much if we as a new generation can beat back people using smoking or drugs we can beat back opioids

  • Marissa Healey
    Marissa Healey Month ago

    Later on in the show they try the PYXIS machine, but find a way to reset it, and then it there occasions just break into it. No real consequences, lol.

  • BabyDill
    BabyDill Month ago

    Those pills are Hydromorph or w.e I know because my mom takes them. They are gel caps but when you break them open there are beads of the medicine inside if that makes any sense lol

  • Clarice William
    Clarice William Month ago +1

    Hi doctor, are you interested in doing review for korean medical drama? I would love to see your comment on them.

  • Anna-Lisa Comber
    Anna-Lisa Comber Month ago

    Can you please do a Doctor reacts to Shortland Street (New Zealand Medical Drama) it's very popular here and a long running show :)

  • Anna Pauline
    Anna Pauline Month ago

    Any suggestions to medical series that you can watch on Netflix?

  • Skye Castle
    Skye Castle Month ago

    Can you watch Doc Martin plz

  • Caro Oteiza
    Caro Oteiza Month ago

    Dr. Mike, please read This Will Hurt. I would like your thoughts, I believe the book is amazing and shows a great glimpse into HNS. Thank you NHS worker if you are reading,

  • Jessica Imiela
    Jessica Imiela Month ago

    Not sure if you’d be interested but as a paramedic it’d be interesting for me to see you watch an episodes of “sirens” (US version)!! If you’ve done any pre hospital care especially

  • Regina Dickson
    Regina Dickson Month ago

    You’re very funny but how you missed the capsule the red little balls fell from made me laugh!

  • Lauren E
    Lauren E Month ago

    1:57 you mean mass effect isn't all about fucking aliens?

  • eli mac
    eli mac Month ago +45

    You should review “I didn’t know I was pregnant”

  • Flowers Kaci
    Flowers Kaci Month ago

    Dude it’s the inside of a capsule. When a patient is prescribed a med and they have to have their meds crushed (cause of mental issues or airway issues) pills get crushed into powder and capsules get broken open to be able to ingest. It is not generally used because the capsule is mainly intended as a way to protect the medication so that it takes longer for the systemic effect to take place so crushing them they have to be careful with the orders to not overdose or change what meds they are being prescribed.

  • lost-in-this-pretty-head

    hey hey since you worked in the E.R for a long time, I would be totally keen on you checking out an episode that focuses more on Dr. Lim who is the trauma surgeon. For example season 1 episode 6 would be interesting because it's about a mass casualty coming into the E.R.

  • Kūpaʻa Kaleo
    Kūpaʻa Kaleo Month ago +6

    7:05 im no expert but I think those things come from those long plastic(?) pills

  • Punker87
    Punker87 Month ago

    This show looks like my next code black.

  • masaakunokouchi
    masaakunokouchi Month ago

    We can't afford a name brand pyxis at my facility, we use off brand cubex