THE #1 SYLAS IN THE WORLD IS BRILLIANT! 70% WR! Korean Masters Sylas Mid - League of Legends S9

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
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    What's up? What's going on guys? CaptainMonk here with a Sylas replay review video! I hope this video inspires some of you to play Sylas the Unshackled!
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Comments • 212

  • DemonSKL
    DemonSKL 12 days ago

    Big fake here, the real best sylas world dont miss every grab with E. ^^

  • Wesley Robert
    Wesley Robert 21 day ago +1


  • Tenshi Kanashisa
    Tenshi Kanashisa Month ago

    Heh, this was helpful to me, as build and max order always felt kinda... hard to me. There are just no items "tailored" to Sylas(AP Bruiser itemization is kinda crap) and his max order changed around a lot over time. Tbh, I do not like Q max Sylas - you just poke(which can be difficult vs ranged opponents) and waveclear all day until you get to your powerspikes. I did like W max Sylas, one that was relying on all-ins to succeed. But alas, his kit is wonky in that it doesnt have any power in extended fights(Too long CDs), yet also not enough burst to 100-0 anyone ever(barring feed, of course). His scaling and his R are his saving graces - cause on all other fronts, he has the problem of trying to do 2 things at once(Assassin and Bruiser) and kinda fails at both.
    I also always wondered why Riot made his manacosts rather high. His kit feels like one that shouldnt require itemizing mana items, but you kinda need those if you dont wanna gimp yourself.

  • Matt Bell
    Matt Bell Month ago

    I just bought Sylas and hes really I didn't know to run arcane comment though

  • Lopez Crisanto
    Lopez Crisanto Month ago

    I like it sylas ...I want to learn how to play sylas

  • Sirius Wolfstein
    Sirius Wolfstein Month ago

    Wait did he miss the siege? It looked like he did but he got 70g

  • Dizguy552
    Dizguy552 2 months ago

    Unimportant but its sleepy trouble bubble

  • Данила Швед
    Данила Швед 2 months ago

    Bruh. I really like Sylas with Conqueror rune. It prokes really fast.Also, I think it is better to get smth stronger than Belt. Gonna try

  • aaron
    aaron 2 months ago


  • FrogHunter123
    FrogHunter123 3 months ago

    Sylas is amazing

  • Shiatsu
    Shiatsu 3 months ago

    the best sylas starts his morning by drinking G Fuel he is also the best sylas.

  • Jake Clark
    Jake Clark 3 months ago

    Everytime he said Sleepy Bubble Trouble in his monotone voice I fucking lost it.

  • HecticComments
    HecticComments 3 months ago +2

    this guy sounds like he's reading the entire thing from wordpad...monotone

  • Faethreck
    Faethreck 3 months ago

    wtf is that farm

  • Hiếu Kòy
    Hiếu Kòy 3 months ago

    What's his name? I want his info... Pls!!!!

  • Adriaan Rix
    Adriaan Rix 3 months ago

    Fucking noob Sylas !!!!!!!!

  • Xenon WM
    Xenon WM 3 months ago +1

    Nice video, Captain Monk!
    I like your narrating
    You sometimes might stumble but you're a honest narrator uwu
    uwu Keep it up.

  • R3GARDL355
    R3GARDL355 3 months ago

    dont know why he doesent have best ult to steal in my case best ult to steal is pykes is u have pyke on enemy team , its baron pit free penta kindda

  • The NooB Lyfe
    The NooB Lyfe 3 months ago


  • Dawson Bigelow
    Dawson Bigelow 4 months ago

    When Sylas steals rivens ult or anyone else’s that’s ad he scales it to ap so he gained ap not as during her ult.

  • [Exp] Okamî
    [Exp] Okamî 4 months ago

    20games 80% win rate, im also Sylas main

    R1ICO GAMING 4 months ago

    When he says "here" we drink a shot. Great video.

