What Everyone Forgot About Thanos and Tony Stark's Relationship

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • What Everyone Forgot About Thanos and Tony Stark's Relationship
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  • George Jacob
    George Jacob 8 hours ago

    Secret: Thanos was a mascot for McDonalds

  • Junior Croes
    Junior Croes 14 hours ago

    But are they brothers

  • Utsav Wadhwa - Aloma Crescent PS (1406)

    what about thor thor was the one who made thanos get bruised. and stopped all the 6 infinity stones.

  • Khan Munazza Maqbul

    Why Don't Tony reacts when Bruce tells about thanos or he was faking it that he knows nothing

  • Slimester
    Slimester Day ago

    Loki told him in Avengers 1

  • Israel Filoteo
    Israel Filoteo Day ago

    People keep on saying plausible

  • claudio omondi
    claudio omondi Day ago

    Him? He knows who he is, he's a dude playing a dude, disguised as another dude😏😂

  • Azan Waheed
    Azan Waheed Day ago

    Thanos is saying were clever

  • Nycoz Nite ツ
    Nycoz Nite ツ Day ago

    tony is smarter than any human (except for Shuri). Shuri is super smart because she is from another civilization closed from the outside earth. Tony might be Thanos’s brother that “fall?” from Titan to earth and got rescued by the Starks.
    The skin color is not a problem. Titan’s people have skin color similar to humans. Thanos is just special.

  • Nathan De La Paz
    Nathan De La Paz 2 days ago

    Well at the point where the conversation takes place, thanks has acquired the soul stone. When thanos met red skull he asked the same question to red skull. So perhaps the soul stone allowed him to know who stark was and he felt like he was a lot like him because of what he saw through the soul stone?

  • Reality
    Reality 2 days ago

    Its tonys dreams from age of ultron.

  • ToXiC Ç
    ToXiC Ç 5 days ago +3

    Thanos Knew stark because of Loki in the war at the new york

  • Rak San
    Rak San 5 days ago +1

    What the fxxk? : /

  • Akash the AIO
    Akash the AIO 5 days ago +1

    Why is it 'brothers' on thumbnail

    KEIVAN LOPEZ DELEON 5 days ago


  • S Rajkonwar
    S Rajkonwar 5 days ago

    Dude thanos watched age of ultron

  • ScottWeber Beats
    ScottWeber Beats 6 days ago

    The other ones purple.....there simple

  • armeya vaidya
    armeya vaidya 7 days ago


  • azharhassan_
    azharhassan_ 7 days ago

    they're brother with different parents.

  • Ghost Games
    Ghost Games 7 days ago

    Thanks has the soul stone that is how

  • Brodwynn Roberts
    Brodwynn Roberts 7 days ago

    Just go back in time and get rid of the time stone and the avengers would’ve won

  • BedRockBrine 510
    BedRockBrine 510 7 days ago +3

    I’m going to sleep now

    Image I wake up with 200 subs

  • sellina4life
    sellina4life 7 days ago

    Where exactly is the skinny Thanos? Asking for a friend 😂

  • ZShuriken / ZS
    ZShuriken / ZS 8 days ago

    Its Impossible that theyre brothers, Because one is big, muscular, Purple

  • Viv Jones
    Viv Jones 8 days ago

    Makes sense! That’s why the only one to make Thanos bleed through his indestructible skin was Tony.

  • Akram Raza Shams
    Akram Raza Shams 8 days ago

    Why we haven’t seen hulk in any of the trailers

  • Devin King
    Devin King 8 days ago +1

    He knows him as kang the conqueror.

  • JB Mall
    JB Mall 8 days ago

    Thanos has Black widow. Natasha is Thanos spy

  • Brbdhejdb Shebdbc
    Brbdhejdb Shebdbc 8 days ago

    Start goes back in time in Endgame to when Thanos gets the first stone, where they talk and fight.

  • ayden fretter
    ayden fretter 9 days ago

    hey its looper

  • Jesus PS4 gamer
    Jesus PS4 gamer 9 days ago

    Obadiah stane and Thanos have a huge resemblance

  • vasini uilou
    vasini uilou 9 days ago

    Thanos is Tony starks dad lols

  • Bianca TRUU
    Bianca TRUU 9 days ago +3

    Wow dont know how i fell for it but...
    I did...
    U probably know what im talking about

  • Nocturnal101 Ravenous
    Nocturnal101 Ravenous 9 days ago +2

    Thanos is the grandson of Chronos, Tony Stark eventually becomes Kang the Conquerer and later becomes a part of eternity when he dies.

