Real Doctor Reacts to NURSE JACKIE | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike


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  • Bryn The Phoenix
    Bryn The Phoenix 16 hours ago

    “Oooof, he put a firework in his butt?”

  • Julie Jules
    Julie Jules 17 hours ago

    Keep watching later episodes of NJ they have those pill dispensaries you are speaking of.

  • alacarteno
    alacarteno 19 hours ago

    bad nurse jackie show writer 😠😠😠
    hihi cutie

  • Supah Banana
    Supah Banana 21 hour ago

    Someone send Dr. Mike some bunny scrubs 😂😂

  • kijanailis
    kijanailis Day ago

    Watching your videos makes me want to become a nurse and follow you from job to job being your nurse groupie....aaand I just re-read that comment and it strikes me as faintly stalky. Sorry bout that, lol

  • Tamara Kok
    Tamara Kok Day ago

    Come to Holland! Everyone rides a bike whitout helm 😅

  • MissSasusakulove

    Actually the red "pills" you saw in the video was actually small balls that is in a capsule pill. I've seen it in medicine for Parkinson's desease (if I remember correctly). I had to open the capsule to give it through an eating tube, that's why I know :)

  • K DARK
    K DARK Day ago

    Someone get him some bunny scrubs

  • I like your name

    Had to be such a bummer that BioWare's sci-fi RPG is not about medicine...

  • Jasmin With
    Jasmin With Day ago

    Can you please watch another episode of code black?

  • Slated
    Slated Day ago +1

    /you should watch some UK shows! We have Casualty, which is like House or Greys, and we tend to have a lot of documentaries, like 24 Hours in A&E and Ambulance!

  • Eilidh Dunbar
    Eilidh Dunbar Day ago

    Later in the show they get a pixis and she takes more from it then she says she does

  • Thomas Honeycutt

    Lol that was adderal

  • Tiana Campos
    Tiana Campos Day ago

    You should start consulting for these medical tv shows.

  • Christine Gangne

    "Are those cherry tomatoes?" You're so innocent, it's adorable 😂

  • Pr3Historic
    Pr3Historic Day ago +1

    That bag of fluids could have also been anything from lactated ringers to D5 to .5 normal saline. Depending on whether or not the pt has diabetes or low potassium there could be complications. Antibiotics normally come in 250ml bags but if this was an antibiotic mixed with something and if it was a dialysis pt this could be really bad. Or maybe pt was allergic to the antibiotic and it was meant for another pt

  • Claire ___
    Claire ___ Day ago

    Those are not any oxys, fentanyl or percs. That's something that's come out of a capsule pill. Never seen that before... and I've seen lots of drugs (small town, exs family). I spent 5 years on pills then 10 years on a methadone program because an ex jail Dr didnt care what he was writing and for how much. Then it was just "nope, no more for you". At 17yo going through that withdrawal pain... you turn to the street. NIGHTMARE! Glad my 20s are over lol

  • Kaitlyn Simoneaux

    The pill she's snorting is a capsule she has opened with little pellets in it.

  • Claire ___
    Claire ___ Day ago

    New sub here. I dont know how I came across your channel but you're great and funny. Love it. Thanks, cheers.
    Edit: I get anxiety watching when you explain things, but I like to know things. Probably a good thing I went into business and not nursing like I wanted lol

  • Daniel GS
    Daniel GS Day ago

    Doc could you please do a video about your trip to Costa Rica. I live there and I'm really curious to know how it was. Hope you enjoyed it!!!

  • Esfo NL
    Esfo NL 2 days ago

    Ever heard of the netherlands? We all bike

  • Michele Saul
    Michele Saul 2 days ago

    You should see The doctors in Fayetteville NC you will Runnnn

  • AzureSpeed
    AzureSpeed 2 days ago

    For me a near miss is overtaking a car in a game and almost hitting it. Close Call is what I call it though.

  • Rusty R3volva
    Rusty R3volva 2 days ago

    When I did CPR training where I live (Australia), the teacher was saying that the Heimlich manoeuvre is not a good idea, as it can do more damage to the body. So you wack their back in a certain way I think closer to the shoulders.

  • Shannon Hill
    Shannon Hill 2 days ago

    If I remember correctly, down the line they do switch to the prescription machine. I love this show!