  • Michael Tavares
    Michael Tavares 4 months ago +1

    *Sleepy trouble bubble*

  • Melvestor
    Melvestor 4 months ago

    I think Sylas is more fun champion rather than a carry type. His scaling to late game its not so good ( i mean there are better champions for midlane ). His ult is good tho. Greetings from Poland :D

    • Ern de Che
      Ern de Che Day ago

      1500 magic damage base on a 4.9 AP ratio and mid-low CDs. That's almost hypercarry scaling, and that's without whoever's ult he copies. If like 30% of it weren't defensive shields and heals and/or dependent on him and his target having low HP, he'd be batshit broken OP.

  • Paolo Pandolfo
    Paolo Pandolfo 4 months ago

    Sylas make al lot of fun. I like to play him

  • Jesper Johansson
    Jesper Johansson 4 months ago +13

    it feels like you have no clue what you are talking about

  • ST Tracks
    ST Tracks 4 months ago

    I just refunded sylas, he is bad

  • ST Tracks
    ST Tracks 4 months ago

    Sylas is trash

  • Logan
    Logan 4 months ago

    this is my first season playing league and i have 72% winrate with 40 games on jinx

  • Jake A
    Jake A 4 months ago

    All I read was bronze league hero kids saying he's* broken. Lul.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 4 months ago

    Sylas is pretty good at the moment

  • Ben Cloutier
    Ben Cloutier 4 months ago

    Sorry but i'm top 20 in NA with Sylas. The rune page is complete garbage. The build is garbage, and Q max is garbage.
    Maybe i'm just smarter than most of these idiots.
    1. You go: E-Q-W and Max W.
    2. In lane, I rather have Klepto & Grasp over Comet by far. In Jg I take Electrocute or Conqueror for more burst when I gank or Conq to outduel enemy Jg.
    3. Overlooked items on Sylas: Gunblade & Rageblade.
    4. Spirit visage is over rated since the heal on W alone when maxed is more than enough without a Spirt Visage. You can replace it by a strong AP item, you will deal alot more dmg and heal for pretty much the same amount.
    Without Spirit visage, i've healed 3/4 of my HP bar easily when I was low on HP. So unless the enemy team is mostly AP, the item is useless.
    Obviously, this is what works for me and what I prefer after over 100 Sylas Games. It doesnt meen you gotta agree. I still try to learn every day on the champ, so if you dont agree on something, just let me know why.

  • Parzival 333
    Parzival 333 4 months ago

    i think Sylas is broken. I have a 80% winrate with him (30 games, but just normals)

  • Daniel Chen
    Daniel Chen 4 months ago

    Good commentary

  • Krieg
    Krieg 4 months ago

    Wait for a champ balance then talk about main / otp and #1 world

  • Jin Lee
    Jin Lee 4 months ago

    버러지 means trash or bug in korean, so you would be better off by saying that his username is 'Trash Midlander'

  • Mr Montage
    Mr Montage 4 months ago

    Best sylas abuser world

  • Nicolas Loo
    Nicolas Loo 5 months ago

    There is one thing I have noticed when playing Sylas, it is the fact that you can W while you are in the second E animation (Correct me if I am wrong)

  • tyler araujo
    tyler araujo 5 months ago

    he sounds like he's trying not to wake his mom up

  • Miko Rahnasto
    Miko Rahnasto 5 months ago

    i'm number 1 sylas go watch maitoauto and stats and go to sylas

  • jorge ge
    jorge ge 5 months ago +3

    You were wrong when you said riven ult gives you AD as sylas but sylas also converts buffs to AD into AP (riven and aatrox for example)

  • Roel Schtem
    Roel Schtem 5 months ago

    Nc vid

  • Planyx
    Planyx 5 months ago

    just a correction: Riven DOESN'T win the matchup VS Irelia after her nerfs, since she blocks more AD damage now tham she did before.

