Joe Rogan Experience #1299 - Annie Jacobsen

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Annie Jacobsen is an American investigative journalist, author and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist in history. Her latest book "Surprise, Kill, Vanish: The Secret History of CIA Paramilitary Armies, Operators, and Assassins" is available now.

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  • Glenn Coco
    Glenn Coco Hour ago +1

    Now I Know I'm SMART! 🤣

  • Phillip Almaraz
    Phillip Almaraz 7 hours ago

    It’s hard to listen to the things she says because I’m too concentrated on that voice of hers. I could listen to her read the phone book

  • roberto sadio salah ynwa

    lovely sexy voice

  • John Jones
    John Jones 8 hours ago

    Ohio blows. By far one of the worst states...

  • MTBwithJon
    MTBwithJon Day ago

    Total Recall (1990) is the best science fiction movie of all time. Discuss..

  • Matin Azad
    Matin Azad Day ago

    A very good talk from Neurips 2018 about limb regeneration
    Controlling insects by sending signal to their brains:
    This is a ted Talk from 2012 about the technology they were marketing it for high schoolers

    • Stan Laurel
      Stan Laurel Day ago +1

      I took some Viagra for that. Oops, sorry I thought you said limp regeneration. 🍌

  • xShadoWx 79
    xShadoWx 79 Day ago +1

    Is it me or she sounds like Apollyon in For honor😂

  • Robert R. Woolridge

    This is not going well lol. Awkwaaard.

  • DevinDTV
    DevinDTV Day ago

    Why does she talk like that? She has so many interesting things to say, but it's so hard to listen to her stupid fucking voice.

  • Sustaeval
    Sustaeval Day ago

    This woman is so full of shit

  • Dilli Gaf
    Dilli Gaf Day ago

    Somebody cut up her audio to say some naughty sentences please

  • Dilli Gaf
    Dilli Gaf Day ago

    Anybody remember the new robocop . The citizens wouldn't let the AI robots patrol the city so they created the cyborg robo cop to make everyone trust the robots

  • Tanya
    Tanya Day ago

    Homegirl is the equivalent to a scalp massage

  • Dilli Gaf
    Dilli Gaf Day ago

    Joe's videos always clip in and out after awhile. Anybody else have this problem ?

  • easy e
    easy e Day ago +1

    Damn joe, read the book and don't ask her shit

  • Domzdream
    Domzdream Day ago

    This was such a brilliant episode !! Loved it.

    • Domzdream
      Domzdream Day ago

      We haven't heard anything about that from her haha

    • FoodforThought
      FoodforThought Day ago

      but does she have a book?

  • FatJesus 1
    FatJesus 1 Day ago

    I could listen to her voice all day!!!

  • Brad Młodystach

    Talking about Nazis, Americans act like they've got no blood on their hands in terms of war/genocide. The amount of civilians killed in the American invasions is off the charts. And the old Jew still playing the victim, as if they are saints among men. Makes you sick.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C Day ago +2

    i think she's one of the voices you have to pay for on your Waze GPS app

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C Day ago

    Joe: (Question) Annie: Read my book then we can talk about it next time im here" Joe: " Well we're doing a 2.5 hour podcast here so can you like communicate a little bit? Thanks"

  • Tony Lewis
    Tony Lewis Day ago +2

    One of the top ten sexiest speaking voice ever and the glasses for added affect... Damn!! All round great podcast in all seriousness.

  • Emmet Sinnott
    Emmet Sinnott Day ago

    One of the best interviews honestly fantastic

    • FoodforThought
      FoodforThought Day ago

      What? All she said was to read her book. Worst interview ever

  • Abel Rodriguez Jr
    Abel Rodriguez Jr 2 days ago

    In another dimension this woman worked in those tele- sex-chat things

  • Domzdream
    Domzdream 2 days ago +3

    Humans. It's in our nature to deceive. I hate to admit it but I'm more convinced that it was little people who were operated on, versus actual aliens from outer space. We're so used to NEEDING this occurrence to be real that we're willing to overlook the most plausible scenario.

    • Domzdream
      Domzdream 16 hours ago

      @Stan Laurel
      ha. I know what you mean.

    • Stan Laurel
      Stan Laurel Day ago

      Speak for yourself I'm really NEEDING a wage increase the aliens/dwarfs can do what they like.