  • Shannon Duval
    Shannon Duval 2 days ago

    How about a Code Black reaction video? The Netflix documentary, not the show. Love your content!

  • Why6isnt9
    Why6isnt9 2 days ago

    Watch the knick

  • Chase Adams
    Chase Adams 2 days ago

    Please please do more of this show

  • R Z
    R Z 2 days ago

    Greys anatomy season 11 episode 21 reaction video please

  • Blued
    Blued 2 days ago

    my mum slipped a disk helping a patient

  • Jeremia Frias
    Jeremia Frias 2 days ago

    Watch the whole show you'll love how it unfolds

  • DrarryTrashPersons531


  • Nikiya Rodriguez
    Nikiya Rodriguez 2 days ago

    I have never seen Nurse Jackie but now I'll watch. Shits wild lmfao

  • Crystal Gonzalez
    Crystal Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Nursing student here. The stuff she is snorting is Adderall XR. She’s snorting the contents in the capsule, I believe the call it “salts.” This causes an energy surge similar to cocaine within a short period of time.

  • Adri
    Adri 2 days ago

    "Ohhhh! Welcome to New 'Yoark'!"
    I CACKLED 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lenee H.
    Lenee H. 2 days ago

    I know it's not really a medical show, but I've been wondering what Mike would think of Bones since it does have a lot of biological science and some medical stuff in it 👀

  • Aubrey Lip
    Aubrey Lip 2 days ago

    You NEED to watch the whole series. It is so good. The character development is AMAZING in every single character. Yeah it’s got a lot of medical bogus/exaggeration/stereotyping but as far as story line and character growth and all that, it’s one of my favorite shows.

  • Tywanna Grice
    Tywanna Grice 3 days ago

    Doctor those weren’t pills they look like the small things that be in a capsule because if u look closely at the picture they showed halfway through ur vid the straw was larger so the red pellets seemed larger but they were obviously so much smaller and I take OxyContin 80mg twice a day for my sickle cell pain and u can’t snort them and the inside isn’t the same color as the outside 🤣🤣🤣 but yea I’m pretty sure that was the inside of a capsule and I remember where I was younger the Tylox which was oxycodone I used for breakthru pain was a capsule but I don’t know any other pain meds that come in a capsule.

  • Hyper Viper
    Hyper Viper 3 days ago

    When Mike said Doctors have great apps I thought he said great abs. In his case both are true

  • Valerie Rosario-Zayas
    Valerie Rosario-Zayas 3 days ago +2

    Dr. Mike, the "little red balls" were from the pill that she opened so it's the drug inside of the pill.

  • matilda
    matilda 3 days ago

    the medical care system in the us is so lousy???? wtf

  • birthofthebeast
    birthofthebeast 3 days ago

    Where is this doctor? I think I need a doctor!

  • Smonambulist7865
    Smonambulist7865 3 days ago

    Hey Doktor Mike!
    Big Fan by the way, I really like those reviews :)
    I'm currently in an apprenticeship learning to become a pharmacuetical-technical assistent. So basically learning to compose different kinds of remedies and pharmaceutical know-how. Those little Red balls She is sniffing look like something that comes as the content of certain capsules. The active component is mixed with inactive components to create a granulate which then is coated to either protect it from the acid in the stomach or to retard the absorption of the active component. It's then put into gelatine capsules. :>

  • Mariah Nonnemacher
    Mariah Nonnemacher 3 days ago

    Not all doctors are good doctors there are lots of terrible doctors just like there are lots of great doctors...
    Especially in low income areas, where they can’t afford good doctors and the people suffer for it especially in hospitals where they’ve become businesses more so than hospitals.

  • Fynn Renx
    Fynn Renx 3 days ago

    please react to the knick next :)

  • T Duke Perry
    T Duke Perry 3 days ago +2

    And here I thought 'Mass Effect' was something else.

  • Imalexhearmebleh
    Imalexhearmebleh 3 days ago

    What did she flush

  • Cara Dawn
    Cara Dawn 3 days ago

    He encourages me to become a doctor and be a better person tbh ❤️ thank you for everything you do Doctor Mike. I’ve been studying medicine and doctoring since I was 10.

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander 3 days ago

    Nurse Jackie's hospital DOES get a Pyxis in a later series.

