The Moment House Lost His Marbles | House M.D.

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • For a moment House believed he was being help by Cuddy with his addiction to vicodin but` it turns out this was just another one of his hallucinations.
    Season 5 Episode 24 "Both Sides Now"
    House and the team are intrigued by Scott (Ashton Holmes), a man who has undergone a corpus callosotomy procedure to treat epilepsy. Due to this, both sides of his brain are at war for dominance over the body resulting in him having Alien Hand Syndrome where he can't control his left arm. At the same time Cuddy and House try to deal with their relationship after spending the night at his apartment. The next day, House tells Wilson that he has stopped taking drugs and had sex with Cuddy, to which Wilson responds "Wow". But he also tells him that Cuddy may be repressing her feelings for him, and is trying to avoid him. Finally House realizes that his night with Cuddy and her helping him to stop his addiction to Vicodin was all an elaborate hallucination. With his hallucinations spiraling out of control, House is forced to go into a mental health facility after becoming unable to tell fantasy from reality.
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  • Nano Violence
    Nano Violence Hour ago

    Wilson is kind of a dick for parking that far from the entrance, he was just droping him off lol

  • Soonami Sapphire
    Soonami Sapphire 17 hours ago

    Poor house :( this would be really traumatizing because he feels his brain is the only thing he handles

  • Débora Figueiredo de Queiroz

    Melhor série, eu amo Dr. House pra sempre ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍

  • zedarkwolf
    zedarkwolf 2 days ago


  • Cai Kween
    Cai Kween 2 days ago

    Gotta be honest low key crying

  • Pickle Done
    Pickle Done 3 days ago

    Not a chopped onion to be seen at my place until 🎶 as tears go by 🎶
    now its 😭😭😭

  • Nitro
    Nitro 3 days ago

    _You can practically see how much it crushes him as his expression seems almost that of a dying person. :(_

  • chase1146
    chase1146 4 days ago

    I love how shaky the camera gets, makes you feel off. Somethings not right and you don’t know what

  • sm0l Mane
    sm0l Mane 4 days ago

    wait im confused did the vicodin induce weird shit to go off in his brain or is this video better understood with the whole episode in context?

  • Saxmann97
    Saxmann97 4 days ago

    I remember this shook me hard

  • al videos
    al videos 4 days ago

    House was just going to give him tums and send him on his way ,_, hate doctors.

  • caedis
    caedis 5 days ago

    To people who might not understand, two people speaking to House in 6:30 were dead.

    • caedis
      caedis 5 days ago

      Also, Captain Holt's actor from Brooklyn 99 joins as a guest star for 2 episodes after this season finale.

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 5 days ago

    This entire series of events from the episode where he realized just how serious the hallucinations were to this sudden realization that he'd imagined his detox and night spent with Cuddy still legitimately chills me to this day. It's something about the music playing throughout both episodes and the sense of unreality and almost supernatural horror that was so out of place on this show.

  • Patti Carey
    Patti Carey 5 days ago

    Really dumb

  • Trainkid 4501
    Trainkid 4501 5 days ago

    I think I’m going crazy myself just watching this

  • Harshman Sharma Arts

    Is it the last episode??? I've haven't seen the whole series.

    • Harshman Sharma Arts
      Harshman Sharma Arts 5 days ago

      @stagna1959 Thnx brother for info🙂

    • stagna1959
      stagna1959 5 days ago

      It was the last episode of season 5 . There were 8 seasons

  • Melissa Ducote
    Melissa Ducote 7 days ago +2

    House w-what is going on?

  • Jennifer Kumjian
    Jennifer Kumjian 7 days ago

    It's never lupus
    Unless it's lupus

  • Entity Known as Zlap

    Holy... shit....

  • Iris Wijma
    Iris Wijma 11 days ago +10

    Someone find this man's marbles and return them to him, please!

  • Amelia Pond
    Amelia Pond 11 days ago +1

    Hugh Laurie has amazingly blue eyes

  • Uzayr Siddiqui
    Uzayr Siddiqui 11 days ago

    Can someone give me some background...i didnt get it.

  • mad ass
    mad ass 11 days ago


  • ᴡʜɪᴍsɪᴄᴀʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

    Y’all when they told the Eugene he might have cancer, I started balling my eyes out.

    • ᴡʜɪᴍsɪᴄᴀʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ
      ᴡʜɪᴍsɪᴄᴀʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ 8 days ago

      CrispTofu he reminds me of Carl from up and I just died on the inside when his expression dropped.

    • CrispTofu
      CrispTofu 9 days ago

      yo fax I felt so sad I love that guy
      :( such a genuine and nice dude

  • Dank Franklin Productions

    Not A Comment That Sees What This Is ... Cuddy IS HOUSE ...
    Dare I Mention .... *ABRAXAS* ?

  • Bastiaan Marcelis
    Bastiaan Marcelis 13 days ago

    soo he overdosed himself?

  • Lee Banning
    Lee Banning 14 days ago +1

    I'm really relieved that his entire relationship with Cuddy was an hallucination. She is a beautiful woman and I just can't see or understand what a woman like her would see in House. While he is a brilliant doctor he is a complete monster of a person.

    I wonder if the actor would have made a good Doctor Strange because of this.