  • Luke Shakell
    Luke Shakell 10 days ago

    I thought for a second you were gunna point it out that tony starks old business partnes face looks alot like a human version of thanos.
    An infinity gauntlet is almost the exact technology that destroyed him too cause if you remember he hated tony stark for stoping building weapons. Tony gors into the arc reactor tech. Then evil guy tries to use arc reactor. But it backfires caus etony know more about it. An infinitt gauntlet looks almost like the scientific equivelant to a infitie arc reactor turned into a weapon

  • Ancient7writer
    Ancient7writer 10 days ago

    Thanos knew about iron man because he stopped Loki’s attack on NYC . But when iron man met Thanos face to face Thanos already had the soul stone. So, it could’ve been revealed to him iron man’s name and appearance.

  • Marc Louie C
    Marc Louie C 10 days ago

    I have no school for 3 days so ima bench watch all avengers movie until i feel like ima die

  • Dfghg
    Dfghg 10 days ago

    Unless I am wrong and the individual movies don’t tie in to the avengers movies...
    In Iron Man 3 Thanos makes an appearance but (I think but I don’t really remember) his army is the actual one who attacks iron man. Hence why in Infinity war tony mentions that Thanos has already attacked NY once.

  • Yehoshua Smith
    Yehoshua Smith 10 days ago


  • Theo T
    Theo T 11 days ago

    Maybe Thanos watched marvel movies

  • Norma Grixti
    Norma Grixti 11 days ago

    How often have these two fought, Thanos will know Tony and his bravery which I think Thanos appreciates

  • Ricky spanish
    Ricky spanish 11 days ago

    They ain't brothers

  • Ajith anair
    Ajith anair 12 days ago

    Its because tony destroyed the whole army send by thanos to destroy earth with a missile in avengers one

  • Romell Gamit
    Romell Gamit 12 days ago

    I loved iron man since the first avengers movie

  • BrandonPlayz
    BrandonPlayz 12 days ago

    Does the soul stone not tell thanos who everyone...Or am i crazy

  • doomslayer
    doomslayer 13 days ago

    Guys, this video has 6300 dislikes.

  • Pavan Kulkarni
    Pavan Kulkarni 13 days ago

    Thanos knows his enemies. Thats as simple as that. You dont go to war with unknown.

  • Levai Higa
    Levai Higa 13 days ago

    1:03 cuz of the stone he got on vormir

  • Omer Qadir
    Omer Qadir 14 days ago

    The thumbnail is bs and thanks is the elder brother of Eros

  • RaiinBeame23
    RaiinBeame23 14 days ago

    Thanos lowkey looks like triple H

  • TruuColorZ
    TruuColorZ 14 days ago

    They always forget Loki..... he was behind the invasion and could have easily told him about stark and all of them

  • No hacks allowed
    No hacks allowed 14 days ago +1


  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 14 days ago

    Cuz the curse of knowledge is the lack of wisdom due to a lack of imagination

  • Send Poto
    Send Poto 14 days ago

    tony stark is the only one to stop thanoas that’s why dr.strange sparred his life after he went through time and saw how to win

  • Ethan Sampley
    Ethan Sampley 15 days ago

    He knew who he was because of the soul stone

  • Mike Vasquez
    Mike Vasquez 15 days ago

    How are they brothers

  • Mist1184 X
    Mist1184 X 15 days ago

    Basic knowledge..Tony stopped his plans 2012,

  • BJH 2112
    BJH 2112 15 days ago

    People are really thinking too hard with this. It’s safe to say that Thanos knows about Tony because tony blew his army up

  • Xanyz
    Xanyz 15 days ago

    Thumnail is aids

  • jacob moss
    jacob moss 15 days ago

    Does no one remember Tony’s vision in age of ultron that explains how he knew who thanos was and why ever sense that’s all tony thinks about is stoping thanos before he can wipe out half the universe

  • Manen Amer
    Manen Amer 15 days ago

    They are cousins ...!! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Manuel Lockhart
    Manuel Lockhart 15 days ago

    Thanos was Ultron !