  • W. Matthew Wilson
    W. Matthew Wilson 2 days ago +4

    ASMR world champion right here

  • 2018 Vit
    2018 Vit 2 days ago

    This is bullshit on toast

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar 2 days ago

    Annie "you will have to read the book" Jacobsen.

  • Kobus Leach
    Kobus Leach 2 days ago

    The hypocrisy of it all is that YOU want the GERMAN SCIENTISTS to acknowledge their ACTIONS during war time but don't expect or ask the SAME for your OWN government or those of the ALLIES where they TESTED various gases like MUSTARD GAS on their OWN SOLDIERS, DROPPING two ATOM bombs on CITIES full of CIVILIANS, using AGENT ORANGE and NAPALM during Vietnam and Korean wars, Bombing IRAQ and entering IRAQ without even finding ACTUAL EVIDENCE for NUCLEAR WEAPONS while at the SAME TIME having their OWN ARSENAL of NUCLEAR WEAPONS. If you want another country to DISBAN their nuclear weapons or just factories that would make it POSSIBLE, THEN THE US need to do the SAME. I just love the HYPOCRISY when you deem the NAZIS the WORST when the USSR under stalin and the US have killed ALOT more people and NOT CRITICIZING the numerous BLACK OPs the US have done in the last 50 years like those they did in PANAMA etc are QUITE AMUSING MENTAL GYMNASTICS. Moreover, why should the US government not GET similar flak for ALLOWING these "TERRIBLE NAZIS" safety and RUN major agencies and institutions in the US. Without HERMANN VON BRAUN the space exploration and the MOON landing in 1969 would NOT have HAPPENED and ironically is ONE of the THINGS that are TOUTED as one of the MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS of the US and "WHAT MAKES THEM SO GREAT" and that it WAS ALL DUE to these "NAZI SCIENTISTS" their POPULACE to this DAY dispise.

    • Stan Laurel
      Stan Laurel Day ago

      I think the caps lock on your keyboard is stuck - just saying.

  • José luis Hernández

    "The next nazi Germany is right around the corner" But damn, look at the concentration camps at the southern border, the human dog pounds. What if the next nazi Germany is already in America?

  • Joel Whitus
    Joel Whitus 2 days ago

    Snake oil

    • FoodforThought
      FoodforThought Day ago +1

      @Stan Laurel Can she drizzle snake oil over your cock and wank you off furiously?

    • Stan Laurel
      Stan Laurel Day ago

      She can rub snake oil on me any day of the week.

    • FoodforThought
      FoodforThought Day ago +1

      Book oil

  • Bob Morris
    Bob Morris 2 days ago

    This podcast could have been perfect if she wouldn't have tried to hock her book the entire time. I might have bought it otherwise

  • Steven Pape
    Steven Pape 2 days ago

    57:37 - 1:00:30

  • Ankur Dhankar
    Ankur Dhankar 2 days ago


  • cmikeb1981
    cmikeb1981 2 days ago

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 2 days ago

    I think she's looking for the term 'fly by wire' when she talks about early drone tech

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright 2 days ago

    Annie “you’ll have to read my book” Jacobsen

  • Al Farrow
    Al Farrow 3 days ago

    If, in war, all killing had to occur basically face-to-face, there would likely be less killing because doing so triggers our moral repulse more than the long distance kind, and it’s just physically harder.

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson 3 days ago

    This lady wants to hold back information because she wants to sell her book. Rogan should have kicked her out saying wtf we going to talk about for 3 hours than

  • Sydney Wooton
    Sydney Wooton 3 days ago

    She has perfect voice for porn Haha. Her hubris is very entertaining.

  • jacob wright
    jacob wright 3 days ago

    Man, this lady should really write a book!

    • Stan Laurel
      Stan Laurel 3 days ago

      She did already! Somebody in the comments below said they bought it and I think their name is an anagram of 'clown'.

  • Lord Rendlesham of Suffolk

    Richard Nixon took his friend, the famous Jackie Gleason, to Homestead Air Force Base to see the alien remains. Gleason returned home that night very shaken. According to his wife, he couldn’t eat or sleep for three weeks afterwards. He was never the same again. *Does that sound like surgically altered humans?*
    The only person Jackie confided in was Larry Warren from RAF Bentwaters, who had seen live aliens up close along with other airman in what became the most significant military - UFO incident in the history of Great Britain. Now referred to as the UK Roswell.

  • Ryan McCarthy
    Ryan McCarthy 4 days ago

    Her voice got rid of my migraine

    • Stan Laurel
      Stan Laurel 3 days ago

      It’ll come back if she hits you over the head with her book.