  • Gaming Arkandmore
    Gaming Arkandmore 3 days ago

    Btw later into the show dr coop turn out to be a good doctor also later they do get a Pyxis but soon get rid of it

  • Gaming Arkandmore
    Gaming Arkandmore 3 days ago

    I love nurse Jackie so much

  • pnumenwiese !
    pnumenwiese ! 3 days ago

    7:07 In my poinion they aren't pills. I think, this was the content of a capsule. What do you think? I guess you can see at 0:22 when the capsule opens.

  • Diana Lopes
    Diana Lopes 3 days ago

    Reacts to Saving Hope

  • Fanproductions
    Fanproductions 4 days ago

    Please react to „Doc Martin“ ❤️

  • Cailean Morrison
    Cailean Morrison 4 days ago

    OK for all your Scottish fans it's pronounced Glas-Go the w at the end is silent

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 4 days ago

    Theme from " Valley of the Dolls".. read the book, watch the movie - Jacquiline Sussann

  • Jason Bryant
    Jason Bryant 4 days ago

    Examining a patient with his ass exposed with the door opened.
    That happened to me in a Chinese hospital. Luckily, I wasn't in stirrups, so I was able to get up and close the door myself.

  • Astrea Macgregor
    Astrea Macgregor 4 days ago +2

    Is anyone else using his reactions as recommendations for what you should watch next?

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 4 days ago +1

    In the pharmacy my mom owns we have one of those robot things and we named it doug

  • Chaffegirl
    Chaffegirl 4 days ago

    the pills were capsules that she opened and it was the medicine inside

  • Wayward Friend
    Wayward Friend 4 days ago

    1:32 that’s...reassuring but disappointing

  • Maneesha Casey
    Maneesha Casey 4 days ago

    Omg someone get Mike bunny scrubs

  • Samela Fire
    Samela Fire 4 days ago +1

    Please do a react video to the Tv show Doctor Foster! (It's from BBC in U.K. and currently available in the US on Netflix) I recommend you watch Season 1 episode 2.🤗

  • Deana Lopez
    Deana Lopez 4 days ago

    you have to make a part two of this pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee!!!!!

  • MYR5266
    MYR5266 5 days ago

    Doctor Mike, I enjoy you reaction videos thanks. But, one thing I hate that phrase “ near miss” it is because you can’t nearly miss something if you nearly miss something you hit. If you a near hit I would agree with that. I know this is a commonly used term, I have it I’m my Industry as well. Sorry it just has always bugged me on again I apologize for the rant.

  • Emily Okounian
    Emily Okounian 5 days ago

    React to Greys Anatomy, the episode where Derek dies

    ABBY DALTON 5 days ago +1

    Can you react to the Grey’s Anatomy episode with the plane crash please

  • Olivia Hoover
    Olivia Hoover 5 days ago

    Try Saving Hope!!

  • Lara
    Lara 5 days ago

    Driving a bike is NOT dangerous. Driving a bike where there is lots of traffic and basically no infrastructure for bikes, THAT is dangerous.

  • Viral Freaks
    Viral Freaks 5 days ago

    She is camilla from the soprano

  • Maggy Smith
    Maggy Smith 5 days ago

    How about watching/reacting to 1 or both of the grandaddies of medical shows, MASH or St. Elsewhere? Personally as a former military person I'd love to see your reaction to a show about combat medicine from the Korean War (MASH).

  • crappywahaha
    crappywahaha 5 days ago

    React to cells at work!!!

  • Josh Pellegrini
    Josh Pellegrini 5 days ago

    Hey Doctor Mike, you should check out House M.D. season 2 episode 18!

  • Brianna Sims
    Brianna Sims 5 days ago

    Do call the midwife!

  • Nadia Sheikh
    Nadia Sheikh 5 days ago

    I thought the tomato thingies were blood cells ... lmao

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W 5 days ago

    I don't really even say this as a judgement, but had you not done the amount of research beforehand to know the entire concept of Nurse Jackie was a "functional drug addict"? And I don't really say that even defending her, I include "functional" because she still manages to work full time, plenty of addicts do nothing at all with their lives. She has no shortage of drama thanks to her addiction throughout the series, but she ain't lazy.