  • Benex 43
    Benex 43 15 days ago

    Dude Tony is a billionaire, who doesn't know him

  • Raza Faridi
    Raza Faridi 15 days ago

    Ironman is the best

  • Wow
    Wow 15 days ago

    4:11 Thanos remembering when he had hair

  • Teazy YT
    Teazy YT 15 days ago

    How is a purple super grow titan released to a americwn...

  • warm jackson
    warm jackson 16 days ago +1


  • Emmy Tom
    Emmy Tom 16 days ago

    A mortal related to a immortal

    PROPLAYER SLAYER 16 days ago +1

    that thumbnail lol😂🤣

  • golden dagger 8
    golden dagger 8 16 days ago

    You know we're he said my curse is you dose that make you think of tonys dad

  • Potato Daddy
    Potato Daddy 16 days ago

    Pretty sure Thanos came to earth once and attacked New York and yknow the avengers well... did their job

  • Eli Bledsoe
    Eli Bledsoe 16 days ago

    Maybe Santos is a big MCU fan and watches The Avengers

    GAWD SQWAD 16 days ago

    I like the grilled cheese sandwiches

  • Gofru
    Gofru 16 days ago +1

    They anser is:loki Told him

  • Golden 08
    Golden 08 16 days ago


  • valeria velez
    valeria velez 16 days ago

    Thanos = Elon Musk 👀👀

    i’ll go home

  • Kauri 798
    Kauri 798 17 days ago

    That thumbnail just blows my mind.

  • herobrine 2.0
    herobrine 2.0 17 days ago +1


  • Twiyx OW
    Twiyx OW 17 days ago +1

    What if he just used the mind stone to figure out that they've already time travelled

  • TheOnlySpiicy
    TheOnlySpiicy 17 days ago

    the first avengers thanos was the leader of the army but was never seen in the movie

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 17 days ago

    If you stay after movies there is a clip soo umm the first avengers thanos was in his mind and

  • lily moogan66
    lily moogan66 17 days ago +1

    Ummmmmm.......avengers assembal

  • Nick Simpson
    Nick Simpson 17 days ago

    isn't tony stark like really famous

  • Emma Mutangana
    Emma Mutangana 17 days ago

    Thanos: i actually heard the spider boy say "Mr.Stark" so i just guessed it was you .-.

  • Ninja Pigg
    Ninja Pigg 18 days ago

    my brudda

  • A Man
    A Man 18 days ago

    Maybe Loki told him?!?!

  • Breandan johnathan
    Breandan johnathan 18 days ago +2

    maybe he knew because Thanos controlled Ultron and found out who they where? thats why in the end credit scene is age of Ultron Thanos says "ill have to do it myself"

  • Harrison Whitbourne
    Harrison Whitbourne 18 days ago

    Tony stark is kang the conqueror

  • Couch Talk
    Couch Talk 18 days ago

    Yo, am I the only one that checked his phone after the sounds in the video that makes it seem like my phone vibrated on the table? Had to rewind to make sure I'm not crazy

  • Tommy Hanua
    Tommy Hanua 18 days ago

    Another word for theory is I gues so.

  • AHMed HUSSain
    AHMed HUSSain 18 days ago +1

    Cancerous thumbnail !😂

  • Al Bullock
    Al Bullock 18 days ago


  • Brittany Sanderfer
    Brittany Sanderfer 18 days ago

    Have you watched the other MCU movies before making this? Who sent Loki?

  • cameron aronson
    cameron aronson 18 days ago

    Very disappointed that there was no mention of red skull also using the term “curse” which he did to qualify his knowledge of the infinity stones.

    CARTOON KILLER 18 days ago

    Their not brothers!

  • Not Here
    Not Here 18 days ago

    1974 iron man mr t first appearance

  • John Rider
    John Rider 19 days ago

    52 and just love these movies

  • BroHan667
    BroHan667 19 days ago


  • FrameRage
    FrameRage 19 days ago

    I just assumed it was the Soul Stone giving him "wisdom" of people's Souls

  • Ken Sunday
    Ken Sunday 21 day ago

    If Thanos die in Endgame I will stop watching frictional movies