  • Matt Palumbo
    Matt Palumbo 4 days ago

    She's An Oligarchs wet dream. Che Guevara threatened atomic war. The US SIMPLY USED ATOMIC BOMBS

  • Matt Palumbo
    Matt Palumbo 4 days ago

    "A priest will judge me, I can tell you won't" I'm SO GLAD THIS INTERVIEW exists. What a perfect display of how easy it was to sell Russiagate. The USSR couldn't hide missiles in Cuba in the 60's but Stalin could sneak a flying saucer into New Mexico.

  • Carnage Rules!
    Carnage Rules! 4 days ago

    Everyone who is asking about the audiobooks, listen the fucking thing she says at least twice she narrates her own audiobooks!!

  • Original Human Movement

    The comments on this video are hilarious. However, you guys gotta empathize with her when you realize:
    1. She's a reporter, she's usually the one asking the questions, and
    2. This is her livelihood, of course she's going to mention her books. You'd be disappointed if she gave away all her work for free and then you bought the book and didn't learn anything new.

    • Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid 4 days ago

      I agree, some of the comments are hilarious but what is coming out of her mouth is funnier again. Thankfully the majority of viewers can see through it.

  • Joe Lonsdale
    Joe Lonsdale 4 days ago

    "What's really at issue here is morality, right?". No. The issue is that this is all gibberish that doesn't deserve even a millisecond of my time, let alone putting up with the infuriating approach of Elastigirl.

  • Ronnie Blasko
    Ronnie Blasko 4 days ago

    Hitler and the Nazis took their blue print from the Democrats. Look into it. :D

  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas 4 days ago

    Sold 1 copy to me!!! Great guest

    • FoodforThought
      FoodforThought Day ago

      She has a book? I don't think she mentioned it

    • Stan Laurel
      Stan Laurel 3 days ago

      I bet when you asked how much it was she said you'll have to read the book to find out.

  • Cyndi3199
    Cyndi3199 4 days ago +1

    Oh wow a doctor I worked with when I worked at Ft Sam Houston had a Q clearance

  • President of the Secrete Sankcake Server

    This is a statement made to lead you into the wrong thinking, we can stay on top and have top tier weapons without constantly fighting israels wars. There is ZERO reason for us to have troops anywhere but on american borders and in allied bases for diplomacy during peace time. Literally anything else is bullshit military industrial complex propaganda.

  • President of the Secrete Sankcake Server

    "Oh right as a journalist, right"
    Dayum joe, passive aggressiveness,top kek!
    Lol i thought alex jones would be his crazies guess, boy was i wrong lol

    • Domzdream
      Domzdream Day ago

      No way man. Unlike Alex who would passionately advocate aliens and shape changing lizards, she sticks to humans doing the shenanigans .

  • Shane Round
    Shane Round 4 days ago

    God she needs to write a book

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James 4 days ago

    I live in Australia. Most assaults are stabbings. Not sure why then we have no gun's .

  • Sandro Silva
    Sandro Silva 5 days ago

    So who’s the source

  • David Pursel, Snake Hunter

    Before Bob Lazar, Area 51 was the hotspot for secret(conventional) military aircraft spotting and was written about in Popular Mechanics yearly.

  • Lord Rendlesham of Suffolk
    We have already established that our interstellar craft and surgically-altered humans piloting it are about as far apart as the viewers are to this lady’s book. It’s now 72 years since the Roswell crash so it’s ‘time’ to move forward again to England 1980. According to this lady we have to imagine these ‘surgically-altered’ humans carefully navigating one of our interstellar craft between the twin US Air Force bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge in Suffolk, which held the
    largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in Europe.

  • Richie Perez
    Richie Perez 5 days ago

    52:20 Trailer for the next Rambo

  • Alien Alliance Host
    Alien Alliance Host 5 days ago +1

    She never explained how they trained the surgically-altered Down syndrome humans to fly our anti-gravity craft? It can ‘cruise’ in the earth’s atmosphere at Mach 16 and outmanoeuvre any military aircraft in existence (and this still applies). This craft is capable of accelerating from 0 - Mach 30 faster than this lady can promote her book. This would kill any human, modified or otherwise.

    • Stan Laurel
      Stan Laurel 17 hours ago

      @RighteousBrother You tell him Brother, everybody knows the craft flew by itself and crashed in Roswell because the drone technology failed, it was 1947 after all, lol.