  • zachy
    zachy 14 days ago

    A Tumor in tummy

  • Kirya de Antagonist
    Kirya de Antagonist 14 days ago

    That was so hot between the two of em.

  • Regan Catt
    Regan Catt 14 days ago +73

    Title:the moment house lost his marbles
    Me: isn't that every episode

  • Eldergod Oni
    Eldergod Oni 14 days ago +61

    The moment house *realized* he had lost his marbles

    • MU5E TICK
      MU5E TICK 2 days ago

      @Jon Mann no its not

    • Jon Mann
      Jon Mann 4 days ago

      That is the title of the video

  • ThatFancyMoos
    ThatFancyMoos 15 days ago

  • the gamer
    the gamer 15 days ago +5

    Watching this when stoned while wearing headphones is so weird

  • Puff Ball53
    Puff Ball53 17 days ago +19

    I still can't believe he plays as stuart little's dad

  • Lucas Blanchard
    Lucas Blanchard 17 days ago

    I’m not crying. You’re crying. 😭

  • AREKING Gertidian
    AREKING Gertidian 18 days ago +1

    At this point a
    I don't know what is a dream and what is the video

  • theskiesaredark
    theskiesaredark 20 days ago +1

    The hallucination scene was beautifully shot. The subtle hints when it cuts to the prescription bottle "not to exceed" plus the music playing. It's genius.

    • theskiesaredark
      theskiesaredark 18 days ago

      @shai.loves.tacos If you like this type of scene, I'd highly recommend the movies Requiem for a Dream and Trainspotting. Both deal with drug addiction, but are pretty psychologically intense movies in their own right, with really good cinematography.

    • shai.loves.tacos
      shai.loves.tacos 19 days ago +1

      theskiesaredark wow i never noticed the “not to exceed” part before ! amazing.

  • Carlos Contreras
    Carlos Contreras 20 days ago +4

    6:30 i still remember it, was like: holyshit whatsgoingon

  • studio jerome
    studio jerome 23 days ago


  • Carlos Spiceywhiener
    Carlos Spiceywhiener 23 days ago

    whats up with the shaky cam?

  • ɓȶƓɱʂȬɔɔɛȒ 12
    ɓȶƓɱʂȬɔɔɛȒ 12 23 days ago +1


  • Clippy
    Clippy 24 days ago

    god this show is dumb

  • Trinity Crosby
    Trinity Crosby 25 days ago +65

    Wilson is a great friend he could tell immediately something was wrong with house

    • jarrod nash
      jarrod nash 23 days ago +2

      It because for once in his life, house looks genuinely rattled

  • Həsən Əlizadə
    Həsən Əlizadə 26 days ago +8

    I don't believe TV history has series like this. This is Legend

  • Ammy Martinez
    Ammy Martinez 27 days ago +2

    I bawled my eyes out in the first time I saw this scene, and every other time after that

  • Roland Lee
    Roland Lee 27 days ago +1

    And this is why you dont pop opioids like tic tacs.

  • Kim Martin
    Kim Martin 27 days ago

    This is my favorite show of all time!

  • David Mouzayek
    David Mouzayek 27 days ago

    Almost like a horror movie

  • Zak zak
    Zak zak 28 days ago

    From which episode did he start hallucinating.

  • Lord logbert
    Lord logbert 29 days ago +702

    Old man: slightly adjusts belt
    House: You have cancer

    • Dario Fonseca
      Dario Fonseca 3 days ago +1

      Sherlock house

    • stagna1959
      stagna1959 5 days ago +7

      House was experienced enough and smart enough to connect acid reflux as a symptom with advanced pancreatic cancer. Palpation of his abdomen revealed him that there is tumor in late stage which is not treatable . Old man was terminaly ill and most probably will die soon. Once House realized that, he dropped his sarcasm and jokes and told Taub to take care of old man.

    • Exploring the Forgotten
      Exploring the Forgotten 8 days ago

      @lPlanetarizado Did you watch the video?

    • lPlanetarizado
      lPlanetarizado 11 days ago

      @Matthew McEwen what!?

    • Matthew McEwen
      Matthew McEwen 24 days ago +15

      Cancer is better than squawking

  • NotYourAngel
    NotYourAngel 29 days ago +1

    If I were Cuddy I would have fired him a long time ago

    PRITISH KARMI Month ago +10

    House really needs to quit his Vicodin and go Ayurvedic.

    • Joanne Esther
      Joanne Esther 14 days ago +2

      PRITISH KARMI I know I shouldn’t have. But I laughed

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago

    So all of House has been a hallucination.

  • Sumair Bawa
    Sumair Bawa Month ago

    I S L E P T W I T H L I S A C U D D Y

  • Jers Son
    Jers Son Month ago

    He did what he does best. He diagnosed.

  • Paul-André Bastien Laporte

    House die in a fire house at the final

  • eLmo TeL
    eLmo TeL Month ago +2

    He realize pills got over him really bad..
    Great doctor, sick person.

  • Helvetesfönster.
    Helvetesfönster. Month ago

    I want to know what happened to Eugene Schwartz.

  • chaz FPS
    chaz FPS Month ago

    Did they just pull a joker on us

  • nealskydive
    nealskydive Month ago

    This was one of the best series finales ever broadcast on TV