TWL #6: Big Mac Economics

  • Published on Apr 26, 2016
  • Big Macs: delicious (kinda), cheap (kinda), and educational (absolutely). In this episode, we look at how the economist magazine used burger prices to teach about purchasing power parity.
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  • Sleepless
    Sleepless 2 days ago

    Bic Mac isn't as big as advertised in indonesia

    • Sleepless
      Sleepless 2 days ago

      Don't buy it if you're from indonesia

    ALONSO GARAY 7 days ago


  • joshua espinoza
    joshua espinoza 13 days ago

    i live in miami and big macs cost a lot more than 4 something.
    they are around 10 bucks but i wouldnt know because i eat at wendys.

  • Rodrigo Acosta
    Rodrigo Acosta 13 days ago

    That map is weird, it should have all countries with Mc in the same colors, also, Cuba has a Mc?! is in Guantanamo, i dont think it should count

  • Iframe
    Iframe 15 days ago


  • Iframe
    Iframe 15 days ago

    Rip me Norway guy ;D

  • NhatAnh0475
    NhatAnh0475 19 days ago

    Sorry Mc.Donald but you can't beat those small bread maker in our country ;)

  • Hercule The 10th
    Hercule The 10th 21 day ago

    Swiss gang swiss gang

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 21 day ago +1

    Takeaway: buy Big Macs in Russia

  • Leo Hoffmann
    Leo Hoffmann 25 days ago

    big macs dont taste good

  • Salty Potatohead
    Salty Potatohead 26 days ago

    i'm pretty sure no one is surprised by switzerland having the most expensive?

  • CornyBoi
    CornyBoi Month ago

    The video ends
    Me: wait what it just started

  • 7894561230daniel
    7894561230daniel Month ago

    10.3 $ for a big mac in israel

  • dannyU2g
    dannyU2g Month ago

    u don't even hide that you get your shit straight from wikipedia...

  • Balakrishnan Ramanan

    Woah! Economics was never more interesting! Another reason to regret choosing medschool...🤣

  • Leo pro channel
    Leo pro channel Month ago

    Year big mac

  • Mshamba
    Mshamba Month ago

    Kenyan here.. we don't have a McDs

  • JOYCE Downs
    JOYCE Downs Month ago

    There’s no such thing as a kiwi burger

    • Steve BigEve
      Steve BigEve Month ago

      Educate yourself before you make shit up, Joyce.

  • JOYCE Downs
    JOYCE Downs Month ago

    There’s no such thing as a kiwi burger

  • Monkey Guy80
    Monkey Guy80 Month ago

    I've stopped eating Big Mac for 3yrs now because they're getting smaller not big anymore in Singapore 😒

  • joshua espinoza
    joshua espinoza Month ago

    hi from miami

  • Crusedhess ef
    Crusedhess ef Month ago

    that map of all the mc dicks in the world is completely wrong lol ..ive been to several countries that were not shown on the map that have a mc dicks and that are probably much better then any north american one

  • Joris van Doorn
    Joris van Doorn Month ago

    About your sweden example, a burger might be more expensive in Sweden, but the wages in Sweden are also higher. Using your numbers: 1 US bigmac = $4,79, 1 Sweden bigmac = $5,13, with an exchange rate of 1 krona being approximately (44/5,13) = $0,1166. Some googling made me assume that the average Sweden worker makes about 26000 SEK after taxes per month (= $3031). The average american makes about $2601 monthly after taxes. This results in that a Swedish person can buy about (3031/5,13) 591 burgers per month versus (2601/4.79) 543 burgers in the USA. just saying

  • אור פאר
    אור פאר Month ago

    In Israel , a big mac meal costs 40 dollars, which is approx 11.4 dollars while big mac cost 6.5$ so Israel cost more then America in terms of big macs

  • Oscar Wild
    Oscar Wild Month ago

    I live in Switzerland :(

  • moosesnWoop123
    moosesnWoop123 Month ago

    South African beef is where it's at. McDonalds in South Africa is much tastier than in Europe.

    POISHLL Month ago

    Now I know how to Stonks

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel Month ago +9

    'Big Macs are always available'
    India: Am I a joke to you?

    BAD VIBES Month ago

    go zimbabwe one of the only african countries with a mick dicks

  • Glitchy Soup
    Glitchy Soup Month ago +5

    3:30 why are you using Chinese flag for Hong Kong? It is not comunistic censorship China and never will be. Hong Kong have their own flag.

    • Glitchy Soup
      Glitchy Soup Month ago

      ​@mac_tíre_aonair Not everyone is native English speaker.

    • mac_tíre_aonair
      mac_tíre_aonair Month ago

      ...Hong Kong has its own flag. Maybe think about getting your grammar together - it really does belittle your point when it's wrong.

    • moosesnWoop123
      moosesnWoop123 Month ago

      still protesting?

  • DJ Wise Pariah
    DJ Wise Pariah 2 months ago

    If a Big Mac costs $o.66 USD in Venezuela, and the only currency of value that's accepted in Venezuela is World of Warcraft gold, what's the exchange rate?

