I Made $2.2 Million At Age 15 With A Simple Idea

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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    Hello, everybody. My name's Marcus and even though I was thrown out when I was a baby, eventually I became a millionaire.
    You see, my life started at the lowest point possible. Shortly after giving birth, my mother abandoned me, left me in a dumpster. My life could’ve ended then and there, but the universe had other plans for me. Big ones. I was crying there all alone in the cold when good people found me. After only two days, I was adopted. I always remember this story as I feel like that day I got a second chance in life.
    From a young age, I was interested in inventing all these different things. I remember when I was nine, my father brought home this old computer. I had never seen anything like it! It wasn’t working and it looked enormous, but I made it my goal to fix it. I sat in my room for hours, trying different things that I’ve read in books and I finally did it! It was up and running! Soon after, all of the neighborhood knew that I had a talent for technology, so they kept calling me whenever they had a problem. My amazing and encouraging dad even printed an ad in a local newspaper. It said “Call Marcus. One number - all kinds of fixing”. It had my picture with a tiny suit on and it was cringy as hell, but I still felt like a proper businessman. It was the start of my career. But after only a month, my family started tearing apart.
    My father started acting strange. It was the little things at first. He’d doze off in the middle of the conversation like he had something else on his mind. But it started getting worse. He started disappearing in the middle of the day, leaving his phone at home. He’d come back in the middle of the night and wouldn’t be able to explain himself. I couldn’t believe that this amazing, caring man that took care of me could be so secretive. What could he be hiding? My mom was getting crazy, I heard her even shouting that she will divorce him if he won’t tell her the truth. I was getting worried. So, one time, after school, I decided to follow him and see where he’s going. He took a bag and told me that he’s going to the supermarket and I left a minute after. He seemed to be going there but then he met an old colleague at the bus stop. They talked for a couple of minutes and then...he just jumped on the bus! I ran towards it and jumped in it at the last minute. He was standing alone, I was trying to hide in the back of the bus. After like half an hour, the bus reached the final destination and stopped. The driver asked for all the passengers to leave. It was in the middle of nowhere. There was a forest nearby and a couple of houses but that’s it. He sat down on the bench, clenched the shopping bag in his hands and started crying. I kept thinking - what is happening? Why is he here? I couldn’t wait any longer, I walked up to him, sat down and he raised his eyes to me. They looked lost. “Why are you here, dad?” I asked. He looked ashamed. What could be so horrible that he wouldn’t want to tell me? Finally, after a moment of silence, he said: “I...don’t know...''
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    Even though Marcus was thrown out when he was a baby, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a millionaire at age 15! Do you have your own success story? Share in the comments below!

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