    • RighteousBrother
      RighteousBrother 2 days ago

      They didn't fly the craft you fucking idiot.

  • Love ER
    Love ER 5 days ago


  • Whizz Kid
    Whizz Kid 5 days ago +1

    *Annie If you want to know what EMPATHY means it’s not in my book Jacobsen*
    The disclosure movement worldwide is really taking off through information exchange. The shadow government is struggling to keep the lid on the Human/Alien Alliance. CIA assets like a *Annie Jacobson* and *Linda Moulten Howe* are trying really hard with half-truths, misdirection, misinformation, unnamed sources, deceased sources, top level leaks etc. It’s not working ladies!

  • Matt Archer
    Matt Archer 5 days ago

    Harrumph. You forgot to get to the third hour and ask her who her source was, sir.

  • Ty P
    Ty P 5 days ago

    It seems she's doing a lot of self-validation to me.

  • DivingDog Multimedia, Inc

    Awesome! What was the name of the book? I missed it.

  • RonDiaz 713
    RonDiaz 713 6 days ago

    Love her voice lol

  • Tj Cherry
    Tj Cherry 6 days ago

    Her voice dude

  • Jon Illum
    Jon Illum 6 days ago

    the first option - negotiations- never happen... so that’s a lie. The real first option is covert operations, the second option is war

  • Edward Strinden
    Edward Strinden 6 days ago

    Anne Frank received treatment for tuberculosis. Perhaps that's what "special treatment" meant?

  • Chris Mcway
    Chris Mcway 6 days ago

    Cant listen to this stupid lady's lies.... a combat vet set up his combat sniper rifle in your livingroom???? Really. BS you suck lady

  • Paul Iştoan
    Paul Iştoan 6 days ago

    One of the best JRE

  • rcmunro22
    rcmunro22 6 days ago


  • Alexander Of Mesopotamia

    Does she ever name her source SOMEONE PLEASE I’m half way through and no comments mention it!!!!!!

  • BeastMode 88
    BeastMode 88 6 days ago +2

    she’s Elastigirl of course she would know the CIA secrets!

  • Justin DeBerry
    Justin DeBerry 6 days ago

    Is it me or is she describing sky net?

  • Fluffy Waffles
    Fluffy Waffles 6 days ago +8

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Annie: You'll need to buy my book to find out more

  • vincentrguzman
    vincentrguzman 6 days ago

    The unofficial rule on JRE is 1 shameless plug, 2 if you're a comedian. Past that you're a cuck. Should be a requirement to listen to a few episodes before going on..definitely Episode 911

  • madcrabs
    madcrabs 6 days ago

    This lady proves that people can be very smart about dumb things.

  • Rick Morrissey
    Rick Morrissey 6 days ago

    Annie has an amaaazing voice and her material and research is so damned compelling. Great session! Having a little nerd crush moment here.

    • Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid 6 days ago

      So she has a voice - big deal! Her research is deeply flawed and a lot of it is downright lies and misinformation. Most of the sensible comments acknowledge this fact especially comments from both serving and ex-military personnel. So wake up and get real!

  • C C
    C C 6 days ago +1

    Good podcast!! But I favorited it so when I’m stressed out I can listen to her talk and it calms me also works as a great sleep aid 👍

  • srsh12345
    srsh12345 6 days ago +4

    Honestly, I find it hard to believe that important government people trusted her with secrets they couldn't reveal to anyone else. This woman is lacking so much social etiquette in this interview when it comes to conversations. Give a short answer to satisfy the question and state a more detailed explanation is in your book. Don't go on a podcast to shell your book and then complain non-stop that the interviewer should read the book instead of asking questions.

  • S. Peña
    S. Peña 6 days ago

    Dood look at her glasses, she obviously sat on them at some point, zero credibility... Plus, "so, what was going in there?" ... "they were just cutting off the limbs of salamanders and watching them grow back..." Like, BRAH -- FOR REALZ? Get outta heere

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti 7 days ago

    Ugh she seemed so intelligent until she started talking about believing the moon landing was real 🙄

  • phoenixforce22
    phoenixforce22 7 days ago

    God damn this was AWESOME. Especially the part of breaking out of your quiet desperation

  • Essassani Emissary
    Essassani Emissary 7 days ago +1

    1:05:00 Interesting when Joe tells Annie around 11 seconds from the time stamp: "when you bullshit, I think you also bullshit yourself"
    If you can freeze frame at the point he mentions 'yourself' you will see Annie's 'tell'
    The autonomic response is self-evident you can have a poker face but you cannot have a poker body!
    A highly developed human can pick all this up from the vibrations when a person speaks.
    We on the other hand can pick this up DIRECTLY from her thought patterns prior to speech, there is no time lag so to speak.