  • Butt Mash
    Butt Mash 2 months ago +1

    Why do you use the Chinese flag for Hong Kong?

  • The Gamer PRO
    The Gamer PRO 2 months ago +1

    i ordered like 5 burgers, 5 drinks form a swiss mcdonalds, at altogether it cost like $70

  • Raze Aedevour Paxley
    Raze Aedevour Paxley 2 months ago

    As an employee, i hate assembling bigmacs. It sucks tbh.

  • ahri
    ahri 2 months ago

    Come back in 15 years and ppl will go: $4.79?! Pssh. 😂

  • Aidan Hartford
    Aidan Hartford 2 months ago

    Soo id have to work about 2 mins for a big mac wow .... also ive never seen a big mac that cheap in russia

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 2 months ago +1

    You can't get a Big Mac in India because beef is banned.

  • bo0tsy1
    bo0tsy1 2 months ago +1

    So NOT Big Macenomics? Missed the boat for names.

  • Zerg Abstracto
    Zerg Abstracto 2 months ago +35

    I think than in 2019 venezuela GPD is more or less 2 big macs

    • INERT
      INERT Month ago

      @Dharsh Srinath
      (hamburgers of people)

    • Dharsh Srinath
      Dharsh Srinath Month ago


    • INERT
      INERT Month ago

      And the burger meat has to be harvested from orphans.

  • ted waiganjo
    ted waiganjo 2 months ago

    NOT TRUE! Kenya does not have McDonald’s! I live there

  • Jack Sowerby
    Jack Sowerby 2 months ago

    Who else is here from sixth form

  • Jack L
    Jack L 2 months ago

    I wonder how much it is in venezuela now lol

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 2 months ago +1

    why is the Chinese flag over the big mac when talking about Hong Kong

    • Adarsh Kumar
      Adarsh Kumar 2 months ago

      its under control of chinese govt

  • Proksimity
    Proksimity 2 months ago

    Bring TWL

  • Daniel Bunton
    Daniel Bunton 2 months ago

    It's nothing alike in Asia

  • LedHead
    LedHead 2 months ago +1

    We don't even have a big Mac in India. We have the Maharaja 🙂

  • III
    III 2 months ago

    this is intriguing given the popeyes sandwich craze. mind you i don't even eat bread & ive gone vegan, but popeyes was a staple after school, so with all the hype & nostalgia, i wanted to try it. sold out everywhere. so I spent $30 on 10 strips, brioche buns, pickles, mayo to make my own..trash. its the bread, peasant food. i can't tolerate thin pizza dough, but bread is dangerous & my body's too aware of that to ignore it & enjoy it anymore. the strips were nostalgic but they put aluminum in the flour as stabilizer. hello Alzheimers. point is, that hype is a decent sign of economy strength.

  • keegan1948
    keegan1948 2 months ago

    Big Macs in Korea cost $4.28 which puts it above Denmark at #5

    • holt145A
      holt145A 2 months ago +1

      this video is 3 years old, the
      currency exchange beetween countries changed in that time

  • derpy mustard
    derpy mustard 2 months ago

    Big macs ain't available in India

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 3 months ago


  • Otto Heikkonen
    Otto Heikkonen 3 months ago

    In finland big mac costs 4.20€ ($4.67) making it fifth most expensive

  • Ondřej Palata
    Ondřej Palata 3 months ago +1

    The China flag across the Hong Kong burger made me sad... I hope Hong Kong will never be China.

  • kimeli
    kimeli 3 months ago

    seems like the people in the comment section who have a problem with hong kong flags are only westerners.

    • Kurt22
      Kurt22 3 months ago

      The video is in English and most English speakers are westerners.

  • Project Magnesium
    Project Magnesium 3 months ago

    I was so angry at the fucking length of this that I spilled my beer. Thats strike 1 wend-over and I only can count to 2

  • Lan Nguyen
    Lan Nguyen 3 months ago

    is this the birthplace of Half as Interesting?

  • Duarte Coelho
    Duarte Coelho 3 months ago +4

    3:32 Hong Kong is not like mainland china you should be putting this flag 🇭🇰

  • SumansVoyage
    SumansVoyage 3 months ago

    I don't how you came up with the cost of big mac in Hong Kong. Big Mac costs about 30 hkd. Average salary in Hong Kong is 14k hkd which is about 72 hkd an hour if you work 8 hours 24 days a month. So you definitely can't get a big mac if you work for 8.7 minutes. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • beatjunkybg
    beatjunkybg 3 months ago

    Well.. in my shitty country Big Mac costs just a little bit less than the US one, while the average salary is about 10 times less. (Hour and a half of work to buy a burger) So that whole concept doesn't really show anything.

  • Jake Eyes
    Jake Eyes 3 months ago +149

    I'm infuriated that this video isn't called "Big Maconomics"

  • Craig LaFortune
    Craig LaFortune 3 months ago

    I lived in India for three years... seen lots of McDonalds restaurants but never saw a Big Mac on the menu.

    • Samar Vora
      Samar Vora 3 months ago

      No beef in India. Our Mac offers almost a completely different menu. Most of it is veg.