  • StuckInMyNeverendingHeadspace

    *screaming patient on a gurney going past*
    "Typical day at the hospital"

  • Hans Jacobsen
    Hans Jacobsen 5 days ago

    5:24 im sorry what was she choking on? doctor Mike dont be so dirty

  • I Want Boba
    I Want Boba 6 days ago

    i love this series; it's one of the main reasons why i subscribed. please do more code black!

  • Cristel Jane
    Cristel Jane 6 days ago

    I suggest for you to watch Heartbeat, it is kinda like Greys Anatomy with the romantic stuffs but they have quite "advance" medical technology thingy going on. I think you'll find it quite interesting and fun to watch too. BTW I really enjoy this doctor reacts series.

  • Orutakawa Teng'a'
    Orutakawa Teng'a' 6 days ago

    Doctor Mike, the term should be "near hit" for a narrowly avoided accidental situation as you described at 8:58.

  • Alain Pfaeffli
    Alain Pfaeffli 6 days ago

    Hooray for health insurance. They paid surgery, the kidney was free

  • Gianluca Mercuri Vajola

    Hey Doc! React to "The Night Shift" next please! Love your videos

  • Tisch
    Tisch 6 days ago

    I just finished watching nurse jackie, please watch it all and tell us what you think of the end 😭

  • Quina Rivera
    Quina Rivera 6 days ago

    Ive never seen Nurse Jackie but for Dr Mike i will watch this

  • SabN
    SabN 6 days ago +1

    I started watching (and finished lol) Nurse Jackie because of this! I LOVED IT!!!!

  • yerim kim
    yerim kim 6 days ago +1

    do a drama review for doctor strangers pls 😭

  • Ronnel Felonia
    Ronnel Felonia 6 days ago

    Please react to the anime Cells at Work.

  • Jazz F
    Jazz F 6 days ago

    The Doctor (that was on his blackberry) is the Carlos on Twilight. (He plays a vampire but he is also a doctor too). Sorry just wanted to comment that.

    I just started watching your videos Dr Mike and honestly i love watching you. You're funny and smart and i appreciate that you share your knowledge. Thank you. I learn something in every single one of your videos. 😊

  • Bethany Julia
    Bethany Julia 6 days ago

    Hi! Can you react to an anime series called cells at work? (If you haven’t already... btw I’m new to the Chanel 😁) love the reaction videos!

  • wasssup10960
    wasssup10960 6 days ago

    Cadavers have a GCS of 3. There is no GCS of 0

  • Morgan Saje
    Morgan Saje 6 days ago

    You need to keep watching this show! They get an actual Pyxis later in the series

  • Bah Fadel
    Bah Fadel 7 days ago

    glascow is 3 to 15

  • Chaos Sorcerer
    Chaos Sorcerer 7 days ago

    idk, find her really unlikable. Especially the whole forging a signature thing. The 'loved one' asking for the heart the sel it on a black market was also a big wtf moment.

  • PleasedYes 03
    PleasedYes 03 7 days ago

    4:30 yikes

  • Layton pro 🎩⚡
    Layton pro 🎩⚡ 7 days ago

    Can you react to Call the Midwife? It’s not your normal medical drama so I don’t know if you’d be interested but it’s a show about midwives in the 1950s in London. It’s pretty good though and since you’ve delivered babies, don’t know if it would be interesting to you. You can find it on Netflix

  • Flapkatt
    Flapkatt 7 days ago

    Oh, yes Dr. Mike, you have this one right on target. I've been a nurse for almost 45 years...from the stone age, most likely. But yes, the meanies are the ones with hearts of gold (most of the time). Of course, not me...I'm too nice to be mean. As for the Doctor Feel Good folks, yes. You are right on that too. I know of one such MD., PhD., very cool and collected guy. Huge practice, about 5 patients per hour.$100.00/visit/so $500.00+ per hour. In an 8 hour day, well, you do the math. So popular, and eventually DEA noticed him. He lost everything. His license, his practice, his home, his family and his freedom. And he can never work in or around a health care environment again. Forever banned. So do that sad story a favor and preach it. And thanks for supporting nurses. We love to know we are needed.

  • JayP TV
    JayP TV 7 days ago

    I just started watching this show and I’m in love with it. Please do more of this 😊

  • Marisa Vazquez
    Marisa Vazquez 7 days ago

    Always provide privacy!!!

  • theepicandawesomeone

    Could you watch and review the Korean show "Dr. Romantic"? I feel like they are slightly more accurate but I have no idea lol