  • Gani Balla
    Gani Balla 7 days ago

    Annie definently has a Disney princess voice

    • Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid 7 days ago

      Yes, a proper wolf in sheeps clothing.

    REAPER MIKE 7 days ago +3

    She has a sexy voice

  • Fabian Tavares
    Fabian Tavares 7 days ago

    I love her voice

  • Infiniti21 ot
    Infiniti21 ot 7 days ago +1

    Joe Rogan hmmmm man .

  • HoopFocus
    HoopFocus 7 days ago


  • ShortBus Productions

    Wild how they talk about Nazi Germany as being horrific and autrocious.
    I also get reminded how the pan African slave trade dwarfs the Holocaust one hundred times over yet no one talks about that so passionately!
    I have nothing against anyone but I just notice that.......and I have a raised eyebrow to it!!!

    • Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid 7 days ago

      GREAT COMMENT! Here are further examples of other larger ‘Holocausts’ and some are taking place TODAY.
      From the colonial period of the early 1500’s through the twentieth century, the indigenous peoples of the Americas have experienced massacres, torture, terror, sexual abuse, systematic military occupations, removals from their ancestral territories, the forced removal of Native American children to military-like boarding schools, allotment, and a policy of termination.
      *By 1900 the indigenous population in the Americas declined by more than 80%, and by as much as 98% in some areas.*
      Between 1932-1933 *7 MILLION Ukrainians were killed and *10 MILLION died of starvation* in the USSR.
      The Soviet Union also paid the harshest price when an estimated *26 MILLION Soviet citizens died during World War II,*
      With regard to Africa I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments although, sadly, I fear that the exploitation of this great continent is not over. In this day and age, it is an absolute OBSCENITY that there are still starving people in the world. The top five wealthiest individuals own the *wealth equivalent of 750 MILLION people EACH* Among them are Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
      What is happening in the Sudan is a modern-day holocaust! - we should remind ourselves EVERYDAY that a human is a human regardless of the colour of their skin.

  • Drew Eckert
    Drew Eckert 7 days ago

    Every time she says book
    Take a shot
    Thirty minutes in, fucked up

  • Flux Movement
    Flux Movement 7 days ago

    Holy shit i know im high right but..
    I swear to fuck she looks just like Linda in Lucifer, sounds like her too if she dyed her hair b grew it out a bit.
    Like, scarily similar lmfao

    WIAN VAN DER WALT 7 days ago

    This lady is full of shit, you going to tell me she interviews these really high up CIA people and they spew out everything. Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies... just trying to make money from a book

  • I am a Star Citizen
    I am a Star Citizen 7 days ago +4

    Annie: "Joe, you have to read the whole book"

  • fyoukim12
    fyoukim12 7 days ago

    I'm not buying the book.

  • Shari Norwood
    Shari Norwood 7 days ago

    I'm totally addicted to these JRE podcasts! Super interesting! I do have to point out at 1:29:16 that Annie is very misleading about the fencing/dueling scars. They were an early university "German" practice; it wasn't only "Nazis" who did this and the practice started way before the Nazi party was conceived. So chances are there were Nazis with dueling scars, but also Germans with the scars who were not Nazis. Just my two-cents!

  • Peter Olsen
    Peter Olsen 7 days ago +6 forgot how evil Soviets and chinese communists killed many more wasn't just Nazis.

    • David Patton
      David Patton 2 days ago +1

      And also not that other people didnt experiment before the nazis. Look to the spanish inquisition for that. But we're talking them doing these "tests" for military advancements, weird medical uses and what not. That type of evil. Evil used for science. Truly gastly things.

    • David Patton
      David Patton 3 days ago +1

      I think they were speaking more in terms of being one of the first to really go through with the experiments on an industrial level with high tech equipment.

  • Danky Skull
    Danky Skull 8 days ago

    This dumb shill only reports biased propaganda stories but doesn't actually research what was really happening to the Germans.

    ETERNAL FPS 8 days ago

    Joe "when I look at things I go hmmmm" Rogan

  • Noman Dodson
    Noman Dodson 8 days ago +1

    Tiresome interview. Sounds like a bad Tom Clancy novel...