  • RyanJosepher
    RyanJosepher 5 months ago

    6:20 missed grab... Lee missed to... Death. 28:05, "I really good solar flare" Hits the wall***

  • Jim Afanas
    Jim Afanas 5 months ago

    I wanted to mention that ofc he would build mercury boots because he focuses on bully laning even though there are 4 ad in the enemy team the thing is he wants to dominate his lane so he would buy what fits him the best. It is like the same senario as changlers do if they are bullies or fighters, they build the boots needed to fight their enemy jungler

  • CeeRiuZ
    CeeRiuZ 5 months ago

    #1 sylas missed first 4 hooks....

  • Heronaconite
    Heronaconite 5 months ago

    What confuses me is why he didn't go for a Lich bane, that shit's a huge powerspike for Sylas.

  • ohana means family nigga
    ohana means family nigga 5 months ago +14

    quick tip, anyone buying mejai's every game is smurfing

    • Nicholas Aguirre
      Nicholas Aguirre 3 months ago

      nah its just very good if you know you're gonna get fed lol. gotta know your matchups and games. sometimes u decide to get dark seal but dont upgrade unless ur certain youll stomp

    • Bg Wong
      Bg Wong 4 months ago


  • ksenija s
    ksenija s 5 months ago

    I like your voice

  • SeroserX117
    SeroserX117 5 months ago

    34 games played........

  • Gameplay show
    Gameplay show 5 months ago

    Step away from Mike man I hate asmr

  • Hlias Antoniadis
    Hlias Antoniadis 5 months ago

    Sylas is perfect almost for any role .. his ulti can make him a god of league of legends if he use it correct.

  • eduardo hernandez
    eduardo hernandez 5 months ago

    great video dude!!!

  • Rift Herald
    Rift Herald 5 months ago

    That title is doing the exact opposite of what you want it to do.

  • Paulo Baltor
    Paulo Baltor 5 months ago

    Am i the only one who thinks Lee Sin was the one that carried the game...?

  • Dodó Deme
    Dodó Deme 5 months ago

    dont use "the best sylas" so often pls

  • Arkady lol
    Arkady lol 5 months ago +2

    Nahh nunu is way beter champion

  • Ysera
    Ysera 5 months ago

    I love Sylas Because he is fun to play and when i play him i learn so much about other champs

  • Shisui of Teleportation

    Is that voyboys korean account?

  • Simon Bullows
    Simon Bullows 5 months ago


  • The Challenger
    The Challenger 5 months ago

    Why are we whispering

  • Trialogue Ricky트라이얼로그 리키

    LOL 버러지 미드라이너 is not a verge mid-liner. 버러지 is an insect or a parasite. But I believe the player just wants to say “Mid-liner who is dependent on others, who is an trivial mid-liner.” If u say 버러지 to others, it is not really good surely but he use it to himself as a humble way.
    I wish you understand it with my sucks Eng. I like his audio and this channel.

  • Won Cho
    Won Cho 5 months ago

    that "verge" actually means something along the lines of "scumbag"

  • Kory Ogden
    Kory Ogden 5 months ago

    detailed commentary analyzing high level gameplay in my favorite type of content, if you keep doing it, im sure you will grow buddy, there is a niche for it and few people are doing it and those few people are barely making content,, its a starving market here

  • Chad Chadinson
    Chad Chadinson 5 months ago

    CaptainMonk, you deserve to be an official commentator of Worlds!

  • james adams
    james adams 5 months ago

    Lol you kept saying "the best sylas..." for every thing you said about him, like we heard you the first 1k times xD

  • David LeSieur
    David LeSieur 5 months ago

    Actual gameplay starts at 3:13 for those who want to get into it past the talking.

  • Dakota Thorp
    Dakota Thorp 5 months ago

    pretty quick timing to have a best sylas

  • The GamingGinger
    The GamingGinger 5 months ago

    Fools, the best Sylas is Voy

  • Mixoris
    Mixoris 5 months ago

    1:59 funny. Its funny because I recently start playing Sylas. I won 4 games in a row and in all 4 of those games, I barely CSed. I literally walked around looking for kills. Like you can literally 1 v 1 anyone with Sylas at level 3.